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  1. I said it after the 2nd episode; Keaton is my pick to win it all. His station always seems so clean, which says to me he's calm and organized. And clearly he knows what he's doing. I also love Bella for her personality but think she could make a huge mistake at any moment lol.
  2. The dessert imposters this episode were on the whole the best ones of all the seasons! Very impressive. Keaton definitely deserved the win! Was a little surprised the pizza wasn't in the bottom. The retrospective episode was fun, but it felt a little odd for Duff and Val to be giving recognition to their own behaviors lol!. Seems like they were stretching to find some things to retro-spect about. I think it would be fun if they did some behind-the-scenes stuff.
  3. On the Food Network website, they have a gallery of the show's best dessert imposters. Not only is Rebecca's BLT not on it, but Linsey's baloney sandwich (which was #2 on the best moments show) isn't there either! https://www.foodnetwork.com/shows/kids-baking-championship/photos/the-best-dessert-imposters Someone at Food Network needs to get on this!😂
  4. So far I'm enjoying this season! The challenges have been good and the kids have been fun to watch. My early pick to win it all is Keaton. Not sure why, but his station always seems so organized and clean, so it feels like he will be good throughout. On the opposite end, I think Bella will win some challenges by accident lol. Love her personality, too. Love D'Von's crush on Linsey, too! :-😍
  5. I'm going to guess it came through some focus groups and market research. That maybe they learned/felt that audiences were getting tired of the same format every year and needed to so something to change it up. Based on the reaction here, I'm going to guess they don't stay with it in subsequent seasons.
  6. Not crazy about the parents being in the show. Particularly annoyed when showing their reactions when their kid made a mistake. Can't imagine being the kid watching the show now and seeing their parent reacting like that.
  7. Season 9 starting on December 28! Meet the Competitors
  8. "Food Network is also experimenting with shooting some of its upcoming holiday food programming outdoors rather than on sets, as has been done in the past. The shows “Halloween Baking Championship,” “Holiday Baking Championship,” “Kids Baking Championship” and “Spring Baking Championship” have recently begun filming at a resort in California — one after the other, over the course of the next few months. After the cast and crew test negative, they quarantine at the resort. As with “Restaurant: Impossible” and “Diners,” these shows will look different — reflecting the altered world in small ways."
  9. Discovery Family Channel running KBC reruns on Tuesday evenings!
  10. Answering my own questions: - Season 6 (Paige, Karthik, Davis, etc) might have had the best baking talent overall. But I also thought Season 4 had the best top 5 (Linsey, Bryn, Abby, Alex, Julia). Season 4 also had some of the worst. - For me, hands down I loved Linsey and Bryn the most. Funny, smart, mature and just flat out adorable. - Davis (season 6), Cole (season 3), Yashimabet (season 2) are the most talented as bakers. - Yashimabet's finals cake, Linsey's galaxy cookies and finals cake.
  11. I will admit I'm just not feeling it this season. Maybe I'm overdosed on it? lol Am curious to hear what you think of the following: - What season had the best overall talent? - What season had the most enjoyable kids to watch? - Who are the top 3 bakers across all seasons on the show? - What were the top 3 most memorable things baked across all seasons? Yes, I have a lot of time on my hands. lol
  12. Wasn't able to watch the episodes when they aired, so just caught up last night on DVR. First thing I noticed was that a few of the kids seemed more physically mature than in previous seasons. In particular, Morgan and Saleem look and sound like teenagers, as do a few of the others. They are younger, but seems like they've hit those growth spurts a little early? There are definitely some younger and pre-growth-spurt kids too, but my overall impression is that these kids are older. I liked the challenges in both episode. In both this and last season, the kids seem to be more confident and at ease in the kitchen than in early episodes of previous seasons. I wonder if they do something with the kids before the competition starts? Like some kind of orientation? Earlier seasons had more mistakes in the early episodes, so maybe the show has adjusted for that. So far, Reggie seems to be the most talented (or at least the most experienced) baker. Avner also seems to be really good. In general, though, it feels like this cast might be the best set of bakers 1-12 so far. Other seasons have had some great bakers together with some not-so-great bakers. Having said that, I also think I agree that there aren't really any standout personalities here (yet).
  13. New season starting January 6! https://www.foodnetwork.com/shows/kids-baking-championship/episodes/beyond-the-fringe
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