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  1. I think that the gas leak will be on this week’s episode of Idol, which airs tomorrow night on ABC. There was something that looked like that kind of situation in the previews for this week during last week’s episode.
  2. Regarding the bolded: According to this USA Today article, which was posted a little over an hour ago, they’re deadlocked on the 2 predatory sexual assault counts against Weinstein & have unanimous verdicts on the remaining 3 counts.
  3. Variety, as of a posted time of 2 minutes ago, is reporting the Weinstein jury appears deadlocked on the most serious counts. (Sigh)
  4. After seeing the Long Island Medium‘s daughter & the Cake Boss‘s wife on the show in recent repeats (at least the 1 with Mrs. Cake Boss was a repeat to me), the thought crossed my mind that if the show lasts long enough we’ll see either the Outdaughtered mother come in looking for a vow renewal dress, or her daughters (if not all 6, at least the quints) come in looking for wedding dresses (& their firstborn is almost 9, while the quints are almost 5... so we have awhile to go on those girls), or Zoey Klein from The Little Couple come in looking for her wedding dress (& I think she’s only, like, 8 right now). I don’t think Zoey’s mom, Jen, would come looking for a vow renewal dress because there was a vow renewal on their show already—I think it was, like, their 10th anniversary & Jen’s husband, Bill, planned the renewal as a surprise, including having Houston-based Project Runway winner Chloe Dao (who’d done dresses for Jen before) design a dress for Jen to wear in her favorite color of Tiffany Blue.
  5. I was right on the Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination! But it was in 2001, for Billy Elliott... which wasn’t the movie with Phil Collins’ cover of A Groovy Kind of Love in it or on the soundtrack.
  6. Yep. I just remembered it & was coming over to post it. Thanks. But it feels like she maybe had another Oscar nomination for something else. I keep thinking it was for that movie that had the Phil Collins cover of A Groovy Kind of Love in it &/or on the soundtrack. I think the movie’s name was Buster, & she might’ve been nominated as Supporting Actress instead of Best Actress. I guess I should go Google to see if I’m right.
  7. From USA Today: ‘Mamma Mia,’ ‘Harry Potter’ Actress Julie Walters Reveals Battle with Stage 3 Bowel Cancer The actress was also a Best Actress Oscar nominee, years ago, for her role in a movie whose name unfortunately escapes me right now. She may actually have multiple Oscar nominations; I also can’t remember that right now either.
  8. Regarding the bolded: Granted, this example doesn’t involve a human being, per se, & most of us are probably too old for this kind of show, but I still think it’s worth mentioning. In 2015, Sesame Street added a new Muppet character, Julia, who’s on the autism spectrum. She’s played by a woman whose real life daughter is on the autism spectrum. This is how she was introduced in the show, in a scene with Muppets Big Bird, Abby Cadabby, Elmo, & human character Alan, who runs Mr. Hooper’s Store now (or at least when this was originally filmed), as I remember. The clip is about 10 minutes long, but I think it’s worth watching (I watched it again before linking it); especially if you have family or other loved ones on the autism spectrum. I was born with Spina Bifida (Open Spine) & Hydrocephalus (Water on the Brain), which were corrected shortly after birth but did leave some lasting effects. In recent years, some of those effects have, unfortunately, been worsened thanks to the untimely & unexpected failure of the shunt in my head meant to keep the Hydrocephalus in check. It is what it is, & I’m dealing with it so don’t feel badly for me about that. I really don’t care if a disabled character is played by a disabled actor/actress or not, as long as the non-disabled actor/actress isn’t glaringly awful at depicting the disability/disabilities of their character (like being caught constantly looking at the camera if they’re supposed to be blind).
  9. Regarding the bolded: Back in the early 1990s, Marlee Matlin starred in another show where her hearing impairment was incorporated into the character. That show was Reasonable Doubts; her co-star was Mark Harmon. She played a prosecutor & he played a detective who were assigned to work together because he was 1 of the few on the police force in the show who knew ASL.
  10. Regarding the bolded: With all due respect, there’s NO hyphen in Bon Jovi. From what I understand, it’s the anglicized (& somewhat phonetic) version of Jon’s real family name, which is actually Bongiovi. If there are any Bon Jovi fans out there & I’m wrong about this, please correct me. Thanks.
  11. From Yahoo! Entertainment: Elton John Breaks Down in Tears As He’s Escorted Off Stage Mid-Concert After Losing His Voice It happened at a concert in Auckland, New Zealand. Sir Elton had been diagnosed with Walking Pneumonia earlier in the day but, in the true showbiz tradition, he decided the show must go on & he gave it his all until he could give no more.
  12. From USA Today: Tony Fernandez, Former All-Star Blue Jays Shortstop, Dies at 57 I don’t know if this is the official cause of death or not, but the linked article mentioned him having had a stroke that was apparently somehow related to kidney disease, which he apparently had.
  13. I follow a page about TWW on Facebook. Yesterday they posted that as of December, the show will be streaming exclusively on the new HBO Max service. So plan accordingly (do whatever you need to to retain access to the eps without having to subscribe to HBO Max to watch it).
  14. I wish the “entourages” would stop trying to pick the dresses if they don’t like what Randy & the other consultant have picked. Most of the time they go over the bride’s budget or are just wrong. Period.
  15. It was also 2 posts above that, along with a couple of other obits, this time linked from TMZ.
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