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  1. Looked like Liam had been working out. For the wedding or for the honeymoon, lol? It's laughable what a bad liar Ryan the stripper is. Almost as if he wanted Sammy to know he was lying. Huh, I expected a much more stylish gown on Fallon. It was kind of plain IMO. Guess she was going for simple elegance. Sigh, Sam, you fell for it. Ryan is very likely running a long con and you've been reeled in like a largemouth bass. Just business, Blake. 😏 Really liking the new and improved Culhane. Evan, no! (Kind of unfortunate timing IMO for them to have made the Asian guy th
  2. What was Powell up to introducing the Vanderbilt woman to Bumpy's wife? What was in it for him to stir up that potential hornet's nest? "...a smart guy for a colored." Was that supposed to be a compliment, Bonanno? "...between your husband and I." Yeesh, you'd think a Vanderbilt would have better grammar. Bumpy should've known that push comes to shove the Italians would stick together over all else, especially against a Black man. Until they turned on each other, anyway. Vincent was quite an outlier, at least in the show's universe. Ehh, not sure this is the show that shoul
  3. Ditto comments upthread, I'm surprised and dismayed by the cancellation. Guess they ran out of ideas and/or they didn't want to move the show forward to the 90s.
  4. I cannot believe these people were apologizing to Zoe. Zoe won't let it go unless they shut her down forcefully and bluntly. Carter has been a free agent for weeks even if Zoe has refused to accept it. Nobody should be acting guilty or entertaining Zoe's delusions. Oh please, it's not like Zoe walked in and caught Carter mid-stroke. Carter, you didn't hurt Zoe. Shut up with the false equivalence. What she did while she was engaged to you and claiming to love you was a betrayal. Your sleeping with another woman after you had broken up with Zoe was not. You owed her nothing, and certa
  5. Odd that Adam was already allowed to go home to his place where he'd be recuperating alone. Oh, apparently a bit of time has passed if Faith is getting out of the hospital too. Ugh, I hate to say it but Jack and Phyllis still look good together, dagnabbit. She still doesn't deserve him AFAIC. Meanwhile, hey, it's Sally! So she didn't fall off the face of the Earth. For keeps. Kyle and Summer? It is to laugh. Hysterically until you puke your guts out. 🤮 But Nick, Sharon has cheated on Rey, emotionally if not physically. Guess you loophole-friendly Newmans only consider PIV a
  6. I'm surprised Teresa was willing to meet out in the open like that. They had to know she'd be a sitting duck for a potential attack. Selling a property without the roadway to access is one if the oldest tricks in the book. Kelly Anne failed hard on doing her due diligence. George must have had ice water in his veins. Nutbag Boaz was practically spinning him in circles. I'd already thought that takedown of the Haitians was a ruse, but with Boaz hoping George would be caught in the crossfire and end up dead. Then his hands would be clean as far as Teresa was concerned. James has r
  7. My bad, TK was an official NHL blogger for the Red Wings, not an announcer. Too hasty googling on my part initially. Also, re the Detroit thing, someone on another soap forum posted that the name Ridge said as the model Carter might've been dating was actually the name of LSV's wife. Allegedly she's from Detroit so the reference was indeed an inside joke. Kinda tricky though since I doubt most viewers got the connection, and unfortunately many thought mentioning Detroit was something negative.
  8. When I first saw that big chessboard floor with Victor and Adam all I could think of was Tom Petty: Please, whichever MWTs wrote today's show, go away and don't come around here no more with this pseudointellectual garbage. Wonder why Jack didn't visit Adam's dream? He's been Adam's one constant friend throughout all the good times and bad. Meh, Adam, the last thing Rey wants is you still meddling in his relationship with Sharon, even with good intentions. Do different. Best thing MG probably did for his career was get involved with SC. She's got the clout to keep
  9. Oh Brooke, the karma bus will be coming for you. Geez, enough with the working Eric to dump Quinn. And stay out of Carter's business too. Why don't you go back to meddling in Hope and Liam's relationship? 😑 Whoa, I was not expecting Shauna to tell that huge lie for Quinn. And Carter just stood there with his mouth hanging open. FFS, I guess the only person in the room with any balls was Shauna. Shauna serving the real talk to Zoe. Yes! But someone needed to tell her in no uncertain terms to shut it already. No one owes her any explanations. She chose to risk making a fool of herself
  10. Cassius X? I never heard that before. Was that really ever a thing? Oy, looks like Stella's gonna kill a made guy. That'll get Vincent in some hot water. I am not mad at her though. She's not insane just because she loved a Black man. The Godfather of Harlem meets The Deuce and walks away defeated. But maybe the porn Vincent's guys were trying to film was supposed to look cheap and amateurish. Yikes, that cop who accosted Bumpy in front of his daughter was asking to be killed, or worse. But I guess this show wasn't going to go there given things happening IRL now. Whoa, Mal
  11. TK was born in Germany but at some point moved to the US. He went to graduate school at Wayne State in Detroit, which is when and where he became a Red Wings fan. He's really tight with the team and has done announcing for some of their games.
  12. I don't where the actor playing the girlfriend's athlete client was from but his attempt at an American accent was pathetic. It hurt my ears. Guess that's why they had Iris using that dreadful British accent as an attempted distraction. Heh, Iris' job just got a little messy with clients crossing paths. Wonder if that ever happens IRL and how the working girl would handle it. The producers must think a large portion of the audience is comprised of computer and gaming geeks. Hence all the techspeak and relatively sterile staging of the scenes. The viewers on reddit at least (who I'm g
  13. The only reason I fell back on calling that Detroit business out yesterday was because I remembered that TK (Ridge) is a big Red Wings fan from way back, even during his AMC days. I figured/hoped he ad libbed that part as some kind of inside joke.
  14. Well, at least it's not Billy this time. MG's gunning hard for that Daytime Emmy apparently. 🙄
  15. Yeah, it's interesting how, in the episodes LSV wrote, Carter had personal agency, was clear-eyed, and acted with strength and purpose. The rest of the time he's written more like a simp who's a willing victim of people who want to use him, like the Forresters or Zoe. Yesterday I think Carter was back to looking like a deer caught in the headlights, not sure from which direction the hit was coming. Quite a noticeable difference. Maybe the writers could find some kind of middle ground with Carter since Quarter has proven to be such a sensation. People like seeing Carter with some real swag
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