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  1. I really don't believe that James took a dive. I don't think either game show rules or his ego would allow that. One thing I noticed last season; I don't think he has quite the depth or breadth of trivia knowledge that Ken or Brad do (I'm not as familiar with the Beast). James obviously knows a LOT, but comparatively, I believe he made his mark more on his "high roller" strategizing and knowing the right things at the right time. He's also extremely confident, which goes a long way in the intimidation factor. I haven't gathered the specific data, but I do think I've noticed that he misses
  2. I did! Didn't realize how invested I was in their relationship until I actually started yelling at my TV! So glad he went back. Again, it's impressive how much we know about Marcus even with his limited lines and scenes. Great acting and writing for his character. I hope that the $1.69 million doesn't come back to bite Deborah. I can imagine a bunch of assholes showing up at her shows shouting out gross things and then asking her for money to make them shut up.
  3. Oooh, that fired me up. I've been through something very similar; went to the ER for what I thought was appendicitis. The very smarmy male ER doc, after the initial CT scan (at least they did agree to give me that), told me, right in front of my husband, that there was something on my ovary that made him think it was an STI. "Are you guys...monagamous?" We emphatically stated that we were, and the doc was like "Ehh, we'll get a gyno consult and they'll tell you more." The gyno confirmed that it was an ovarian cyst, just like Ava had, and I had surgery that night. Thinking about the nerve of th
  4. Iseut


    I just started rewatching this show on Hulu. It's always been comfort TV for me...when it used to be on USA Network ALL THE TIME in the late 90s/early 00s, it was on at 11pm and I would make a point of watching it before bed instead of the local news, which was always too depressing. Aaanyway, even though I've seen most of the first few seasons several times, I'd mostly forgotten how genuinely funny they were. Just saw when Helen kept interrupting a conversation between Joe and Brian with inane questions, and Brian handed her a napkin and just said to her "Here, make a puppet," and kept
  5. Like the (very impressive) 3rd contestant said, there's no real incentive to take the Chaser's offer of a bigger pot of money, since the money isn't real until after the final chase anyway. So it's kind of pointless. I was wondering if they could offer some additional incentive to make that choice more interesting, like an extra head start step in the Final Chase if you take the big pot and still bank it, and also taking away an advantage step in the Final if you only bank the lower pot. Just a thought. I still enjoy the show. Glad that Sarah is reading the questions faster. I'm not famil
  6. Yes, he was great. This show does a really good job capturing a lot of character and expression from the smaller roles. Also, Marcus, Hallie, the agent's receptionist, etc.
  7. I got into miniatures as a hobby during the pandemic, so my aunt suggested this show to me and I thought it might be kind of fun. Uhhh...not so much. I just wanted to see the tiny displays and learn how they were made lol. Can't be arsed to care about how good someone is at flicking one tiny thing into another tiny thing.
  8. Aww, love all these stories of my hometown. I lived in Tigard during my teens, so it will always have a place in my heart, but, yeah, it's not exactly the prettiest town in the area. So many Portland neighborhoods are just gorgeous. I love all the big old houses in N, NE, and SE. The International Rose Test Garden rightly gets a lot of attention, but the Peninsula Rose Garden in N. Portland is even prettier, IMO. It's in a slightly sunken area in the park, so it's somewhat hidden. When you happen down into it, you breathe in the roses, hear the fountain, walk the pathways...a true
  9. I also have some trouble getting past the bad standup on this show and Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. I give a little more leeway to this one, since it's literally supposed to be hacky, and also because Jean Smart's character is hilarious in the non standup scenes. That said, it was pretty cheesy to show Ava laughing so hard at the old videos...Deborah may have been funnier in her day, and Ava's coming to appreciate her more, but I still don't find it believable that young comic snob Ava would find anything in those old jokes that would warrant those huge laughs. When this show and Maisel depict
  10. It's a honey of a product!
  11. Sara wasn't wrong that she deserved to stay in the competition longer than Chris, but it was still a little jarring to see her say it outright in the TH like that. Definitely dropped her "I'm just a quirky chef and can't believe you like me hee heeee!" veneer in that moment!
  12. Being born and raised in Portland, I have such a special place in my heart for these hospitals and their workers. I was born at one of the hospitals featured, and I work at another one. Really emotional episode. Thanks to Top Chef and WCK for highlighting and caring for these amazing people during such a hard time. Sad to see Avishar go, but this is a really great group so it will be hard to lose any of them from this point on. I hope Chris has learned his lesson about seasoning and improves next week. Padma and Tom were PISSED about the lack of salt!
  13. Me too! Especially since his dish leaned so much into the local ingredients, with the chanterelles, Pinot noir, etc. He obviously did his homework on the food, but definitely not the pronunciation. (That said, we lived in Ohio when I was little before moving out here, so it was a treat to see Avishar win with his buckeye. Both home states represent!) Also disappointed, as someone mentioned earlier, that Padma said they were going downtown to the Pan African restaurants, when those most heavily featured are not downtown, but are in historically Black (now largely gentrified) n
  14. It was the Red Star tavern. I know I've been by it a zillion times in downtown Portland, but never been inside.
  15. Yay for the return of Best Baker! I'm not a huge Jason fan (and I don't know Gesine), but I do love the more professional bakes and lack of cheesy twists in that series. Also, Carla > Scott Conant but I hope she keeps the "duuuuude" to a minimum. I agree that the great "IS THIS SPRINGY" debate is silly and annoying. Food Network, we get it, you need something to fill in the gap between holiday baking shows and summer bbq challenges or whatever. Those of us who watch these shows will watch them, whatever you want to call them. But "springy" is not an official flavor or category. You can
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