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  1. Iseut

    Kids Baking Championship

    That cracked me up too. My husband and I started rattling off "lemon kebabs, lemon scampi, lemon on the cob..." It was pretty obvious from early on that Dharma would be the one to go. He just couldn't quite pull everything together. The lime juicing was pretty cute, though. We've all been there, just not quite figuring something out that everyone else seems to know. I'm glad that they got this Angry Birds commercial over with early. It was annoying that the kids had to act so excited about it and that Valerie talked as if everyone knows these characters. Sorry we don't all know and love mediocre movies based on passe app games.
  2. I was pleasantly surprised to see Koine as a ballroom all-star. I actually didn't watch Benjamin that much because I was so focused on her (I missed the intro, so the whole time I kept thinking, "That really looks like Koine! Wait, was Koine ballroom? Wasn't she contemporary? Am I thinking of someone else?"). He was...fine. OMG, it IS! He just looks like someone farted in his general vicinity. Which, btw, the whole stank thing is overplayed in general, I think. It's kind of fun, but it keeps going more and more over the top. By the end of the series, one of the judges will be like, "That was STANK! I mean, I had to hold my breath, it was so foul. It was LITERALLY like getting sprayed by a skunk next to the port-a-potties at a taco festival held next to a sewage treatment plant! You go girl!"
  3. Iseut

    S07.E06: Trapped in an Elevator

    "Over the line" may be a poor choice of words since what Cindy did to Taystee was incomparably worse. It was still shocking to me though.
  4. Iseut

    S07.E06: Trapped in an Elevator

    It was obviously way over the line for Taystee to mail that letter, and made me say "DAMN!" out loud. Thinking about it some more, though, once the daughter gets over the shock of the news, would it really have to be so earth-shattering for their family? Obviously the daughter loves Cindy (as a sister, but still) and her adoptive mom/bio-grandma, and obviously Cindy has not been in a good place to raise her. I feel like the daughter is probably old enough to eventually understand that the family did what was best for her, even though they did it less than truthfully (rebuilding trust would be the hardest part, I'm sure). Cindy is one of the characters that has shown the most growth since her arrest, though she still definitely has a loooooong way to go. I'm sure it's Pollyanna-ish of me, but I want SOME happiness to come about for these characters by the end of the series. So far it's not looking too great. So I'm really hoping for the best for Cindy and her family.
  5. Iseut

    Kids Baking Championship

    I'm happy with this first episode and looking forward to this season! Even the girl who went home seemed pretty talented; she recognized the mistake that she made and just had an all-around tough day. No clear favorites yet, but I do like the boy who sculpted a cat (Tarek, I think?), and the girl who has cystic fibrosis (amazing she is so active and athletic; that's such a tough disease). They both seem like real kids, without a lot of extra "adorability" piled on (like the girl with the pigtails, who seems a little old for those; darned if she still isn't truly adorable, though).
  6. Iseut

    Inside the Hot Shop: The Blown Away Contestants

    Yeah, Janusz is...well, y'know...glass pun, shatter my whatever, something something glory hole. 😉 Except for in the finale, when he suddenly styled his hair like Tintin. What was that about?
  7. Iseut

    S07.E03: And Brown Is the New Orange

    I actually giggled and shouted "Byeeeee! You were a terrible character!" at the TV when Badison was hauled off. I think I scared my hubby a little with my enthusiasm! I usually roll my eyes at fanservice-y type things on TV, but this was a beautiful gift to fans. She has kind of ruined the show for me and now I can enjoy the last 10 episodes much more. I also liked the way it happened, with Ward using Badison's transfer to show Hellman that she won't put up with his crap. Like many here, I do find myself enjoying Fig and Caputo; however, I do NOT think they should breed. That will be one messed up kid. Blanca and Diablo's love is so sweet and pure; that was heartbreaking. I hope that, on the show at least (how many stories of separation like these are happening right now in real life? It's sickening), they are able to get out of this situation and be together. And get their dog Mojito! Also, "You love me? I've been wanting to tell you I love you for a while but you're really intimidating!" Hee. I love them. I'm looking forward to Flaca and Maritza's reunion! I've missed them together. Hopefully the new/old crew together can make something happen for Blanca and Maritza, at least.
  8. Iseut

    S01.E05: Thirsty Work

    I thought Leah's idea was fun, if not necessarily functional. I assumed she'd at least get points for creativity. That fanny-pack type thing was a lot clunkier than I expected, though. I think if she'd shown better technique her idea would have edged her out over Alex. Never seen reticello before; it was so beautiful! I love the little bubbles between the lines.
  9. Iseut

    S01.E01: Snapshot

    Hubby and I just started watching this a few days ago when we wanted something in the background, and now we're really into it! We also live within a daytrip's distance of the Tacoma Museum of Glass, so we have seen the process in action a few times and find it fascinating. I also like the head evaluator, Katherine Gray, a lot...she is pretty much the picture perfect example of an academic art professor, very no-nonsense, but with a few fashion and accessory choices that show she's arty, and a practiced way of "evaluating" the art while pulling more information out of the artist. Anyone know why they use the term "evaluators" instead of judges? Does that appeal to artists more? Just curious.
  10. I'm really enjoying this season so far! Of course it has always been an homage to the 80s, which I love, but this season gets to lean into it in a fun way, especially with the addition of the mall culture. Helps that Dustin and Steve, my favorite characters, along with the awesome new addition of Robin, get to be at the center of the mall storyline. Mrs. Driscoll reminded me of my grandma! Poor lady; I hope they're able to save her. I knew that the kids had grown up over the course of the seasons, but the flashbacks definitely drove that home. They were just behbehs! We really are watching them grow up right in front of us. The casting of this show has been uniformly excellent, especially when you realize how the child stars have remained believable as they grow into teenagers. The argument between Will and Mike was so well written, directed, and acted. They very much captured both characters' unspoken questions and implications in the "you're not into girls" line without it being over-the-top blunt or cruel.
  11. Iseut

    S10.E05: Archer: 1999 -- Mr. Deadly Goes to Town

    Matt Berry has such a perfect voice for this show! I'm actually surprised this was his first time in the Archer-verse. Loved him as Mr. Deadly. And the constant thumbs up was hilarious.
  12. Iseut

    World Of Dance

    Yeah, I understand it must suck and be stressful to sit and wait, and I'm sure the producers encourage them to trash talk, but that was not a good look for Radiance. The Heima, The Kings, and Unity LA have been consistently amazing and on top, while Radiance has been...fine. Their negative comments while the Heima was performing were not cute (or accurate) and seemed rude and unprofessional.
  13. Iseut

    World Of Dance

    I don't remember being that impressed with the Dancetown Divas before, but their Vogue routine was just so FUN! Great combo of choreography and presentation. I'm glad they made it through. I get tired of the contemporary couples and their constant "This is about, uh, how relationships are hard and stuff, so we are going to represent that very uniquely by tossing each other through the air and pushing each other away angstily and wrenching at each other's arms pleadingly and storming off dancily." That said, I thought that the couple who did dance like that (Brenna and Derion? Their names are escaping me) did a very good job of it! They had some physical tension, movements, and holds that were less common even though the overall theme of their dance was something we've seen a million times before. Poppin' John continues to surprise and impress. I love that he keeps adapting and updating his "old school" style. That routine was amazing.
  14. Iseut

    S04.E17: I'm in Love

    My husband was only half-paying attention by this point (he likes the show, but two hours of it, is, to quote Josh's new squeeze, a LOT for him!), and even he said "Wow!" when Donna Lynne hit that final high note. She is so amazing.
  15. Iseut

    Season One Talk

    I'm happy that this is finally here! I'm in the camp that Jemaine and Taika can pretty much do no wrong, so I love the movie and love that they continue to be involved in the show. I loved Nadja's reincarnated lover Gregor/Jeff (hee) being creeped out by her but also wanting to get her number. Ha! Though the scene was funny, I thought that the makeup/costume on the Baron was genuinely creepy and horror-movie-appropriate. I didn't know it was Doug Jones. Of COURSE it was...I still have nightmares about that nightmarish THING he played in Pan's Labyrinth with the eyeballs on his hands. He's so amazing at playing creepy creatures.