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  1. I don't think there's any way I can convincingly fake having read the threads prior to posting, so in the name of House Stark, let me blurt out things not in the best interest of my survival. Works in all directions, both for me, and then also as a commentary on this episode. I think I know why Varys and Littlefinger were the masterminds of the Kingdoms, they knew the value of the occasional private aside. That was a lot of open declaration of known issues. It wasn't the Exposition Fairy as much as it was the Laxative of Plot Obstacles. Sam needs to be up to speed in a flash? O
  2. Yeah, this episode was more of a miss for me than a hit. Like almost every single person I know, I let all of my calls go to voicemail. Google has a screener for robocalls as well. It would be great if they all zarked off but mostly it just means I only answer calls from friends and family...who all know bloody well that I would laugh my ass off and hang up if they asked for my social security number "Real quick, just give it to me" ...we're a paranoid people here, I don't think that would work on anyone in the house. I really, deeply, absolutely do not find the current administratio
  3. Well, that was hilarious. Alex Bornstein's dancing at the end was laugh aloud funny. Aw, poor Astrid spilled the beans in a low blood sugar moment. As soon as she said "The Company" I was intrigued and sure enough, the CIA proclamation followed it. They might as well have entitled this episode "Down with the Patriarchy!" for how many hits Abe's worldview took there. It was a nice follow-up to his putting pressure on the Art school dean to allow Rose to stay, evidence of the limits of his importance. I think middle age tends to contain a lot of feelings of insignificance for some
  4. I wonder if we just saw a preview of the thing that will eventually doom Midge's career. After all, she's interacting with some real names from comedy but there must be a reason that Midge does not become a star. I wonder if the same trait displayed during poor freaking knocked-up Mary's reception -- not being able to understand when she's crossed from playfully audacious and into simply hurtful and unacceptable -- is going to be the thing that eventually keeps Midge's star from rising. Sort of like Jackie Mason's hand-gesture that wasn't, but still tanked his career for years. Althou
  5. You may be right, @shapeshifter because Lenny Bruce was not known to be faithful to his wife...and they divorced in 1957. However, he's only about six years away from a fatal drug overdose, so I think it's more likely that Midge will deal with the loss of her comedian friend in that manner. It looks like Dr. Love Interest and Joel will be the ones to joust for Midge if it comes to that. I think, but I cannot swear to this, it's just a sense I have, that ASP has great admiration for Lenny Bruce. If it was a fictional character, I'd put money on your speculation. He's kind of one of t
  6. I like that Midge has a peer/mentor relationship with Lenny Bruce. As written here, he easily treats her talent as something that must be pursued, is never to take a backseat and is in no way threatening to his own. It's a nice portrayal of creative generosity and effortless equality but I don't think it's meant to be romantic as much as good chemistry between the actors. Speaking of which, jeez, way to nail the chemistry on Dr. Love Interest in terms of casting. Way to ensure audience investment. I'm not much for commenting on someone's looks, but yeah, that was designed to get peo
  7. I really enjoyed the episode. I'm pretty used to ASP's writing style and her lack of realism though, so the lack of believability doesn't bother me. In this instance, it's almost as if she is illustrating the memory of the Catskills vs. showing what the Catskills were. Super bright colors, the fashion choices, the obsequious staff there to attend to all needs. It came off like a person relating a memory, mundane details are missing. Money seems limitless, children needless, alcohol almost without consequences. It's fun for me. I can completely see how it would be grating but she
  8. Well, good for Rahul. He's got the goods, he apparently had an amazing sense for flavors and self-esteem issues notwithstanding for a moment, he seems a remarkably kindhearted person. I'm glad he won and I end up sniffling when he did although I would have been just as happy with Ruby or Kim-Joy , I didn't have a clear favorite as I liked them all. The bakers that is, the challenges are becoming increasingly convoluted and strange for the sake of it. Here's the thing: if you try to hire a professional to do something they clearly can't do due to weather or equipment availability, they
  9. Jeez, show, way to lose the plot. People aren't watching this for Top Chef style smackdowns "not your best" was unnecessary as hell and it is not actually the first time Prue was unnecessarily snide to Briony. Yes, Prue, she knew. The whole world knew. Maybe Briony used the flippin' salt instead of sugar so that you'd have less of the substance to rub in her wounds. The tone of the criticism was just not warranted. It is not a test of someone's baking skill to give them inadequate time to prepare something, it's a test of their organizational skills which are key to baking profess
  10. Yikes. Welp, here's hoping Rahul never takes up poker playing. He'd be flat broke in the first half-hour...or he'd clean up because he'd have the same expression with a winning hand as he does a losing one. I take it back, he'd be a brilliant bluffer. Poor Manon, but it made sense, she had a really bad week. I liked her a lot, she looks so much like my son's girlfriend, I pretty much had to cheer her on. I'll miss her. I don't know, this season doesn't really have the right balance of personalities for me. Or maybe it's the challenges, which have seemed to be getting a tad d
  11. Midge hasn't been able to pluck up the courage to tell her parents what she does. When we met her she was going to bed in full makeup, waiting for Joel to fall asleep, rising, washing it off...etc. She was pretty interested in projecting the perfect image. When Joel left her she referenced having done everything right. We know she went from her parents' house to college, back home to her parents' house, to two floors above them. She's witty, but prior to this, we've been led to believe and shown that she was conforming to a lot of societal standards, trying to be perfect. Trying
  12. Okay, that was just adorable. ASP is so giddy about her budget, she really went to town for the Paris scenes. It was a little paint-by-numbers of Parisian scenes but it was meant to be so and I thought worked because of that. Also, I really enjoyed the scene in the apartment as Abe realizes that Rose isn't just play-acting, living some role-playing fantasy. I thought it was a good setup for a storyline in which their relationship grows. It looks like ASP is planning on developing all the characters this season and I appreciate that. Weirdest detail caught my eye: how clean the Gas
  13. I'm sure. However, it seems an unlikely choice for someone so obsessed with conforming to acceptable standards that she measured every inch of her body, constantly, to make sure she was within rather punishing standards. It's not that people wouldn't have studied Russian literature, history, etc. it's that it was a choice that came with a type of scrutiny it's hard to believe Midge would invite or rather, that her parents would allow her. That said, it's fine, it works. Most of the Paris material is all rather ...cliched isn't the right word...it's almost like it's an homage to the s
  14. Plus, studying Russian anything at Bryn Mawr in the early fifties seems a little "let's all choose to hum and ignore that implausibility while we're at it too!" The latest she could have graduated for the timeline of the show is '55-56 and it's more likely '54. Midge is supposed to be audacious but prior to taking the stage, she was also dutiful about fulfilling parental expectations to a very closely measured inch. I couldn't see Rose agreeing to quite that much "let's draw the attention of the FBI, shall we?" level of following her safely-rebellious bliss, but maybe I'm selling her short
  15. Both of my parents speak/spoke French fluently. It was part of the reason I opted for Spanish, personally, but my brother isn't fluent either. My mother, in particular, is prone to saying things in French for no discernible reason. In her defense, she's in France fairly often, as she's Scottish and still lives in Scotland part of the year, so she goes to France often. But I did think it a little odd that Midge didn't speak a word of French solely because she had to have studied some other language and I'm thinking freaking German would be out for a variety of reasons, including the tim
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