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  1. In early March last year, before all Hell broke loose thanks to the virus, Garth was presented with the Library of Congress’ Gershwin Prize for Popular Song; the dress code, for at least the audience & presenters, is probably similar to that for The Kennedy Center Honors & the Kennedy Center’s Mark Twain Prize for American Humor (the first & third are taped for airing on PBS; the middle airs, on tape, on CBS). This is what Garth wore to the Gershwin Prize ceremony. So, yeah, staying true to his roots & I’m pretty sure the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies (aka JCCIC... Thank you, The West Wing!) understands that & looks the other way when it comes to dress codes for performers in the country music genre. Look at it this way... it might’ve been Willie Nelson. Then you’d have gotten a scruffy-looking 80-something year-old man in jeans, boots, a t-shirt, possibly a bandana as a headband, with a badly beaten up guitar, extra hole from wear & tear included, & possibly/likely smelling of marijuana. And because he’s a legend, you wouldn’t have said a thing. Just like I’m sure probably happened with Garth.
  2. The Kennedy Center Honors are scheduled to take place March 7th & air on CBS sometime in May, I think.
  3. I’m not sure where the white was (the pin looked gold, to me), but I think she was aiming for that patriotic color scheme. Only I think she chose Navy Blue, which looks black on camera. So it looked like Gaga was wearing at least black & red.
  4. She only sang the phrase “Let’s get loud”, as I remember. Then a recap report I saw today said the Spanish-language part was from the Pledge of Allegiance. Followed by I don’t remember what.
  5. From ET Online: Lucie Arnaz Weighs in on Lucille Ball Casting Controversy
  6. #4: Rex Smith? He only had 1 hit that I know of, “You Take My Breath Away” (not to be confused with the Berlin hit from Top Gun).
  7. Desi Jr. had a granddaughter, I think her name is/was (also) Julia. She was Lucy’s (& Desi’s) first great-grandchild/great-granddaughter (which is why it made the news; her family tree grew into the great-grandchild branch). She fairly recently died of cancer (I think ovarian). I remember posting the obit in the deaths thread. Does anyone besides me wonder what Betty White’s natural hair color is/was? The pics that have been posted show her in practically every hair color in the spectrum.
  8. From the South Florida Sun Sentinel: David Cassidy’s Former Fort Lauderdale Home Sells for $2.6 Million From Variety: Tom Hanks to Host Inauguration TV Special with Performances by Demi Lovato, Justin Timberlake and More
  9. From Deadine: The SAG (SAG-AFTRA) Awards Will Now Be Presented on Sunday, April 4, So As Not to Compete with the Grammys The Grammys will be held on March 14th. Blame it all on the stupid COVID-19 virus (against which I’m supposed to get my first vaccination tomorrow, BTW).
  10. No. But back then Ms. Duke was also dealing with either undiagnosed bipolar disorder or diagnosed bipolar disorder for which she wasn’t taking her meds because she felt they negatively affected her performances in the different roles she was giving (hence her wild behavior back in the day).
  11. I think Quarterflash had more than 1 hit, as well. I recognized at least 4 song titles on their Wikipedia singles discography. I was gonna say Linda Ronstadt, because I’d heard, multiple times, she had to have her nose reconstructed, apparently multiple times, due to heavy Coke snorting, but she, in no way, can be considered a “one-hit wonder”.
  12. According to her Wikipedia page , & most other sources regarding her private life, Lucille Ball’s second husband was a Borscht Belt comic named Gary Morton (whom I believe also had producing credits on her later work, at least in TV; I do remember seeing his name listed on various works & knowing he was Lucille Ball’s second husband). That’s pretty far away from being a dentist, nice or otherwise.
  13. Regarding the bolded: The first TV show I know of Elisabeth Moss having a regular, or semi-regular, gig in was NBC’s The West Wing (she played Zoey, the youngest daughter of President Josiah [Jed] Bartlet & his wife, First Lady Dr. Abigail [Abbey] Bartlet), which I wouldn’t necessarily call an R-rated show. Maybe PG-13/TV-14 at best. She then moved on to AMC’s Mad Men, which may be borderline R. Her current Hulu show, The Handmaid’s Tale, I would probably call R-rated though. I would agree all 3 shows are “prestige” shows, however.
  14. I’m sure they made arrangements; especially in the super brief time since Siegfried’s illness was announced. As far as I know, a number of the animals are now part of an outdoor attraction at the Mirage called something like The Secret Garden of Siegfried & Roy, & have been for years now. I would assume the animals already there would stay there & perhaps those still at the house would join them, or go somewhere else they’ll be equally well taken care of. 1 of my longtime best friends, whom I saw Siegfried & Roy’s Mirage Las Vegas show with, at least twice, lives in Vegas (my parents saw them once, from front seats & the elephant took a dump onstage during the show, near their seats) & will hopefully keep me posted on developments with the remaining animals they had at home as they become known. Considering how close Siegfried & Roy apparently once were, though maybe not as much recently (& not necessarily because of their ages or Roy’s injury), I really didn’t expect Siegfried to live terribly much longer after Roy died (he lasted 8 or 9 months); sort of like how the elder President Bush died fairly soon after his wife, Barbara, preceded him. RIP Siegfried & Roy... SARMOTI & thanks for the memories!
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