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  1. Meh. Not really, since those were pretty much what he had to depend on due to his stupid gameplay.
  2. Hmm. . . . Nope. Never saw the self-righteous in Tasha. No way, no how. And she was nice in Cagayan. The only one with whom she'd ever lost any patience was Garrett, and she was really shown berating him in that clip, not the whole tribe. Back then, Garrett was trying to hold "open forums" to discuss whom to vote out just so he could block people from having actual strategy talks. It was all part of his method of trying to control the tribe, and Tasha knew it. But other than that, she was very nice and not at all offensive.
  3. This is the first I've heard of Kelley being voted out because she was targeting Jon. Did she really ever tell Missy that? Because from what I saw in San Juan del Sur, she wanted to align with him, not vote him out.
  4. Woo hasn't learned a damn thing. Ugh. Don't know why he's so popular. He's just a total dummy, and not a fun, interesting, or likable one. And I usually root for the Asian players.
  5. I never watched Australian Outback. But from what I've seen from Jeff so far, I think he's definitely showing that he's adjusting fairly well to the new-school style of gameplay. I just hope he doesn't play too hard, too quickly, or he might be out of here sooner than he probably expects.
  6. I liked Terry well enough in the early goings of Exile Island. But as his immunity wins started going to his head and he started showing what a bad player he truly was, the hate started coming in very quickly. And what's sad about that whole thing (well . . . for Terry, anyway) is that he could've won the game had he used it right. The perfect time to use it was to bounce Aras at the Tribal Council that claimed Nick. All he had to do was play it on him after the votes were read (since this was when the idols could be played after the vote rather than before), Nick would've been safe, and
  7. The paranoia is what got me disliking her so much in Philippines. Hell, she went off on R.C. just because she showed some genuine concern to Skupin when he injured his hands opening a coconut. She thought they were plotting something else behind her back. I just . . . I couldn't believe that scene. Paranoia had already hit her, and it was only week two!
  8. Now, now, . You're implying that Vytas doesn't like himself the way he is and actually would like to change. ;)
  9. The first leg's performance isn't always a sign of future success or failure. Some teams have run fairly to extremely poor first legs, but ultimately risen up as one of their season's strongest teams and ended up winning the whole thing. Such examples include TAR4's Reichen & Chip (who finished ninth out of twelve teams on leg one), TAR5's Chip & Kim (who finished eighth out of eleven teams on leg one), TAR7's Uchenna & Joyce (who also finshed eighth out of eleven teams on leg one), TAR8's Linz Family (who finished ninth out of ten teams on leg one), TAR16's Dan & Jordan (who
  10. While there have been many field eliminations, it's only happened twice on the first leg. As of now, TAR16's Dana & Adrian are now in good company and don't have to be the sole team to get that terrible distinction now that Kelly & Shevonne have had a similar fate.
  11. That was indeed Kym & Alli in attendance. I recognized them both instantly.
  12. And I'll bet True has probably taped Paige's murder scene, as well, and will confirm it to us sometime later.
  13. Actually, I recall reading somewhere back in 2012, when Sabrina first appeared, that she was originally supposed to have just a crush on Patrick, but have nothing come of it. Then, they were going to move her on to another more long-term option. They'd been toying with the idea of either Michael or Spinelli (who was still on the canvas at the time) for her. But Michael's pairing with Starr took off with the mainstream public, as did Spinelli's with Ellie, so Sabrina was only left with Patrick.
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