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  1. Magnumfangirl

    S07.E13: Their Last Bow

    Pretty good ending. I loved that we got so many ACD references. I loved the tweed herringbone coat Sherlock wore when he visited Gregson and the almost deer stalker was good. I didn't like Joan's redecorating the brownstone, but I did think it was funny that her bedroom still looked the same. Disappointed that we didn't get a Morland's alive reveal and that nothing was said about the Holmes family money. Wasn't everything supposed to go to Joan if Sherlock died? What'd she do with all that money??
  2. Magnumfangirl

    S07.E12: Reichenbach Falls

    I still think he might be.
  3. Magnumfangirl

    S07.E11: The Unfriended

    Yes it was. This season has been sort of humorless. I'm of the opinion that Morland has faked his death just because I don't see the show killing off Morland and Sherlock faking his death like in The Final Problem/Empty House.
  4. Magnumfangirl

    S07.E10: The Latest Model

    He did look better this week, but he needs to shave. The beard has gotten too gray to pull off the Sonny Crockett look.
  5. Magnumfangirl

    S07.E09: On the Scent

    So what do you think it is?
  6. Magnumfangirl

    S07.E09: On the Scent

    Yes. He looks terrible, like he's sick or something.
  7. Magnumfangirl

    S07.E08: Miss Understood

    The first Cassie episode was one of the best, but this one was one of the worst. Sherlock still thinks she killed Agent Underhill, but he buddies up with her at the end of the episode? WTF?
  8. Magnumfangirl


    I wanted to add that past seasons on Amazon Prime are uncut, too. When this one gets added several months from now, it will probably be unedited too.
  9. Magnumfangirl


    Past seasons of the region 1 DVD and Bluray releases are UNCUT even if they have the PBS logo on them. I own all of them and every episode runs about one hour and 29 minutes. I don't have series 6 yet.
  10. Magnumfangirl


    Was there a cut scene with Joan in the finale? The freeze frame on Amazon has a pic of her with Morse that did not appear in the episode. Glad all the boys are together again, but I thought all of the cases in series 6 were too confusing and I don't like how they wrote Fred even if he did come to his senses in the end.
  11. Magnumfangirl

    S07.E07: From Russia with Drugs

    I liked Dwyer just because I thought he was funny and I was glad the show didn't do the trope of him kicking Sherlock and Joan to the curb. As for the detective, I really didn't care about her because we never saw or heard of her before. I was more irritated with Gregson's reaction. It just seemed like Gregson might have been jumping to conclusions. Someone on the reddit Elementary board pointed out that the story was sort of unrealistic because police detectives (especially the NYPD) aren't shrinking violets which of course is true. Women who've gotten that far in a big city police department aren't intimidated by much. This person also suggested that if the pics were too revealing or risque, she could be fired. I don't know if that's true or not, but I can see the NYPD having some sort of military style honor code. Whether they enforce it or not, who knows? It's interesting that the Dwyer story got more discussion than the murder case!
  12. Magnumfangirl


    I've been wondering when they were going to drop the Clinton bomb. I'm inclined to think Fred's undercover because of the scene with the informant at the beginning of episode 3. I guess we'll find out in the finale.
  13. Magnumfangirl

    S07.E07: From Russia with Drugs

    The Dwyer/Novachek plot seemed like filler to get the episode to 42 minutes. What was the point of bringing in Dwyer and making a point of showing that he was likeable and wasn't going to rock the boat only to throw him under the bus for a character we've never seen before? There's gotta be more to it than what we saw. Best part of the episode was Scrooge McDuck!
  14. Magnumfangirl


    The real reason is the writers couldn't get Joan and Morse together so they basically ruined Joan's character. In seasons 1-4, I loved Joan. She was funny, fashionable, flirty, and smart in a way that Morse isn't. Their banter was the best thing about the show. So, they had to destroy all that with this stupid falling out with Fred and turn her into a typical sixties era TV cliche. Plus, I don't think they're doing a very good job of hiding Sara Vickers' pregnancy and that is distracting to me. Two episodes in, and Joan is really annoying me. Agree. That bit was stupid. Two kids being taken away from their parents would not say that even if their parents were immature weirdos.
  15. Magnumfangirl

    S07.E06: Command: Delete

    I don't remember McNally either and after reading his wiki, I still don't really remember him. The actor is very ordinary looking, but maybe that was why he was cast. The NSA has eyes and ears everywhere and they just blend in.