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  1. A season pass to this show should be sold in pharmacies as a treatment for insomnia.
  2. I wonder why Netflix never aired the very first 2016 Christmas specials with Mel and Sue.
  3. What was Erika's old tagline? "I'm an enigma, wrapped in a riddle, and cash." Looks like that enigma has been unraveled; the cash was never rightfully hers.
  4. Did Pradyamun actually design those clothes for the idols, though? It's very common in India to have numerous clothes and jewelry for your idols--especially if they are of the larger, marble variety. Hindi is an Indo-European language spoken in North India. One cannot be Hindi. Hindu is a religious denomination for followers of the widely encompassing Sanatan Dharma faith.
  5. I found Karen's mole to be extremely distracting to the point of only being able to fixate on it the first three seasons which I binged this summer, but now I'm getting used to it. However, the overly processed, flat, platinum blonde wigs that Karen has been sporting for the past couple of seasons are doing her no favors either. All I see is this:
  6. Karen has many of virtues but ostensibly honesty isn't one of them.
  7. What has happened to my beloved show? First, the incomparable duo of Mel and Sue quit when BBC lost the bid along with national treasure Mary Berry. Then we get this annoying, meddlesome Noel as a replacement. This season, my favorites Sura and Lottie who are both talented and full of personality were eliminated far before the semi-finals giving me no one to really root for (I guess I'm team Hermine). Not only that, but challenges have devolved into vapid and pointless "Instagram worthy" desserts that are all style over substance, or utterly disgusting desserts like the Sussex pond pudding and gelatin based jelly art which I have no desire in seeing nor would I ever eat. A sad day, indeed.
  8. I would have preferred an All Star edition of Halloween Wars instead. That show started and ended so early this year.
  9. Wendy and her sister wear far, far too much makeup. Why must they cake on layer upon layer? I'm so tired of this fight. It's ruining the season for me.
  10. Allegedly Family Karma has been renewed for a second season, and filming is to begin next week.
  11. Season 2 will air in the UK in Jan '21. Still no word about the date of stateside broadcast (likely months later).
  12. Going into this episode, I knew the epic smackdown between Candiace and Monique that has been teased for eons wasn't going to be shown in its entirety but rather split over two episodes. However, what dumbass executive at Bravo thought it was a bright idea to split the screen to a fraction of its size in the very last moments of the episode so we could see Andy Cohen and his WWHL guests preening during the seminal fight? Ugh.
  13. Just had to quote this because your assessment is spot on. Let's not forget Denise's marriage to the mentally unstable Charlie Sheen and then taking in his two other children when neither parent was fit enough to care for them. Denise also cares for an adopted special needs child without a battery of nannies. That woman is a fucking rockstar in my book.
  14. I think audiences by and large don't want a show like this. Rinna's presence has sullied what was a once great show featuring some genuine friendships, laughs and tons of lifestyle porn of the uber wealthy into this toxic never ending merry-go-round of vicious attacks. The producers of RHOBH are grossly misinformed about what people want to see on their screens, especially in uneasy times like these. As much as I despise the majority of the current cast of Beverly Hills, I have absolutely no desire for Brandi to return, even if she were to drag these bitches to hell and back. I'd rather Bravo fired them all en masse and they faded away into obscurity, never to be seen on my TV screen again. Not only would the viewers benefit from this sweet relief but I know it would burn up every single of these conceited women who constantly crave attention. There's no better solution than this in my book. Then they can start afresh with a mostly new cast. Do any of them even live in Beverly Hills?
  15. I implore you (or someone) to post this to Kyle's social media.
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