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  1. Wilowy

    The Bullpen

    Great! So let's appreciate what we have in our team, that we still are able to see Reid, Hotch, Garcia, Morgan, Rossi, JJ after ten years, possibly look at it through a slightly different lens, and maybe... I dunno... enjoy it!
  2. I'm so sorry JMO! What a stressful day! If not for myriad critters then the analyst's circumspect non-diagnosis! May I suggest you take an aspirin a day, and if all else fails, go to an Emergency Room and tell them what was said to you. The critters... I can't know what to do there. Do you live on an island? Perhaps name after someone named... Moreau?
  3. Wilowy

    The Bullpen

    Oh sure I do agree there. That's an easy one. I know she's a fan of 'Whapoww! AWESOME!! Roundhouse kicks!!', and we could definitely see some more of the team sharing quietly, and I could surely go without another Kim Harrison episode my entire life. It's just that we aren't really likely to get that, and I don't want to go through every episode we have left wishing it were different. These are still our people, our team, and I'd rather soak it in, take it on its own merits, and review it based on what the show is now, than compare it to an ephemerous intangible that we are not likely to see a
  4. I hope it IS an Andrea EE, because how cool. But... her inner shirt is all wrong. The stripe pattern is different. :/
  5. They wanted to float that, knowing that's where our heads would go, but at the same time Erica said "JJ would never have an affair." Personally, I don't mind red herrings, but I don't like to feel fucked with. Also if JJ were to have an affair it better be with Reid. ;)
  6. I don't think I've Aaron so consistently tightly wound and snappish as he is in Limelight. It's just relentless with him in that one. Even in 100 he has moments of deep vulnerability. On the plus side, lots of ReidxMaps! And Reid calls Rossi "David". And it's the diner scene with Morgan and Prentiss so I keep waiting for the waitress to bring over the gigantic pen. xD
  7. Wilowy

    The Bullpen

    I'm not sure how any writer would respond well to criticism of something they work so hard to present. What would that look like, I wonder, if a writer were to come out with "Yeah, that one was a piece of crap!" Heh. Probably wouldn't have a job for long. They admit when they've flubbed up, and I did hear Virgil say A Thin Line was the ep he was least proud of. I just don't expect any of them to come out and say that their writing is bad. Comparing CM to BB is kind of apples and oranges, considering the latter is part of the new television renaissance and looking to break rules and re-mak
  8. Wilowy

    The Bullpen

    None of them are going anywhere. However you think of them, for better or worse, they are who we have.
  9. Buffy - Used to fighting zeds and the like, really good at it. Kirk Prime - thinks on his feet, great with weapons, hot. Aaron Hotchner - dead-eye shot and gifted leader/people planner. MacGuyver - the man is his own verb, c'mon! Melinda May - she's a human Death Blossom, also awesome.
  10. Wilowy

    The Bullpen

    "The current batch". Heh. Writers have been the same for four years now.
  11. Like someone upthread mentioned, Chris Coy (Martin) is pretty fucking phenomenal. He played a rabies victim (cured, they got to him in time) in Criminal Minds last season, and he was a darling love and we all want him to return at some point. Goes to show that any one-off role can be hella memorable with the right portrayer.
  12. I do wish this all didn't happen within a handful of days. It's hard as a viewer, after 7 months of nothing, to imagine it so. Wouldn't it be far better to let at least a few weeks pass in the canon timeline? It would have more gravitas, wouldn't it?
  13. I love Hotch's face there, too. Like "I love you, you ol' bastard, but BEST not be disrespectin' my agent!"
  14. Or a professional fighter and he killed someone. I hope they don't go down that tired path.
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