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  1. Did anyone catch that for this Redemption special, teams X and Y announced which team they were on instead of having a blind judging as Anne mentioned would happen?
  2. Candiace's mother is NOT a psychologist. She is a social worker who seems to hardly work, which is probably a good thing. I was struck by how many times Mia tried to recuse herself from fighting with Candiace, who kept turning up to an 11 when it was unwarranted. Mia may be messy but she isn't "low budget" like Candiace, who is squarely so because of her vile mouth. She brings this entire franchise down. That line about starting but not finishing? Girl really wants to get dragged on national TV all over again.
  3. Rahul

    S02.E17: Kane, Kate

    This episode confused me. By the end I was left wondering if that was really Kate or Circe. How is this show explaining away the pieces of parietal skull bone that were found in Julia's investigation which were a DNA match to Kate?
  4. Alexander Rogers is a hoot. His Bridgerton recaps are hysterical. Wendy never really belonged on this show, but Wendy 2.0 (aka Zen Wen) really needs to be shown the door. I really hope this is her last season.
  5. What's even more jarring is that MJ must have signed off on production being allowed to use that clip of her tig ol' bitties bouncing up and down for the show. SMH. Easy. To secure the bag with Paulina. He sees dollar signs when he looks at her, and she's too foolish to know otherwise. He's such a textbook, performative narcissist. Even his first wife Jessica came from money, as the daughter of the CEO (or was it CFO) of Fiji water.
  6. "Family Blessings" was perhaps one of my favorite hours of reality television ever. The whole ordeal of Amrit coming out to his grandmother was so raw, unfiltered, un-produced. As a somewhat closeted bisexual Sindhi guy myself who was raised by his Nani, that scene hit me so hard. There was no one on earth I loved more than my Nani and I don't think I would have ever had the courage to come out to her the way Amrit did. And the icing on the cake was all the Sindhi that was being spoken on national television!! (Although I must say, Amrit does not understand noun-gender agreement as he kept ref
  7. I'd call Dillon a shit-stirrer who runs his mouth inappropriately and then plays the victim and cries when there are repercussions. There's nothing brave about that.
  8. This is the most likable Richa has been in...forever Looks like the tea I reported from IG last year about Monica's bf Rish(i) of some time Karam(chandani) was entirely true after all. :)
  9. Being held accountable and exposed to the world for four decades of absolutely vile behavior and circumventing the law to fatten your own coiffeurs with ill-gotten gains from burn victims, widows and orphans might do that to you. Andy Cohen is full of shit.
  10. Lopa never lived in the greater Miami area. She lives in Tennessee, and the cast know her through Vishal. What a villain entrance the producers gave Lopa! These folks certainly aren't pulling any punches. As wrong as Lopa is for a lot of her behavior, Reshma P. does rub me the wrong way--but she was certainly in her right to stand up for her son who had been badly slandered by that simpering twit Dillon, who had the nerve to show his face at happy hour. If I were him I would have been sure to have plans outside the house at that very time, but I suppose that's how much of a famewhore he i
  11. Yeah but this show could use a voice of reason amongst so many certifiable hotheads. Same ol' shit, different season.
  12. Season 2 trailer dropped today
  13. The title of this episode is "The Doctor is Out"
  14. Absolutely. I knew Brandi was about to spew some BS when the words "As your sister in Christ..." left her lips.
  15. This. So much this! Also, let's not forget Brandi justifies her copious daytime drinking and generally being a lush by calling wine "Jesus Juice." Tiffany has been a Godsend this season. I too find her to be highly amusing. She is basically carrying this franchise, with some support from D'Andra. Dallas needs a major retooling if it is to come back for another season because apparently the ratings are in the crapper. I admire D'Andra for her spiritual quest and think it was awful of Brandi to call the guided meditation with the shaman demonic. Just because you don't understand
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