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  1. 100% agree with all of this. Supposedly Don's daughter, Julie B Watson, apologized on a fansite for the dumb stories in the last two seasons. She sort of admitted she and her dad neglected JAG during the first two seasons of NCIS.
  2. The murder story in this episode was weird. The dead guy's family seemed pretty well off for a food delivery guy. Was the restaurant job just a side gig?
  3. He resigned at the end of season 7. Lorraine Bracco played the acting mayor for a year. Then Dylan Walsh (Chase) got elected. Frank's story with the mayor didn't make much sense. Some cops arrested a guy for harassing a woman in traffic. So what.... I was hoping Eddie was cheating on Jamie so the show could be rid of her. Before Jamie was sergeant, they used to talk about taking the test together so that story made zero sense. I know I complain about her every week, but I can't stand her.
  4. It's not just you. I don't like Eddie, but the show waited so long to get them together that they look bored with each other.
  5. Yeah I was thinking the same thing when they zoomed in on the gun on the desk.
  6. It does seem sort of out of place on this show, but real world cops consult psychics/mediums all the time. I agree. They made a big deal out of her making that story up last season and now they tell us it's true. I can't stand the character's attitude so I really don't care what her backstory is, but Anthony's line at the end was hilarious! I also can't stand Witten so if this is how they get rid of her, I'm fine with it even thou I think the reason she got suspended is total BS.
  7. Ok episode, but Ducky was listed in the opening credits and he did not appear. Don't know how much I'll watch if Gibbs is gone even thou I haven't liked Mark's portrayal of him in years. Plus, I don't like Gary Cole.
  8. Back when they wrote the monkey off the show, the story was that the cast demanded they ditch the monkey. I don't blame them at all if that was the truth. I didn't like the monkey, but even if I did; I don't think Ross seemed like the type to have an exotic pet.
  9. Didn't everybody think that?
  10. Betty Lynn (Thelma Lou) is still with us.
  11. The "new" DA is the "interim" DA until the next election.
  12. I would totally watch that! 😀
  13. Yes, it's too young especially with a mom who's as religious as Mary.
  14. With show renewed for 3 more seasons, I think it's too soon for George to do what adult Sheldon told us he did. I think this was just a fake out for a season finale cliffhanger. Am I the only one who thinks Missy has turned into a brat? She used to be the funny one, but now she's obnoxious. When she told George "I am not a child." I wanted him to say "You most certainly are!"
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