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  1. From The Hollywood Reporter (THR): Hugh Downs, Longtime Host of ‘20/20’ and the ‘Today’ Show Dies at 99
  2. From Variety: Johnny Mandel, Composer of M*A*S*H Theme, Dead at 94 He’s survived by his daughter, Marissa. No cause of death was given.
  3. Carl Reiner was also the former father-in-law of the late actress/director & Laverne & Shirley star Penny Marshall, who was married to his son Rob from 1971-1981.
  4. From Today: Prince Phillip Turns 99–See New Pic of Him and the Queen
  5. Typo—Accidental Double Post. Sorry (but I’m not sure I like this new version of the board (yet).
  6. From Variety: Bonnie Pointer, Grammy-Winning Member of The Pointer Sisters, Dead Today at 69 No cause of death was given.
  7. She also played , among other roles, the not-well-educated (among other things, she didn’t understand it was still possible for a man & woman who aren’t sexually-attracted to have sex & actually conceive a baby), Southern-born maternal grandmother of Wendy, the infant daughter of Billy Crystal’s Soap character, Jodie Dallas.
  8. Hogan! That was it, not Harpers. I was too lazy to confirm the name. Thanks. I, too, watched most of the incarnations. Harper was Valerie’s last name in real life.
  9. From BuzzFeed: 22 Niche ‘90’s/‘00’s Snacks You Actually Forgot About and Also Haven’t Seen on a Million Other Lists
  10. From The New York Times: In ‘Perry Mason,’ Matthew Rhys Plays Defense A very good article/interview about Matthew’s upcoming gig as the pre-lawyer version of Perry Mason in an 8-episode series on HBO.
  11. In movies, among other roles, in The China Syndrome he was the ruthless Chairman of the Board of the fictional company that ran the Ventana nuclear power plant, which 1 of the shift supervisors (played by Jack Lemmon) suspected of having a critical design flaw that should necessitate the plant to be shut down permanently, following an unexpected, serious, turbine trip (which, of course, happened at the same—inopportune—time as filming at the plant for a local TV station’s news special on “energy in California”); the accident was (illegally) caught on film by the anchor of the energy special (Jane Fonda) & her cameraman (Michael Douglas). As the energy company Herd’s character worked for was trying to get a second nuclear power plant, Point Conception, licensed & online at the same time as the troubled Ventana nuclear plant, his character basically was a “stop at nothing” kinda guy, including murder, once he heard the problems at Ventana were bad enough there could be a meltdown making a good chunk of Southern California uninhabitable for quite awhile, if not permanently, & still murderous once he found out the licensing of the Point Conception nuclear plant might not happen. His character ordered a car accident that injured, but was meant to kill, the sound guy who was working on the energy special with Fonda & Douglas’ characters (he was the sound guy); he was enlisted by Lemmon’s, Fonda’s & Douglas’ characters to transport a set of faked radiographs of pipe joints in the damaged facility to an anti-nuclear power meeting after Lemmon’s character’s life was threatened & because Fonda‘s & Douglas’ characters felt their lives were now threatened because of how much they knew about the damaged nuclear plant. When the bogus radiographs never got to the anti-nukes meeting, Lemmon’s character was persuaded to come speak about the issues at Ventana at the meeting. Instead, he ended up detouring to the Ventana plant because he was being followed by a hit squad from the company Herd’s character worked for & that was the only place Lemmon’s character knew he was safe. So he took over the power plant’s Control Room by taking the security guard’s gun, & demanded to go on TV with Jane Fonda’s character interviewing him about the safety issues at the plant. Herd's character was still trying to stop Lemmon’s character all the way to the end. He ordered the people Lemmon’s character worked with, who were also presumably his friends, to cause another “turbine trip” scenario to happen & interrupt what he was trying to tell the public about the safety at the plant; followed by the local SWAT team busting into the control room & shooting Lemmon’s character dead, also under orders from Herd’s character. Only the turbine trip that was caused was worse than the original 1 & it looked to have caused more damage, but not “China Syndrome” type damage where there’s a meltdown large enough to reach to China.
  12. Yes. But that still begs the question as to why they can’t air Five-0 in a different timeslot over the summer. I haven’t seen that many series that aired their finale episode & then didn’t repeat the episodes from their final season between airing the finale & the premiere of whatever show’s taking over that timeslot during the next season.
  13. I think @HurricaneVal’s asking why CBS is airing repeats of everything, including canceled stuff, except for H50. @DoctorAtomic, it is, & always has been, on CBS All Access, both before & since they canceled it. Which still doesn’t explain why it seems to be the only CBS show, current or just canceled, that isn’t running episodes on the network right now.
  14. Neither is the “Kids Say the Darndest Things” reboot, which was hosted by Tiffany Haddish. It’s also canceled.
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