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  1. My husband walked in for about 5 minutes while I was watching this and Zack Bagans was yammering (so I was kind of tuned out). Hubby's like, "Wait, does he have some sort of museum or something?" And I said "Yeah, some haunted museum thing in Vegas..." and hubby started laughing and said he was being sarcastic. "I know, he just mentioned it, like 20 times!" Heh. Shut up Zack.
  2. The visuals this season alone are Emmy-worthy...the Guide with the remote control for the car and the fire-breathing hellhound were such quick blink-and-you-miss-it visual jokes, but they were both so hilarious! And the two-second visual of the sweet snuggly Golden hellhound being a fire-breathing squirrel-murderer had a multi-episode buildup! Amazing.
  3. A month+ late, but we finally finished this and OHMYGOD. SARAH. GIRL. Not surprising, but soooo dumb. The finale was the only time I actually liked (maybe too strong a word...respected? Maybe) gross slimy Garrett, because he dropped the schmoozing act and stayed true to the selfish Fboy he has been all along. He was given a choice and chose exactly what his character represented. He was under no obligation to pretend to like Sarah or want a relationship with her anymore. Agree with a previous poster who said "Justice for Garrett!" Though I also agree with the poster who said that he was a
  4. Echoing all here who are completely bummed out by the changes to this show. I do give a lot of leeway for COVID restriction challenges, and I have to still give FN a lot of love for keeping me entertained with comfort TV these past 18+ months, but this was still a huge bummer. I watch and enjoy Halloween Baking Championship; I don't need a simultaneous lesser version of it by a different name. The haunted "host" guy? Blech. That wasn't hosting, that was self-promoting. "Me me me my museum my scary stuff my show me me me here's a doll that's creepy I guess do something with that or whateve
  5. Was just coming here to share this too! Cutest thing ever. And now I can't stop singing, "Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruuuuby..."
  6. The doll's eyeroll was epic! Hee, we've all been there when see a friend barking up the wrong tree for love. I love to hate on Twilight and the music played during the kickball was the perfect callback. Also, font humor! "Franklin Gothic would just be a bit on the nose, don't you think?"
  7. Adam's win kind of surprised me, but I'm down with it. His shed design was really bright and lovely, and well-thought-out, though overall I liked Melanio's and Kara's better. Chelsea was my favorite throughout the season, but her shed didn't wow me as much as the others. I think what bugged me about Kara was that she was working sooo hard to be inspirational, with her platitudes and speeches. I understand that she has been through a lot in her life, and I'm sure the producers egged her on, but it made the fact that she really IS talented and inspirational seem manufactured.
  8. Fun to laugh about, but I saw it actually happen! When I was a contestant, in the green room the contestant coordinator was reviewing our applications and the stories we'd submitted before we went out to play the game, and said to one of us, "So, I see here that you took a scary walk on that clear walkway over the Grand Canyon! Tell us more about that!" And the contestant was like, "Yeah, no, I didn't do that. I just wrote it down because I thought it sounded interesting." It just seemed kind of...icky and not in the spirit of the game, and it put the coordinator in a weird position.
  9. I also hate NBC's obsession with only showing "disasters." In addition to cutting out decent, if not medal winning, gymnastics routines, some of the primetime coverage would only show a promising gymnast from another country if that gymnast fell from glory or whatever. It happened when the Chinese gymnast fell off the bar (didn't even show her routine, just clipped to the fall, made a bunch of gasps over it, and cut back to the Americans), and the Russian rhythmic gymnast who made an error on the ribbon and had to switch it out to the white RIBBON OF SHAME. That was literally all they showed f
  10. My understanding (as very much a nonsurfer) is that the best Portuguese surfing is way offshore, with bigger, more unpredictable waves. The waves in Japan looked relatively small to me, and a short paddle right off the beach. Tahiti is probably more manageable altogether, though I agree that those athletes will not really get the Olympic experience. ( But they probably aren't complaining too much about having to go to Tahiti! 🍹 ) The Olympics have done this type of split thing before, too...definitely in equestrian events and probably some others. At least the Games in LA and Brisbane will def
  11. I do often like just turning on a channel and being pleasantly surprised to get interested in a sport I might not otherwise seek out, like table tennis or handball, and with the fairly vague descriptors for each network, I was able to do that a lot and receive a lot better coverage and usually more interesting commentary than I did on the basic NBC daytime or primetime options (though I often watched those too, to get the "old school" Olympic experience with the more glamorous sports and the tearjerking stories. What can I say, I'm a sucker for it all!). That said, we also have a Fire sti
  12. I didn't expect to get as emotional about the USA Women's Volleyball gold as I did, but once I saw Karch get choked up about it in the pre-game interview, I was a goner, and then in full waterworks at their win. I love how passionate he is about the sport and the team. I can't really imagine an Olympics without him! One of my original Olympic Gods, and my mom and I always liked to point him out: 1988: Hey! It's Karch again! Remember Karch? 1996: Karch is back again! He's on the beach now! 2012: Aww, ol' Karch is back as a coach now! Yay Coach Karch! That's such a long amazi
  13. I don't think I've ever watched the Modern Pentathlon before, but it's pretty awesome! Kind of obsessed with it now...doesn't hurt that the winner, GBR's Joseph Choong, is such a cutie!
  14. The videos of the athletes meeting their families at their home airports are lovely but bittersweet. I keep thinking "Aww, they're not staying for closing ceremonies? ...Ohhhhh right." It must be such a fun crazy party in the normal times; I'm sorry they have to miss it.
  15. Hummina. I guess he knows his audience! 😍
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