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  1. Well, we do now! Was thinking about one for a while, but here it is. Put any opinion on Survivor, its seasons, its casts, and even its castaways here . . . if it goes against the grain of general thoughts of the fans, not just fans here.
  2. Donny Ketchum

    S25: Adam & Bethany

    Hi. We're married surfers. One of them is also the first one-armed racer, so this should be interesting, seeing how far they manage to get.
  3. Donny Ketchum

    S27: Tiffany & Krista

    Hi. We're best friends and former NFL cheerleaders. We're also the first Hispanic women's team since TAR12's Marianna & Julia. I'm kind of endeared to them knowing that one is in healthcare and the other works with kids. I think they could be a very nice, fun team to watch.
  4. Donny Ketchum

    S25: Amy & Maya

    Hi. We're food scientists who mainly work with candy, as well as other desserts. They look like real sweeties. No pun intended. Heh. Could go a fair distance if they play their cards right.
  5. Donny Ketchum

    S26: Mike & Rochelle

    Hi. We're from Michigan and are the token "oddball" couple.
  6. Donny Ketchum

    S27: Kelsey & Joey

    Hi. We're dating. We met and fell in love while working together. Another YDC who'll probably get annoying far.
  7. Donny Ketchum

    S27: Justin & Diana

    Hi. We're engaged. Couples tend to go far, oftentimes annoyingly so, so I expect these two to do the same.
  8. Donny Ketchum

    S26: Tyler & Laura

    Hi. We're from California, and one of the five blind date teams.
  9. Donny Ketchum

    S25: Dennis & Isabelle

    Hi. We're the first Asian dating couple ever. Only took twenty-five seasons for them to cast one. I don't know. Not feeling them so much, and I usually root for Asian teams.
  10. Donny Ketchum

    S25: Misti & Jim

    Hi. We're married dentists (well, a dentist and an orthodontist, to be more precise) from South Carolina. I'm seeing a coed version of Nat & Kat, because any kind of doctor or dentist has to have the preparation needed for the race.
  11. Donny Ketchum

    S26: Blair & Hayley

    Hi. We're from Florida. And apparently, it's possible for guys to be named Blair.
  12. Donny Ketchum

    S27: Logan & Chris

    Hi. We're dating business partners. An older dating couple. I hope they at least do better than Jeff & Lyda from last season and don't go out first.
  13. Donny Ketchum

    S27: Tanner & Josh

    Hi. We're best friends and the resident alpha-male team that is probably going to bore you. Seriously. Alpha-male teams very rarely fail to make it to the end. Won't be a bit surprised if these two do the same.
  14. Donny Ketchum

    S27: Denise & James

    Hi. We're the first new mother/son team since Margie & Luke. And hopefully, we'll be a thousand times more likable and rootable.
  15. Donny Ketchum

    S27: Cindy & Rick

    Hi. We're the second-ever married Asian team, and we're a dentist and an OB-GYN, respectively. They look nice and fit, so they could last a while. And to have the professions they do requires brains, so I could see them tackling mental tasks, as well.
  16. Donny Ketchum

    S27: Jazmine & Danielle

    Hi. We're best friends and remind ourselves and each other of the Kardashians. Color me surprised that the show saw fit to cast two black teams this season! I'm hoping both these two and Ernest & Jin do well!
  17. Donny Ketchum

    S27: Ernest & Jin

    Hi. We're brothers and professional dancers. One of us was even on So You Think You Can Dance. Well, another black brothers team, but the first not to be twins (after Shola & Doyin and Idries & Jamil) were twins. They seem nice and fit, so I'm smelling alpha-male potential. Would be about time we had another black alpha-male team. I think Flight Time & Big Easy were the last one we had.
  18. Donny Ketchum

    S27: Kelly & Shevonne

    Hi. You might remember us from TMZ. They sure know the world of television, but could that translate to race smarts? We'll see.
  19. Donny Ketchum

    S27: Alex & Adam

    Hi. We're the fourth-ever cousins team, the second-ever male cousins team, and the first-ever full little person team. They could be interesting, but we'll see how the physical nature of the race treats two men of their statures.
  20. Donny Ketchum

    S31: Terry Deitz

    Meh. Not really, since those were pretty much what he had to depend on due to his stupid gameplay.
  21. Donny Ketchum

    S31: Tasha Fox

    Hmm. . . . Nope. Never saw the self-righteous in Tasha. No way, no how. And she was nice in Cagayan. The only one with whom she'd ever lost any patience was Garrett, and she was really shown berating him in that clip, not the whole tribe. Back then, Garrett was trying to hold "open forums" to discuss whom to vote out just so he could block people from having actual strategy talks. It was all part of his method of trying to control the tribe, and Tasha knew it. But other than that, she was very nice and not at all offensive.
  22. Donny Ketchum

    S31: Kelley Wentworth

    This is the first I've heard of Kelley being voted out because she was targeting Jon. Did she really ever tell Missy that? Because from what I saw in San Juan del Sur, she wanted to align with him, not vote him out.
  23. Donny Ketchum

    S31: Woo Hwang

    Woo hasn't learned a damn thing. Ugh. Don't know why he's so popular. He's just a total dummy, and not a fun, interesting, or likable one. And I usually root for the Asian players.
  24. Donny Ketchum

    S31: Jeff Varner

    I never watched Australian Outback. But from what I've seen from Jeff so far, I think he's definitely showing that he's adjusting fairly well to the new-school style of gameplay. I just hope he doesn't play too hard, too quickly, or he might be out of here sooner than he probably expects.
  25. Donny Ketchum

    S31: Terry Deitz

    I liked Terry well enough in the early goings of Exile Island. But as his immunity wins started going to his head and he started showing what a bad player he truly was, the hate started coming in very quickly. And what's sad about that whole thing (well . . . for Terry, anyway) is that he could've won the game had he used it right. The perfect time to use it was to bounce Aras at the Tribal Council that claimed Nick. All he had to do was play it on him after the votes were read (since this was when the idols could be played after the vote rather than before), Nick would've been safe, and Aras would've been gone. After that, at F9, he could've swung Bruce or possibly even Cirie to his side, and he has the numbers for the rest of the game, all the way to the win. I still can't for the life of me see why he didn't play it when he could've. Exile Island might've turned out so much differently if he had.