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  1. Frankie was wearing shoes around her neck. Why? All Nick needed to do was plead guilty and pay the fine, then throw a lot of cash at a presidential candidate. If his guy gets elected then he can request a pardon. Might help if he knows where some of the guy's bodies are buried. How much could a Sacagawea coin be worth? Surely not $30k. Something about that doesn't make sense. This must've been one of Ed Asner's last roles. I didn't realize how relatively frail he'd gotten.
  2. These people are all awful. How are they friends? I mean, I get in the context of the show how and why their lives are intertwined. But, other than that I don't see how they can stand to be around each other since there's so much comtempt flowing between them.
  3. Really don't get Mallory's makeup for the office. She almost looks kabuki-esque to me. OMG, Grace in Frankie's clothes. I thought she looked like she was going to a Halloween party as a homeless person.
  4. So this show opted to pretend the pandemic wasn't happening. There was a lot of interesting distancing between the characters and use of forced perspective though. (And, yes, I know the first four episodes were supposedly filmed before the lockdowns but it looked to me some precautions were being taken in positioning the actors.)
  5. The whole "I'm you" thing was giving me a headache. "You're far too generous with your commas." This would be the last show where I expected to see snark about the Oxford comma. So if Isabel is going to remain in the past does she lose her current memories because that seems like an unfair advantage for her to have. There are so many ways she could alter the future, especially with investments and betting. Or she could do it by accident. It was an eye-opener for sure. I think I would've been more shocked if I hadn't already heard the line about reading something with one hand
  6. Yeah but things have a way of getting out, especially scandalous things.
  7. Congenital heart defect. So that's the lie Nicole's parents chose to tell the world. Hmmm. Guess they paid off the hospital where she was taken? Wow, Raq straight up murdered Julia's abusive husband. Wonder how that'll play out for Julia? And that's how Howard is going to get Kanan's bone marrow. Blackmail over the blue caps. Or worse. Surprising Nicole's parents didn't have a security system. Or maybe home security systems weren't widely available then? Raq dumping Marvin could turn into a huge mistake. He goes off half-cocked at the drop. Toni's office is bugged and
  8. Scully's the biggest ball in the sack in Brazil. Norm's name is Norm? Heist spy Cheddar. Needlepoint of a severed arm. Answer your butt! Speak directly into your butt! Meh, surprise reveal. When you're flexing so hard you pronounce Salmon P. Chase's first name like the fish. Biscuit and Cheddar should get together and have little Cheddar Biscuits. 😉 Pimento! His hair was glorious. Fancy Bedste Venners! Amy Mission Impossibled Jake. Read the room, Caroline Saint-Jacques Renard. Gah. NINE-NINE! This was one of the best show finales
  9. I was curious about that and did some research because I thought it would be unusual for YR to have two eventful things like that tied together and it never be mentioned later. According to various sources Faith was born on September 30 and Colleen died on October 5. Colleen had drowned and had been a coma. She was eventually declared brain dead and was removed from life support. So Colleen was hovering around death when Faith arrived but she wasn't quite there yet. Bringing this back to Brad--Colleen's father--I'd really like Traci to say something lowkey snarky to Abby about her not inc
  10. Ashley had breast cancer and didn't think she'd survive. She made a confession video telling Abby who her real father was but Abby wasn't supposed to see it until she was much older. Abby either overheard Ashley making the tape or she watched the video later on her own, I don't remember. Eventually Abby spilled the beans to Victor what she had heard. Tessa will probably realize that the baby Mariah wants would be a consolation prize for her "loss" of Bowie. She might be against the idea for that reason or simply because it's too soon for Mariah to be getting pregnant again. Either way,
  11. So are we to assume the last time a baby was christened on this show is when Nick was born? Yikes. Wow, they're already fudging on the Tater story. Chance didn't so much as agree on Devon and Mariah's roles in the surrogacy as he wasn't told until it was a fait accompli. At that point it didn't really matter whether he was okay with it or not. 😐 Despite all those lines he had, Day Player Minister didn't get a name, or at least the closed captioning didn't show one. Hmm. So is there household staff at the Chancellor mansion? Wonder who cleaned up the broken glass when Mariah drop
  12. Prosper's daughter was unexpected, to me anyway. (For a second I thought the actress was Rashida Jones.) Now I'm extra curious about who Billie's mother is. Why was a discussion about Charley's political future in Louisiana being discussed in California? The political landscapes couldn't be more different, though it's probably accurate that the DNC is trying to figure out how to flip state legislatures in red states. RA with a little baby girl? OMG he will spoil that sweet child rotten. (And ditto comments upthread, there may have been some foreshadowing of trouble during the deliver
  13. Not me. I thought the hairdo made it worse. She looked to me like she was going to bring a tray of homemade brownies to the local suburban key party in 1975. If Sharon plans to disrespect her marriage and husband to compete with Sally, I think she better up her game. A lot. Right now she's coming across more like Adam's mom while Sally decidedly is not.
  14. It's funny how people treat Lily's office like a public meeting space and she just lets them. Why is Sharon still wearing that beauty pageant dress? All it's missing is a sash that says "Ms. Genoa City Crazypants 2021." 🙄 Ashland: Billy, you definitely do not want me for an enemy. Billy: oh really? Who are you? Ashland: I'm Batman. Lol, what was with Ashland's voice when he was having his confrontation with Billy? It went from Bruce Wayne to the Dark Knight in a blink. 🦇 Poor Connor. He's going to be so effed up when he's old enough to find out the whole dirty history b
  15. When did VCRs ever cost $800? Certainly not in the mid-80s. Were those Betamaxes? Aw, Deran hates gentrification, at least when it happens to him. But doing everything legit? No, he must've forgotten about the booze he stole from the other bar. Uh oh, Smurf already told Max to stay away from her kids. Now he's going to die. That ending tho. I haven't been surprised like that by this show in a long time.
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