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  1. Joimiaroxeu

    S02.E07: I Want To Know

    So Celeste just happened to see the horrific video of Perry beating her the night before she was going cross-examine ML. What an amazing coincidence! πŸ˜’ Lol, ML trying to pretend like she was having a panic attack after she saw where Celeste was going with her questioning. What kind of clueless pig was Renata's husband? Goading her like that after everything that had happened? I was almost hoping he'd reveal that he had diamonds stashed in those train cars but no, he just had to go out like the selfish pig he is. The Monterrey 5 finally decided to tell the police the truth. Why? Oh well, if we're lucky we'll never know.
  2. Joimiaroxeu

    S01.E01: The Alderman

    Ugh, I hope not. Jessica's situation at work is precarious enough without her getting involved with someone who's technically a subordinate. I didn't care for the city attorney character. The actress is trying too hard, IMO. Hopefully she'll calm down in future episodes. I think my favorite part was the song that played at the end. ☺️
  3. Joimiaroxeu

    The Spoiler Collection

    OMG, we can only pray Douglas will do the right thing and tell Grandma Brooke or Uncle Liam. Knowing Bradley B. though, he'll have Douglas try to kill Phoebeth because he doesn't want to have to share Mommy Hope. 😟 Or he'll ask Thomas about it and Thomas will lowkey try to kill Douglas to protect the secret. 😒 Because clearly Brad hates us that much.
  4. Joimiaroxeu


    Yeesh, that was one Wikipedia page I wish I hadn't read. Though there's no denying his financial acumen and success, and his key social/political achievements, the guy was otherwise a POS in my opinion. Arguably the sins of the father were visited upon his children, particularly the male ones. I guess there are worse people Franklin could want to model his life on but it still doesn't make sense to me. By the period of time Snowfall takes place, the Kennedys were mostly coasting on the enduring worship of JFK and RFK. Ed was trying to live up to their legacies and JFK Jr. still seemed to be trying to find his purpose in life besides being the handsome son of Jack and Jackie. It's kind of sad to me Franklin apparently couldn't find any wealthy, high-achieving Black businessmen to emulate.
  5. He only played Patrick Thornhart for a relatively short period of time though, compared to his time on AMC and now B&B. And Patrick was a manly long-haired poet, lol. (Back when Ridge was with Katie and was reciting poetry to her I always thought it was a nod to Patrick--and not in a good way. That freaking engagement ribbon! Grrr.) Yeah but oh my gosh, poor TK Ridge really had to struggle with it. πŸ™„ And then there was him the millionaire having his wife live in that tiny artist's loft with that scary stairway. It was some more b.s., IMO. They do show people designing (Thomas, Sally, occasionally Eric) just mostly not Ridge. And we still seem to get a fashion show at least once a year. I imagine when Steffy's boobs settle down and she's off maternity leave the fashion shows will rev up again. Plus, doesn't Thomas want to take over the lead designer role? If he's not dead or in prison after the Beth reveal (fingers crossed!) he'll likely want show off his work.
  6. Yep, especially since IMO he seemed so ambivalent about the role from the very beginning. Given the state of daytime soaps I'm sure he's realized he's lucky to be employed, not to mention in a front-burner legacy role. (Also, before AMC was cancelled he mentioned in an interview that YR had tried to hire him and he turned them down. No more looking a gift horse in the mouth...) I don't think he really wanted to be paired with actresses close to his age. Plus, note that we rarely see Ridge doing any fashion designing any more. I suspect TK considered that activity less than masculine and his prior soap roles had generally been manly men, if you catch my drift. There was something rather pointed about how slovenly he was letting himself look, I think. It was clear he was not going to be anything remotely like the RM version of Ridge. He's cleaned up his act a bit I guess, and his Ridge and Brooke are sorta believable. I'll be surprised though if Ridge and Brooke don't break up over the Beth reveal and Ridge then makes a run at Sally or Flo. I've also often wondered if CBS/B&B thought by hiring him they could pull some of the old ABC soap audience who were fans of his from AMC and OLTL. For a while there Ridge really seemed to be turning into be a B&B version of Zach Slater but the show seems to have dialed that back a lot.
  7. Perhaps there aren't any lingering looks because there aren't any lingering feelings. Maybe it was a "we will never speak of this again" kind of situation. But I agree that Y&R is doubtful to go there. Look how many years it took for them to show Mariah and Tessa doing more than giving each other tiny little pecks on the lips. I agree. It didn't fit properly and it wasn't a good style or color for her. I've seen photos of her at the Daytime Emmys and other events like this one in Europe and she usually looks impeccable. This outfit was a unusual misstep for her, IMO.
  8. Joimiaroxeu

    S09.Ep01: Everything’s Changed

    Bleh, I'm not thrilled about Donna and Harvey. How many times is the show going to this well? AFAIC they're a sad substitute for Rachel and Mike. During that scene where Lewis completely missed why Harvey was at Donna's apartment I kept thinking, "Phrasing!" Oh hey, it's Tasha Yar!
  9. Joimiaroxeu


    Hmm, so Aunt Louie did kill Claudia. Or at least Andre strongly wanted it to look like she did. I guess if the police had definitive proof he wouldn't been pressing Louie so hard to confess. Was Cissy trying to do something sneaky with Franklin's money via that real estate deal? He seemed a little extra cautious about the counteroffer and she didn't seem to like it. I dunno, he's still acting suspicious to me. But at least Franklin's wary of him. That's what that that high school food fight reminiscing was all about. He caught Manboy in a needless lie about something relatively trivial.
  10. I don't want to call this a spumor yet but I've seen it speculated on two soap sites already: what if the big secret between Kyle and Theo is that they had a brief fling with each other but Kyle decided he didn't really swing that way? A lot of drama could come out of various characters' reaction to that revelation, especially Lola and Summer. Mariah and Kyle could have some insightful conversation about being attracted to people without regard for their gender. Does Y&R have the guts in 2019 to do a storyline like that?
  11. And again I wonder, how does Carter conduct these weddings with a straight face? Probably because he knows he'll get to handle the inevitable annulment or divorce in a few months. At least I hope they pay him for all these services. Why can't Flo get her clothes in the right size? She always looks cheap to me. STFU, Ridge. Your son is a predator and a child abuser. Your painful awakening is coming, jerk. Pssht, IMO Hope has always been more about the wedding ceremony than the actual marriage. She loves putting on a fancy white gown and being the center of attention. Bingo, ya nutbag! That kid is going to need so much therapy when he realizes what his daddy did to him. Either that or he'll turn out to be Thomas 2.0.
  12. Joimiaroxeu

    Getting To Genoa You : Y&R Daily Chat

    Victoria, sweetie, I luv ya but eat a sandwich. Or three. πŸ”πŸ”πŸ” How is it that any old oily rando can walk into Society's kitchen where food is being prepared? I'm thinking someone should place a call to the GC Health Department before Theo starts shedding, spoils the whole menu, and sickens the entire restaurant. Abby: Chelsea just came back to town after being gone for a while. Chelsea: Oh, Abby's putting a nice spin in it. I was actually on the lam after I stole money from Fenmores, sold counterfeit goods, and kidnapped Christian for a few hours! Abby: And her rich older husband just dropped dead! Nate: Well, uh, I'm pleased to meet you, uh, Chelsea is it? Hey, there's the bar! Drinks! Did Lola really expect Theo to rat out his boy Kyle? She's more naive than she looks, I think. I liked Abby's dress. Little heavy for summer though, eh? Adam. Nobody likes a party pooper. And you had to bring one with you. πŸ˜‘ Kevin, you can't be sure Adam isn't having Chloe followed and still knows where she is. Michael, there's this newfangled thing called "the cloud." Kevin likely has backups of those blackmail photos you deleted from his phone. Nick, Nick, Nick. Chelsea is working you like the tool you are. Some things never change. 🀑
  13. Joimiaroxeu

    The Spoiler Collection

    I saw these spoilers for next week on zap2it.com: July 22 Hope contemplates her next move after Phoebe interrupts her vows with Thomas; Liam becomes alarmed after overhearing a private conversation between Thomas and Flo. July 23 Douglas encourages Hope to spend the night with Thomas; Liam begs Wyatt to help him find out what Thomas and Flo are hiding. July 24 Wyatt is shocked when Flo accidentally reveals a crucial fact about her past; Brooke comforts Hope who still feels incomplete without her baby. July 25 Liam has Steffy tell him the story of Phoebe after she finds him looking at her adoption papers; Hope becomes unsettled when Thomas reveals his plans for their staycation. July 26 Flo reveals to Zoe that Thomas threatened her life; Liam continues to try to put the pieces of the puzzle together. This crap right here: Douglas encourages Hope to spend the night with Thomas Thomas: Hey buddy, I need you to tell Mommy Hope to have sex with me, okay? Douglas: Sure daddy! What's sex? Thomas: You'll understand one day. And hopefully you won't have drug them or use innocent children to manipulate them. Bradley Bell has lost it, hasn't he? Disgusting isn't a bad enough word for this stuff, IMO.
  14. Joimiaroxeu

    Queen Of The South

    OMG, how was Pote able to sit down with those gigantic guns strapped to his hips? Since when is Teresa dumb enough to leave, unprotected, in broad daylight with Eddie? And Nashville is not some hick town so I don't know why she assumed she'd automatically be safe there. Pote should've sent some guys with her, shadowing her without her knowing it. She got dickmatized and it almost cost her her life. Ay, Javier's novia Emilia is not about that gangster life. I bet he's going to end up killing her to protect himself. He's a walking tragedy. That sicario had at least 200 lbs on Teresa. I know she's wiry but it wasn't believable to me that she was able to get away from him. Seriously. I get that he's bitter at Pote but geez kid, shoot or get off the pot. πŸ™„ Plus, it looks like Pote may be onto him.
  15. Speaking of "sisters," chew on this: RJ's brother is marrying his (RJ's) sister. I'm going to go vomit now. 🀒