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  1. I don't know if they'll ever promote him to detective, but I can see him at some point being promoted to TO and it will be to the new oldest rookie ever to serve on the LAPD who will be played by Betty White.
  2. I don't recall Laura Hall playing anything but piano, but during Greatest Hits, she played both guitar and ukelele! And the Hawaiian San Francisco hula song was hysterical. Wayne had no idea what to do he was laughing so hard.
  3. And, she'll be hired by the LAPD to work in the squad as a profiler. And end up dating Nolan b/c opposites attract in every TV show.* * I like Annie Wershing, so I really wouldn't mind them doing this.
  4. Battlestar Galactica. Even if the finale was disappointing, the show far exceeded the original version. But I agree that it's very rare for the revival or a sequel to be better than the original.
  5. Prophecy Girl when he Xander rush into the Master's lair and find Buffy face down in the water. He tells Xander he can't do CPR b/c he has no breath. Around his pants and gasps (well DB's pants and gasps to be precise).
  6. How can male vampires get an erection if they don't have blood flow. And how come they bleed? Also, how come Angel ... <pant> ... <gasp> ... <pant> ... can't give Buffy CPR b/c he has no breath?
  7. So, John was not going to give away his ... spot. No he wasn't going to give away his ... spot. I always wondered what Lin-Manuel Miranda's inspiration was for that song. Sure, he changed a word or two, but the sentiment's the same.
  8. I think Angel, who is a pretty large fellow, fell from a great height and flattened the ring. He then used it for spackle to fix a hole in the mansion (a lot of damage was done during the fight.
  9. Don't forget more important than the location of the dogs or is caring for Vesco's cat. I love reading the snark, but when this show started it was a lot of fun. Spader still chews as much scenery as he can gobble up*, but aside from Dembe the other characters have lost what made them fun. It's very sad. I'm sticking with the show until the end, but the expiration date on this show was about five years ago. *T-Day reference.
  10. The entire time Liz was with Dembe, I expected him to let her go, as he has done before. He didn't because he didn't want Liz to get suspicious that he would in the end choose her over Red, but that can't happen until the finale (which may be seven years from now b/c NBC doesn't have any other shows). Your explanation works better. saber5055, your entire post was like a great opera, building, building, building to that crescendo - before the denoument., Bravo! Bravisimo!
  11. Aram: [Also whispering] It gives you twice as many chances for a dating match. Ressler: You mean that both dating sites have the exact same number of members? Aram: Uh, yes. That's exactly what I mean. [turns away and under his breath says] What a maroon.
  12. The New Bat Cave? Well, they did say changes would be made to the show.
  13. Agreed. Ryan and Colin kept looking at each other and even saying those were pretty good so they had almost no snarky asides they could make.
  14. A(nother) article arguing that it's time to either reboot or continue the series. This sums it up best:
  15. Not just helping others, but doing so for them and not to prove something to her parents or her sister, or to get on magazine covers. It really did show how much she had grown. Me too.
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