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  1. I agree that the writing is so all over the place that it makes anything possible, and not in a good way. It's really unfortunate, because it's so unnecessary, and again, I think it happens so frequently in heavily serialized drama when writers fundamentally don't trust the audience to stick with a realistic portrayal of human beings in a complex setting. With regard to the former Aunt in Canada, I may be wrong, but I thought she was portrayed as having entered Canada under a different identity. That would make a lot more sense, for a change.
  2. I agree. I'l just pushing back against the notion that there is insufficient evidence to keep Serena locked up, now that Fred's or June's testimony regarding her rape instigation may not be available. She quite obviously enslaved and abused Rita, so unless the writers ridiculously write Rita as being unwilling to testify, or that Rita's testimony would obviously trump any denial by Serena, for any sane and sober judge or jury, Serena's going to be found guilty. Yes, governments sometimes let guilty people off the hook, for even the most horrid crimes, if the guilty have something valuable to t
  3. When you start beating the slave, that makes you the slave keeper.
  4. Lawrence is a genius and supreme egotist. Werner Von Braun, except his genius lies in economics and logistics, instead of rocketry. He knows Gilead's ideology is completely evil bullsh*t, but the regime gives him power to employ his genius, kisses his ass (and there isn't anything he loves more, now that his wife is dead, than other powerful people recognizing how indispensable his intellect is), while he lives in extreme affluence. The love for his wife was his only avenue to decency, and she's gone. The interesting thing about him is whether his memory of his wife, and his genuine love for h
  5. So what was done to Rita is what? A jaywalking misdemeanor? ....(Monty Python voice from "Life of Brian") ...."Now, now, now, let's not waste time arguing about who enslaved and beat who...let bygones be bygones!"
  6. I'm sorry you experienced that. God save from the numbskulls and A-holes who think they have enough knowledge to advise another suffering person to count their blessings.
  7. It's one thing for the person who's lived through the hell to decide to count their blessings. It's mind numbingly presumptuous for somebody, who didn't experience it, to tell someone who did, to count their blessings. Yes, it's reasonable for June's husband to remind her that she's regained a life that is worth protecting, and thus to be cognizant of that when choosing a course of action. He sure chose a dimwitted way to convey that idea, however.
  8. Serena repatriated back to Gilead, and getting the wrong end of the cattle prod from Lydia would be both very believable, and karmic, even though I think karma is a crock.
  9. Hey, I said earlier in the thread that if the writers now gave June the ability to fly & breath fire like a GoT dragon, it wouldn't be out of line with their previous efforts to adhere to the rules of the world they are portraying. I say go for it!
  10. Now, if the women had figured out a way to smuggle Fred's head into Gilead, stick it on a post in some symbol of Gilead's power, that would have been a worthwhile exercise. I guess that's one of the things that's annoyed me about this season; how few of the characters are imbued with an intense focus that a war is being fought, and that it has to be won.
  11. It wasn't delivered to Serena, and it would have been even more ridiculous writing if she had actually received it. Which raises the question of why send it to her, other than the women who executed Fred not being bright enough to understand that, no, Serena isn't going to open a package with Fred's finger inside, or not being bright enough to understand that if shock value is what the goal is, you put Fred's head on a post in the busiest part of Toronto. I thought it was another instance of the writers going for a visual at the expense of narrative coherence.
  12. You really think that 95 out of 100 people told Holocaust survivors to count their blessings?
  13. Hell, Fred had a wet bar with top shelf booze! I don't wanna hurt anybody, but can I be a prisoner in a Toronto jail like that, if I cross the border, and get nabbed for shoplifting?
  14. The point I am making is that "regular guys" have plenty enough brains to refrain from telling a Holocaust survivor to cheer up. Luke isn't written as a "regular guy". He's written as a tedious dolt, and that's a writing mistake for a major character, except comically, or in some cases a minor villain.
  15. The % of people who have the courage to stand and fight immense malevolent power, before there is no other choice for reasons of self-preservation, might be less than 5%. 95 out of 100 people were not so dumb as to tell a Holocaust survivor to count their blessings.
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