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  1. Meh. Not really, since those were pretty much what he had to depend on due to his stupid gameplay.
  2. I liked Terry well enough in the early goings of Exile Island. But as his immunity wins started going to his head and he started showing what a bad player he truly was, the hate started coming in very quickly. And what's sad about that whole thing (well . . . for Terry, anyway) is that he could've won the game had he used it right. The perfect time to use it was to bounce Aras at the Tribal Council that claimed Nick. All he had to do was play it on him after the votes were read (since this was when the idols could be played after the vote rather than before), Nick would've been safe, and
  3. Now, now, . You're implying that Vytas doesn't like himself the way he is and actually would like to change. ;)
  4. That was indeed Kym & Alli in attendance. I recognized them both instantly.
  5. Actually, I recall reading somewhere back in 2012, when Sabrina first appeared, that she was originally supposed to have just a crush on Patrick, but have nothing come of it. Then, they were going to move her on to another more long-term option. They'd been toying with the idea of either Michael or Spinelli (who was still on the canvas at the time) for her. But Michael's pairing with Starr took off with the mainstream public, as did Spinelli's with Ellie, so Sabrina was only left with Patrick.
  6. I'm beyond pissed that even after all of Brody's epic fails at the Random Botch, he and Geoff still took an essentially unearned win. Ennui & Crimson dominated that challenge and should've won that leg. So Devin's moved into the desperation stage, huh? I thought fear was stage three, not desperation. Carrie at least doesn't have to deal with him crying anymore. So Noah & Owen are back on their game now that Emma's admitted that she wants to try things with Noah after the race, since their minds really should be on trying to win while they're still in it. Emma & Kitty
  7. Whew. These girls had a pretty heavy set of bad breaks, all from cabs. They were last to the helicopters because of one, after all, and were forced out of another cab far from where the Detour was. But I give them props for staying as calm as they could (though I'm sure it wasn't easy to remain as such) when they realized they were in the back of the pack and finishing that Sidewalk Detour. They definitely deserved to stay in it after that. I like these girls and hope they can surprise everyone. This first leg was a result of cabs, mostly, so hopefully, they can recover and stay in it
  8. Justin, in appearance, manner of speech, and personality, is already reminding me quite heavily of that asshole, Tony, who won Survivor: Cagayan. That is not a good thing. He's already as cocky as he was, and he's even sounding like Jim from TAR25, as well. That said, they totally killed the first task, and going for tht Fast Forward wasn't a bad idea. But they needed to calm down and focus on getting back in the game after they couldn't get it. Diana channeled the calm Justin needed, and that's pretty much why they managed to beat the Sand Detour and stay in it. They'll probably go f
  9. Pretty silent, but the news anchor spots they'll probably do will get exhausting after a while. But they recovered from switching Detours wonderfully, so it shows that they do have some game to them. Let's see how they do on future legs.
  10. Really? The fact that he really was forced to do it (the show made it very clear he didn't want to and was threatened into doing it) was what made me cut him at least a little bit of slack. Just a little, though. Making her feel guilty for having the orgasm was messed up, though. Anyway, I'm gonna add Richard Morgan from "Confidential." He rapes and murders Nancy Pierce twenty-two years prior to when the episode takes place and lets Dan Hardy, her fiance, go to prison for it and basically lose all of those years of his life. Then, he does it again with Renee when he learns that she's
  11. So I've worked all week and have finally gotten to catch up on the episodes. First, the Zimbabwe episode. I think the episode did a great job showing not only how resourceful Junior is, but that despite everything, he and Dwayne do love each other. The way Dwayne tried to fight his way back to Junior was actually kind of sweet. And Jacques & Josee make a detour to Hawaii, yet still get to Zimbabwe in time to nearly make up the time and get out of last, only to finish last, anyway, but be saved by a non-elimination leg. They are dangerous players. Then, the first Australia episo
  12. For Serena, probably suppressed anger over her in part in what Xander did to Eric and Nicole. For Paige . . . I don't know. He does care about J.J., so perhaps her breaking up with him? Even though, as we know, it's J.J.'s own fault that she did?
  13. I see Dennis & Isabelle from TAR25 in the background, but who else is there?
  14. It's always fun when a tribe jettisons a big, strong man early on rather than the expected, predictable woman. So this one did it for me. Shirin was right. He was smarmy.
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