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  1. Geez, compared to the Abbott manse, Victoria's house IMO looked like cubicles from a discount furniture warehouse. Ugh, Kyle. Waffling POS. Fen's kinda old to be still getting an allowance. Lauren and Michael might want to stop coddling him. πŸ˜’ Jack is still a much better brother to Billy than Billy deserves. I eagerly await the day when the ruching fad peters out. Today was almost ruching overload. Oy. Bleh, Kyle and his wierd body that he seems to be so proud of. Something about it just seems plastic and manufactured to me. πŸ€” Heh, the Abbotts were big on giving each other bigass books. Too bad Kyle and Lola didn't stay together long enough for Lola to use her gift from Kyle. So sweet of Jack to read that poem for his family. Over at the Newmans' Victor was probably regaling his captives with the oft-told tale of how he built NE from the ground up with his bare hands. In his mind that's the real nativity story. πŸ˜‘ Yeah, I don't know how an episode which aired barely six months ago can be considered "classic." Scraping the barrel much?
  2. Wonder why they chose to show this episode instead of the one where Hope actually got Beth in her arms and took her home? Did they figure people where dying to see Liam beat up on Thomas again? Where neither of them ended up with nary a scratch? Or see Wyatt dump Flo again? Meh, especially since we know he didn't waste much time taking her back. Maybe TPTB are saving the big moment episode for when right before B&B returns to new shows.
  3. Dick Clark personally scoping out talent in parking lots? Nah, not buying it. Lol at Ruby saying Don's car purred. The Ferrari logo clearly has a horse, not a cat. Maybe he should've drven a Jag. 🐱 Tower of Power. Now that was a great call back. One of the best classic bands from that era. I wonder if Don actually slept with a 16-year old. If so, it's a wonder she didn't have him arrested after the way he allegedly treated her. Merv Griffin owned Trader Vic's? Mind. Blown. (Oh wait, that's not a fact, according to Wikipedia. Some guy named Victor created the chain. I think maybe Griffin owned the hotels many Trader Vic's were located in/adjacent to.) OMG, that Elton John impersonator was HORRIBLE! I could do a better British accent than that clown. Seriously?
  4. So who was this chick who showed up at Brooke's house? Whatever, I think she could've stood to eat a couple or three footlongs. And how did she comb her hair with those beads in there? Or were they hairpins? Sigh, Stephanie terrorizing Brooke again. That woman was mental. 😲 Why was this Megan person caping for Brooke so hard? I could easily see her being up to something bad wrt Brooke. Did I hear Stephanie correctly when she said Ridge bought Brooke's house for her? Maybe that's why he can no longer afford to buy his own home and pretty much just freeloads. I would've loved to see what Stephanie had to say about Steffy running through the Spencer boys and their daddy (who's also her daughter's grandpa). Bet she wouldn't have been calling her a heaux. She probably would've just blamed it on the Marone genes. 😼
  5. Wait, which Billy was this? I don't remember him at all. He looked kind of nerdy to me. How tacky that they didn't bring Mamie back for John's funeral. But I guess by this time TPTB decided her relationship with John was too hard to put a 21st century spin on. Meanwhile, Dina had her private Mergeron jet. There was no logical reason she couldn't have gotten back to GC in time. They should've just said she was under the weather or something. So why weren't any of the Newmans at John's memorial? Or the Winters? So cheap. I know letting John go opened up a lot a new storylines for the Abbotts but geez, he was a legacy character. He definitely should've had a much better send-off. That they let the actor occasionally come back as Ghost John or whatever was poor consolation, IMO. That was indeed a sh!tty move Jack pulled on Gloria. Just one of the reasons Jack's eventually becoming fcuk buddies with Gloria made little sense to me. Jack would've never been that desperate and Gloria would've made sure she got a lot more out of the arrangement than she did. Bagpipes. Okay. Wow, Kevin had the nerve get snarky with Colleen. And none of the Abbotts punched him in the neck. And then Kevin was about to step to Jack for insulting Gloria. Ugh. I'll never understand why they decided to "redeem" Kevin, yet did such a weak job of it.
  6. Taylor is pure crazypants. They had to know she'd do something nuts at the wedding, if for no other reason than to draw attention to herself.
  7. Pass. Not only did I remember this relatively recent episode, I went back and read my comments on it. I wasn't too impressed the first time so I saw no point in watching again. What I don't remember though is why Taylor went to the wedding. I doubt Hope or Liam invited her, and surely Brooke didn't. Was she Steffy's plus one or was she providing the entertainment (along with the Brooke and the wedding cake)?
  8. Aw, Jack. Bad form to put a woman on the spot like that in public. Even Phyllis. Oh man, those opening credits. So theatrical. Acting! What was this fancy event everyone was attending at the Abbott manse? Geez, what was Phyllis' major maladjustment this time? Heh, the infamous Zero Halliburton briefcase. Y&R has certainly gotten their money's worth on that prop. I'd forgotten security consultant Paul used to tote it around before nutjob Neil commandeered it. Lauren's shag haircut was kind of nice, IMO. I thought that look suited her much better that the two stringy extensions she throws over her shoulders now. Sharon should've taught Cassie to be careful about chatting up strangers. Amanda could've been a serial killer for all Cassie knew. Why was it weird for Colleen to have a relationship with Brad, her father? Surely Ashley wasn't jealous of her niece. It's sad what they've done to the Chancellor mansion set. Today we got to see how big and rich in decorating detail it was. Pssht, AFAIC Jack should be thanking his lucky stars he never had a kid with that dumpster-diving skank. I mean, look how Summer turned out. πŸ˜’ Whoa, Eva Longoria had a bangin' body. Paul was looking at Isabella like he couldn't decide whether he'd need a fork or a spoon. So Neil was with Olivia. Where was Dru? Or had she hit town yet? Jackie was breaking my heart, begging Phyllis to marry him. I really think she was the love of his life though, poor guy. Good casting with Amanda. The actress did resemble Mac.
  9. Oops! Nevermind, my Flo hate popped up unexpectedly. 😏 Point taken. Steffy's the CEO though and that probably gives her some leeway. In her own mind, anyway. It was funny, and also surprising because I figured people in Gladys' line of work in the LA area would be bound by NDAs not to discuss their famous and/or wealthy clients.
  10. Sheila. Eh. Was Darla the prototype for Flo, hah, hah? Her crop top and booty shorts today didn't seem office or age appropriate to me, even for a fashion company. Brooke's hair was a darker blonde then. When did she go with the platinum tint? Wait, they thought Taylor was dead? Is that why she was staying in that cheap apartment? And whatever happened to the Jack Hamilton guy? I don't recall ever hearing Steffy or Thomas refer to him as their grandfather. Yeesh, after this stunt they should've have had Sheila's "corpse" cremated and the ashes dropped into a volcano. She has more lives than a cat.
  11. Oy, Steve might've gone kind of overboard with the spray tan. Whatever, Traci sure got the handsome guys. I think Cane actually would've been a come down for her. 😼 Geez, is there any woman in the Newman or Abbott families Brad didn't marry or date? If there ever was an STD outbreak he probably would've been Patient Zero. πŸ€• I didn't know the coffeehouse ever had live music. And people had to drive out to the ranch to audition. Sure, Sharon. πŸ˜‰ Nate called Malcolm "Dad"? What was that all about? Wasn't little Nate old enough to remember Nathan? David Tom's Billy. Meh. Guess his big sis got him the job. Kinda creepy given that Billy and Victoria eventually ended up a couple. So had Brad already been with Victoria by the time he started dating Nikki? He was so messy. Climbing the corporate ladder one well-placed vajayjay at a time. NE had a pharmaceutical division. Good grief. I'm amazed they didn't have car division too. What was Jill's deal with Mac at this time? Was it because Jill thought Mac and Billy were cousins or was it just Mac's magnetic personality? 😏 Back in the day there was a corner of the internet where posters referred to Olivia as "Black Barbie." Which I guess was actually in reference to the Christie doll, Mattel's attempt to seem woke before wokeness was a thing. Anyhoo, I was definitely getting a Mattel vibe from her today, lol. Nikki would've been in her mid-40s at this point, right? What was the problem with her wanting to have another kid? Other than the stealing Victor's sperm deposit part, anyway. 🐟
  12. Ditto comments upthread, DARLA's EARRINGS! My eyes! 😨😨😨😨 So who was that Clarke guy? Was he lowkey flamboyant? That shirt he had on was giving me a dancing queen vibe. Bet it was Gucci. Holey moley, another pair of huge WTF earrings on Felicia. Hmm, I don't recall the early 90s being an era of gigantic, goofy earrings. I would've been all over that trend because I've been collecting earrings for decades. Well, that was not a satisfactory catfight to me. AFAIC Stephanie should've ended up in the pool along with Sally. Maybe SF was considered too important by that point to do slapstick.
  13. My goodness, even Traci had that big hair. So Nikki was already a drunk. Yeah, marrying Victor multiple times can do that to you. (Going wackadoodle like Ashley and Sharon is also an option. πŸ™„) WHAT THE ACTUAL FCUK was Jill wearing? She looked like a 20th century court jester to me. Was she trying to upstage the bride? Aw, Dina looking wistfully at John with Jill fussing over him. Guess ya shouldna run out on him and the kids, Dina. What a pitiful wedding. Brad had no guests other than Victor, who for some reason was his best man. Huh? And Traci only had members of her family and their SOs. Hah, the minister got his little dig in about how little the marriage vows really mean to these people. Over on B&B they don't even bother to have a minister perform the ceremony anymore. They just use the resident toady, who's also their lawyer so he handles their subsequent divorces and annulments too. πŸ˜’ Well, that was quite a nice toast Victor made to the newlyweds. He even sounded sincere and not like he was doing them a favor by gracing them with his presence. Holy crap, Nikki was straight chugging that tumbler of vodka! Good thing Jack vamoosed her before she started taking off her clothes or doing something else drunkenly wild. 😯 Jack, you idiot. Nikki probably told the driver to take her to the closest bar instead of home. Did MO record her intro and outro on her cell phone? The sound was not good. I think they should've dubbed it over before they aired it. Could you name an example or two of when a prime time show has resorted to the doppelgΓ€nger plot? I can't think of any other than sci-fi, sitcoms, or nighttime soaps. TIA.
  14. I really liked that green leather coat Villanelle had on at the top of the episode. That was a fairly "normal" look for her. Apparently Helene has a death wish because when she said Villanelle would never be able to kill her I'm pretty sure the words "Challenge Accepted!" flashed in V's eyes. Helene is probably as good as dead already. That American golfer had a not great American accent IMO. It also didn't make sense to me why he took it upon himself to help them find their golf ball. What was in it for him? Surely he didn't think he stood a chance with V. Poor job killing Dasha though. Eve had to finish Villanelle's half-assed work. Oh, wait. Both Eve and Villanelle are failing at killing lately. ☹
  15. Lol, Issa got a free drink for busting her ass. Whee, that Lyft driver got all up in Issa and Lawrence's business. Issa wanted a quiet ride! Was TSA guy's girlfriend's name "Mazda"? Oh, I hope Issa wasn't deliberately trying to block Condola, though Condola looked questionable to me trying to get Lawrence to come over to "talk" late at night. I'm thinking that was a booty call trying not to look like a booty call. Did Issa have a spare set of clothes at Lawrence's apartment? I don't understand how she left the next morning in a different outfit. I guess maybe she bought the top at the art walk? Still got money on Condola being pregnant.
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