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  1. He would have, but he hadn't just taken a high school girl's virginity and run screaming into the alley.
  2. I was telling someone else the same thing. Even three seasons has been pushing this concept. And I love both JC and SO and how they've played these characters. She'd be the only character to lead a spin-off. Her facing off against The Twelve (if she's not actually a member).
  3. I'm sure either Lucius or Luke figured out a way to equip the batmobile with some form of stealth technology. Due to how important Alice was to the first season and how popular her character (and especially the actress) is, they are trying to figure out any number of ways to keep her as one of the main characters on the show. We currently have the search for Kate, the Wonderland Gang killing Ryan's mother, she's Mary's step-sister and daughter of Jacob, her relationship with the (so far) main villain. They're going to keep throwing storylines against the wall to see if any stic
  4. Kate may not be there, but there's a chance we'll see a polar bear. Maybe a smoke monster.
  5. So you're suggesting that he's a method actor and actually had adamantium injected into his body? I did like the scene at the hospital where we see how black people are treated in these situations. But, I was very impressed by Angelique's drug-dealing employer who has the best health insurance plan possible. I mean, Ryan doesn't have health insurance (bad Mary!) but Angelique just tells the doctor that she has and so he can treat Ryan. That's not how health insurance works. Unless she not only put Ryan on her plan in the 48 hours they have been back together, but got the insurance company
  6. Is Jacob an alien? The man's been tased, knifed, jack-knifed by a truck, kidnapped twice, pistol-whipped (I think that happened) all in the last few episodes. I don't even like the guy and I'm feeling sorry for him. Yet, he just gets up and has no internal bleeding (I'm not sure if he there are any outward signs of bruising). Look, if they want to get rid of the guy, go for it. If the only way to do it is to decapitate him, I say fire up the damn chainsaw. But, if not, then the next time he is run over by a 20-ton bulldozer, I don't want to see him pop up like he's from a Warner Brothers carto
  7. Cosima could be the Barry Scheck part of Jennifer Walters in her law practice.
  8. This season has entirely taken place during the last 30 days of their rookie-ship probation. Jackson apparently has superhero healing powers. Agree with others that Nolan will have to spend some lengthy period of time on patrol before getting the opportunity to be a T.O.
  9. Did Aaron mean that Bob tasted a little gamey? I mean, we know he wasn't cooked properly before serving.
  10. Or in paintings.* * And now I'm hungry.
  11. I'm not a fashionista, but what the hell was Wayne wearing? An untucked shirt that went about 6 inches below an ill-fitting sweater with only three buttons done? Yeesh. Looked horrible. I enjoy two-line vocabulary b/c Colin's reactions and quick thinking are always a highlight. I do miss the similar various number of words vocabulary (I don't recall the name) where each one is assigned to give two, three, four, or five word responses.
  12. raven, the episodes for the first season, at least the first thirteen, aren't in the proper order on Amazon. Here's the link to the wikipedia preferred production team order: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Farscape_episodes
  13. She will, but for "now" Tahani also remains as one of the Architects. As a Trekkie, you no doubt recall what Kirk told Uhura in The Trouble with Tribbles - "Too much of anything, lieutenant, even love isn't necessarily a good thing." Which I think explains why after so many bearimies, they felt it was time to leave The Good Place.
  14. It is weird that they didn't show a new episode last night since there was no football and really, not much of anything on. It's tough to keep an audience when you have two or three episodes followed by a three or four week hiatus.
  15. Party Quirks! Ryan as a squirrel who doesn't remember where his nuts are, or a crack addict. And WE got to choose.
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