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  1. kissedbyarose

    The Perfectionists

    I cannot believe I actually watched this. (I mean, I can.) I swore I was done with this hack after sitting through every season of PLL and yet... I sat through two episodes! This is pretty bad. The acting, the writing, the characters, the mystery, the cover up and yet... I might watch next week. Can someone explain this to me?!
  2. kissedbyarose

    S04.E08: RuPaul’s Best Judy’s Race

    Damn, that was fucked up.
  3. kissedbyarose

    S03.E10: Chapter Forty-Five: The Stranger

    I watch this show in spurts. No way I can watch this live each week so I just watched both episodes so excuse me if I'm misremembering who did what when. First, having these kids in high school was a big mistake. They are going to run back everything Alice did by saying she was under the influence of this cult. (All of these parents are awful except Fred...who can't help his son because Archie needs professional help and all the adults in this town are terrible. Even Attorney (LMAO) McCoy who has also the benefit of being a horrible lawyer. I assume Mary Andrews divorced Fred because you would need to pry Riverdale out of his cold dead hands and Mary was like...NOPE, not staying in this god-forsaken hell hole. They need to recast her though. No sense why she wouldn't be around for all this worried about her son...unless she's just as awful as all the other adults in Riverdale. Take Archie and get out Fred!) Hermione only cares because Hiram dared to do things without her knowledge so she's throwing a tantrum by possibly shooting Hiram or just having FP (FP!) be the sheriff. Hilarious and yet...so very wrong because isn't FP an ex-felon? I think I'm on record here with my undying love for Archie Andrews and he's probably (aside from Riverdale's greatest father Fred Andrews) the only one left that I like. Everyone else I watch with some level of dislike and amusement. I also don't see Archie/Veronica as endgame either so I don't care that they broke up. It looks to me that Veronica really only likes someone who will worship her and once Archie could no longer do that...well...Reggie is more than happy to. I almost wish I liked Veronica more than I do. I was hoping she'd fit in the Blair Waldorf/Brooke Davis/Spencer Hastings shaped hole in my fandom heart but alas... I also thought Cheryl would fill that role but this season ruined her for me. Mostly because I hate everything in this Serpent storyline and then of course have this gang be led by 16 (16? who knows anymore) year old Jughead Jones who has never been about that life...and I already have enough unrealistic stuff to swallow here and I just refuse to do it with this storyline and the underlying problematic themes it carries. Which begs the question...where are the other adults? Are they okay with all the shit going down in this town? Why is it up to Betty, Jughead and whatever teenager happens to be around for plots sake to dither around and make half-assed well-telegraphed plots to take Hiram Lodge down? See, this is why I shouldn't put my thoughts into words since the more I think about this show, the more it all falls apart for me. I'm okay with batshit crazy what I'm not okay with is that this show doesn't even follow (or even have, if we're being honest) it's own logic/timeline so things just move based on how much fizzle rocks and jingle jangle the writers mainlined before writing these scripts. But so long as Archie Andrews removes his shirt each episode I'm here until the end. Also was it this episode that had Hiram's fur coat? That shit was glorious and hilarious and I want it just so I can swan in and deliver clever bon-mots flanked by two bodyguards like the badass I am in my head.
  4. kissedbyarose

    S03.E11: Songbird Road, Part One

    Oh man... I know this too but thank you for correcting and reminding me. This and Phylicia Rashad might make up for the fact that it took three seasons to get here and we had to endure that political storyline first...
  5. kissedbyarose

    S03.E11: Songbird Road, Part One

    This was a great episode for Kevin. He's easily my favorite of the Big Three mostly because none of his storylines frustrate me. The parallels between Jack and Kevin were really well done and I could see how Kevin, being a former addict himself and also feeling left out, would have a lot of empathy (and sympathy) for Nicky. I have a few nitpicks with the writing like Kate hanging up the call and then just miraculously showing up at the door (unnecessary, she still could've said what she said to Nicky without the dramatics), then Nicky inviting them in then almost immediately kicking them out (clunky and only really served for Kate to say what she said then for the whole "you are Jack's kids.") BUT this happened within the first 15? 20? minutes of this show and after last week, I was ready to hate this episode too. However, this was miles better than last week. (Butch and Sundance hee!) I agree with this and I think that's my problem with the writing on this show (does this show have new writers or has it always been this clunky and awkward and last week's awful episode opened my eyes?) is afraid of really GOING there and making people do truly awful shit or they write these huge cliffhangers and can't (and don't) follow through. I'll reserve (some) judgment until I see how this plays out next week but I have a sister. She's not even that much younger than me. I feel like putting her in a chokehold some days and she freaking infuriates me on most days but I love her so I don't know if I would ever COMPLETELY write her off at least not for the reason we got on the show. Maybe we wouldn't be close but telling everyone that she's dead? I don't know if Jack would either, I mean he still was in touch with his parents no? And he was an alcoholic so he's had to have done questionable things while under the influence. I like Nicky though. Both actors playing him really did a great job BUT we still don't know jack-shit about Beth! (I mean, we got Zoe but that's not enough.) Did she even get a flashback episode or even a flashback scene? Come on show. Don't do me like this.
  6. kissedbyarose

    S03.E10 The Last Seven Weeks

    I’m not sure how long I can stick with this show if TPTB insist on doubling down on this political storyline. I can’t find one thing enjoyable about it and it seems (maybe because I hate it that much) that its taking up large parts of this show and I just... Please show. Give it up. None of it makes sense anyway. PS. While I’m here, can we give up the longwinded speeches too? Kate’s to the college kid and Randall’s... well I’m counting three right off the top of my head (in this episode alone!) were especially cringeworthy.
  7. kissedbyarose

    S06.E09: No Way Out

    *raises hands* I thought so from the moment Ashley mentioned it and came out of lurking just to post this (but you beat me to it :) ). I know people can be racist assholes for no reason (been on the wrong side of a few incidents myself) but in this particular instance? I turned to my sister and said, “I’m sure whoever is posting these comments is someone she knows.” Leida is awful but Eric is worse. Also Leida ain’t rich and Tasha is gross. So everyone loses! Can Steven actually bring the the baby to America?
  8. kissedbyarose

    S03.E07: Chapter Forty-Two: The Man In Black

    I probably say this everytime I come out of lurking but problematic teen shows with inane storylines and pretty pretty people seem to be my krpytonite. I watched every season of Pretty Little Liars and after swearing I was done with this show at the end of last season, I find myself still interested in watching this. I had a really long winded post about this episode that got lost and I don’t feel like typing it all up again but I will say that watching Betty being force fed drugs was pretty fucked up. Also Veronica suddenly thinking that her father may not be too bad is the kind of writing that makes me want to sit in the writing room one good time just to see what kind of drugs these writers are really on. Then again, that might how Betty will forgive Alice for throwing her into that known hell-hole. These parents are awful. PS. I kinda like Archie. Wrong. He’s my favorite character. Maybe we need a UO thread lol.
  9. kissedbyarose

    S09.E02: Mo White for President

    Liam is easily the best part of this show. I feel like Fiona should be just a bit more present in his life since that’s what she signed up for but I guess this is what we’re going to get. I like Kev and V but their storylines always make me cringe.
  10. He flew to Thailand to be an interrogator?
  11. First time posting in this forum to say: Angela’s shirt also has holes.
  12. kissedbyarose

    S02.E10: The Last Ceremony

    When I first watched the episode, I thought it was riveting but now that I sit and think about it, I have a problem with the idea that Fred would let June meet with Hannah. While I understand the mind-fuck that Fred was trying to pull, I don’t know if I necessarily believe (due to his precarious position detailed by another poster) that he’d go through the trouble of setting up a meeting for his high-risk pregnant handmaid to see her daughter in a remote location. It’s too high risk just to... hurt June even more than he did by raping her? I blame the writing for this though.
  13. kissedbyarose

    S02.E18: The Wedding

    I think what I hated most about Deja smashing the car is that it was done for purely melodramatic reasons only. Of course, everyone reacts differently and will point to someone in their life/a situation they heard about where someone reacted in the same way. To me, the Deja we were shown tends to withdraw, hide, and be silent. I think her outburst would’ve manifested in a quieter way and I think that would’ve been a little more powerful. I’ve definitely been there before lack of basic social norms and all. And because I’m not a big Kate fan, I’m just going to assume she walked into his sick room 5011 times with suggestions on how to help and eventually you get tired of talking or trying to make the other person feel better because she feels bad for not knowing how to help and she hates seeing him like this. Its just easier to just lay there and do nothing in the dark and hopes she just leaves soon. Ahem. Now I’m defending Toby, this is truly the dark days. That said, I also doubt they will do this storyline well because this show does not do understated well. At all. I do like this show, I promise.
  14. kissedbyarose

    S03.E08: A Jury of Their Queers

    Nah. Kennedy for sure didn’t belong in the top four much less top two. I hate sob stories and pity votes in my competition shows (and real life) so all this boo-hooing didn’t endear me to her. Trixie was absolutely right about Kennedy’s drag. Besides, some of the more successful queens didn’t even win their season so I’m confused as to how this clearly sympathetic vote was supposed to help Kennedy. I’m not Shangela’s biggest fan but I’m objective enough to know that she definitely deserved to win that crown at the very least be in the top two. Throw the whole All Stars series away.
  15. kissedbyarose

    S02.E18: The Wedding

    Let me start off with the bad: Ka-Toby? Cringe. I have strong hatred for mashup names and I especially hate when they are used in show because who refers to themselves like that? The wedding speech - which was not at all about the couple and definitely should've been something that was done maybe at the car? Or literally any other time during the episode. I didn't hate the speech I just hated it as a wedding speech. I said it in the last episode thread but I'll repeat it again on any other show (or maybe it's own show) I wouldn't mind Deja but I hate this storyline here. Hate. For this exact reason: Then Beth's cousin and Toby's parents showed up and I'm thinking hey, you know who could've gotten all that screen time... Speaking of family, Toby's brother didn't show up for the wedding, huh? That's low. On to the good: everything Kevin and Randall related. "She's crazy." "Yep." "Don't let me sleep with her." "Are you kidding me? We're great brothers. I would want me as a brother." LOVED. I liked the flashforward. Well, maybe not the one 20 years into the future but the "immediate" future ones. Toby and that depression storyline is going to gut me. I immediately recognized that look, the position...just everything about it. 20 years into the future though? I liked the idea of it but not enough for this to be a reoccurring thing. I also think that last episode should've been about Kate running around spreading ashes, looking for the shirt, Kevin's speech, Toby's parents and this episode could've focused more on the wedding, Rebecca and Kate, Beth's cousin and Kevin and Randall as wedding coordinators and somewhere in between that Deja's mom goes to jail or gets hooked on drugs again, terminates her rights and we're exactly where we were when this episode ended. Especially since as many of you pointed out, they spent an episode flushing out the (unnecessary) backstory complete with repeated scenes only for it to be wrapped up in a few clunky lines this episode.