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  1. I will take Auto Amy over Voldemort Kalina for $200 Alex,
  2. Meanwhile at CMT Headquarters: Is this good or bad? Oh well! Who cares! We got the suckers to watch the show!
  3. It is like sitting in heavy traffic while watching a car accident scene or eating potato chips. You know you should stop, but the temptation keeps calling you back. I consider the show my guilty pleasure train wreck.
  4. I think Keyra was cut for being late twice, snotty attitude which pissed off TPTB and other girls and were part of the mean girl team. Auto Amy could not pick up the dances and seem a little too desperate to make the team. I think she would have been an one and done girl if she did make the squad. If Victoria did learn a lesson about last year and steps up to the plate I will gladly say I am fine with her being on the team. I guess we will see what happens and how TPTB respond to her being in TC this year.
  5. Hear, hear!!! I hope she does not pickle out!
  6. Does rolling your eyes and thinking seriously count?
  7. Did Smugs seek counseling or see a doctor when he was trying to hook up with other women or looking at porn? I could picture Deredick trying to have a semi-serious conversation with Deredick.
  8. I guess in Deredick's mind quantity means more than quality.
  9. And when you think Jill could not hit a new low. I thought of Jill trying to please Deredick makes my head spin, my teeth hurt, what to poke my eyes out, and run into the street screaming.
  10. Okay... https://www.instagram.com/p/ByOKjifn1ji/
  11. We have homeless veterans, people who struggle to pay for medical care, food to eat, homeless animals, but we need to help these nitwits out. It boggles the mind.
  12. Could someone please hand over the extra strength brain bleach please.
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