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  1. More from GMA’s website, via Facebook, about Felicity Huffman’s prison routine/life for the next approximately week and a half (I think she’s that close to the end, if she reported on Tuesday and got a day off her sentence after doing that)
  2. Sara Jane Moore isn’t there anymore, according to the Wikipedia page I linked to about the facility. She was paroled on December 31, 2007, after serving 32 years of the life sentence she received for attempting to assassinate then-President Ford. By the way, it looks like Lifetime is supposed to air/rebroadcast that TV movie they made about the College Admissions Scandal tonight. Just in case anyone’s interested.
  3. More on Felicity Huffman’s incarceration: GMA reported William H. Macy drove her to the prison; she could bring with her a Bible & a piece of jewelry worth under $100. She’s in General Population & has roommates; she has to wear a uniform of khakis & a brown shirt under another color shirt/top (I’ve forgotten the color already). Wake up is at 5AM; she’s been given a job in food service. They also said something about she might be able, I think if certain conditions are met, to do crafts like crocheting or scrapbooking.
  4. From USA Today: Felicity Huffman Reports to Prison to Begin Serving Time in College Admissions Scandal According to the article, Felicity’s incarcerated at the Federal Correctional Institution Dublin. It’s a low-security prison in the San Francisco Bay area housing 1,227 inmates. Celebrity inmates previously housed there include heiress-turned kidnap victim-turned radical-turned actress/author Patty Hearst, “Hollywood Madam” Heidi Fleiss, & Sara Jane Moore, 1 of (at least) 2 attempted assassins of the late former President Gerald R. Ford. Forbes magazine named it 1 of America’s “Top 10 Cushiest Prisons” in 2009. The story of how Felicity’s daughter, Sophia, found out what her mom did—which Felicity recounted at her sentencing—is also in the article. It’s sad, in that the daughter felt/seemed to feel Felicity didn’t believe she was capable of getting a higher score from the PSAT on her own because of her learning disabilities.
  5. From The Daily Mail: Princess Beatrice Rips Up Royal Rule Book, Refuses Procession for Wedding
  6. That happened to Paris Hilton too. She served, like, 90 minutes on a repeated driving offense, as I remember. She was sentenced to a year, I think, but served 90 minutes because of overcrowding. And it was only a local, not federal, charge.
  7. I just got a notification on my iPhone, I think from NBC News, saying Felicity Huffman has turned herself in (they used a different phrase, which I’ve forgotten) to begin her 14-day prison sentence in connection with the Varsity Blues College Admissions Scandal (she didn’t have to report until the 25th).
  8. From WANE-TV (Fort Wayne, IN): Houston, Notorious B.I.G. (Among Others) Nominated for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame
  9. From USA Today: Hillary Clinton Says Duchess Meghan’s Race Is ‘Certainly Part of’ Media’s Treatment of Her
  10. If you ask me, the men in the Royal Family—in particular the Duke of Cambridge & the Duke of Sussex—have it fairly easy when it comes to dressing for an engagement or more formal event. They just have to wear the appropriate suit, tux, or other outfit & everyone thinks they look OK. But their wives are the ones who have to be more selective about what they wear because women’s fashion, accessories, hairstyles, & makeup are much more important things in society, for whatever reason, than men’s fashion is. Plus, they also have to be careful—or their protocol assistants do—to make sure that none of those choices will be considered culturally offensive in whatever country they’re visiting. Which is why it was very “safe” of Diana & Catherine, & their clothing assistants, to have their initial outfits be based on traditional Pakistani clothes. I’m assuming Catherine didn’t wear that the entire flight, considering how long it has to be from London, but that she excused herself & changed into it somewhere on the plane when they were about on approach for landing if not sooner (but not too soon).
  11. ET Online says what Catherine’s wearing is an example of traditional Pakistani clothing (the tunic over pants)—& (here we go again), that Diana wore something similar when she visited the country in 1996 (I assume with Charles, before the separation & divorce, but I could be wrong). Charles & Camilla also visited Pakistan between the visit involving Diana & William & Catherine’s current visit.
  12. From USA Today: NBC News Chief Noah Oppenheim Tells Staff Ronan Farrow ‘Has an Axe to Grind’
  13. Respectfully, his last name’s Adkins, with a D not a T. Besides being at least a formerly popular country singer, another notable entry on his resumé is that he was a past winner of The Celebrity Apprentice. As I remember, 1 of the (I’m pretty sure final or close to it) tasks he participated in was the creation of an ice cream flavor; his team’s flavor & the other team’s flavor were sold at Walgreens for a limited time; the team whose flavor sold the most (his team) won. I think he was playing for a charity involved with severe childhood allergies, because 1 of his kids has them. He also is/was the voice on the commercials for a certain pickup truck, but I can’t remember if it’s a Ford or Chevy model. He’s also done commercials for the Wounded Warrior Project. I think I remember his family also went through a devastating house fire (the family who was home was OK, but the house was a total loss, as I remember)—this, as I remember, was fairly soon after his CA season aired. I think he’s also had substance abuse (alcohol, but I don’t think drugs) issues, which may have been/probably were involved with his divorces, or at least the 1 leading to this marriage.
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