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  1. Rahul

    S16.E12: Kentucky Farewell

    Well, considering this show is now sponsored by Hidden Valley Ranch and Kentucky Fried Chicken, I'd say it's par for the course.
  2. Rahul

    S06.E12: The Dead

    I was born in Brooklyn, grew up on LI and live in Queens so I think I can speak to the subject matter. Even though they kept referring to Sandy's place as being on Long Island, the map they showed revealed she was actually somewhere in Queens county. This was one of my least favorite episodes of the entire season. I found it very tedious to get through and Bridget's complete 180 was jarring.
  3. Rahul

    S15.01: The Perfect Bird

    I thought I deleted my season pass for this show off my TiVo, but I can't seem to quit it. Just one of the many things that's apparently wrong with me.
  4. Rahul

    Sabrina in the Media

    The article states it's actually a second season, split into two parts.
  5. Rahul

    S01.E02 Let This Mother Out

    I'm pretty sure I read in the early character descriptions that the Whitelighter Harry is gay.
  6. Rahul

    S01.E02 Let This Mother Out

    So it doesn't get any better. They were trapped in that mirror dimension for all of two minutes, and vanquished the demon in 2 seconds by using selfie mode on the camera. Also, a truth serum isn't equivalent to verbal diarrhea. The person who ingested it would be forced to answer questions truthfully and unable to lie, but this show's take on it was just so hokey. I'm quite disappointed by this weak reinterpretation of Charmed.
  7. Rahul

    S01.E01 Pilot

    Does the eldest sister own any other shirts than the printed one button down? The budget on this show must be minuscule because she was wearing that same top in 80% of the scenes.
  8. Rahul

    S01.E01 Pilot

    I felt some nostalgic pangs when I saw the CW seed commercial for The Secret Circle. The CW did not do right by that show at all and while the quality did dip in season one, the ratings certainly warranted a second season. I would much rather have a witch show based on an original premise than this ill-conceived reboot that is hoping to bank on the trademarked Charmed name. Oh yeah? It's a CW show so just give it time...
  9. Rahul

    World Of Dance

    This show makes me livid. Desi Hoppers were done a huge disservice by going first. The judges lowballed their scores incredibly, and then gave overly inflated scores to mediocre acts like Embodiment and Connection. Desi Hoppers absolutely deserved a spot in the final three. The same thing happened to Flip last week. The judging is absolutely rigged because the last act to perform always makes it through...meaning the producers and staff have an idea of the score range each act will receive for their upcoming performance. I'm too mad to even comment on anything else!
  10. Rahul

    Making It

    Shims, not shins. Billy was the eyecandy on this show for me, but I'm not sad to see him go because his seething jealousy towards Khiem for racking up the patches was a very unattractive look.
  11. Rahul

    S15.E11: Top Eight Perform

    Severe budget cuts.
  12. Rahul

    World Of Dance

    So much this. I'm livid about the blatant Latin bias Jennifer shows contestants with the gushing and scores that are inflated at least 10 points. It seems Derek and Ne-Yo are contractually obligated to likewise follow suit. Why should Karen y Ricardo get a standing ovation for their routine but Zack and Ashley get zilch for something that was technically flawless, powerful and also moving? I hate that Coldplay song but I found myself a bit choked up, and that almost never happens with a contemporary dance piece. Seconded. I happen to believe they get 10 extra points for being of Latin extraction. I was really disappointed Flip did not make the cut. They've largely flown under the radar for me but this last number was fantastic and a worthy contender for the next round. The judges low balled them and then gave The Lab super inflated scores and a standing ovation for a mediocre routine that was supposed to evoke emotion but left me feeling flat. Was it supposed to be about the girl getting molested and then turning to her peers? Either share the story in full, or just leave it out please. I'd actually prefer most of these dances to nix the sob stories. They're getting very tiresome.
  13. Rahul


    That ending made me so uncomfortable, but I suspect that was the point. This show certainly is not afraid to be dark.
  14. Rahul

    S07.E04: Javid Shah: Long Live the King

    I was wondering about this too. All I know is that Reza asking MJ if Shams was "still with us" over the phone was a total er...sham. I'm sure he knew at that point and I'm 100% certain that conversation did not happen on the actual day of his death, nor did that "impromptu" gathering of Shahs. The producers must take us all for fools.
  15. Rahul

    S03.E10: The Final

    Actually taking the piss out of someone just means to make fun of or mock them. It doesn't necessarily involve sarcasm or saying the opposite of what you mean. Source: My family in GB. Going there in two weeks to visit. :)