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  1. Aw, classic looks come and go in an almost predictable cycle, including cape coats. AFAIC true style transcends trendy bandwagons. But yeah, I was shocked to see Mary of all people wearing something so sophisticated. Lauren must've given it to her as a birthday or Christmas present, hah, hah.
  2. Hey, Thomas! How you doin', boo? We might have to talk about the messy facial hair though. Could you consider trimming it back a bit? Oh, so we didn't get enough of Katie's act wrt the Sally unmasking yesterday? It had to continue today? Thanks a lot, show. 😝 And now Flo is talking like she and Katie are besties. Girl, bye. Get off the planet, please. Seems to me the least they could do is make Darin Brooks' sideburns look like those of the guy standing in for him in the kissing scenes. 😼 Um, Flo? Wyatt has screwed several women on on that couch. Probaby including your new BFF. Just saying. ☹
  3. Whoa, what Daniel was that? Ehhhhh. He looked like your basic mall rat to me. Hair straightening project. That might not go over so well today as a storyline. Whatever, Dru looked fabulous. IMO she and Damon would've made a striking couple but apparently the show never really pursued a pairing for them for some reason. Nikki and Sharon have a long history of getting rid of dead bodies together it seems. Whee! Phyllis had some major bags under her eyes today. Hope that was intentional. So how did Brittany's face get damaged? She should've just made herself a Phantom of the Opera-style mask and used it as her gimmick. I will never understand how Phyllis always starts swinging her dick at Christine. Christine knows Phyllis tried to kill her.😒 Ew, it really shouldn't be so easy to traipse around in sewers and drainage tunnels like they were doing in this episode. Seems like that could be dangerous on several fronts. Get a grip, Damon. Screwing your boss' wife is never going to be a good career move unless he's into cuckolding. Jack isn't. 😑 Christine had a great apartment. Fantastic set decoration. I think the show lost a lot when they had to start cutting back on the sets. Everything looks so small and comparatively cheap now, and it seems like half the characters live at the Genuflecting Porcupine in basically the same room.
  4. Cattle rustling. If watching old westerns has taught me nothing else, that's bad business and that's how you could get dead if you're caught. Lol, Beth asking John for her own hand in marriage. Hilarious. To all the people who guessed a while back that Jamie wasn't a "real" Dutton, congratulations. Yeah, Jimmy's girlfriend has to be up to something. She's trying really hard to distract Rip now and her pal has already done a number on Lloyd. Both women spending nights in the bunk house could become problematic. "I stay dirty." Dutton family motto right there. 🤗 Lassoing someone while they're driving and you're riding a horse. Okay, is that actually possible? The truck must've been creeping along and they sped up the video for the show. Brutal to find out at Jamie's age that he's adopted. Wonder if Beth and Kayce know? Seems to me Beth wouldn't have been able to resist throwing that at Jamie at some point, given how much she hates him. (There's speculation out there that Jamie's mother was John's sister, but maybe it was John's wife's sister. That way Jamie is definitely not a Dutton.) A guy tricking his wife into adopting his kid by a woman he cheated on her with is fairly common daytime soap opera plotline. I'd be surprised if this show used it. That said, I have thought maybe John's wife got pregnant from an affair or she'd gotten raped. Something must explain John's harsh attitude toward Jamie.
  5. With all the dirt on her, I don't see how Kerissa thought she could demand sole custody. But then again, the custody judges tend to favor the mother, don't they? I like Phil's father. He don't take no stuff, even from the holier than thou Greenleafs. Deep background. Yusef talks like he's an ex-spy or something instead of a former Black Panther I am amazed Kerissa was willing to give up living on the estate. Without Jacob she'll likely find her social stock decreasing significantly. That was a great scene with drunken Gigi, Charity, and Jacob. And yeah, Gigi's light skin should've long been something Charity and Jacob wondered about, especially since they're both dark-skinned. Darius is probably dead. These H&H people aren't playing.
  6. Wyatt has to be one of the most un-self-aware people on this show. His stance with Sally is baffling to me. I guess Flo must put it on him something fierce. Or not. (And come on, clearly Sally has a better body. 😼) Whatever, after the way he was going on about how Saint Flo was the only woman for him and he'll be with her for the rest of his life, I'm hoping that means they're going to break up within the next year and it's going to be spectacular. And I hope she'll be the one to dump him, though I won't be looking forward to how sanctimonious she'll be about it. Ugh.
  7. Bet they'll do a movie or TV miniseries together now. That would be amazing.
  8. Seems kind of soon for Steffy to be leaving the hospital, especially given the amount of pain she's still in. She can barely move. (But she seems to have been okay enough to fix her hair and put on some light makeup, hah, hah.) Looks like they used some old footage of Wyatt and Flo having teh secksay times. Bleh. Oh shut up, Wyatt. You're always determined to be the victim, aren't you? "You called me Liam? How dare you hurt me like that! Get out!" "You kidnapped my niece and didn't even tell me? How dare you hurt me like that! Get out!" FOHWTBS. You shut up, too, Katie. If you weren't such a busybody Sally likely wouldn't have been able pull off her scheme. BTW, aren't you the one who faked a heart attack to stop a wedding? Hmm, what's that saying about people throwing stones inside their glass houses? 😒 SELFLESS?????!!!! Wyatt and Flo?????!!!! What is this world?!!!!???!!! Hope Katie had a bottle of mouthwash in her bag. That was quite a tongue bath she gave those two walking pieces of 💩💩💩💩💩💩. And then Wyatt gave Flo even more tongue bathing after Katie left. KMN! Seriously, Bradley, nobody's buying it except maybe the handful of Flo fans. Repeating something over and over doesn't magically make it become true. I'm liking these theories here and elsewhere that Liam and Hope will end up suing for temporary custody of Kelly. Steffy will probably drop Kelly (off-camera) because of her pain and they'll decide Kelly isn't safe alone with her while she's still healing. That will likely provoke Steffy's overuse of painkillers. 🤔
  9. Meh, Sheila. Now there's a character who wore out her welcome, IMO. And I can't stand the actress either. For reasons. 😑 Lauren was calling him MySon back then too? 🤗 I don't how to feel about Dru's hair. I hope VR was okay with it at the time. Did Sheila's mommy have a stroke or something? What caused her difficulty speaking and using scissors? As soon as that handyman came in the cabin I thought, "Sigh, mister, you're as good as dead now." That was not the Nathan I preferred. I liked Nathan Purdee's version better. His Nathan seemed to have some substance whereas the guy today always came across as a lightweight to me. Accept no substitutes! 😼 I was rather struck by Lauren's outfit today. That was a rather conservative look for her, I think. She usually goes for the avant-garde, and the tighter the better. But I guess you can't go wrong with a classic white-trimmed navy blazer and white slacks. Bet she had on navy espadrilles too. With four-inch wedges. So did Sheila have a special weirdness about fire? Her reaction seemed kind of off to me, like she was spellbound or something.
  10. Eh, so what does CH's departure mean for Thomas? Is he going to continue going after Hope? Ugh. Katie? Not sure if she'd betray her fellow Logans like that but OTOH, she supports Flo so, whatevs. Brooke? Now if Bradley wanted to surprise me, that would do it. Brooke might decide to take one for the team to keep Thomas distracted from Hope. Quinn? Going for the Forrester trifecta (father, son, grandson) would certainly be an accomplishment for her. Zoe? I don't see them putting her in a love triangle between Carter and Thomas. Plus, she should never trust Thomas again. Pssht, sure hope this doesn't mean MA is on his way out too. Yo, CH! Come on over to Genoa City. We'd love to have you. You could be Phyllis' younger sister from a different mother.
  11. Whether it's right or not, the reality is that many if not most heterosexual women would likely object to having sex with a gay man, even if the man told them upfront and even if they expected to use safe sex practices. Ironically, as was evidenced in this episode, many of those same heterosexual women would have less of a/no problem having sex with a someone they knew or assumed to be a promiscuous heterosexual man, as long as they were going to use safe sex practices. (Note, I am not equating "gay" with "promiscuous." However, that is how many heterosexual women would assess the comparative risks, whether their beliefs were based on proven facts or not.) IMO, Kwame knew and took advantage of the above-described disparity. That said, his date had made an erroneous presumption about his sexual orientation, but that was likely because Kwame misrepresented himself on the dating app. And finally, there were racial and cultural issues at play too. I doubt Kwame would've tried to pull what he did on a random Black woman. He probably specifically chose a White woman because of a whole other set of assumptions and stereotypes about dating and having relationships with Black versus White women. Now Kwame's date admitted she was "into" Black men and had clearly sexually fetishized him before she even met him. That might just be one of the things one might encounter in interracial hookups with people you don't know, regardless of their sexual orientation. I still think she was entitled to be told beforehand that she was being used as an experiment by Kwame.
  12. Ugh, I am completely done with Sally pleading to Wyatt. Make it stop! Nice of someone to mention contacting Taylor. If she's in Paris--only one direct-to-LA international flight away--what's the logical reason for her not to come back out of concern for Steffy? I think Bradley either needs to resolve the issues with HT or recast the role. Lol, look at Steffy flirting with Dr. Finn, even though the pain. Bet they'll be datiing by Halloween. 🙄 I can't with Penny just cavalierly blowing off her medical career. Why is B&B staying on that track with her in light of dire things IRL? AFAIC, nobody should be dismissing having medical training and knowledge right now, not even a silly soap opera. Are we supposed to buy that Wyatt is just now realizing how much his behavior hurt Sally? Boy, bye. Even you aren't that obtuse. IMO, not only should Sally stay away from him, he should stay away from her. Especially after Thomas rides in his white horse <fingers crossed>. Bleh on this "not going to press charges" loophole B&B always uses. It's up to a prosecutor to do that. They could decide the victim isn't acting in their own or the jurisdiction's best interests by refusing to hold the perpetrator accountable. The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Flo and Wyatt are the Bonnie and Clyde of awfulness, but much less fashionably so. 😼 He did try to give her an alcoholism storyline, at least twice. IIRC, it didn't go particularly well either time. KKL might not be up to the task of letting Brooke be vulnerable enough to make such a storyline believable.
  13. I thought TB had switched to the beach waves look? So was this was like 15 years after Burt Reynolds did his famous Cosmopolitan centerfold. Way to jump right on a bandwagon, Y&R. 😐 A bandwagon I'm sure not many people were itching to see. Gotta say though, DD had a nice body back then. (The other DD, did too. 🙄) Good casting on Matt. He did look like he could be EB's brother to me. Life really was different before cell phones, the internet, and social media. Nowadays Paul would've woken up with messages blowing up his phone about the centerfold. In the mid-80s Y&R was able to make a episode's worth of drama about how and when Paul would find out. I guess sexual harassment laws didn't exist much either. No way should someone have been able to post up a nude photo on the office bulletin board. Not openly, anyway. And no way would the boss not have immediately taken it down before someone filed a complaint with HR. Especially if the boss was the father of the naked subject. Lauren was a singer at one time. Huh. So Fen got his talent from her? 😐 Welp, there goes Mayor McFull of Himself's reelection hopes. His opposition just got a killer headline: "Mayor Seen Having Lunch in Public with Male Porn Model. Does He Still Deserve Your Vote?" "I don't ever intend to hurt Nikki again!" Intend. Whoa there, Victor. If you had hedged any harder you'd have needed a bigger pair of shears. Why was Ashley acting so loopy? Was this when she went bonkers after having an abortion? 😑 Did Brad have a college degree or something? Amazing how he went from being the Abbott pool boy to an executive position at Jabot. Can't beat the express route of being hot and marrying the boss' daughter. (Or being the boss' son. O hai, Jack) I actually liked Mary's cape coat. I would've worn that myself.
  14. When sarcasm comes across as lowkey racist. Hopefully unintentionally. I'm pretty sure the point has already been made upthread that science fiction and fantasy characters are a special category. However, a White actor portraying, for example, a long-established Asian character from Japanese manga is problematic, IMO. Hollywood arguably has as much of a problem with the practice of "whitewashing" Asian characters as they do with colorism. (This thread has begun veering away from TV-related discussion so I wouldn't be surprised if a chunk of recent comments get deleted and/or moved elsewhere.)
  15. Oy, sometimes you don't really want to know how the sausage is made. But the dummies thing isn't really uncommon, I think. Isn't that how they often handle scenes with monsters and aliens? It gives the actor something to look at so their eyes aren't just wandering or at the wrong level after the CGI is inserted later. Heh, DR's husband is noticeably thinner than TK. Wonder if that's why TK has seemingly slimmed down a bit, so the shots with his stand-in are less jarring to the audience. Also, it seemed like Denise's husband's hair was much curlier too. Wonder if TK will start using products to make his hair look curlier, lol.
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