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  1. Yes, Wendy is now the new version of Suit's Donna.
  2. Even thought the ending might be the dumbest I have ever scene on television, I enjoyed the series. I especially enjoyed the dynamic between Carell and Malkovich.
  3. Did a bit of research and found this: Space Force': Why Is General Naird’s Wife Maggie in Prison? 29 May 2020 by Phil Owen and Jennifer Maas The Wrap (Warning: This post contains spoilers for season 1 of Netflix’s “Space Force”)
  4. I stopped watching years ago even though Real Time was must see for me at one time. The next level narcissism and arrogance for him to get angry at his audience when they don't laugh at his jokes made me stop and I haven't returned. I always believed that if it is funny the audience will laugh even if it is about vegetarians, obese or Trump.
  5. Good point. There are times though when it wrecks the show. I think the shipping wrecked Friends and is currently wrecking Sex Education.
  6. When I define "shipping" it is the plan to have two characters get together (marriage, proclamation of love etc.). Why do I hate it so much? I think it derails tv shows. It takes a show off its path and forces the audience to focus on the shipping and not the show. I watch a show and think wow those 2 are great together but realize that it can't happen because the commandment of shipping will not allow it. Here are some examples. Ephram and Lainey (Everwood) great together. Sorry he has to be with Amy who is horrible to him. Josh and Amy (West Wing) great together, loads of chemistry. Nope Donna. Lip and Mandy (Shameless) it worked! Lip and Tami yawn. Stevie and David (Schitt's Creek) so much chemistry, so great. Patrick, sorry no, just no. Otto (Sex Education) and anyone else besides Maeve. Worst shipping in history. Friends-Best shipping and chemistry was Joey and Chandler. The rest was horrid (honorable mention to Monica and Richard, Brad Pitt and Phoebe)
  7. LOL!!! Imagine a Mom in today's world asking her children's to give her 4 hours a week to do her job. Oh, the pain and agony to spare her for a whole 4 hours a week.
  8. "Warrior" Season two returns on October 2, 2020. https://tvseriesfinale.com/tv-show/warrior-season-two-premiere-date-set-by-cinemax-according-to-star/
  9. I love it too. I also really miss Newsflash with Colin in front of the green screen. The Dentist skit still makes me laugh so hard I cry. Due to the subject it is hard to find.
  10. It's back baby. Glad the new network called Peacock is the smart guy in the room. A.P. Bio returns on July 15 for season 3. https://tvline.com/2020/04/15/ap-bio-season-3-trailer-peacock/
  11. So great to have a guest star sit at the front like Greg Proops. I really don't like the guest stars having to run through the stage to get into a skit. Great show. I laughed at the dying squirrel bit when the audience gasped. Still not a big fan of the musical numbers. They are more cringy than entertaining.
  12. This has got to be one of the better casts on tv and I just can't understand how they come up with this story for this show. This used to be a good show about lawyers and has turned itself into a political football that is kicked around every episode. I don't enjoy daily reminders of the reality of the current state of affairs, but I need a distraction from them. I will return when this shows decides to be a show about lawyers again.
  13. juno


    Absolute garbage. I had to wade through Jules' story to get to 2 minutes with Brockmire. As bad as this was I am optimistic that their magic can be reborn and the series can be at least watchable. What the hell was with the stupid commercials?
  14. There is some terrific chemistry with Trevor and Bonnie. I wonder if they will remain therapist and client?
  15. My favorite Friends episode is also from season 8. Episode 9: 'The One with the Rumor', I laughed more AND harder than any of the other episodes of the show. Great script. From the first scene to the last, constantly delivering laughs. But even after all the viewings, it hasn't lost any of its greatness. This is without a doubt one of the best Friends episodes ever.
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