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  1. I understand and sympathize with Casey and Severide's plight. It makes sense that they continually break company reg and risk their careers by dating their co-workers and subordinates. It is a good thing that the Chicago Fire Dept is small and doesn't usually ask their FF to follow procedures, human resources and crazy stuff like that. It is a shame that they have to resort to dating their co-workers/subordinates because being a FF in Chicago and single is probably quite a turn off for all those single women. 🙄
  2. When Debbie asked her where she lived and she didn't answer, it made me think she may be homeless and it also doesn't look like she works so there may actually be a reason for the personal hygiene issues. I really wanted Mandy to return with the Milkovich's. In my opinion she had the most chemistry with Lip and it would have been an interesting plot turn to see his reaction.
  3. This episode was great. I am not afraid to admit that more Lim and less Sean is perfect. For the last few seasons I have been enjoying Lim more than any other character and her character has developed it seems more than the others. Unfortunately this is probably a one-off and she will be back in the b-plots again. Kudos to Christina Chang, she was an absolute rock star in this episode.
  4. LOL, the new name of this season; Shameless, season 11: Inertia. Either the show is trying to tell us that crime is not reported or not found out or it could be a part of a larger narrative for this show. Ever since the first season the show has tried to create a theme that crimes against the Gallagher's (or people part of their team) are not reported or not prosecuted and that keeps the Gallaghers in a constant state of being an underdog and has allowed them to commit crimes and act lousy because the world/system/universe. The professor that slept with Lip and the College that threw him out abused their positions and should have been sued by Lip. Why not? Because the show wouldn't exist without those plucky Gallaghers fighting the world and being the underdog.
  5. Carl seems to be engaged in the story of the 3 bears, where the first Trainer was too soft and the current trainer is too hard. Hopefully we will find the just right Trainer by the end. Tami and Lip: well the baby and the operation are now forgotten and they are dealing with Tami's past and her past relationship, riveting stuff. The fun is always V for me and my favorite character. Only she can take losing a child pageant and turn it into a political career. Milkoviches, Frank, Kevin - don't care. Milkoviches were put in place to give the cast something to do until the show ends which can't happen soon enough.
  6. Not only giving up the coin but then losing it before bringing back Sweeney (so far). Even thought this show is like one long road trip it is still compelling and Shadow (Mike) is a great character. I wonder if the theme of this show is waiting for war and talking about it endlessly and visiting people and talking about war some more. If so it will get old eventually until this war actually occurs. Luckily the cast is pretty great and if I don't have to see Glover and his angry whisper and angry whisper face that is a win.
  7. I agree. 2 episodes and all we have seen is the daughter whining constantly about everything her Father says and does. Also Holly Hunter and her constantly criticising the Mayor is becoming painful already even after 2 episodes. But the 1 moron staffer and the 2 arrogant, narcissistic mean staffers caused me to put the old parachute on and jump out of the crappy Mr. Mayor plane.
  8. I could be wrong but did I notice Ali giving Daniel an extra look when he was leaving? I think she may be back to create some havoc with Johnny and Daniel next season. That could be interesting.
  9. In most shows characters like Kreese and Tory that have caricature villians like these 2 have 2 paths to travel; death/prison or redemption. On this show loyalties seem to last from episode to episode so my guess is that there will be an event that redeems Tory-death in family, illness etc. My guess is that like Hawk all will be forgotten including a broken arm, and she will be welcomed into the group. My guess is that Kreese will not be redeemed, he will go down with the ship and be left with an empty Dojo.
  10. Tory has used quite a few weapons so far. Nunchucks in the fight with Sam and a claw knife in her other fight in the school. I am not against "cartoon" violence but we have giant plot holes where Robbie goes to Juvie and even Johnny is arrested for a fight with some guys in a bar. This show seems to do only two things well regarding the teens. Make the adults responsible for the teen's actions and have no consequences for the teens from parents, the school or the community for the assults, the break ins, stealing from a zoo, assault with a deadly weapon and yes, attemped murder.
  11. This show does so many things well and I really enjoyed this season. The Johnny and Miguel scenes were great as were the Daniel and Sam scenes. The Johnny and Daniel scenes continue to be the best. The Okinawa episode was my favorite of the entire series. The chemistry between Daniel and Kimiko is off the charts. Even Ali added to the enjoyment including the little look she gave Daniel when he left. Unfortunately the writers cannot write for the teens. These teens are completely 2 dimensional - heel or good guy. Their loyalties jump from one person to another constantly. They can break another kid's arm without criminal prosecution, they can break into a residence, wreck it and assault the residents without prosecution. Most strangely, they are given a pass because the adults have decided that only adults can be at fault and not the kids-why would Daniel go after Kreese, and not the kids that broke into his house and wrecked it and assaulted his child. When did the fight at the school and every fight be Daniel's or Johnny's fault and not the kids? Why was Robbie the only one prosecuted and not all the other kids, including Miguel that fought. I complained about the strange and complete lack of police presence last year and they did it again this season. Thank goodness there was enough to enjoy.
  12. juno

    Season 9 Talk

    Here we go, Season 9 is out on Crave: Dec 25 and Hulu Dec 26. I hope my Canadian POV doesn't get in way of my breakdown. Here goes: Letterkenny 09x01 - American Buck and Doe The wait is over and yes Derks got a beat down and a broken arm. Good episode all around. The Great: The pre fight jawing between Letterkenny and Derks' gang and then the fight. Also great that Rosie says "Yawn" everytime Gail talks dirty. The Good: American and Canadian Armed Forces teaming up to help Wayne take down Derks' gang. The Bad: The operations conversation with the Military Teams. Went on way too long with no joke payoff. Letterkenny 09x02 - Kids With Problems Uneven episode where the Beer League is hilarious with Coaches' stories but slows down a lot with the Kids causing problems in Letterkenny; stealing mailboxes, leaving poop bags by doors and grabbing "BONNIE MCMURRAY" The Great: Coach's stories (call back from the "Three Wise Men" episode) which are NSFW but are hillarious and the reactions of Rielly and Jonesy. The Good: Tyson and Joint boy's fight. Muay Tai versus Boxing. Stupid wins everytime as they knock each other out. The Bad: The scared straight type interaction with the kids that went on too long and became cringy and awkward in some parts. Letterkenny 09x03 - Scorched Earth Good episode where Katy is unleashed and begins to date a lot to find a mate. Glen tells tales out of school regarding Gail and Jimmy Dickens. The Great: Glen letting out rumours regarding Gail and Jimmy Dickens. Becomes hilarious when the NSFW conversation moves to Jim Dickens' Dick Skin. Also great seeing Gail get together with Jim. The Good: Cold Open spoofing tourists returning from England start using a British accent. The Bad: Sorry, but I am getting tired of being told how awesome Katy is. Letterkenny 09x04 - Mitzvah Solid, hilarious episode where Rielly and Jonesy learn about Judaism and Mitvahs and the gang goes to Mo-Deans for Brunch. The Great: Rielly and Jonesy learning about Judaism and Mitzvah's and going out to make one. The Good: The Cold Open and double date with Dan and Ellen and Wayne and Rosie. The effort to have Ellen have a conversation without sex content fails massively. The Bad: Nope too solid an episode. Letterkenny 09x05 - Sleepover This is one of those strange episodes that is disconnected from the rest of the season. Okay episode where the gang is snowed (or cold weathered) inside and resort to movies, board game and sleepovers to pass the time. The Great: Nope too hard too find. The Good: Rielly and Jonesy talking hockey. Gail, Rosie and Bonnie's game of scrabble. The Bad: 3 parts: Some connection is made between Darry and Bonnie, but is lost and not addressed the rest of the series. The conversation about a strange sound coming from a woman. The Cold Open where the gang discusses how to fix Gail's vehicle-without any laughs. Letterkenny 09x06 - Breastaurant Good episode where a new Hooters type restaurant opens in Letterkenny. Gail worries about the future of Mo-Deans. The Great: The conversation about the word "taste" is so funny I can't stop watching it. Darry and Wayne crush it. The Good: Loyalty of Wayne and the gang to Mo-Deans. The Bad: Conversations regarding women's breasts interest to gay men. Letterkenny 09x07 - NDN NRG Okay episode with Tanis showcasing her new energy drink which is a little too much like Bro-Dude. The Great: It took until episode 7 to get some Tanis. Great character. The Good: Wayne are Rosie discussing the word Letterkenny. Lots of the Bads: Sorry, throwing the 3 heels (Derks, Anik and Marie-Fred) from last season into the final episode to create a cliff hanger is not a favorite of mine (bit of a call back to season 2). Bro-Dude rep is so nasty and obnoxious and I hate when she is on my screen and yet somehow she has been given power to take back a hockey trophy. Letterkenny Overall 4 characters are barely in the season; Glen, Mrs. and Mr. McMurray and Tanis. This somewhat hurt some of the arcs from the season before. Most of the episodes are uneven meaning that there are scenes that go on too long like the operations conversation and the conversation with the kids. When it is funny it is rolling on the floor funny. Gail was more enjoyable this season as were Rielly and Jonesy. This is my favorite show and I enjoyed it but it is declining from the past seasons.
  13. One more Trailer for season 9:
  14. I am guessing that Lip went along due to his boss and friend being the baby's father. Otherwise I don't understand why he is allowing Tami to run his life. For 3 episodes Lip has been missing except for his accurate comment to Debbie. I still have no time for Frank or Debbie and still fast forward through their scenes. Even after all these years they still have no value to this show. They are beyond selfish and self absorbed and I have always thought the rest of the family was weak in allowing them in their lives. I don't many people that would be that forgiving if they found out their 50,000 dollars went missing due to Frank and Debbie. Still can't believe the family's reaction to that.
  15. Aziz is who I think kindnapped his Mom. Mainly as he said that he thinks Alfred was behind the release and wants his money back.
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