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  1. If only Katie had devoted the level of energy she used with Flo today to helping her niece when Hope was in the dire throes of PPD. Too little, too late, Katie. IMO anyway. Flo doesn't have a job so how is she paying for that apartment now? Whatever, lol at Flo throwing Ridge under the bus at the first opportunity. Heh, bet Danny didn't realize he was running a no-tell motel. You'd think he'd be concerned about the potential liability if an assault or something else illegal happens in that room. "Passing out a little bit?" Is that like being a little bit pregnant, Ridge? 😒 The arrogance and self-entitlement of Shauna and Flo is unbelievable. Shauna must be doing well at whatever her job is back in LV. That was not an inexpensive bucket bag she was carrying, plus she's apparently paying for domiciles in both LA and LV. Bet a rich sugar daddy would help though. 🤔
  2. FFS, Victoria knows Billy is injured and is in the midst of some major psychological trauma. Why would she leave him locked in there? These people are horrible and I can't believe I'm being made to feel sorry for that d-bag. Good casting on ImaginaryDelia. I thought she actually looked like she could be the child of the actors who play Chloe and Billy. ImaginaryJack was kind of a dick, IMO. I guess that was supposed to reflect Billy's true feelings about his big brother? And then ImaginaryPhyllis showed up and showed out as her usual C U Next Tuesday self. Today drove home why Philly would likely never have happened if MS had still been playing Phyllis. They're just not believable as a couple. Lol on that scene where ImaginaryBilly was trying to strangle RealBilly. The staging of that was so wrong. It looked to me like Billy was literally trying to fcuk himself. And he's apparently into autoerotic asphyxiation. 😼 Oh please, the Thanos SFX? Get over yourself, Josh. This is not freaking blockbuster material. Yeesh, you should've gone for broke and turned Billy into a White Walker.
  3. My main two takeaways: Ireland Baldwin needs to invest in a bra--or a better one, and wow, I didn't realize Paul Anka was still alive. He's very tiny but still has the great voice.
  4. There's a teenaged character on another show I watch who wore something like that recently. It wasn't shaped like a regular jumpsuit and seemed to be made out of very light, drapey fabric like parachute silk. I commented that it looked like an adult onesie to me. Nothing wrong with adult onesies but are people wearing those out in public now? Get off my lawn! I might be in UO corner with you on Shack. I did like them the first time around but now I don't know. They've both been through a lot since then, life-alteringly a lot. They're not the same people and I'm not sure they really know each other anymore. Maybe if they took their time instead of quickly jumping into the deep end like they're both wont to do? And at this point I doubt Nikki would care. Phyllis would but only to the extent that she's always been jealous of Sharon. Phyllis doesn't want to see Sharon happy with anyone so whatever.
  5. Whoa, Eric was looking kinda rough to me. What's up with the Grizzly Adams in a designer sports jacket look? Meanwhile, lol, why was Brooke walking with such an exaggerated thigh gap? She almost looked bowlegged IMO. Ditto comments upthread, I think Eric made a good point about Hope needing to own her bad decisions--at least the ones she made that weren't manipulated by Thomas. I'm also thinking Brooke and Katie need to own not recognizing Hope's PPD and insisting she get professional help. They failed her and now Brooke wants to blame it all on Tommy Choo-Choo. There's plenty of blame to go around though Tom certainly gets a big chunk of it. So was Ridge low-key moving Shauna into the Potential Sidepiece slot? She sure seemed to be auditioning for it. Eric pointedly mentioned the guest house on his property. I'm betting Thomas (and perhaps his hungover daddy as well) will end up there. Brooke has probably already tossed Thomas' stuff out on lawn. 😊
  6. Good grief with everyone trying to play amateur psychologist for Billy. At some point I think they're likely doing him more harm than good. Yeah, Sharon was dressed rather inappropriately unless she was looking for some action. Liked her earrings though. Meanwhile, guess Jack hit up the Eddie Bauer before he left GC, lol. I'm not sure JM was the one to have the big post-mortem (sure 😑) scene with MG. It wasn't exactly a clash of the acting titans, lol. Well, well, well, I think that may have been actual concern I saw in Phyllis' eyes when she realized Adam may have inadvertently killed Victor. Wonders never cease. Countdown to when she's trying to work a blackmail angle. Dr. Victoria, No Medical Degree Woman. Cures DID with the power of a big hug, a slim sheath, and stiletto pumps. 😒 Nikki, sweetie, if you're going to wear such thin, close-fitting garments, you probably want to invest in better shapeware. Those weird bumps and grooves under your dress were not a good look for a lady of your station. Victor will yell at them, "I did it for the family!" and as usual expect them to fall in line or go eff themselves. He'll also spew some stuff about growing up in an orphanage and building NE from the ground up with his bare hands in a blazing snowstorm. 😑
  7. Why is Tommy still alive? Meh, why can't GhostAngela stay dead? I thought we were finally rid of her. Now she's causing trouble from beyond the grave. This new guy Q is foine. Get you some of that, Tasha, though maybe not at the daycare center. Tariq stealing product from Tommy? That won't end well. He is so arrogant. And lucky. Dre trying to be a triple agent. That lowlife will be the downfall of everybody. Wait, James is now on some kind of redemption trip? Pssht. Oh Tommy, surely you are not that gullible. Your godson is bad news. The worst news. Did James recognize Q? Does Q work for Jason or Tate, or is James just being jealous of Tasha again? Ooh, at least Holly didn't have kids? Yikes, Tommy's mommy. That one got Tommy in the feelz and you don't even know why. Uh oh, Proctor's nutbag ex lost her leverage. Then Proctor sent her over the edge but good. Five carats? Lol. Five cubic zirconia carats, I bet. Yep, this Effie chick has to be undercover. It'll serve Tariq right if she is. Whoa, Proctor! That was cold-blooded just to let her die right in front of you. Nice plan though. It worked and you're finally rid of her. In the long run your kid will probably better off. OMG, STFU GhostAngela! You are helping no one, least of all Ghost. It'll be funny if she makes James lose his marbles and he ends up taking everybody down with him.
  8. Did you miss the time Devon and Mariah did the same thing on the stairs at his penthouse? I guess for Mal that was the hawt thing for a short while but yeesh, talk about better having your chiropractor on speed dial... Since Show never showed them actually in bed together, I've convinced myself that they never had intercourse. They might've done some stuff but I will not accept that there was ever any PIV. La La La, I can't hear you, Show!
  9. Stephanie has declared she will not be The Good Wife when Bobby's trash blows up. We'll see about that. Often the wife gets blamed--via whisper campaign--for her POS husband's dalliances. Stephanie still seems to value her image. Ditto comments upthread, Angela is so tiresome to me. Maybe Jessica should sue for temporary custody of the kids so they're not forced to suffer for Angela's ego trip. I think it'd be great if they'd get on with whatever Nick's resolution is going to be. I'm tired if his moping around with the gigantic dark cloud over his head. And I hope he did kill McGann because that guy has worn out his welcome too AFAIC. This show needs a much better Big Bad.
  10. Plus, depending on the type of workplace, a woman could add inexpensive scarves or jewelry to add a pop of color. Does Meghan's line include accessories?
  11. Maybe Katie will need another heart transplant and Flo will volunteer hers. 😏
  12. Not sure I'd go that far. The problem with Shictor from many viewers' perspectives was that Victor had long been a father figure to Sharon. For him to be romantically involved with her seemed almost incestuous and lecherous. Billy and Phyllis had never been more than in-laws and professional enemies. Plus there was the whole thing with Daniel's daughter and the illegal adoption. And it was simply in-your-face disrespectful to Jack. It made no sense beyond GT's apparently not wanting to be paired with someone PB's age. Shictor was borderline offensive, IMO, and Philly was mostly needless and pointless.
  13. Joimiaroxeu


    What college campus was that? The geography and foliage didn't look like California to me. I do not understand how Franklin could've survived getting shot point-blank several times like he did. And did I miss a mention of what happened to Melody after she'd tried to kill him? This was a powerful episode. I think it'll surely be nominated for an Emmy. Yeah, that was my initial read on the alternate universe and I decided it was too fatalistic for me to buy into. I think Franklin basically understood though that if he studied, made good grades, and graduated he'd be on a track that could elevate him beyond his roots. What he didn't account for was having the rug arbitrarily pulled from under him due to a misplaced decimal point and the vague application of "rules" by someone who didn't want to see people like him succeed. While fantasy Franklin gave up, IRL Frankie saw his getting shot as a temporary road block and he decided to press on. Not that I'm admiring the stone cold criminal Franklin is, but I can appreciate his willingness to play the cards he's dealt in the face of some hugely challenging odds. It's unfortunate he ended up in that life when clearly he was intelligent and had an analytical mind which could've served him well in other, less illegal ways.
  14. I gotta say it, TK does an excellent job playing drunk. Well, Wyatt's already given Flo a wee bit of an opening and she slid right into it. Ugh. I think he is a two-faced, wishy-washy pig and now he's probably going play Sally and Flo against each other. Miracles? KMN with that little silent prayer Flo threw upward towards the sky after Wyatt left the room. Bish, don't look to heaven for help with the devil's work. Flo was looking at Sally like, "Chile, I'll put my cooch's powers up against yours any day of the week. I won't need a miracle if I can get near Wyatt's joystick." And Sally was like, "But does your stank carpet match the drapes?" Ridge is supposed to be a celebrity, right? Odd that no one was catching his sloppy drunk behavior on their phone and posting it to social media. TMZ would've been there on the spot. Guess we should be glad that it wasn't Liam getting taken advantage of again while he was too drunk or drugged to give proper consent. IMO Bradley seriously has an issue with the concept of consent and he keeps re-addressing it for some reason.
  15. Susan Lucci was on Tamron Hall's new talk show today. She looked great and must have the best plastic surgeon(s) money can buy because she doesn't seem to have aged at all. The interview was basically a tongue bath though, IMO.
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