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  1. Love the podcast, and enjoyed the first ep. I always find it hard to see podcasters or other voices I know only from audio. Sometimes I have to close my eyes for a minute or two.
  2. Ack! I am also distressed after seeing the preview for 103! Hoping it is sleight of hand editing a la Mad Men.
  3. I agree; much less competition in Comedy, especially considering the Breaking Bad/True Detective juggernaut. I think this particular awards show considered Season 2 though, since Fargo won for best miniseries.
  4. I took my husband and we both really enjoyed it. I'm probably alone in this but I would have been fine without the denouement.
  5. According to Collider: Brad Copeland has been hired to write the script and now Chris Pratt and Danny McBride are "in talks” for Knight Rider. At first glance, I think a comedy might be easier to sell than a straight drama. Talking cars aren't all that revolutionary now, right?
  6. That is seriously genius. Thanks for the tip.
  7. Industry swag or available for sale?
  8. (seems like reply to quote isn't working) Next week???? How did I miss that this is ending next week? The walking thing took me a bit to notice but what a great detail.
  9. I have no episode blurb, but I am wondering how others felt about Macy being possessed. At first glance I thought it was both old hat and over the top, but by the end I decided the ends justified the means: a) Irving realizing his wife and daughter aren't fragile, and b) it gives Jenny someone to relate to. ETA: Of course, I realize and embrace the fact that so much of SH is over the top. Demonic possession of children is one of my big Noooope!s though.
  10. I really like this show, mostly because the adult characters all feel like adults, even though they sometimes act like children. also, I love Bert. I was also disappointed in the Bert storyline, but Diane+Kate interaction more than made up for it. Too bad TW is probably #bearchow.
  11. I was 10-ish too. So inappropriate but also so educational! it's where I learned that purple and orange clash and that you should never eat the donuts. I am also so excited to hear what Tara thinks., but I'd love to listen as Dave watches it. I'm willing to bet he's never read the books.
  12. I so wish they would just spin off the Chicago part of this. For me, my interest in anything concerned with Nucky ended when Richard got off the train in Wisconsin. I'm still fascinated by Van Alden though.
  13. I agree. Any ideas on the true identity of the Ass Crack Bandit?
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