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  1. heythere

    S05.E04: Relation of Lines and Colors

    Photographer here. Self portraits are legitimate and use all the same skills. They're even slightly more difficult because you need to do test shots and make sure you're lined up in the right spot. You would definitely be looking at light, framing the photo, etc as you would if you were looking through the viewfinder and pushing the button.
  2. heythere

    S05.E01: The Call

    It makes sense within the show....Bay has to give up what she wants most so that Daphne can have her way. Ug. Daphne has really moved her way up into my top 5 most hated TV characters over these past few seasons.
  3. heythere

    S22.E09: S22: Week 9

    I take back what I said this afternoon about the blindfold being gimmicky. That tango was my favorite of Nyle and Peta's dances, I think. (But then again I'm noticing that Argentinian Tango is probably my favorite dance for everyone). I did notice his posture being not great, he was dancing like his suspenders were too short. Paige was awesome, I am so excited to see her in the finale. I wish Wanya was the third finalist but two out of three isn't bad.
  4. heythere

    S22.E09: S22: Week 9

    I think having him need to rely on anyone is a joke. Isn't his whole thing that just because he's deaf doesn't mean he's any different than anyone else? He doesn't need to rely on anyone else to help him. Ridiculous. It kind of seems like the whole show is making him into inspiration porn which, as far as I can tell, goes against what he is trying to accomplish. He's a great dancer, just let him dance. There are definitely plenty of people in the world who do need to be shown that someone who is deaf can do whatever they want so yes his visibility on the show is fantastic! And not just for ignorant hearing people but for deaf people as well, like my boyfriend. We have been taking ballroom dancing lessons together and I think he loves seeing someone he can relate to on TV! Representation matters. It doesn't surprise me in the least that the show would stoop to the level of gimmicks, but they are really doing a disservice by doing that.
  5. heythere

    S22.E09: S22: Week 9

    I don't know if this is a spoiler so I will hide it
  6. heythere

    S22.E05: Week 5

    I know next to nothing about the technical side of any of these dances, but I really thought Jodie's dance was better than Nyle's. He looked kind of clunky in a lot of places (even to my uneducated eyes).
  7. heythere

    S22.E04: Week 4

    Haha, I agree! It would have been fine with her blond hair. Nyle's tarzan wig gave me the biggest case of second-hand embarrassment this week though.
  8. I've only occasionally watched this show in the past but my boyfriend and I started watching this season because we just had started taking taking some ballroom dancing lessons as few months ago. It's really interesting to watch Nyle because my boyfriend is also deaf and is saying he can relate a lot. We can get the steps but matching the steps to the beat is it's own challenge so we are working on developing our own cues as well. I hope we can get to the point where we are dancing as well as Nyle and Peta do!
  9. heythere

    Switched at Birth in the Media

    Wait a minute, so no new episodes until 2017? Nothing at all this year? I thought they were filming stuff?
  10. The fact that I was actively looking for him is a big clue to how bored I was by this episode. Hahaha, I'm glad it wasn't just me. I was intently searching for him when they were all standing in that lobby.
  11. heythere

    S22.E14: The Guy Who Was A Momma's Boy

    Me too! I loved that picture. He could be wearing anything and whatever it is he is trying to sell, I'd buy it.
  12. Yikes. They are what 19? I'd much rather them be out in the world exploring and learning about themselves than at home with their nephew. To say that about Bay because she chose to not be wherever Carlton is? Sorry but that's absurd. I like Travis, I would have no problem with him being with Bay. I do wish he hadn't set up that fake art show though....I get why he thought it was a good idea and his intentions behind it but what a really terrible idea. I haven't been a fan of Mingo but my opinion of him changed in this episode. He deserves better than Daphne.
  13. heythere

    Past Contestants Photo Gallery

    I love those photos!