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  1. Pretty obvious none of the contestents had been exposed to or ever given thought to the military. I do think this kind of challenge can be a bit of a trap. Its either too costumey, too uniform or not enough. Still none of these look remotely inspired by military, It was a big let down creatively in general
  2. Sort of a weird thing to put out. Why 50% black? Is the US 50% black? Are they going to cast by percentages including gender an age? Would LOVE to see Native Americans included.
  3. I mostly scrolled on my phone till the EoE part. Ben, Michelle, whatever, just shifting tgts. Tony and Sarah are the only two interesting to me, Denise says she has all these moves done and I guess so but I can't even remember them. I do like her ok. Still like the EoE players and their games far better. This season just doesn't hold my interest. If Natalie wins her way back in and doesn't win I will be sooooo pissed. I will only be slightly less pissed if she doesn't win because she isn't in final 3. Were she to make final 3 and not win? No.
  4. I just dont think EoE players have the same chance of winning as a play to the end person. Natalie has played so hard, I would have loved to see her play against Tony.
  5. Being lazy I'm sorry. The spoilers that Tony doesn't win, - who does in his place?
  6. Winners at War Winner: Most boring episode of Survivor ever. Partly because its been a boring season. There are barely alliances, names get thrown out all day and then without us even hearing why, they change with all the whispering at TC. Whats there to watch?
  7. I can't help but wonder. If you were like Yul and running the numbers, what are your chances of getting off EoE and what are your chances of winning if you do? Sandra figured, pretty low and so left. Now Pavarti might be feeling the same so why starve. But why not leave? I wonder if Sandra brokered her leaving beforehand. In a comment I got the impression that Probst not only knew she would leave but that she would never be back, she is done. Perhaps everyone else is "strongly encouraged" to stay. Of course having bought the peanut butter, that doesn't mean she couldn't sell it to s
  8. Oh the scriptedness of Sugar Bear and whats her face showing up in California. I get the feeling that we are going to see a lot of whats her face, Sugar Bear, other people, because June still isn't found? Is she actually going to be on the show other than being chased through a parking lot? Like Dody's new teeth though yes they are too bright. Better than before for sure.
  9. I'm in, I'll watch the whole season for sure. But I am a bit underwhelmed. The first challenge was a retail garment and if not haute coutre something new and fancy. Yea sort of blah. Especially the fancy. I couldn't even tell which was supposed to be which with a few of the designers. So the second challege is a no kidding we want haute coutre and...the only thing that came remotely close I thought was the donut hole. When I think haute coutre I think unwearable art that is used for inspiration. Some of the retail stuff has been nice but nothing that great. I wonder if becaus
  10. I can tell how good a season is (for me) by how many times I forget its on. I'm a pretty die hard fan and when I realize 30 minutes in that its on I know the season feels sort of blah to me. I love the old time players but they seem checked out (except maybe Sandra). Especially Boston Rob. Standing around with his little circle on a string game. Paravati hanging on the beach. Then I think there is the "we know what the survivor producers want to see from us" like Tony, who I find entertaining, giving us the spy shack again. The buddy system. Why do I feel like they got some pro
  11. Well I'm not happy that the old schoolers will all be gone for essentially the second half. I find them much more enjoyable tv than the new schoolers.
  12. Exactly how I see Rob. He hasn't been that engaged the whole season. Stands around swinging his little game thing, doing the minimum and seeming really irritated. I really don't think he wanted to play again. If it wasn't for Sarah he might have tried a different strategy by trying to bring someone else in or work with the other two but Sarah really had it out for him so he didn't have much choice. I think he knew he was going and there wasn't much he could do about it.
  13. So the Buddy System would refer to Rob and his win right? Like Rob is on a new tribe and tries to get an alliance to stick to the buddy system. I can't see that going down very well. There is speculation that Sarah can't stand Rob, and she has been on a tribe with Sandra. So, if the 3 end up on the same tribe...bye bye Rob? Saw a picture on Reddit that had Wendell and I think Michelle with blue buffs. People still thinking Tony for the win, Michelle and Natalie F3 or F4. If not Tony then Michelle, which would make that comment of Robs to Michelle about "if you win you win" seem
  14. I think most spoilers don't have Rob making it to the merge so I'm thinking the tribe swap does not go his way, or maybe any of the old timers way since they all seem to get picked off pre merge. Was it Michelle that seemed to end up away from all her known's?
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