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  1. I've just finished watching this series. Overall, it was entertaining, the cast are very attractive and the fight scenes were great. The acting was pretty mediocre, especially from the lead actress. The actress playing Althea was probably the best of the bunch.
  2. Great premier. Looking forward to this season especially Ryan meeting her Mum.
  3. They're great! A significant step up from their replacements :p.
  4. Considering this is the final stretch, I'm very unimpressed with these last few episodes. Peta Sergeant though has been great.
  5. I just finished watching this and overall found it very meh. The flashbacks were probably the worst part until episode seven when it got a little interesting. The visual effects were great, but they spent an awful lot of time on the flashbacks and nothing surprising really happened. I loved the fight scenes, except for the last battle with Blackstar in this episode. Huge disappointment considering they had so much trouble with the clone. I liked Brandon and the black female superhero with fire powers. The rest were all meh. Acting was decent.
  6. Good episode. Now that April and Natalie are gone, I realise how judgemental Halstead is. Goodness me!
  7. Goodwin asking Halstead to be her spy was hilarious. Nice not to have Natalie or April on the show. I like the new doctors. Was also nice to see the General from Chuck, even if her character wasn’t in the best of spirits.
  8. Meh episode. Dick poisoning Connor is probably one of the most stupid decisions he has ever made.
  9. Quark

    S03.E09: Souls

    Good episode. Great to see Donna again and I'm glad she is alive now. Very confused by the ending with Hank and the new (old?) Dove. Who is this guy? Have we seen him before in the show? Can't say I care about Tim, he irritates me. Really not liking Batman.
  10. Enjoyable episode, although I don't don't find Jason the slightest bit redeemable.
  11. This episode was a hoot and a half. It was absolutely hilarious seeing a dozen people point their guns at Hiram. Cheryl is a complete nutcase. Looking forward to next season and all the craziness that will unfold.
  12. Enjoyable episode. Was great seeing Icicle again (I also hope he can reform) and Hunter Sansone did a good job playing the bad guy. The Flash appearance was pointless. It didn't seem like it added anything to the episode. I bit like all the Diggle crossovers in the Arrowverse shows.
  13. Quark

    S03.E07: 51%

    Blackfire's suit was amazing and I liked the fight at the end. I'm not very impressed with this season.
  14. Quark

    S03.E06: Lady Vic

    First Dove is responsible for her partner's death. Now Lady Vic is responsible for her partner's death. I've never seen a show so obsessed with angst. And Bats. I need more Gar, Superboy and Starfire.
  15. Quark

    S03.E05: Lazarus

    Not such a fan of this episode and nothing was particularly surprising. It still doesn't make sense that Jason has become so evil that he would kill Hank in the way he did. I need more Starfire.
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