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  1. From Town & Country: New Photos of Prince William and Catherine Offer a Rare Look Inside Kensington Palace
  2. It was Chuck, all right. His son, Eric, was the stunt coordinator on the show from 2017-the series finale. Which is probably how they eventually got him to do the (basically a) cameo appearance (& probably how they got Scott’s dad to do an ep in S2, though Scott’s dad had a much bigger part than Chuck did; Chuck’s part was more the size of Jimmy Buffett’s recent appearances in the show). I was reading overnight about how Peter Lenkov said he’d wanted Chuck on the show for a long time (I don’t know if this was before or only since the last 3 seasons when Chuck’s son was actually working on the show), & he finally got him.
  3. Don’t forget... What was originally to be the first hour of the series finale airs TONIGHT, March 27th, at the show’s usual time (9PM Eastern/8PM Central), thanks to the NCAA canceling the March Madness Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament! The original second hour of the series finale will air, as originally scheduled, NEXT FRIDAY NIGHT, April 3rd, but in the show’s usual timeslot (9PM Eastern/8PM Central)—NOT in Blue Bloods’ 10PM Eastern/9PM Central timeslot as originally scheduled, when the finale was supposed to run 2 hours on the same night.
  4. From Entertainment Weekly: ‘The Voice’ Host Carson Daly & Wife, Siri, Welcome Their Fourth Child, Daughter Goldie Patricia She’s the couple’s third daughter, joining big brother Jackson James, 11; & big sisters Etta Jones, 7 1/2 & London Rose, 5 1/2, in the family. Carson Daly also Co-Hosts NBC’s Today.
  5. DDK Gets Scammed Trying to Buy Antibacterial & Disinfectant Wipes Through eBay He was trying to protect his family after he got the virus and he got scammed.
  6. I’m assuming Peter L. thought about a possible spinoff over the last 10 seasons. But it appears it was decided that wasn’t going to be as successful as the original & not followed through on. And the show wasn’t canceled (I really wish people would stop saying that—a show going off the air doesn’t always mean it got canceled). If it were canceled, CBS wouldn’t have said all the glowing things it did about the show in the statement about the show ending; also, it still had ratings good enough to remain on the schedule for next season. The show actually apparently ended because Alex & Scott’s contracts were up at the end of the current season, & neither chose to renew them. Alex because of lingering injuries, including bad discs in his neck & back among them, & he still wanted to have some mobility left to be able to do physical things with his sons, stepson, & eventual grandkids (Alex has an adult age son, & his stepson & other son are both minors). Scott, presumably, didn’t renew because he was tired of doing the same thing for 10 years. I should also add Alex was a credited Producer on this season of the show & he may have had some say on when to end the show because of that. Anyway, getting back to “Canceled vs. Ended” regarding TV series. A good way to look at this is, if your show gets canceled that’s basically like saying you got fired from your job. If your show merely ends, that’s basically the same thing as if you quit your job.
  7. Apropos of nothing, really, I saw my first Colonial Penn Life Insurance commercial completely without Alex Trebek (he’s done some with Colonial Penn sales people-types &, of course, customers) in a long time Tuesday night into Wednesday morning on ABC World News Now. I guess his Pancreatic Cancer has already messed with him so much he can’t do the ads anymore. But I think those were just a side gig for him anyway.
  8. Congratulations to Bindi & Chandler! They got married today! Yes, they said they were getting married next year (2021) after getting engaged on Bindi’s 21st birthday last July. But they apparently decided to do it now, because Australia was about to enact a new Coronavirus-related restriction on the number of people you can have at weddings (5) & funerals (10) at midnight (local time) that night, & who knows how long that might last (no, I don’t think she’s actually pregnant & that caused the earlier than announced wedding). As originally planned, Terri helped Bindi get ready; Robert walked her down the aisle; Bindi & Chandler married; the family lit a memory candle for Steve.
  9. From CNN: Bindi Sue Irwin, Daughter of the Late ‘Crocodile Hunter’ Steve Irwin, Marries Longtime Partner Chandler Powell in Australia The couple of 6 years was originally slated to marry (in a bigger wedding) in 2021, after having gotten engaged on her 21st birthday last July. However, Australia was about to enact new rules at Midnight (local time) regarding the number of guests allowed at weddings (5) & funerals (10) in an effort to help curtail the spread of the Coronavirus, & because of the uncertainty of how long those rules would be in place, the couple was wed yesterday before her family, at their Australia Zoo which is located on the island continent’s Sunshine Coast. Bindi’s younger brother & fellow conservationist, Robert, walked her down the aisle; the couple lit a Memory Candle in honor of Bindi’s late father, The Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin who was killed by a stingray barb through the chest during a documentary filming in 2006.
  10. The original WKRP (they did a short-lived syndicated reboot soon after the original was cancelled) may be on a channel called MeTV. We have the channel in our town, as a digital sub channel of 1 of our major networks feeds, but it’s not yet on our cable. They’re doing promos right now incorporating the themes from their shows; I’d swear I heard an instrumental part of WKRP‘s in that ad.
  11. Burns and Allen is on AntennaTV: 8-9AM Eastern (2-ep block) Monday-Friday, & 1-2AM Eastern (2-ep block) Sunday night going into Monday morning (as in, you think it’s Sunday night but you have to program the DVR timer for Monday 1-2AM to get the program recording correct).
  12. This was on the Sussexes’ social media, not the Cambridges’.
  13. Our NBC affiliate & USA Today Report The Tokyo Olympics Will Apparently Be Postponed for a Year Due to the Coronavirus
  14. I think this is cute... From Billboard—Neil Diamond Puts a Coronavirus Spin on ‘Sweet Caroline’: Watch (Scroll down to the embedded Twitter post from Neil’s account to see the video).
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