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  1. dmmetler

    S01.E08: Christmas 1972

    I found the reference to “The May Company” funny-because I remember what a big deal it was to get something from May :). And there was one Tiffany’s box that was still circling the family for a good 20 years, leaving disappointment in it’s wake.
  2. dmmetler

    Season 4 Talk

    The fears rang true to me. I have a child born 6 weeks early due to preeclampsia for whom it became a running joke-every appointment, the developmental pediatrician would make some comment about “if she’s not doing X by the next appointment, we’ll refer for PT”. DD would do it-less than a week before the next appointment. Basically, she missed all her motor milestones by about 4 weeks, quite predictably, so the ped wasn’t worried because she WAS so predictable. But I well recall that feeling of almost panic that comes with a preemie, especially after a complicated pregnancy. Add that the regular baby books don’t account for the fact that preemies are on a different developmental curve, and, well, I’m just glad my insurance covered a developmental pediatrician. And my husband was far more of the “let’s get it checked out”-while I was the one reminding him that the developmental pediatrician WAS checking it out and was fully qualified to DX developmental delays if there were any.
  3. dmmetler

    Season 4 Talk

    I’d love to see a spinoff with Junior at Howard-an updated “A Different World”. I have a white kid on a non-traditional school path, and she is seriously considering HBCUs.
  4. dmmetler

    Season 1 Talk

    DH works in IT, and one of his companies actually did Thanksgiving and Christmas as floating holidays so they had people available to handle emergencies for retail that WAS open (and to be prepared for the rush of Black Friday and Dec 26). It actually worked pretty well-there were enough employees with other cultural traditions that were happy to work those (usually very light) days and take those days for a holiday that was more important to them. As a teacher, MLK day is usually an inservice or workday. It hits right about at the end of the semester. And this is Memphis, where MLK day is observed quite significantly and officially (of course, so is Elvis week....)
  5. dmmetler

    S04.E20: The Dynamic Duo

    CMU has an excellent music program. The university was formed out of Carnegie Institute of Technokogy, Mellon school of business, and Margaret Morrison school of the arts. Margaret didn’t make it into the name, but it is a very strong performing arts school. CMU is extremely hard to get into for anyone. For performing arts, even back in the 1980’s, it was highly competitive. Usually the best way was to do the summer program and get invited to audition. I had the exact sweatshirt Erica wore to her interview in 1988.
  6. dmmetler

    S04.E10: Han Ukkah Solo

    As a music teacher (in the 1990’s/early 2000’s) who dreaded the winter concert every year, I loved this. It was impossible to please everyone, and that particular concert brought out every single Beverly Goldberg type.
  7. dmmetler

    S03.E01: A Kick-Ass Risky Business Party

    I had a long distance relationship in the 1980’s, so all the problems with long distance calls, letters,faxes, etc rang true. Kids today don’t know the struggle of skipping lunch for a week so you can feed quarters into a payphone to talk to your boyfriend. (I eventually married him, so it did work out, but not until after a $469 phone bill in college)
  8. dmmetler

    S02.E23: Bill/Murray

    As someone who applied to music schools in ‘80 something, I find this annoying. Erica is not going to make it even into a state U music program singing pop songs, and a video would not be a leg up even if it was awesome. She needs to be working on a wider range of repertoire and preparing for auditions with a voice teacher, not just a school music teacher.
  9. dmmetler

    S03.E22: U-N-R-- UNREALISTIC

    Not all schools even guarantee freshman housing to anyone, and if JJ accepted late, they may not have had a room available for him. I know when I was applying to undergrad, most of the scholls I was applying to had only limited accessible housing, so it would be reasonable for the rooms to be full by April 1 with returning students and students who applied and were accepted early decision or just plain early (for schools with rolling admissions). UCI’s website says 12,000 students live on campus-but their student population last year was over 33,000.
  10. dmmetler

    S03.E21: THE S-T-A-- STAIRCASE

    I also don’t know how good NYU’s Student services department is. They are required to have one, but as a pricey, selective school, may well not have a lot of experience with a range of disabilities. Back when I was looking at schools, there was a special college guide by Petersen’s that rated not only the selectivity, average test scores, etc, but also things like how wheelchair accessible the campus was and how supportive the school was for various disability categories. And, as mentioned above, vocational rehab tends to try to do things on the cheap-they only provided limited funding for an out of state school for me because I had won a full scholarship, so they had to pay less than they would in-state-and many families with kids with disabilities look better off on paper than they really are. Having said that, there is probably a SUNY or CUNY campus that would meet JJ’s requirements and put him at least a close train ride to Izzy. And for his first two years, a really good film school doesn’t matter much. My daughter got a prospective students mailing from NYU yesterday, and the film program is a 5 year composite with Tisch. And I would LOVE to see a tv show where the high school senior ends up at a school that is actually commensurate with their level of academic performance and is a good fit, as opposed to always ending up at Ivy League schools, MIT, NYU, or UCLA, whether the class valedictorian or a total slacker.
  11. dmmetler

    S03.E20: ON THE R-O-- ROAD A-G-- AGAIN

    I have a friend who announced that her daughter was “joining the Eagle Scouts” after the girl realized that you got recognition at high school graduation for being one. I don’t think she had a clue just how hard it is to actually become an Eagle Socut ( and that she was highly unlikely to be able to finish in the time she had left before turning 18, even if she managed to actually find a troop that had a girl’s division-while it’s allowed now, most of the co-Ed groups here are Cub Scout dens that have a separate girl’s pack-so I suspect it will be a few years before there is a functioning Scouts BSA troop she could even join). So I handwaved that as Ray being similarly optimistic. Realistically, I would expect Ray to have National Honor Society and maybe something like Key Club,on top of the organizations that it has been mentioned he’s involved with, so he should have a great resume.
  12. dmmetler

    S03.E17: Duet

    My favorite is still the Brigadoom episode of Lexx, which is less a music theater episode and mire a full on operatic one (with the main motives taken from Eastern European children’s songs). Having said that, I really enjoyed this-mostly because they have such an awesome cast when it comes to singing ability.
  13. dmmetler

    S03.E14: J-I-- JIMMY V-A-L-- VALENTINE

    As someone who’s love language is giving and receiving gifts (for me, mostly homemade or very specifically selected, not so much value), who has a thrifty spouse who sees holidays as a waste of money and hates shopping-but feels he’s failing if he gets something off my wish list, I felt for Jimmy so much. And I love JJ and his difficulties in figuring out dating. Disability complicates so much in ways most people don’t realize. I love that this show is showing that-and that it isn’t an insurmountable obstacle.
  14. dmmetler

    S03.E07: F-O-- FOLLOW T-H-R-- THROUGH

    Online can be good for some disabilities, but I can’t see it working with JJ’s disabilities. And in many respects, living on campus with assistance would be a better transition to independent living with assistance for JJ, for the same reason why it’s a good transition for neurotypical teens. A small, self-contained, accessible campus with Kenneth providing support would let him spread his wings a bit, and many colleges have good disability support services and work with vocational rehabilitation and local independent living programs.
  15. dmmetler

    S01.E06: Giving Thanks

    Having Maddie come out just showed just how much of a pro Mackenzie is as well. Not a good look. I wish they’d sent her home and kept Akash-who isn’t a great dancer, but at least belongs there.