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  1. Alumni interviews are usually just a sales pitch to get a student to apply as much as anything else, as are early "interviews" with admissions. The only thing off to me was that it was at their house vs meeting in Stsrbucks or Panera for a half hour time slot. It's basically a blind date arranged by the college board or ACT people. Alumni are usually used when there aren't enough people in the area to make it worth sending an admissions rep. You also see alumni reps at college fairs-they knoW nothing about the college thafisn't in the flyer they are handing out, since they graduated decades ag
  2. The most common path after college cheer is coaching. And almost all coaches have a day job-the only one at DD’s gym who does not is the University of Memphis coach-and he still coaches two all star teams and two school teams on top of the UM teams, so he has three coaching jobs. Many coaches I know teach school, and it can be a tough haul to teach kids all day and then go coach after school and at night-one of the coaches I know taught high school history all day, coached middle and high school cheer in the afternoons, and All Star Cheer 4 nights a week, high school games on Saturdays, and ma
  3. Cheer scoring is one of the most debated/complained about things in the sport, especially at really big competitions, where it is common to have prelims and semifinals going on in multiple locations, and sometimes there are BIG differences in scoring between panels. Having said that, while I don’t know how NCA college does it, for All Star cheer you typically are scored twice, so usually all teams in a division will be scored by the same judging panels, just not necessarily on the same day, and the scores averaged (sometimes 50/50,sometimes an uneven split). And they do record teams
  4. It can take longer than 2 years to get an AS because a lot of student go less than full time due to work, family, or because they need non-credit classes to get up to the level needed to do college credit. Usually you can do sports at a 2 year school as long as you are half-time. And it wouldn’t surprise me to find that many of the Navarro cheerleaders do a lighter load to accommodate their practice schedule.
  5. I’m going to mentally decide that it is more a community choir that happens to meet at the church, so they do music they want to do, as opposed to a church choir.
  6. NCA Nationals is in April, so I assume the returning kids did fall somewhere else, and came back to Navarro for the Spring to compete at Nationals, with the expectation of another season of the show. They can probably do that without losing admission at their other school, and take a class or two that will transfer, especially if they weren’t core complete and hadn’t actually completed an AS before transferring. It seems unfair to the kids who tried out for and made Navarro and cheered the entire football season. At most schools, you have to be on the team in the fall to go to Nation
  7. UCA college nationals is going on now-there are several community colleges that have done well (UCA blends 2 year schools, Division III NCAA, and NAIA). It would be interesting to follow a UCA style program if the show continues.
  8. It may be worse than that for Gabi. Many of the cheer "ambassadors" for different companies aren't actually paid. They get their travel covered to do catalog shots, uniform reveal videos, and events for the company and lots of stuff in exchange for doing photo shoots and mentioning the company on Instagram, etc. Gabi models for Rebel, and they definitely follow that business plan. Gabi may actually be paid now, but I could also see her parents encouraging her to do the free stuff for exposure for her clinics, bikini sales, etc. My DD's last season was #WTLTBAP. If you listened to
  9. Music rights is the excuse Varsity uses for requiring the custom music, stripping out music from the few videos they release even when that music was custom and the rights clearly licensed, etc. Even if you subscribe to Varsity TV, there is no sound except on the Livestream. Watch later and it's silent, so not nearly as interesting to show grandma-or, really, for anything but coaches who want to point out mistakes to the team. I honestly would love to see a comp where every team used the count music (the music Navarro used in practices-I swear every team in the country practices to the same r
  10. Varsity has let other shows film at All Star Worlds/US Finals/NHSCC, so I don't understand why they didn't let Netflix film. They have gotten really bad about forcing takedowns of even private videos on YouTube, though. And while one excuse is the music rights, I am very sure whoever does the sound editing for Navarro made sure they had rights for the music for the Netflix show since they showed practIce. I hope they do a second season, but cheer shows haven't had a good history of getting the kind of support needed for a 2nd season. One thing in their favor-Cassidee Dunlap, from
  11. Another cheer mom here-my DD has cheered for 10 years and is out this season rehabbing a knee injury (and probably has long term damage and arthritis at age 15-cheer injuries are no joke). Navarro is unique because it is a junior college with open admissions, so while most top schools for cheer first require that you can get into the school, and then, if you do, you can get a spot on the team, Navarro can recruit just based on cheer-and because they can give an out of area tuition waiver even if they can give no other scholarship money, it makes it very affordable for kids who want to cheer (r
  12. As someone who taught school music in the 1990's, I can attest that coming up with a winter program that both included everyone and avoided upsetting anyone was pretty close to impossible. There weren't a lot of good options for Kwanzaa And not much better for Hanukkah-a lot of the songs were about like the "Boxing Day" one in this episode. I suppose I should be glad that no one ever demanded a Diwali Carol or that I include Krampus.
  13. It takes 13 years to become a full MD radiologist. Has it even been long enough in the timeline for that to be possible?
  14. Hate to tell Jessica this, but she won't graduate without the practicum, and while private schools do not require an administrator's license, they do want degrees and references. And bailing on practicum is a great way to insure that you won't get a positive reference from anyone who actually has authority in education. And a 100 hour practicum is actually pretty minor-student teaching is a full time job without pay for 3 months. I do wonder if ABC is thinking the can cross Jessica over to Schooled (or vice versa) and have her shadow that principal.
  15. dmmetler


    Accommodations approvals do not list disability, only what has been approved and the professor should do. Unless Sam has disclosed, she doesn’t know, although she may suspect. And even when they know, it doesn’t mean they understand or are willing to make accommodations. My worst professor by far in undergrad was a professor who taught a class on disability classifications for music therapy majors. She seemed totally flummoxed by the idea that a kid who had qualified for special Ed all the way through school and found her place via music would like to help other kids in the same situation-and
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