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  1. Hope really seems to like this look with short dresses and cowboy boots. Is that a thing now? Aw geez, now Finn's gonna be hanging around FC every day? ๐Ÿ™„ Shut up, Wyatt. Just shut up. AFAIC Flo's little fee-fees don't amount to much compared to Hope having to live for the better part of a year thinking her baby was dead. The Logans are entitled to shut Flo out for as long as they want. Okay, so now Miss Flo is conducting meetings at SP. WTAF? LA is full of bars, coffeehouses, parks, tar pits, back alleys. Flo and Shauna could have met at any of those places instead acting entitled to use Bill Spencer's office space. In what world does a kidney = permanent get-out-of-Logan-jail-free card? What kind of person is so callously transactional with their body parts? Oh yeah, Flo is. ๐Ÿคจ "I promise you. I promise you. You will alway come first." Eh, Liam, I'm betting all coming options are entirely closed to you at the moment. Hope's having none of that. She knows where it's been. ๐Ÿคฎ I really don't understand how someone can "feel" who their baby's father is. What a goofy way to redeem Steffy, IMO. Well, if Vinny swapped out Finn's DNA sample for someone else's he can honestly say the test is accurate to extent that results don't indicate a match. I'm hoping he didn't do that though. Let it just be a random mistake.
  2. Vinny's last name is Walker. He and Finn may related but it doesn't appear they're both Finnegans. Say what now? That makes it sound to me like Carter is a cocker spaniel or something. Whoever writes those spoilers must not think much of him either.
  3. Why did Rey act like he didn't know Faith was going to stay with Nick for a while? Just a couple of days ago Nick told him while they were also sitting at the Society bar. Rey accused Nick of being another of Sharon's interfering exes. Hello? Continuity person? ๐Ÿค” Apparently Phyllis is really, really, really into velvet dresses now. Today's was the third one she's worn in a week. OMG, Jack was looking so suave and debonair when he showed up to meet Sally for their date. Nobody wears a suit and topcoat better than he does. He better watch his step though getting in between Red 1.0 and Red 2.0. That would not be a delicious sandwich for him. Guess Adam isn't familiar with the saying about taking a leak on someone's leg and then trying to tell them it's raining. But I don't blame him for being annoyed how Chloe thinks she can just drop in at any time, unannounced. Rude. ๐Ÿ˜‘ So now you think it's Rey's task to shut Adam down once and for all, Nick? Something that no one in the entire Newman family has managed to accomplish? Sure. I'm curious to know what kind of car Sally bought. Sounds like it was fancy enough to impress Jack and I don't see how she could afford the level of car he must drive. Phyllis giving Nick advice on how to raise Faith. And him actually taking her advice. KMN. Interesting how she keeps diverting his attention from Adam. I thought Phyllis and Adam were on the outs? It's Christmas in February! Red was turning a complementary shade of green during her rant about Sally. ๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ… A meal at a bed and breakfast outside of town. I see you, Jackie. That's gonna turn into a sleepover, right? Sally dissembled nicely though when he balked at calling it a date. The real reason Sharon hasn't been able to let go of Adam? Rey, you might not want to know the answer to that. ๐Ÿ†๐Ÿฅ’๐ŸŒ๐Ÿคช Wait, what? Sally mentioned the GCAC! I figured that place must've been condemned or something. ๐Ÿค— But why was she making eyes at Nick? Oh girl, you definitely don't want to get into that mess. He and Phyllis are each other's dumpster. Better watch out, Sally. Phyllis will probably have your new room bugged. You're going down, Adam. Chloe and Kevin are about to enter the game on Chelsea's behalf and those two psychos have no limits. This could get interesting.
  4. Absolutely. I wonder what's changed bts because I noted about a month ago when they had a moment together how unusual it was. Seems to me like EB and MS as Victor and Phyllis have been keeping a wide berth from each other since even before the time when GT was playing Phyllis and the whole Marco thing. Oh my, those head bumps can be dangerous when you're watching soaps. Dr. Joi prescribes this: Usually only one dose is required but repeat as necessary. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Yes, she's been going with the side part or sweep a lot more lately. I also think it looks better that way. IMO the center part really ages her since she's been wearing it like that for so long. Only LLB/Christine still manages to pull off that look for some reason. (I do think her hair is thicker than SC's, or she's wearing extensions.)
  5. I think in the B&B universe they aren't considered designer clothes they're just knockoffs from a big box store. Or, Wyatt is buying them for her. Or, she's still spending that $50K Reese Buckingham gave her to keep her mouth shut about Phoebeth's kidnapping. Please to be explaining? What happened in 2012? Right? I don't get why they didn't take a sample from Liam unless the writers just wanted it to be a bigger surprise when Liam turns out to be the father. But come on, is anyone really going to be surprised? Meanwhile, it's still ridiculous to me that they all just took Steffy's word for it that she hadn't slept with anyone except Finn and Liam. I am waiting for day when someone tells Finn about his girlfriend and all the Spencer men she's been with.
  6. Why is felonious Flo in Wyatt's office again? Is this an LA thing, where unemployed people just hang around their friends' or relatives' workplaces every day like they don't have anything else better to do? Guess it worked out for Paris though. Good grief, they're still trying to redeem Flo. That ship has sailed and sunk like the Titanic, Bradley. Most of us are not buying it and never will. Flo does not garner sympathy or deserve forgiveness. So does all of FC know about Hope, Liam, and Steffy's situation? I was surprised Paris was in on that conversation with Hope and Katie. Can you imagine working somewhere where the CEO is having a baby by the husband of the director of one of fashion lines? And it's partially because the CEO's brother--another member of the company's owning family--went cuckoo for cocoa puffs over a mannequin? How do the FC employees get any work done with so much gossip fodder in their faces? I'm so tired of Steffy saying she was sure the baby was Finn's. And they all need to stop saying they wish Finn had been the father. The kid will internalize that crap and feel unwanted or that they're responsible for mess their parents made. I read an interesting theory elsewhere that Flo is emotionally stuck in high school and that's why she can't seem to dress like an adult. Wonder if Wyatt will ever marry her and if she'll then start dressing more appropriately.
  7. Sure, just what Faith needs, a spa day at her dad's eff buddy's hotel. It's the dream of every teen girl, particularly the troubled ones. ๐Ÿ™„ Thank you, Show. It was as if you read my mind. Abby's dialgue was perfect IMO and I'm glad there was some thought put into it. I want to think that Bill Bell and Agnes Nixon are somewhere together smiling. Rey shouldn't be talking to Adam, Sharon? You're lucky Rey hasn't kicked Adam's behind into the next county. Amanda graduated from Yale Law. Did we know that before today? Huh, she's kind of slumming, working for ChancComm. ๐Ÿ˜‘ Naya said of Amanda that she's never been prouder of anyone in her life. She better not let Imani hear her say that. Imani the jealous and insecure younger sis would probably send a hit squad after Amanda. Okay, I guess I'll begrudgingly accept Devon as Abby's sperm donor but I do think they're being too optimistic about the potential problems. I think a kid in the middle of those four families is going to wonder one day which way to turn. It'll be non-stop drama as their loyalties are pulled in multiple directions. The racial stuff will just be a thin layer of icing on the four-layer Abbott-Chancellor-Hamilton/Winters-Newman fruitcake. Oh Amanda, Naya can't change the way your life turned out, for better or for worse. You see what kind of person she is. Stop wishing she'd been different because it appears she would never have acknowledged you and Hilary under any circumstances.๐Ÿ˜’ It be interesting if Faith has DID and she's been sending the texts to herself. It's probably bad influence Jordan though. But surely Jordan has an agenda we haven't been clued in on yet. Summer was immature and misguided when she literally bullied a kid to near death? Nah, Phyllis, Summer was emulating you and being a C U Next Tuesday-in-training. But you can't sympathize with the victim when your daughter is the offender, huh? Ugh. Wonder if another reason TPTB dumped Chance is because they didn't think he'd be believable in this storyline? Maybe it was easier just to have Abby declare that Chance would be fine with the scenario of their child having a Black bio-father. Re the previews: on their first date Jack and Sally are already having a DTR conversation? Ehhhh. Proceed with caution, Jack. ๐Ÿ™
  8. Ruby pre-softening Dre's ice cream pints between her thighs. OMG. I'll never be able to eat ice cream again without that horrible imagery popping into my head. The Black Pretty Woman Challenge. Is that really a thing? Seems to me pulling stunts like that would be dangerous these days. Wow, Bow was hella presumptuous. I think she was lucky Olivia's mom didn't cuss her out. Diane has a booby-trapped bug-out bag. Because of course she does. Interesting how Dre and Junior are mama's boys while no seems worried about Devante at all. He's probably going to grow up to be an astronaut or something and they'll all be shocked to see him on TV broadcasting from Mars. "No, I thought you were watching him. How'd he get all the way to Mars on his own?" That was a great tribute to Jenifer Lewis. I think they should do one for Laurence Fishburne too.
  9. If they're ready to redeem Thomas once and for all, sure. Otherwise, I don't see Thomas throwing Vinny under the bus like that. Just mentioning Vinny's name will likely get Vinny in some trouble at work, or at least investigated. I'm thinking Thomas maybe should find a way to cast suspicion on the paternity test without mentioning Vinny's name and without inadvertently incriminating himself. I seem to recall Liam pouring drinks for both of them but I don't remember if she actually drank any. ETA: Went back and watched the episode. Steffy was definitely drinking but she wasn't guzzling like Liam was. He was clearly getting drunk while she was probably only getting a slight buzz:
  10. I hope they can find a way to reboot the TV series though a movie would be okay in the interim. They probably need to move away from the east coast though. I'd like for them to go back to LA but maybe Liev feels like there's no more stories there.
  11. Steffy. Pssht, you say you and Liam wish you had done things differently. What, reverse cowgirl instead missionary? FOH. ๐Ÿ˜‘ Wow, Liam's already getting snotty with Finn over the situation with Steffy. This guy. But he knows he's permanently in Steffy's life via their kid(s). Finn may end up just being Mr. Right Now instead of Mr. Right. I really don't understand what Hope is trying to accomplish with Steffy. Steffy can't be shamed because she doesn't see the point, and there's nothing that can be said to change reality. What's done is done. The child should've been your's Finn? Do you own Steffy's body? You guys aren't even engaged. And it's not as if your swimmers could've stood guard at Steffy's cervix to keep all interlopers out. Finn's been doing a lot of traveling in one day. To FC, then to SP, and then back to FC. Sure hope his car gets good gas mileage, lol. Or maybe he drives a Tesla like Liam. ๐Ÿค” And again, there's Hope discussing her marriage with or in front of Thomas. Ugh, she never seems to be able to smell her own sh!t. If Vinny's smart he won't admit to anything wrt the paternity test. Thomas will be better off having plausible deniability if the truth comes out. And he wouldn't be able rat out Vinny.
  12. At this point Nick and Rey ought to be thinking about having Sharon committed again. She's not just being destructive to her own life but also to that of her children and her husband. If she keeps going the way she is she'll let Adam destroy almost everything she cares about. And for what? Won't happen again? Right, Adam. Until the next time. ๐Ÿคจ Meanwhile, Sharon, the problem isn't that someone took the photo of you kissing Adam, it's that you were kissing Adam at all. In public no less. Are you losing what's left of your feeble mind? Stop deflecting. ๐Ÿคจ I thought Lily's hair looked lovely today. Gee, Devon, maybe the time to discuss being Abby's sperm donor with Lily was before you offered it to Abby. I'm thinking you should probably talk to your other sister Ana and cousin Nate too. They might feel some type of way about your giving a relative of theirs to the Abbott Newman Chancellors like some kind of perpetual Christmas present. Eh, Rey, Adam didn't assault Sharon. Don't put your job at risk for that. Besides, trying to charge him would be a sure way to get Sharon to side with him against you. Not for a second do I believe someone would name their company Cyaxares. IMO it's pompous and intellectually condescending. And it doesn't exactly roll easily off the average tongue. Guess one of writers must've been an ancient history major. Magna cum AYFKMWTS. Dang, Billy throwing all the shade right at Victoria's face. You're just daddy's puppet at NE, Vic, and it's gotta burn to have Billy tell you that. Womp womp. ๐Ÿ˜ If Faith moves over to Nick's that'll be one less person around the cabin when Adam wants to drop in any old time. Pretty sure I saw Sharon lowkey do that calculation while Nick was talking to her. ๐Ÿค” Devon, you are so full of it. It's not up to you to be Abby and Chance's savior. Your being their sperm donor has at least 18 or so years of messiness written all over it. (And did we miss a scene where Abby agreed to accept Devon's offer?) Ease up, Rey! Nick is Faith's father. He's not interfering if he's parenting his troubled child in Sharon's effective absence. OMG, AFAIC someone needs to drive a steamroller over Sharon's house with Sharon and Adam in it. Declare it a toxic site and salt the earth left behind. Sheesh, I am not getting a star-crossed lovers vibe from them at all and I sure hope that's not what the MWTs are going for. ๐Ÿ˜’ I'm thinking what would be great is if Chelsea would find a way to kill Adam while everyone thinks she's still paralyzed. Odds are though she'd decide to kill Sharon instead.
  13. $Bill over there looking all kinds of zaddy. ๐Ÿ˜› It's still so weird to me to see people making these heartfelt declarations of love and commitment while they're standing yards away from each other. Sigh. Hope, you've known Steffy for years. Have you ever managed to get the truth out of her about Liam? Right now she's mostly saying what Finn wants to hear. You know she'd take Liam back in a hot second if Liam asked. Whoa, Ridge looked at Vinny like, "Why are you still here talking this b.s. to my son? You need some help finding the door, fella?" Vinny better watch his step, especially if it comes out that he was involved in messing with those paternity test results. Hee, Finn gave Bill a look like, "I ain't scared of you, old man. I'll kick Liam's a$$ and yours too." I'm guessing Finn doesn't know ALL the Spencer men have taken his beloved for a ride. Ruh roh, looks like Thomas has figured out what Vinny did wrt the paternity test. Moment of truth, Tom! Do the right thing.๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ˜‡
  14. "I own the place." Gee, who pissed in Victor's Imperious Frosted Flakes this morning? Did Summer forget to put on her bra today or was it extremely cold in the Jabot building? Her nips were at full attention. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Meanwhile, hope Kyle remembers to erase his browser history before Summer starts getting suspicious. Oh Victor. When are you going to grow up? Billy is living rent-free inside your head and throwing 24-hour foam parties. Buying a company just to get revenge? Feh, let Adam handle his own battles. Guess the as yet unseen Ashland Locke is about to be jumped into the GC doings a big way, what with ChancComm and NE engaged in a bidding war (and other assorted dirty tricks, probably) for his media company. Wonder if Bill Spencer will get in on that action too, now that CBS Daytime is all about the crossovers? Funny how these old broads (๐Ÿ˜) are so threatened by nubile young Sally. Phyllis, Gloria. Has Jill weighed in yet? For a minute there I wondered if Lily and Billy were planning to go to an eatery called Enchiladas. There's actually a small restaurant chain called Aunt Chiladas and that would've been interesting product placement. TMW your overeager girlfriend wants you to come with on her business trip and you're having a hard time making excuses not to. The lies and half-truths are piling up, Kyle. You ready for the avalanche of trouble coming your way when the pile gets too high? Lol, why did Gloria make a point of letting Sally know she and Jack used to be FWBs? That's probably not something she should be bragging about since Jack makes it very clear he was only in it for the nookie. Victoria needs help. She keeps coming at Billy sideways and he keeps not being much fazed. Until this media company thing anyway. That's just business being made personal for no real reason IMO. And there it is. Jack sees Sally as a younger version of Phyllis. Oy. Sally, let me give you four words of advice: stay away from Billy. Gotta say, I thought Sally's hair looked fabulous today. The chignon is a classy look for her. Seems to me like Kyle could just hire a PI to go get a picture of the kid. And a few strands of hair too, for a DNA test. He's going to be putting himself in the line of fire if Tara Locke's husband catches a whiff of who he is and why he's snooping around. Summer, girl, bye. You are not going to be sizing up $Bill Spencer. He's already got your number, and your daddy's, and your granddaddy's. Fall back, sweetie, if you know what's good for you. Jack and Sally on an official date. Ehhhhhh. ๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜ 
  15. Doesn't Thomas know? He was always delivering those flowers and gifts from Vinny to Steffy's house and he was always on his phone nearby when she opened them. Seemed like maybe he and Vinny were working together to get Steffy addicted. Sometimes I get the impression Vinny doesn't really think much of Steffy. As much as dislike Liam, I wouldn't wish Flo even on him. It wouldn't surprise me though if the show eventually went there since Liam and Wyatt like to take each other's sloppy seconds. It probably won't be for a while though because the writers are putting in a lot of effort to make it look like Liam is dedicated to Hope. The guy is taking begging and apologizing to the next level.
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