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  1. He was too horny and desperate for a shag to pay attention...
  2. That's from 2017. Why Hollywood won't cast Alyson Hannigan anymore https://www.looper.com/33642/hollywood-wont-cast-alyson-hannigan-anymore/
  3. And, of course, a couple of my favorite "kicking Spike's skinny ass" scenes. That's the thing that will never get old. Placed in chronological order. What are your favorite "violence against Spike" moments? Buffy beating Spike at the end of Halloween; Buffy crushing Spike & Drusilla in falling rubble in What's My Line, Part 2 (one of my all-time favorites); Xander pummeling Spike in Hush; Demons beating Spike at Willy's in Goodbye, Iowa; Buffy punching Spike in Real Me; Buffy telling Spike he's beneath her in Fool for Love (not a physical violence in the strictest sense of word but still it makes Spikey cry); Buffy punching Spike after Dru's and Harmony's exit in Crush; April throwing Spike out of the window in I Was Made to Love You (one of my all-time favorites); Glory vs Spike in Intervention; Buffy vs Spike in Dead Things; Buffy & Riley punching Spike in As You Were; Xander's fist connecting with Spike's face in Normal Again; Xander beating up Spikey once again in Entropy; Buffy kicking Spike in the head in Never Leave Me; Turok Han brutalizing Spike in Bring on the Night; Spike getting thrown through the ceiling in Get it Done; Faith vs Spike in Touched.
  4. Here's a couple of my favorite fight scenes from the show. Placed in chronological order. Buffy vs Luke in The Harvest; Buffy vs the Master in Prophecy Girl; The Gang vs Machida-worshipping frat boys in Reptile Boy; Xander vs Larry the Pirate in Halloween; Kendra vs Angel, Kendra vs Buffy in What's My Line, Part 1; Buffy vs Angel at the mall in Innocence; Giles vs Angel, Buffy vs Angel at the factory in Passion; Library fight scene (the Gang vs Dru & the Boyz) at the end of Becoming, Part 1; Buffy vs Angel, Spike vs Dru in Becoming, Part 2; Buffy, Angel & Spike vs "a committee" in Lovers Walk; Buffy, Angel, Giles & Xander vs Vamp!Willow's boys, Willow vs Anya in Doppelgangland; Buffy & Angel fighting with Mayor's goons for the Box of Gavrok in Choices; Buffy vs Faith in Graduation Day, Part 1; Scooby Gang vs Sunday's Gang in The Freshman; Buffy vs Kathy in Living Conditions; The Gang vs Hus' warriors in Pangs; Buffy vs Faith at Revello Drive in This Year's Girl; Buffy vs the knights in Spiral; Scooby Gang vs Hellions in Bargaining, Part 2; Dawn vs Lori in Him; The Gang vs the Bringers in Never Leave Me. Did I miss something remarkable/important? What are your favorite fight scenes throughout the series?
  5. Parents have strange sense of humor sometimes...
  6. Could've been called Ignis which (IIRC) is Latin for "fire". Or Rossa ("red" in Italian). Or Lilith (is said to have had red hair according to Jewish mythology). Or Cleopatra (is said to have used henna to bring out the redness of her hair).
  7. Another thing's never occured to me until recently. It's some kind of rule for the vampires in the Buffyverse to chose a new name after being sired. It's like saying farewell to one's human self, I guess. And while Angel, Spike, Darla and countless others abandoned their human names after becoming "nasty pointy-bitey ones", Xander's and Willow's Wishverse vampiric alter egos continue to use their real (human) names for some reason. I wonder why?
  8. Happy b-day, David Bryan "D. B." Woodside!
  9. Happy b-day, Charisma Lee Carpenter!
  10. July 13 1999 - S.03E.22 Graduation Day, Part 2 was originally broadcast.
  11. Chances are it's not just some OOC bullshit on Willow's behalf. Maybe the gang was so fed up with General Von Buffy's "autocratic ambitions" Willow decided they needed some kind of counterbalance in case Buffy's "everyone sucks but me" attitude got out of control. What if Willow thought they were in need of someone who could defy Buffy, i.e. someone in the same weight category? W/X/K attempt to talk some sense into Buffy in Get it Done failed because none of them was strong enough or had a charisma/willpower to oppose Buffy. Kennedy had some sort of charisma but lacked the Slayer strength. Willow had her magic, but didn't want to use it against her supposed best friend for obvious reasons. Even Spike who was physically stronger than anyone else in Casa Summers at the moment didn't want to antagonize his love interest. Therefore Faith wasn't just "another set of fists". She was probably useless against the First, but she could help talking some sense into Buffy in one way or another. Notice how Buffy had her way despite X/W meek protests in Get it Done and then how the "Mutiny on the Bounty" started the moment Faith said going back to the vineyard was a bad idea in Empty Places.
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