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  1. It's not who you want to be, Liam? Boy, bye. It's who you ALREADY ARE! A human waffle straight from the dumpster. ๐Ÿคจ I don't know how Hope just stood there watching Thomas acting clearly out of touch with reality. What if he'd attacked her? Brooke, you probably need to keep Thomas' name out of your mouth. You know what happened the last time you got so fixated on him: his father dumped you for Shauna. Liam, gee, maybe all your questions would've been answered if you'd stuck around and confronted Hope(quinn) and Thomas instead running off half-cocked to go get full-cocked with Steffy. ๐Ÿ˜’ TMW the ex you just screwed tells you how much he loves his wife and their child. Ugh, Liam is a selfish POS. But OTOH, Steffy keeps letting him use her as his fallback plan. Sigh. So Brooke and Ridge still don't know about Hopequinn? I think Brooke would've been way more concerned about that than Hope was. She's probably gonna be pissed when she finds out soon. A million tiny little pieces. That'll be Liam's cheating, jumping to wrong conclusions, trash face all over the floor when he finds out IT WAS A MANNEQUIN! You effin idiot, Liam. You don't even know the woman you're married to and claim to love. Oop, guess Hopequinn better start looking for another place to stay. Her cover is blown now. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Bravo, MA. You killed it today. ๐Ÿ†
  2. Joined in matrimony for the rest of their lives? Pssht, if that were true most of the people in that room would be dead. ๐Ÿ˜ I liked Nina's choice of reading at wedding. The one usually used from 1 Corinthians is almost trite to me now. The Ecclesiastes passage used in today's episode is less common I think, at least on this show. (But whoa, it basically said if you're not married you have no reason to live. Okay, Nina. Perhaps you should've considered who'd be in the room.) PC IV said in his vows that Abby was tougher on him than both the Army and the Fed. I think MO's husband might've gotten a little nervous and misspoken the line because I don't recall PC IV ever working in government banking. ๐Ÿ˜‰ And there were Billy and Kyle, slinking in after the ceremony had already begun. So tacky, especially given the reason they both were probably late. ๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ‘ ๐ŸŒ๐ŸŽ‚ At least Lily and Summer knew better than to show their faces at the wedding. "Your son shot your grandson." Leave it to Victor to be the buzzkill. So, guilty until proven innocent, Vic? A honeymoon on a private island with no cell service. Hmmm, what could possibly go wrong when the groom is still recuperating from getting gutshot? ๐Ÿค” That was quite the evil eye Victor was giving Billy. Yikes. No wonder Billy skedaddled right out of there. Aw geez, I spoke too soon about them not mentioning 1 Corinthians. Bad Nikki! Hey, Abby didn't toss her bouquet! ๐Ÿ˜ฏ Lol, Nikki and Nina lowkey trash talking Jill. Where was the lie, tho? Jill not only slept with Kay's husband, she got pregnant by him. You're welcome, Nina and Abby. Well, that was nice, though I think Paul, Christine, Lauren, and Michael should've been there too since they're all pretty much legacy characters as well. Guess this was meant to be more of a celebration of the Abbott, Chancellor, and Newman veterans.
  3. Interesting indeed. I think Phyllis would eat Kyle alive--not that the little twerp doesn't deserve it. I rather appreciate how Phyllis hasn't tried to compete with Summer for men. (I'm not counting Billy because Summer was the aggressor and she ended up getting burned for it.) Sharon hasn't gone down that road either though I guess time will tell when Faith gets older or Mariah decides to swing back to men. ICAM. The Newmans and Abbotts both have patriarchs and I guess Jill is the unofficial Chancellor matriarch. The Winters et al have no one. Devon isn't old enough to fill the head of the family role and Dru really could anchor them. Allegedly though, at least one of the vets has enough juice with TPTB to keep VR from being rehired.
  4. A copy of the statement CE issued after he was fired is here: https://soaps.sheknows.com/the-young-and-the-restless/news/4355/chris-engen-statement-on-quitting-young-and-the-res/ I suspect the part that likely ruined his future employment opportunities in Hollywood was this: Generally, "some of my best friends are x" is read by the overall public as an insincere excuse at best, and at worst, evidence of actual prejudice. Not sure I understand the need for scare quotes. Whatever, MAB was arguably the worst EP/writer Y&R has ever had but perhaps one thing she did do right was draw a distinction between participating in some same-sex activity and being gay or bisexual. The former doesn't necessarily prove the latter. It's a distinction Y&R's largely conservative audience still wasn't likely to accept though. I don't think there ever was a plan to have Adam suddenly realize he was gay. The storyline leading up to his tryst with Rafe wasn't written that way. He wasn't questioning his sexuality and was still sleeping with Heather. He wasn't on the downlow, he just didn't want Rafe to know he'd been used. With Rafe Adam was engaging in situational behavior to try to get himself out a jam. It's what he does, as evidenced in all the subsequent portrayals of the character. Adam tends to take things to the next level, just like his father.
  5. Probably because there hasn't been any. Steffy just mentioned offhand yesterday that Finn stays over a couple of nights a week and leaves before Kelly wakes up. Meanwhile, lately Finn has had more screen time with Thomas and Hope than Steffy. Looks to me like the show is backing off on Sinn but that could be wishful thinking on my part. ๐Ÿ™„
  6. Am still wondering if Aunt Donna is getting paid or otherwise compensated to babysit Hope's kids. Seems to me Brooke should be doing grandma duty. Or Hope and Liam could hire an actual nanny. Does four-year old Kelly sleep in a locked cage? How did they know she wouldn't walk into the living room early in the morning and see daddy on the couch in a state of undress? Or even earlier and gotten an eyeful of Steffy and Liam "hugging." ๐Ÿ˜ Oh FFS. I am so over Finn running around town dropping in on people uninvited. If he's worried about Thomas maybe he should talk to Thomas' family instead of Hope. (Seriously, are they chem-testing Finn and Hope? Meh. Neither of them seemed into it either, IMO.) Liam, you POS, you didn't make love to Steffy last night, you had sex with her. Already trying to spin it, huh? And get your false equivalency straightened out. Kissing < sexual intercourse any day of the week. Yeesh, all that medical mumbo jumbo coming out of Finn's mouth. Guess Thomas will be getting a pass for his psycho behavior yet again, courtesy of the good doctor. ๐Ÿ˜’ Wonder what prompted Ridge to check in on Thomas? Did a scene get dropped where he heard about Hopequinn? Lol, Hope to Hopequinn's rescue! Her reaction reminded me of this:
  7. OMG, that flashback to when Nick first proposed to Sharon. Those baby faces! Meanwhile, bleh on showing Billy proposing to Victoria since it was probably proposal #37 and it wasn't BM Billy. (But regardless, why isn't Abby's uncle at her wedding? Or her cousin Kyle? Did I miss a mention of why they skipped?) MO's husband has a heck of a five o'clock shadow. Assuming that look isn't deliberate. Um, Abby, your mommy is the kind of woman who'll steal a guy's banked sperm in order to conceive his child without his knowledge. Her halo has been sitting a bit lopsided since way before you were born. And her romantic history is tons worse than yours. Maybe calm down with aspiring to be just like her. ๐Ÿ˜ Oh yes, at her prime Dina would've been all over that wedding, swanning around like she was the main attraction. She would've been so proud of Abby though. Ehhh, Abby, I don't know about using Victor and Nikki as marital role models. They're good at remarrying each other but they're also a stellar example of longtime emotional abuse and codependency. Probably the main reason Victor has finally settled down is because he can no longer catch the hot babes. Other than golddiggers anyway. At the end of the day, Nikki loves being Mrs. Victor Newman and all the money, power, and social status that title provides her. Uncle Jack brought it right across home plate! I'm glad he got the final moment with Abby before the wedding. ๐Ÿค— Wow, I just noticed Nikki's earrings. Want! Abby's hair. Oy. Maybe the messy look wasn't the way to go for the wedding of the century. Traci singing Nadia's Theme while we saw the those past weddings got me in the feels. Good job, Josh. (Except for the Cane sighting. Ugh.) This is quite an "old guard" event. The only people there in the bride and groom's age range are Mariah and Devon. Kinda sad in a way. Stupid Rona. No, CE quit because they were going to have Adam kiss a man. In his mind that meant gay. He put out an ill-advised statement about his position and pretty much hasn't worked in Hollywood since.
  8. No joke. I think Liam only gets the "nice" designation because people look at his father or at Ridge and then see him as comparatively less bad. But that's probably only because they've got a few decades of trash behavior on Liam. AFAIC, Liam lost all claim to the nice guy title when he gave Hope's still-warm engagement ring to Steffy. And he put icing on the Not Really a Nice Guy cake when he got two women pregnant inside a year. If Hope has any sense at all (yeah, a big ask) she'll dump Liam for good after this latest nonsense comes out. I don't necessarily want to see her turn to Thomas or Finn but she needs to stop giving Liam more chances to use Steffy to get back at her. And she needs to stop listening to Brooke, who's got her own agenda of "winning" against Taylor via their daughters. If Steffy ends up having another Liam baby I might be done with the show. I know Bradley wants the dramaz but my preference would be for Steffy to be pregnant already, like what happened when she slept with Bill. That way, maybe she can refuse to get a paternity test and pretend for months not to know who the daddy is but in the end it'll be Finn's. Or she'll miscarry and not have a baby at all. I'm not on the Lope team necessarily but I'll no longer be able to buy that Hope is Liam's true love if he's got two kids with Steffy.
  9. How dark was Thomas' apartment or how bad is Liam's vision that he couldn't tell the difference between real Hope and Hopequinn? Nah, AFAIC Finn is a busybody and he had no business dropping in on Thomas late at night unexpected. Are they running out of things for Finn to do? If it's Monday somebody on this fakakta show must be jumping to the wrong conclusion based on something they accidentally saw or overheard. And not bothering to get immediate clarification. So now Hope has two alibis for not actually being at Thomas' place making out with him: Finn and Wyatt. One more and she'll have a trifecta. I actually flinched when Liam poured Steffy that drink. To me, Steffy willingly drinking with Liam in the state he was in was in the neighborhood of her accepting Hope's engagement ring. Her sense of self-worth goes right out the window if she thinks she's got a shot at Liam. I see you, Steffy, hoping Liam would get drunk enough to want to even the score against Hope by sleeping with you. Where your boyfriend at tho? The one you recently told you loved him. (Meanwhile, countdown to when SC is on Twitter again claiming that Liam will always love Steffy and doesn't need to be drugged or drunk to sleep with her. ๐Ÿ˜‘) Odd that Liam has a tracker on Hope's phone but she doesn't have one his. Because if she did she'd know he was at Steffy's and not the office. Besides, Wyatt wouldn't have come to the cabin looking for him if he was still at SP. Ah, so Steffy and Finn have indeed slept together, many times. Here comes another WTD storyline! ๐Ÿ™„
  10. Surely professional decorators were hired and Esther didn't have to do all that herself. In fact, professional cleaners should have been sent in to give the mansion a good going over--at least the areas where the wedding party and guests would be. Yay, Jill! Please tell me Phyllis and Nick weren't wearing matching colors. ๐Ÿ˜’ Yay, Nina! Also, nice blowout. She has an impressive head of hair, assuming some of it isn't extensions. And of course Abby was going all emo before her wedding. Wonder why she didn't get ready over at the mansion? At least Uncle Jack could've given her a good old-fashioned John Abbott-style pep talk. I thought Mariah looked trรฉs va-va-voom in a 1940s silver screen siren kind of way. Not a fan of her dress' fabric though. Is velvet or velour particularly in this season? Abby left out a few guys in her sad walk down her romantic memory lane, hah, hah. Like that time she slept with Summer's husband and he ended up dead. ๐Ÿคซ Nina as the "best mom"? Meh. Loved the mention of Ronan though. Too bad they couldn't get Jeff Branson back for an episode or two. Oy, that guy's deep voice was a real panty-dropper. ๐Ÿ˜‹ Oh Victor, why would Billy not be at his niece's wedding? Stop looking for trouble on your daughter's special day. Phyllis, get over yourself. This is the GC wedding of the century. The only way you alone could ruin it is if you parachuted in naked during the vows. Not trying to give you any ideas tho. Looks like Nikki got her hair did sometime between having snacks at Society and arriving at the wedding. Very elegant. Brad! Speaking of whom, wonder where the newlyweds will live after the wedding? It's not as if the bride doesn't have her own huge house sitting empty. The one she inherited from Brad. If friggin wealthy Abby moves into that dinky hotel room I might have to fly to GC and cut somebody. ๐Ÿคจ Wonder why no one mentioned to Devon that his adoptive parents Dru and Neil were married at the Chancellor Mansion back in the day? Several of the people in the room attended that wedding. So I'm guessing the wedding colors were shades of purple and gray or black? Ehhh, I'm iffy about women wearing black to weddings unless the ceremony is at night. I bet in another 20 years women wearing black to weddings will be frowned upon again. (Or perhaps sooner than that if these big superspreader weddings keep happening.)
  11. Whatever Victor had done to Nikki's car could've been a feint, or it could've been yet another plot point that went nowhere because the writers decided to go in a different direction. It seems TPTB didn't want Nikki involved in the story for whatever reason. Besides, Nikki has caused the death of enough people. She's basically a serial killer at this point.๐Ÿ˜
  12. Yes. I mean, Michael could make an hour's worth of drama out what to eat for breakfast. Sometimes she gets in the way of herself by overthinking, IMO. It wasn't my suggestion that Tilly is more qualified; clearly she isn't on just a technical basis. I think she brings certain different skills to the job that in certain circumstances could be more helpful than Michael's often self-righteous (again, IMO) stoicism.
  13. I doubt it was ever intended to be Nikki. That would be a huge deal to have a legacy character kill their stepgrandchild. My belief is that it was going to be Kelly but the storyline was changed once Cady McClain was hired. Cady was kind of a big get, soap opera-wise, and they wouldn't have hired her just to turn around and have her character facing manslaughter charges. I think she likely wanted a bigger storyline (and wanted to try to create some chemistry with PB's Jack since both actors were ex-AMCers) and so the writers went with Adam instead.
  14. What's Megan up to with cockblocking Cassie? That didn't seem like a coincidence to me. "Cold water is at the top and bottom." Never heard that before. Had to google to find out what it meant. Wonder how Megan got blackmailed into doing corporate espionage? Whatever, odds are her husband's job will know something was downloaded off their network via his laptop. It may generate questions to him which he won't know how to answer. Cassie getting drunk at the wake of the guy she's suspected of murdering, a guy who's family are international criminals, is a new low even for her. I'm not finding her stupidity endearing or amusing, especially since it's largely due to her excessive drinking. You'd think a major crime family would have a better shredder. It wasn't even a micro-cut. Cassie is definitely OCD enough to tape the shredded documents back together. Cassie left her fingerprints all over the Sokolov house, including on the wine goblet she left in Janet Sokolov's office. If they didn't know who Cassie was before, they will now. And Annie will be in trouble for vouching for her. Possibly Cassie shot him and that's why he died? If so, the booze he gave her probably had the opposite effect than he intended. Guilt could in part explain why she's become dependent on alcohol.
  15. Mando picked a bad time to show up on that planet. But it seems like he picks a bad time to show up everywhere. This episode was giving me Game of Thrones vibes, especially those dusky scenes. Wonder if Pedro felt nostalgic, hah, hah? Lol at Baby Yoda finally getting to spill the tea to somebody about Daddy Mando. "He won't let me eat whatever I want! He makes me sleep in this little closet! He walks so fast I can hardly keep up sometimes!" Grogu was not trying to play catch until he also wanted to make Mando proud. Was anyone waiting for the Magistrate to say, "Ahsoka, I am your mother!"? No? Just me? Poor Mando, can't get rid that kid to save his life.๐Ÿ˜‰
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