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  1. Maybe NuChance escaped from Westworld: That could explain the cowboy drawl he has now for some reason.🙄
  2. Well, CBS apparently pulled their collective heads out of their hineys and put the missing episode online on their site. You can watch it here. Brooke, Hope, Ridge, Liam, Steffy, Charlie, and that vat maintenance guy appear in this episode but I'll just cover the parts regarding Hope's confession: Ridge didn't hear "dead" as physically dead. He thought Hope was trash-talking Thomas. While Ridge was ranting at Hope and she was tearfully blubbering, Brooke stepped in and put a twist on it that Hope meant Thomas was figuratively dead to her now. As in the Thomas Hope used to know and agreed to marry is gone. Then she shifted it back on Ridge and said he was the only person who was still clinging to that old vision of Thomas. Ridge asked Hope if she slept with Thomas to get him to sign the co-custody papers. Hope told the story of how Thomas arranged the dinner at the office for him to sign the papers and noted that Douglas was also there. So, no sexsay times. Hope explained to Ridge that she didn't take Douglas from Thomas because the papers Thomas signed gave her shared custody not total custody. By the end, at Brooke's prompting, Hope had stopped confessing to killing Thomas but she kept making these double-meaning statements that in retrospect could make Ridge assume she did at least try to kill him. But Ridge decided that Thomas had disappeared because he was ashamed and embarrassed over having tried to trade custody of Douglas for sex with Hope. Sure, Ridge. Meanwhile, Thomas' car must still be parked in the FC lot. Why are Ridge and Steffy not questioning that instead of loading up Thomas' voicemail?
  3. Yeah, it looks like CBS dumped an episode instead of putting it on the CBS site. Here is one of the scenes that didn't get broadcast: I guess between Friday and today Brooke was able to hush Hope and steer the conversation away from Hope's blurted confession.
  4. Taylor said Thomas was doing well? HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH! Now there's a solid endorsement! So is this how it's going to be for Hope? Every few months she'll go bonkers over a matter she turned into a crisis because she wouldn't listen to anyone? Sigh. Ridge can miss me with his belated mea culpas re Thomas. Your being a poor parent only excuses your son's bad behavior in your own egotistical mind, Ridge. Plus, Taylor also gets a lot of the credit for how Tommy turned out. Both of your adult children think the rules/laws don't apply to them. HOPE IS NUCKING FUTZ AND THAT WAS A GHOST. That's my theory and I'm sticking to it, dagnabbit. Gah, Show. Whhhhyyy?
  5. Speaking of questionable dresses, WTF was Phyllis wearing? Something leftover from the Medium-Priced Call Girls Daywear Line 2018? Gee, PC4, there's this newfangled invention called the smartphone. You can use it to call or text people to arrange meetings. You don't have to wander around their workplace looking like you're lost. I love Mariah and Kyle's friendship. She cuts right through his b.s. and gives him the real talk. And sometimes he listens. Wow, Abby's acting kinda thirsty over there in PC4's direction. She was thisclose to inviting herself to tag along on his trip to the Maldives. His BUSINESS trip. Yeesh, calm down, Abby. He'll be back. "Crowded at the Chancellor house"? Whatchutalkinbout, doofus? That's the Chancellor Estate to you, fella. Oh wait, a couple of lowlifes have taken up residence there. Nevermind, you're best to stay away from whatever slightly criminal stuff they're likely to be up to. Heh, instead of actually showing Nate's hearing with the medical board (which would involve paying dayplayers) Amanda gives her big speech in the coffeehouse patio. Right. Are we supposed to be feeling sorry for Theo? Aw, suddenly becoming a part of a wealthy, elite family is such an ordeal. Boy, bye. PC4 is running a security audit on the Golfing Peanut's system right in the middle of the lobby. Where anyone with a cell phone could be capturing video of his laptop's screen. Yeah, that's real secure. AYFKMWTS? Lola is still whining about that pricey purse Kyle bought her? But wow, she declares that she's above it all now that she's married into the family. The Abbotts' filthy lucre won't taint her saintliness! Ugh. Oh Phyllis. If anyone should banish themself to another country it's you. The whole town would throw a party. And please tell me you aren't going to try to work a ransomware scheme on the hotel you partly own. Yawn. I liked Amanda's bag. An unusual color for fall/winter.
  6. I submit as evidence: The stripes on Chelsea's dress are thin like on the tiger, not thick like on the zebra. I'm still calling it tiger print despite Worn on TV's unusual iffiness on the matter. No biggie but the comment quoted with this post was misattributed to me. I was quoting someone else's post. Both Y&R and B&B did run live in my time zone today, and they were new episodes. Oy, CBS needs to get its act together on this because I think the way they're handling the preemptions will alienate soap viewers who can't watch online. The network can't afford to lose even more audience.
  7. Nope, it was a tiger print per Worn on TV. That's why there have been some references to Tony the Tiger upthread. Can we start poaching from DOOL yet? If so, I'd nominate Greg Vaughan. He's about the same age as DG and is foine. Not sure if he can do an Aussie accent though.😍
  8. Abby Donovan! Still iffy at accents! Blanks. You'd think a cop wouldn't have gotten fooled by that. Squid pro quo. Meh, not so funny right about now. Why would Wade automatically believe that recording by Adrian Veidt was made in 1985? It could've been made yesterday. So is the FBI woman a member of the Kavalry? I'm so confused. 😐
  9. Good grief, how much more has to happen before Brooke realizes that Hope needs professional help? It's just one insane drama after another with Hope. Why does she never listen when someone tries to talk sense to her before she marches into another sure disaster? "This one"? One what, Ridge? Ugh, this muthaeffer. But I don't know why Liam took it upon himself to inform Ridge and Steffy that Tom had signed the adoption papers. He had to know that conversation wasn't going to go well. So instead of Cliffhanger Friday we got Cliffhanger Monday? Thanks CBS! 😒
  10. Chelsea's Tony the Tiger print dress? Not grrreat! See Nick, your girlfriend is an unrepentant lowlife who hangs out with unrepentant lowlifes and she's going to attract other criminals into your life. The punani cannot be that good. It didn't take long for Adam to zero in on Sharon again. When did they mend fences? Whatever, poor Connor. All that moping just to get a play date with the 5-cent psychologist. FFS, Nick, Connor stiff-arms you every time he sees you. Give it up. You don't have to take both of Adam's kids. Everybody stand back! Cane resents the implication that he has a long history of being a solid liar! Oh, the humanity! His campaign slogan was "Pick Nick." I am unable to can. 🤐 No, Billy, your therapist wasn't saying you've been sabotaging yourself. She's saying you were, are, and forever will be a self-entitled jerk. How's that for an epiphany? So if Cane is actually working with Colin on the will scam, PC4 just tipped him off on how long Colin has to get out of the Maldives. Good job, secret agent man!
  11. Sugar babies aren't known for being picky. Ted might not have the disposable funds to make that work though.
  12. Those women in those video intros were actually actresses, right? They were pretending to be "regular" women who just happened into porn, right? Is that a thing in porn? It sure seemed to suck Eve in. Brendan's dad is a straight a-hole. He literally did the least for that parents' weekend. Well, other than just not showing up at all but he had to try to upstage Eve. "You don't need me to love you so much because I know you'll be able to get by without it." Ugh, almost makes you want to feel sorry for Brendan. Almost. So did Brendan's stepmother insist on coming along on the parents weekend because she didn't trust Ted around all those young college girls? If she's the one who broke up his marriage to Eve (or at least helped) then I can understand her not trusting him. The way you get 'em is the way you lose 'em.
  13. That opening was perfect. Great refresher. TMW the catch of the day is a decapitated head in a bowling bag. Poor Terry, starting to hallucinate as his illness takes over. Forget about about dead hookers or live boys, now it's blowjobs while an apparent live boy is watching. Ray is next-level on the tradecraft. So instead of tripping out from natural causes, Terry's going the drug-induced way? With some kind of cult? Okay. I'm sure if there's a way to escape a full-speed collusion with a gas tanker, Mickey will find it. But his supposed death leaves the Donovans et al in a worse bind. Oy. Terry's still got it, baby! 🙄 That's my guess. It seems to be a small fad on TV right now. This is probably the third or fourth show I've seen it used as a plot device on this year.
  14. Is it known for sure yet whether the show is cancelled or not?
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