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  1. That was the plot of a Librarians episode. Plot summary under spoiler bar.
  2. Patterson worked in a lab. Of course she can do anything scientific. How else could she have gotten through the interview process? Same here. This was one of the only fight scenes where there was no cut to a close-up of the actor's face. Yeah, I don't understand why shows do that. It's so ridiculous. On the whole, I enjoyed the episode and all the cameos. At least Mayfair got her photo on screen. I guess they weren't able to get the MJ-B back. Maybe it's the pandemic talking, but the final scenes have me saying R.I.P. Jane/Remy/every other name she used.
  3. I'd be surprised if that was the case since in one of the last couple of episodes, Simmons was taping a message for Fitz. Of course they can say that it was cathartic for her, but my guess is that it will come back at the same time Fitz does. And using the word "phlebotinum" which was what the Buffy writers used as shorthand for whatever magical or mystical mojo was involved in the episode. I see that Humbugged found out the info after the original post. My first laugh came when after the first loop, the title card ran again. While very dramatic (gonna miss you, Enoch), it had the laughs that many shows have put in their time loop episodes. Besides the ones already mentioned, the most recent one I remember was from Dark Matter. Nice job directing by EH.
  4. Not sure about where Clyde fell the past years, but this year I don't have a problem w/ runner-up. Clyde was sidelined for much of this season and even when he was on screen wasn't really shown to be his heroic, lock-picking, detecting, intuitive self.
  5. I had the exact same thought. If they do, they really should give credit and $, much like they do with sampling music.
  6. "Chart-topping group"? I said it in the previous episode thread, but I really mean it this time - if Deke doesn't get a Flock of Seagulls haircut, I'm gonna be hella pissed.
  7. It's been so long since I've seen "1776" that I had no idea John Cullum was Rutledge. This means I last saw it before Northern Exposure went on the air. Damn I'm old.
  8. Did not mean to WOUND. To put some salve on, I kind of like Sake. Goes well with tempura.
  9. I think Mack has been the best of the SHIELD directors up til this season, but he has lacked consistency lately. I was 10 at the Bicentennial. I didn't think Mack is almost as old as me. But, yep, Henry Simmons just turned 50. Damn. He looks almost as good as me. You know, if I was an LMD or Chronicom. Or Henry Simmons. Did I hear correctly that besides blood and tissue, Nathaniel took some of Daisy's glands??? No wonder she's in a medical stasis pod. Not a Deke fan, but Mack makes him bearable. So, I'm looking forward to their early '80s New Wave sound adventures. If Deke doesn't have a Flock of Seagull's hair cut, I'm gonna cut someone. And, yes, "I Ran" came out in 1982. Btw, did we ever learn who or what was in the picture Daddy Malick had before Deke shot him? Was it Mack's "parents" being held prisoner? Glad Sousa is sticking around. He and Daisy make a good pairing. I can get behind them, although they need a better portmanteau than "Dansy." Looking forward to whenever Fitz returns. He has his own way of expressing disgust and impatience towards Deke that has been sorely missed. Simmons tried this episode, but didn't quite pull it off the way Fitz does.
  10. As there's no actors in other roles or Jodie Comer thread, I thought I'd put this here. Jodie starred in Alan Bennett's Talking Heads episode Her Big Chance, which is basically a 42 minute monologue. I read an article about how they did the filming with basically only her, the director, and the cinematographer on set, and that the rehearsals were done by Zoom.
  11. I've never read any of the books, but he does come across here as your donw-on-his-luck hard-boiled 30s private eye.
  12. And Matt Rhys' Perry Mason show on HBO aired its second episode last night.
  13. Eddie Murphy pointed this out. Warning: NSFW due to language. On an unrelated note, I saw him do this routine at a concert when I was in college.
  14. If they want to go with "the timeline has already changed a lot" they can use that as a basis to bring back anyone or more of a number of characters who were killed in the prior timeline(s). Hmm. It's been a few seasons since we've seen Ward ...
  15. It was a torrential downpour. Mailick's hitmen weren't idiots, just lazy. And forgetful b/c they didn't bring umbrellas.
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