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  1. Legacy.com: Tim Donnelly (1944-2021), Actor Known for “Emergency! This obit was posted to Legacy.com on the 21st. He died on the 19th. The only info I know about it is posted at the link. He was the brother of frequent Emergency! director Dennis Donnelly. He leaves behind other survivors, who are either kids or grandkids.
  2. Well, a sort of high profile celebrity’s “Say Yes to the Dress”-connected marriage has gone bust, apparently, with the divorce announced exactly 3 years, to the day, of the wedding. The unhappy couple is… Iron Chef Cat Cora & her now-estranged wife, producer Nicole Erlich. The ironic thing is, their SYTTD episode, where they shopped together, but separately, so neither would see the other’s dress before the wedding, with their own separate entourages who voted on the possible gowns, & acted like schoolgirls (or something), proclaiming through the closed doors to each of their dres
  3. You’re not the only fan around these parts who’s hoping for that—& that we’ll see him get his own KCH, hopefully next year. That’s where my last screen name partly comes from (the E is for Rob Lowe…LOL). They better at least invite him to participate; then it’s his choice if he declines (after all these years, they may feel like conjoined twins sometimes (you can’t think of 1 without the other).
  4. Danny COULDN’T say no to Steve because Steve was his boss (& eventually his best friend). He also couldn’t say no because he had what became 2 children he had to pay child support for, who had become used to living a certain lifestyle, thanks to the choice his ex-, Rachel, made for a second husband—he bought them anything; especially out of Danny’s bank account & credit card limits. Danny felt he had to compete or risk losing both kids to rich stepfather Stan. Then, there were the remaining hospital, doctor, & transplant-related bills Danny had to cover once Rachel backtracked on
  5. I remember reading, when George Eads’ departure from MacGyver came up, it was said he had a young daughter living elsewhere with her mother (the show shot in Atlanta, presumably the daughter lives in LA) he felt he wasn’t getting enough time with his daughter while filming. Perhaps this is how Scott’s unique contract arrangement came about. Judging by the initial reaction, the bosses & CBS at least had to know the show wouldn’t last as long without the “McDanno” banter, chemistry, etc., than with. So, before Scott apparently REALLY started bitching about working conditions & wanting ou
  6. I don’t use bookmarks for the site.
  7. From BBC.com: Queen Marks What Would Have Been Philip’s 100th Birthday with New Rose It’s named the Duke of Edinburgh rose & it’s a pretty dark pink color.
  8. It’s streaming on CBS.com & Paramount Plus (formerly CBS All Access). Here’s the CBS.com link (I’m positive it should be completely free on this site): https://www.cbs.com/shows/kennedy_center_honors/
  9. Hi! I’m still unable to read/post on the forums using my preferred device. Sometimes I can get the The Shows/My Shows page, but clicking links takes me NOWHERE. Sometimes I can’t get that page. I either get a 504 notice from the board OR Safari says the server stopped responding. As you know, this has been going on since the last update in mid-April. I’m posting again to let you know I DID manage to read & post on the forums today by going to Primetimer’s Facebook page, using the Facebook browser, clicking the website link there, then clicking the Forums link when I got to the we
  10. No, it’s not. A Communications professor I had in college was married but used her maiden name professionally. A recent example in the celebrity world involves Australian wildlife conservationist Bindi Irwin, daughter of the late “Crocodile Hunter”, Steve Irwin. She married her longtime, American-born, partner, former professional wakeboarder Chandler Powell on March 25, 2020 (their daughter, Grace Warrior Irwin Powell, was born this year, on their first wedding anniversary) & kept her last name of Irwin, which Chandler apparently completely understood the reasons for.
  11. Metta World Peace isn’t using that name anymore. As of May, 2020, he goes by Metta Sandiford-Artest.
  12. The son is the biological child of Ms. Smart & Mr. Gililand; the daughter is adopted, hence the age difference. Ms. Smart is a diabetic; her pregnancy with their son was a rather problematic 1 because of it, I remember reading years ago, & she was advised not to get pregnant again. When their son got older, they pursued adoption to have another child. I think she was adopted from China.
  13. In recent years he played the grandfather, “Pops”, on The Goldbergs.
  14. That’s doubtful, at least within the family, since Harry & Meghan have already announced she’ll be called “Lili” (which happens to be the Welsh spelling of the name, it was pointed out upthread). And yes I’m guessing you were joking with the “Betty” thing since she’s an Archie comics character.
  15. Country singer Barbara Mandrell (popular in the 1970s & 1980s; she also had a very popular NBC variety show, Barbara Mandrell and the Mandrell Sisters [starring with her sisters Louise, a fellow country singer, & Irlene, who was also a musician but seemed to be more of an actress], for a number of years) announced her retirement years ago & has stuck to it. In more recent years, Canada’s superstar Country/Pop crossover female vocalist Anne Murray, who is/was also very popular here in the US (I saw her in concert in my hometown maybe 4 or 5 times; loved it) also announced her retir
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