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  1. The only answer I have is from Fool for Love where Spike tells Buffy (pre Demon tan phase or whatever Tara called it) that the chip allow him to come close to hitting her b/c it knows he had no intention of actually carrying through with it. Contrast that w/ when in season 4 the chip goes off when Spike just points the flare gun at Xander. So, my take would be that if he didn't intend to hurt Xander when he slammed him against the wall, the chip would be all "that's cool, carry on" then sit back w/ some popcorn and enjoy the show.
  2. Does this mean that Kate was Alice's evil sister?
  3. I agree. I enjoyed Robin and Barney when they were Bras. But, once they got together, too often Robin seemed to be a woman with an abusive boyfriend. But, in the end, she would end up forgiving him b/c he made some gesture.
  4. The study of disgusting things? Oh, no, that's ickthyology. Nevermind. [/Emily Lattella]
  5. I was thinking the same thing. The I thought how funny it would be if their numbers were 156 and 239. I guess it was too expensive to get Liz's dogs or Vesco's cat to tape a message which is why they didn't appear in the episode. I appreciated the effort this must have taken and it was nice seeing the behind-the-scenes people get some on-air recognition. I agree the plot was nonsensical, but no more than any regular episode. I thought we were going to learn at the end that all the animated parts were Lizzie's dream b/c that's when she learned so many "truths" - like Red's illness. Sure, he collapsed in front of her, but in real life, it was just a bad bottle of wine, or he came down with the vapors. It was funny when Ressler told Liz that she had to turn her mother b/c she's a wanted fugitive and Liz is an FBI agent. Yeah, b/c Liz hasn't broken any laws. Neither has Ressler. In fact, he's broken laws for her and she returned the favor when he went on his drive-about with this brother. But now, as FBI agents they have to follow all the rules. Got it.
  6. You're asking the wrong question. It's whether Zapata will get Bill Nye to drink too much Koskenkorva and reveal Patterson's first name.
  7. Pyotr did have that scene where V sees him taking an axe to a sofa and he says it's b/c of his anger. While that doesn't make him a psychopath, it does reflect some darkness in him.
  8. Everybody knows the secret crime boss, Red Reddington. It's like James Bond. Super Secret Agent that is greeted as 007 at every bar, hotel, bowling alley, and massage parlor in every country.
  9. It actually was serendipity of a kind. Due to the pandemic, The Walking Dead wasn't able to finish it's last two episodes. So AMC moved up Killing Eve by two weeks. But for that, Sunday night's episode would have been Episode 3.3 instead of 3.5.
  10. Well, he did just spend three years in prison. A true method actor.
  11. One would hope Eve would know that after using the lipstick V sent her. Besides the title cards reminding me of Kill Bill, the scene where Eve and the boss at the magazine comparing the horrible things they did to others reminded me of Jaws where Richard Dreyfuss and Robert Shaw compared their injuries from sharks (or Chasing Amy where Amy and another character compare injuries suffered during sex).
  12. If you go to Wayne Brady's youtube page at 7 PM EDT or one hour prior to the show, that's when they do their live Zoom chat each week.
  13. I had a sneaking suspicion that would be the only game we saw Candice do - aside from the credits. And you know her second idea was not to have flames coming out of her ... eyes.
  14. When I saw the title card for the first vignette, I immediately thought of Kill Bill and had a feeling we'd be playing with time. (I doubt QT was the first to use this, but that's what came to mind.) Ooh, I like this. Dasha's staging wasn't as poetic, but she did kill Niko in front of Eve, so I'd call it a wash.,
  15. That was my thought as well. V always wants to show off with her kills. Count me in with those who thought the bus scene was going to be a dream. Really V, you think there's a distinct perfume to be created that smells like power?? It reminds me of a line from Better Off Ted where they created this wonder meat. Problem was that it tasted like despair. I was confused with the Rubik's Cube reveal. The tech guy starts giving Eve instructions on where to begin. It's a Rubik' cube. Was it a solved cube (I didn't notice). If it wasn't solved, then how do you know which of the sides is "top"?
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