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  1. Enjoyable episode. Jordan is getting better. I hope Kyle can be fixed.
  2. Rainbow Raider 2.0 was an absolute hoot, I hope we see her back in the future. I've always been pretty meh on Cisco, so I don't mind that he has left. I liked his final scene. Curious to find out what's going on with Cecile.
  3. There was a lot of great acting this episode (although the guy that plays Ocean is poor, not that he has a lot to work with). Decent episode.
  4. Great episode. The acting from Bitsie Tulloch and Jordan Elsass was great. It amuses me that Irons was seconds away from killing Superman and they just...let him go. Maybe all the villains should do that :p.
  5. I thought this was great. I think my favourite part was Lisa Kudrow, just before she started playing Smelly Cat says something along the lines of "I should probably be Phoebe for this," pauses for half a second, says "OK", and she's Phoebe again! Superb!
  6. I found this episode a hoot and a half. Will's face when Goodwin fired him was amazing. Great scene. I assume the actual exits for both Manning and April will occur in the first episode of next season? I think that's what they did with that awful South African and the guy Colin Donnell played.
  7. It was a good episode, but goodness me I cannot stand Jordan. Also I don't think this Irons stuff makes much sense at all. Lois finds out this guys name and immediately realises he's The Stranger? This Irons guy has memories of evil Superman, his wife Lois and their daughter, when from what I understand of the Crisis crossover, everyone's memories were wiped. I also didn't pick up any indication that our Lois even recognised the name Irons either. Or as to why she assumed that this guy even is Irons considering she had spoken about the multiverse earlier in the episode (which doesn't exis
  8. The acting was good, but this whole storyline was very disappointing. And I thought it had so much potential at the start. Hopefully, the second half of the season is better.
  9. This show is such a hoot.
  10. I cannot stand Jordan. I wish he would go to the same school that Tag went too (and didn't come back). Other than that, this was a very enjoyable episode. I love Lois.
  11. I thought this Forces storyline had so much potential, but since it's been established that they are basically Barry and Iris' kids, it's not been particularly engaging. Having said that, Michelle Harrison is superb. I had to laugh when Cisco mentioned that his greatest fear is getting old in Star Labs and Barry's was having everyone he cared about dead. I laughed even harder when all Alexa had to do to get control of Fuerza was speak a bit of Spanish.
  12. Everyone's lying! Watching Natalie lose her mind, especially at the start of the episode, was glorious. "Will, I didn't give my Mum the pills you're talking about. Oh wait, I did! Let's team up!" Maggie initially lying about her biological daughter. "No she's just someone I met, wait, she's actually my daughter. No, it won't be a problem if she works at the hospital and I tell her I gave birth to her." Dr Archer making medical decisions about another patient, when he probably shouldn't even be making any medical decisions about himself. "No, I didn't cause my patient to be uncon
  13. "Just give her some space." "Emotionally or physically?" Hilarious!
  14. Meh episode. Ava irritates me, but I couldn't help but laugh when she talking about containing the alien and then it flew up and burst out of the house.
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