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  1. I think Thomas is the biggest POS to do that to Douglas. And Zoe is a stone fool to have accepted that lame proposal. That huge chunk of ice tho! 😮 Half the world will know about the engagement now? So Steffy has nearly four billion social media followers. Sure. I liked her leather shorts though. Don't do it, Hope. Don't make a majorly bad decision just to placate Douglas. Be an adult and stop letting that whiny brat run your life.
  2. TMW you realize you just wasted a stabbing. 😏 Okay, Summer's gown wasn't bad though I didn't like the color. Too late for Christmas and too early for St. Patrick's Day. And wow, on a clear day you could probably see forever with that opening up the front. Guess Kyle likes easy access. 😼 Elena's dress was okay too. Perfect for when you have to do some formal dress EMT work on the fly. But I don't think that was either of the dresses she had shown Devon. Aw man, Noah has a romance going on back in London. I was hoping for him and Lola. Meanwhile, is art photography a big deal across the pond? I guess Noah has his Newman trust fund to fall back on if it doesn't work out in the long term. If it's a day ending in a "y" Victor must be calling someone a sonovabitch. Oooh, so scary. 😒 Some friend Phyllis is. Amanda's reeling in horror and terror and all Phyllis wanted to do was run to earn some brownie points with Nick at the hospital. Nick had his whole family there to comfort him. He didn't need her there too. Since when are Chelsea and Billy pals again? Bygones! Is grief sex on the menu for Amanda and Billy? Oy, I hope not.
  3. Thank you, Officer Mark. Bye, Officer Mark. Of course Boyle is hung. Of course. How can someone be allergic to turkey? That ending. Yeah, it's always the quiet ones. 😑
  4. Glad I didn't have to be the one to go there. I'm biting my tongue hard as it is. And it's only going to get worse when Amanda has to beg the Newmans' forgiveness for causing Victoria to get stabbed. Madison's not sending their best, huh? 😒
  5. Teachers have a special bathroom for number twos. Who knew? 🙄 Does "dating" your stuffed animals mean, well, something a bit more intimate? How would little kids even know about that? Pre-pubescent ones, anyway. I was distracted by Junior's DISCO hoodie and kept wondering if it was in reference to the Star Trek show. But that's a CBS production. 🤔 Dehydrated. Of course Diane went back for payback. That's our Diane! She's got the cure for excessive dryness. 🤗
  6. Out in soap forum world not only do some viewers think Sally isn't going to be the one who dies, there's now a spumor afloat that it'll be Douglas. Because he more qualifies as "beloved" than Sally. A lot more, IMO. Would Brad have the stones to kill off Douglas? I'm wondering though if maybe it'll be Pam. (Though that might be kind of cruel given what recently happened to Alley Mills IRL.) I think Eric's a possibility too. Oh, who am I kidding? Brad ain't killing nobody off. THOMAS IS STILL ALIVE!
  7. She really did. I was looking really hard at first thinking it was Troi (with a lot of CGI) but then I did the math and realized it couldn't her. Definitely. Guess they had a bad breakup. 😉
  8. Guess Steffy had some spare bags of hair and she lent them to Quinn. 😼 Heh, Douglas mentions Beth and Thomas pulls a face like, "Whoa, off-script, kid! Nobody's checking for little Whatserface McBad Logangenes." What is the deal with Steffy's poofy wig? Is she cosplaying a beauty pageant contestant circa 1965? Dayum. Thomas ain't sh!t but that ring was spectacular. Zoe should probably take it to a jeweler though to verify those stones are real. And she should insist on a long engagement. 😒 Hear tell LG might not be returning to DOOL after their big purge. I think this show should get her back, just so Caroline can tell Douglas that SHE'S his mother and no matter how much he whines she ain't getting back with his psycho father. His psycho father who probably thinks he killed her but, surprise muthafukka! I don't know whose face would crack harder, Hope's or Tom's.
  9. I think Ashley's hair looks great. So less harsh than that platinum, IMO.
  10. Fifty years. Pssht, such b.s. Maybe next they should celebrate 100 years of Jabot and 500 years of Chancellor Industries. 😒 Aw, widdle Adam was jealous he didn't come up with a historically significant gift for daddy. ☹ Summer is Kyle's one true love? Oh GMAFB. A few months ago Kyle claimed his one true love was Lola. And Summer's had a string of one true loves. Meanwhile, when Phyllis uttered that nonsense she was standing right next to the very man who would've cherished her for the rest of their lives had Victor not torpedoed them via Marco. (And had she not taken up with Jack's brother and rubbed his face in it.) Hmm, I didn't entirely hate Christine's dress but think she was overplaying the exposed shoulder. Looked to me like the dress was too big at the top. Meanwhile, couldn't they at least have found a bustier for Abby that sort of matched the color of her gown? She looked like she got dressed in the dark, lol. Surprised Sharon told Nikki about her medical condition. And goodness, Sharon, time and place. That party was neither. Sure hope we're heading toward a Who Murdered Phyllis? storyline. She needs killin' so much. Abby should've thought ahead to attach a poison pill to the hotel shares. Or does that only work for publicly owned companies? Heh, it'd have been funny if Noah had run over Billy in the NE parking garage again. 🙃 Please tell me Nick isn't about to take up with Phyllis. Again. Dude, she certainly is the same person she's always been. A succubus. Did that bash have no security despite all the high rollers in attendance? How was Billy able to swan in like he owned the joint? He wouldn't have been on any guest list. Amanda either for that matter. Poor Abby. TMW you find out your new man has brought a wrecking ball to your business. With the help of your black sheep brother. They must've gotten the guy playing Amanda's ex on the cheap. He's only allowed one outfit apparently. WHAT. THE. ACTUAL. FCUK?! Hope they at least had security cameras in that room. Oy. Wonder how long it'll take for Amanda to realize that stabbing was meant for her...
  11. I loved Rios dressed like a pimp. He didn't have the walk quite down though. Elnor doesn't know how to not be Elnor. Aw, Raffi's gonna be a grandma. And did anyone doubt she'd be back on board? I'm sure Picard didn't. What is the nature of Aggie's psychiatric emergency? Geez, how much time you got? Hopefully the hologram will tell on her to Rios. (Yeah, no, I know holograms don't work like that. Just wishful thinking. 🙄)
  12. Were Barbie Dream Houses still a big thing in the 80s? I'm with the kids. What kind of sense does it make to have to work for money they already had? Getting paid for doing chores and having to save up for things should've been a separate lesson. That's like if I put money in the bank and they make me work to withdraw any of it. As it is I have drive around to find an ATM. 😉 Bow's sister is probably a practitioner of the "crabs in a bucket" mentality. Lol, Paul actually said, "If you don't know, now you know." He was doing some slight little neck rolls too. I think M-PG puts just the right touches on his depiction of Paul with looking like he's appropriating Black culture.
  13. That's funny because I've always thought goody-two-shoes Hope was Liam's first choice but Steffy always made herself more available, if you catch my drift. She got him the first time by packing away her self-esteem and in my view that's how she continues to get him. Only now she can hide behind Kelly. (And again, why is it that Liam can only see Kelly at Steffy's house?) Liam knows Steffy will take him in no matter what. Crazypants Hope is less predictable, IMO. She always has her rules and lines drawn in the sand and whatnot. Now AFAIC Liam is a basic POS who wants to eat both his cakes and have them too. "Love the one you're with" is his theme song. And he'll be able to play this game for at least the next 18 years or so until both his children are legal adults.
  14. Right? Clearly the actors were but I don't know how the characters could have seen most of that stuff unless Victor had had cameras following him around his entire adult life. His life would've been like that movie The Truman Show, except The Newman Show. KMN.
  15. OMG, Liam. Why should Zoe listen to you? Just stop. I'm starting to think Douglas needs therapy. He's obsessed with Hope too. At his age that's quite unhealthy and could set him up for a lifetime of Joe Goldberg-like relationships with women. At least Thomas knows better. Eek, another bad wig day for Steffy! 😨 Those looked like different children playing Kelly and Beth now. And why is Beth still pretty much bald? FGS, they're already setting it up for Kelly to grow up to be cute one and Beth to be the relatively plain one. Poor Beth and her sad Logan genes, hah, hah. 😉 Funny how Liam doesn't question why he's allowed to take Beth from her home but he has to go to Steffy's to see Kelly. Somewhere some curtain ties are missing their tassels. And Hope decided to wear them as earrings. Nice, astute read of Hope by Steffy today. Too bad she couldn't have delivered it to Hope's face. Maybe she could put it FacePlace. 🙄
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