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  1. Back in the day they would have THROWN SOMETHING INTO THE MIRROR and SMASHED it.
  2. Sweeter than a hungry cat in a chicken coop. Damn but that is weak. If I can't imagine Jim Ross hollering it at a wrestling match it just doesn't seem like much of a Southern catchphrase. "he's serving up a restaurant-quality slobberknocker!" "he's stompin a mudhole and walkin it dry!" "he's runnin like a scalded dog!"
  3. My favorite won! And they'll also air the runner-up. Still think they should run them all.
  4. I'm under the impression that high school basketball and football are STILL huge in the Midwest, at least from what my family there tells me.
  5. It differs not just from state to state, but in many states from county to county.
  6. As a retired librarian, I agree (ESPECIALLY about the dating opportunities) but I don't think yesterday's writers had any better idea. Did you spend most of your time shusshing people? Were you the kind of brittle female anthrophobe we all saw in The Music Man or It's A Wonderful Life?
  7. Eureka! You have found it. All of the four main characters on Seinfeld were assholes. The audience was expected to grasp that. It does become much funnier when you realize you don't have to root for them and that they richly deserve any shitty thing that happens to them.
  8. Well, I also live in a state where face coverings are mandatory but boy howdy there are a lot of shitheads who don't bother and it's a real challenge not to get crazy about it. New York State is having a contest for the best PSA for mask-wearing: https://coronavirus.health.ny.gov/node/2871 Frankly I think they should just run them all - but everybody loves a contest! I'll spoiler the one I voted for but I will say that so far it is winning.
  9. My pleasant renewal surprise is Stumptown, which I just adore. I also like The Rookie, but I figured that on to be picked up. My big disappointment is Emergence, which I loved.
  10. Speaking as someone who lives in the large crowded city of NYC (where one quarter of all the people in the United States who have died of COVID 19 have died) - if somebody initiates a conversation ( as it seems you did) the other person is not under any obligation to keep talking with you for any reason. If it's clear you don't see eye to eye on a subject, turning around from someone who is six feet away from you would seem to be a comfortable enough thing to do. And as for my bolding of your comments - all I can tell you is that the person who started with the conversation, whatever it was, that led the second person to turn around and tell you to turn away - i.e., in this case, YOU - might be the one who needs to slow their roll. In the confrontation you describe, you seem like the person more likely to be assaulted. Unless you were planning to assault this person, which of course I know you were not. So why are you even putting these suggestions forward in your post? '
  11. They were massively popular back then, partially because what they sang was less "white", whatever that would have been at that time, but European. Remember that between 1880 and 1920 there had been a massive influx of European immigrants who would have reacted very enthusiastically to this light opera material. I didn't like them either when I was younger, but as with so much antique popular culture Turner Classic Movies has schooled me. Along the the lively Turner Classic Movies board here on this site. Which I know you participate in. So I'm kind of shocked for you to say that everybody who might remember them is dead - when you must know that their films have gained new fans over the years who were born long after those films were made.
  12. And it was just as true, and just as sad. But because all of us were little clueless a-holes we didn't realize how true it was, let alone how true it was going to turn out to be for us.
  13. WTF? Source please? The standard story as I have always heard it was that Ronald Reagan said that "Johnny Belinda" should be named as the co-respondent in his divorce from Jane Wyman - because she threw herself so deeply into living the character that she played in that movie - the role she played that won her an Oscar. Honestly I have never read or heard from any source that she slept with Lew Ayres.
  14. Watched it tonight. I agree. They didn't plausibly establish why Alice Faye would be drawn to Dana Andrews in the first place. Maybe we were meant to sense some "core of decency" in his grifter character, which she and she alone of all the characters could see, but I don't think the audience could see it! Eddie Muller has said that it was re-edited in a way that made Alice Faye's character less plausible. But the Dana Andrews character seems SO unlikeable throughout. Only a really charming sexy likeable actor like, let's say for that time period, Cary Grant on the one hand and Robert Mitchum on the other and Edward G. Robinson on the third, , could have played a character who seems to be so clearly on the make throughout the film, and make us believe that he secretly is a great guy. Dana Andrews - hell no. Why not just go for Tom Neal and be done with it. It has been shown before, many times. Thursdays are pre-code days most of the time and of course there's always Joel McCrea's birthday or something like it. So many of McCrea's early films were things like this where he played a weak rich playboy who can't keep his dick in his pants.
  15. Way before Seinfeld I already thought of Stiller and Meara (and I always thought of them together) as comedy geniuses because of all the TV and radio work they did in the 60s and 70s. I even loved the Blue Nun commercials!
  16. They're also showing on digital broadcast subchannel Heroes and Icons five nights a week. I don't subscribe to any of the streaming services, not really tempted even. The only one that does tempt me is FITE TV, because I I love professional wrestling and they carry some programs I'd like to see. But I don't care about any of the "legit" fighting sports really so I keep not bothering with it.
  17. The fact that somehow CBS now owns the rights to one of the most iconically NBC shows, Star Trek, being a good example. I wonder if they will make some of the earlier seasons of the streaming shows available on network in the short run, as ohiopirate suggested. CBS did run the first season of The Good Fight last year, for example, I'd imagine to tempt people into subscribing so they could see how the story turned out. Isn't it still true that the Star Treks are only limited to CBS Access in the USA and available on broadcast TV elsewhere?
  18. But there is already so much of this retro stuff being shown through the various digital subchannels that anyone with a television and a digital antenna can pick up for free. And it's not just the commercial network stuff. PBS for example has about 5 of these retro channels that show older PBS how-to, children's, and arts programming. Of course if you don't have a TV anymore and just watch everything through the computer I guess that won't help you.
  19. Maybe he couldn't help himself from looking at the stars.........
  20. Yes. This is the uncomfortable question everyone has to have with the sudden emphasis on anti-body testing. Of course I'm in favor of MORE testing along with more research but until we really know more about this disease large-scale testing really doesn't do much, in terms of people knowing that they're safe. And of course doesn't do much in terms of determining whether it's safe to start relaxing the social distancing restrictions. 😟
  21. They're adorable. But, still don't want one as a pet:) I would love to have one as a pet. But it's illegal in this state (and a lot of other states, I believe). My cousin had one when I was a kid and he was so funny. He never ever walked around anybody - he'd stamp his feet and grunt at you until you got the hell out of his way.
  22. I can't tell if this is a joke or not, sorry. You do know that members of the same household aren't really expected to keep six feet apart.
  23. I know what you mean, although I'm really a fan. She's not just strong in charisma, she looks physically strong as well - she reminds me of Maureen O'Hara. She looks as though if she ever found the need to stop melting in Robert Mitchum's arms that she'd be more than capable of kicking the living shit out of him.
  24. Yeah, in a way. Mr Rat and I tie our hair back or put it up when it's very hot, or when we're cooking over a gas flame, gardening, sound editing (Mr Rat not me), etc. But I don't find having it loose to be that annoying otherwise. I feel like you shouldn't give much thought as to what the world thinks about your appearance. But you should absolutely INSIST on appearing in the world in the way that gives you pleasure and that YOU feel expresses YOU. In my mind's eye I can see all of you on this thread, and you are all so beautiful............
  25. Just wanted to comment that every single cheftestant had a problem recognizing the voices of their SPOUSES and PARENTS and SIBLINGS on those Metro cellphones. Not a great advertisement for Metro.
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