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  1. I hope this show doesn't get too tropey but they did it with Jamie so I expect that Nate will also get his redemption arc under the great Ted Lasso. Nate will probably get fired go into a dark place and come back in the nick of time to have fully changed into an emotionally healthy assertive individual that leads the team back to the Premier League. Mt. Trope has been scaled again. Sorry, Nate is still out for me. Still should not be managing people ever again.
  2. Nate has a really good head for football, understands it and understands the x's and o's of the game. Nate unfortunately cannot manage the players. He doesn't know how to speak to players or even the employees at the club. Ted is failing him as his manager if he cannot see this and work on this. Nate should be in analytics, in a booth at the game communicating only to Ted. Nate should not be talking to staff or the players. This is a professional league and a professional club. HR abuses would get him fired. By showing this dark arc in the story they have moved me to not caring about
  3. Great job. I usually get all my Turkey related recipes from Les Nessman. Hasn't worked too well.
  4. I was a huge fan as well. Not hard here in Canada to find it. I used to watch all 4 shows on Sunday's. This show became a bit harsh with Curly leaving, Des and the great Mike Baldwin dying. I gave up and left for good. It seems the generation I most enjoyed was leaving one way or anther.
  5. But isn't there an even badder bad guy waiting in the bathroom that will only show up when the steam is wiped from the mirror?
  6. At some point I am hoping that this show would get back to the football. The wins the losses and the ties. Ted took over a team in the lower part of the table of the Premier League and coached the team into relegation. He is now in the Championship League and still at last count losing or tying. This means millions of euros less revenue to the team. If this was a normal team Ted would be gone by now as the goal is to get back to the premier league and play the Manchester City or my team the Tottenham Hotspur and the only way to do that is to win and place in the top two to get back t
  7. While I love Nora, I am hoping for the Grandma spinoff.
  8. Unless there is a book coming out. Because like everything on the Today show, no one has ever gotten married the way Hoda gets married.
  9. Good point, if that is true he could of joined the team on a free transfer. It just seemed a bit weird being in the first quarter of the season.
  10. As someone that watches the Premier League that this is based off of, I was blown away by how clueless this act was on the show. Teams make from 2 million Euros to 64 million from shirt sponsoship. The lower teams make the 2 million amount. They were relegated and not sure they will be even making the low amount. This stupid act would not only lose the sponsor and the 2 mill but also probably guarantee no other sponsor will step up. Imagine Man United players covering up the Chevrolet sponsorship. Also to really nit pick but transfers are only allowed during certain periods of the ye
  11. Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos - these 2 bring TMI to a Mount Everest level. Revolting, self absorbed, bragging, talentless, narcissists.
  12. juno


    Just started my first binge in over 10 years. Just finished 1 x 15. Some thoughts: I forgot how absolety horrible people were to Andy and Ephram, even Deliah was bullied. Amy being the worst. Just a horrifying selfish and thoughtless person that used Ephram like a dishrag and tossed him when she didn't need him. I never wanted them to get together, unfortunately according to shipping laws they were meant to be together. My favorite was Lainie, she was so great for Ephram. I thought a world famous brain surgeon and a teen from New York would be a lot more popular. Loved Edna even
  13. LOL, no. Not even my hoser. 🕸️ Just like Americans, different regions of Canada have unique dialects. I usually don't use the word aboot or eh or soh-ry. If I do I usually have a laugh aboot it.
  14. Absoutely the most original talk show I have ever watched. Never scripted, always off the cuff and almost always funny. Sadly I have not enjoyed him in anything since, including his stand up. Truly a one of a kind show. I also miss Geoff the robot sidekick.
  15. I irrationally dislike Corden because he took over the job from Craig Ferguson who I absolutely loved.
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