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  1. Just like Voight from Chicago PD. What he did to Casey and his girlfriend was so unforgivable that Chicago PD should never have been created as Voight should be in prison let alone on the police force. Even when redeemed Voight was on Chicago Fire I would never watch and will never watch PD.
  2. I totally agree. His business dealings aside he has no acting ability and that bothers me most. You need to act to be on this show. I hope I am wrong but I expect him to be an absolute dud unless he is playing himself. There is absolutely no reason for him to be on this show except the celebrity factor (the click factor). In this era I am sure there is hundreds of actors that would host and do a better job.
  3. I love this show so I am happy it is getting a new season but sad that it will be the last one. https://tvseriesfinale.com/tv-show/the-last-kingdom-season-five-to-end-netflix-tv-series-no-season-six-canceled/
  4. juno

    Big Shot

    Trying to like this but was stuck on one scene. So you have a teacher in this school who decides to go after a students parent in the middle of class and when the student retaliates that student is sent to the principal? I am trying to imagine a scenario where this teacher isn't brought up before the school board (or something like it) and fired/suspended for trying to humiliate a student and another member of the faculty. Somehow they are trying to have good guys and bad guys on this show to make you love Marvyn even more but there is so much I want to watch of teachers and faculty membe
  5. I think Keenan is very good in this and I enjoy his energy and acting. I think they may need to recast the work place as none of them are funny or have much chemistry. I am enjoying this show and hope it gets a second season. Good sitcoms are really hard to find.
  6. I think if Lorne had on Rammstein there is a good chance we would all see some balls.
  7. I actually had to turn it off. Her character has devolved into such a huge POS that I gave up on the show. I just can't watch this character bully and abuse the people in her life and get away with it each episode. I like the other characters too much. I know that at the end of every show she says sorry, amends are made and everything is forgotten. Life just isn't so forgiving. This group and her husband should have thrown her out years ago.
  8. I think Margo is so awesome that she is the one that is going to trap Sergei.
  9. juno

    The Moodys

    ...And it is cancelled/on-hiatus https://tvseriesfinale.com/tv-show/the-moodys-cancelled-fox-pulls-remaining-three-episodes-of-comedy-series/
  10. From TV Series Finale: https://tvseriesfinale.com/tv-show/the-moodys-cancelled-fox-pulls-remaining-three-episodes-of-comedy-series/
  11. The winner of this episode was that bowl of ice cream. The loser was anyone that had to listen to Sarah. Why would she choose a children's party to counsel a child. That was amazingly unprofessional. Generally counselling should be given if help is wanted and asked for. She was lucky that Connor wanted to talk about it, otherwise I wish he would have thrown her out. Geez read the room. I guess every show has to have at least one character that is just awful and Sarah is the one. I am wondering how much I can put up with her disrespect of her awesome mate and her siblings each episode.
  12. I think the majority of people would like conversations like that. Unfortunately the media progression is to sell clicks and viewership and that has plagued once good shows like the View and Bill Maher. I believe that Bill can have intelligent and thoughtful guests that can discuss "the other sides" without explosions but that doesn't sell tickets as they say. The View exists now by selling explosions and anger and not intelligence and thoughfulness. This is why he will continue to have on the Coulters and the Cruzes. Selling and survival are now the most important thing to some late nigh
  13. Horrifyingly bad. I made it to 10 minutes. Acting and writing were really crappy.
  14. juno

    Big Shot

    Not a bad first show. There is a few sports cliches but otherwise a well written show. Stamos fills the role well and the supporting cast is pretty good. Yvette Nicole Brown is very annoying.
  15. 8 episodes in and I can't believe the amount of comedy tropes being used on a weekly basis. I fully expect Jack, Chrissie and Janet to move in next door or Mika and Keenan start drinking and of course she gets pregnant. It is not horrible but it is treading water.
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