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  2. Nick with Jeff the Cat. Taken from social media.
  3. SMG, Alexa Davalos & Malin Akerman, ca 2013.
  4. I know. But just because Spike says something doesn't mean it's true or it has to be that way.
  5. But ordinary guys didn't go to Africa to get their souls back for Buffy... Buffy never said that.
  6. Eliza Dushku, Amber Benson & Lindsay Crouse in Bye Bye Love, 1995. Btw, Lindsay Crouse starred in ABC Afterschool Specials' 13x5 I Want to Go Home playing Louise Sanders, the divorsed mom who kidnapped her own kids. Her son Tommy was portrayed by Seth Green. In Bye Bye Love she portrays Grace Damico, also a divorcee, who has two children - daughter and son. Daughter Meg is played by none other than Amber Benson.
  7. Could've been some kind of blooper typical for this show. Like, say, when Willow walks out of Ethan's shop in Halloween and we hear a freakin' door click even though Willow is a "ghost" and can't even turn the pages in Giles' text book, not to mention open/close doors. Or when vamps Willow & Xander bleed Cordelia dry in The Wish: I remember hearing the sound of key from Giles' book cage falling on the floor after Willow drops it, but not the sound of Cordelia's lifeless body hitting the same floor.
  8. You mean Angel used magic to have an erection? What kind of magic? "Demon love spells, mojo sex chants, voodoo booty rituals" (Gunn in Couplet)? What about the golden rule saying one cannot use magic for his or her personal gain? And they say Willow was "reckless" in her magic use... I'm right there with you. Joss really didn't know when to stop showing disdain for his fans. Could just as well bring back Tara's "blood kin" (Family) and make them season's big bads. As a matter of fact, I'd rather watch cousin Beth instead of Warren and his minions. None of them is even scary enough...
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