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  1. Bad Education, a TV movie in which Allison Janney appears (with blonde hair) won the Emmy in the category of Outstanding Television Movie at this year’s Creative Arts Emmy Awards presentation last night. The movie aired on HBO, according to the article. Bradley Whitford is a nominee again this year in the Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series category, for his role in Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale, which (ironically) stars fellow Emmy winner, & TWW co-star (she, of course, played youngest Bartlet daughter, Zoey) Elisabeth Moss. Bradley’s category will be awarded during the Primetime Emmy Awards, hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, on ABC tonight beginning at 8PM Eastern/7PM Central. If you miss the category by the time you read this, the winners list is well-publicized in the media & it’s on the Television Academy website, Emmys.com, so you can see if Bradley won. If he should win, & you miss the presentation of his category, his acceptance speech should show up on YouTube at some point in the next few days, if it’s not also on the Television Academy’s website.
  2. Watching the Atlanta version, the ep with the bride who had her heart set on a, like, 5-year-old gown Lori’s shop no longer carried & Maddie from the country music duo Maddie & Tae picking out bridesmaids’ dresses. I have 1 question: What the heck kinda spelling for a name (besides a bad 1, in my opinion) is BRIEAWNA (she was a new consultant, I think working with the bride looking for the 5-year-old gown)?
  3. If Her Majesty stripped Weinstein of his honorary CBE, shouldn’t she strip Kevin Spacey of his (equally honorary, I believe) KBE?
  4. I was just coming to post about Justice Ginsburg. I just got a notification on my iPhone about her passing from NBC News. It’s on all the cable news networks, by the way. I was watching NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt; the commercial networks haven’t broken in yet, that I know of. I doubt we’ll get a woman to replace her; that saddens me.
  5. I would’ve sworn it was as I said. That makes more sense than Honey Cone, anyway. Apologies.
  6. I know! I looked for them on Amazon today; either they aren’t quite out yet or they won’t be sold through Amazon (yes I’ve bought food, mostly snack type stuff, through Amazon before & never had issues with any of it). They might end up being a Walmart exclusive or something. The article I linked didn’t say.
  7. There’s a thread about the home delivery meal companies here. I know Daily Harvest maybe isn’t exactly a meal “kit“, but it’s at least another thread to discuss it in.
  8. I think the group’s name was actually Honey Comb, like the Post cereal & the waxy stuff bees make honey in.
  9. From Fox 8, Cleveland, OH: Gingerbread Oreos Hitting Shelves Just in Time to Kick Off Holiday Season
  10. From Variety: Al Kasha, Oscar-Winning Songwriter of ‘The Morning After’, Dead at 83 No cause of death was given in the obit, but it does say he had Parkinson’s Disease.
  11. I want at least Tom back too, for the reasons already enumerated in the thread. If anyone was playing a drinking game last night, based on how many times Tyra reminded everyone the show was live, I think they’d have gotten pretty plastered.
  12. No. They’re combining this week’s scores with next week’s (& the show’s apparently on TUESDAY next week (or so they said, more than once) & eliminating then.
  13. Regarding the bolded: Actually, they’ve canceled Strahan, Sara and Keke (I’m assuming that’s the show you’re referring to). It was replaced shortly after the pandemic started by a daily show talking about that.
  14. From Express (UK): Queen to Leave Prince Philip Behind As She Returns to Royal Duties
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