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  1. strippedhalo

    The Stranger Things Wishlist: What We Want To Happen

    Steve and Robin stay BFFs. Someone gives Steve a hug. One of the existing (non-evil) adults takes Steve under their wing.
  2. strippedhalo

    S03.E10: AKA Hero Pants

    I think that was the real estate (?) guy whose file Jessica found in Erik's closet. It was definitely made to look like there's a possibility that Trish and Erik are working together, but as Trish has a history of finding her marks via snooping through other people's things, it could be circumstantial that they were both there at the same time. To me, that scene could either read as Erik staking out the bad guy and coming across Trish already getting "justice", or that they were working together to take him down and Erik was just surprised at how violent Trish got.
  3. strippedhalo

    S03.E09: AKA I Did Something Today

    Poor, sweet Costa! I've really loved him this season, so I hope that things can work out with him getting a win (and not feeling betrayed by Jessica, because she needs a friend that isn't a disaster).
  4. strippedhalo

    S03.E01: AKA The Perfect Burger

    I cackled at Jessica's immediate declaration of love for the new couch once Trish's mom criticized it.
  5. strippedhalo

    S03.E04: AKA Customer Service Is Standing By

    This is my least favourite villain trope, so I hope that they do something more original with him in the remaining episodes. I do like the asshole detection guy (preferably not as Jessica's love interest), but I am super not interested in Jeri or her storyline at all so far. Malcolm, do better!
  6. strippedhalo

    Mary Winchester: This Girl is on Fire

    I really agree! (That was my nomination, lol.)
  7. I am willing to accept that hat ONLY if he continues to pair it with animals. :D
  8. strippedhalo

    The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

    I personally would rather have Sharon than Zemo (but neither for romantic interests, please). Although I recognize that he was the catalyst for the events of Civil War, Zemo's gripe was about Sokovia, which neither Sam nor Bucky was involved in, and I didn't find him that interesting the first time. I've also never read the comics, so I don't have any expectations of the characters other than what has been shown in the MCU to date (so: Sam being a beautiful sass machine and Bucky being tragic and long-suffering). Give me six episodes of Sam and Bucky taking down criminals and bickering good-naturedly, and I will be happy.
  9. strippedhalo

    S33.E15: Death Race

    Not at all judging the fear itself, but the protracted hissy fit came across as attention-seeking more than anything. So based on the times they showed us, Hunter is about 1.5 hours behind Theo at this point? And Wes is only 10 minutes out of first place? I wonder how Theo will do at eating, if that's one of the things they still have to do. I feel like it might be Theo's downfall (assuming any of them can move at all, after that first day).
  10. strippedhalo

    S33.E14: The Waterboy

    My understanding (based on Wes's speculation of how they were scoring) is that Mattie and Da'Vonne failed at the same part (swinging across on the rope), but Mattie was faster getting there.
  11. strippedhalo

    S33.E14: The Waterboy

    I am happy that Paulie won't be in the final, but that was pretty rough to watch. However, his sobbing about having failed etc. etc. was pretty over the top. Especially since that had to have been filmed at some remove from this, right? He held it together pretty well when he was actually being sent away. I wish they had said how much time they were given to complete the mission. Paulie must have gone incredibly fast to have fallen two (three?) times on the rope swinging part and then three more times from the top of the net in the same amount of time it took Mattie to fall once from the rope. Oh, Da'Vonne. So close! I hope she comes back, provided she can maintain her spirit. I'm rooting for Wes, and I think he has a shot (if Turbo, like, dies). I would also be fine with Georgia or Mattie winning. Probably Theo or Turbo as well, although Turbo has not been edited kindly the past couple of episodes.
  12. strippedhalo

    S33.E13: Final Destination

    It kind of seemed like his position was that Ninja and Dee had wronged him, so he needed to avenge himself by putting them into elimination, and once that happened they would be even. (Even from his perspective. Dee clearly felt differently.) I don't know if putting Ninja into consideration counts as enough revenge, or if revenge is had in a future episode, or maybe Turbo just learns to forgive and move on.
  13. strippedhalo

    S33.E13: Final Destination

    Right? That's some revisionist bull right there. Also, Ninja and Dee with their "we were his best friends from the beginning, how could he do this to us?" If he was your friend, maybe don't gang up and scream at him? That said, I wish someone would explain the no-forgiveness culture that Turbo comes from, because that is absolutely foreign to me. Then again, would I be so uncomfortable about Turbo refusing to forgive the girls if they were guys instead? I don't think I would. Hm. I like Theo, but I was rooting for Kyle to win that elimination. I do not like Dee, and I love Da'Vonne, so I hope our Lady of the Talking Heads can pull it out somehow. I was surprised that Mattie couldn't finish the puzzle, since she was so fast on the slider puzzle on top of the car, but I thought it was sweet how she was pep-talking Dee in the plane. I hope Mattie can make it to the final. How many people do we think will go to the final? Three of each? Four? I would like Da'Vonne, Mattie, and Georgia (plus Cara, I guess, since she's already in) for the girls and Turbo, Wes, and Theo for the guys. If I have to pick a fourth guy, I pick Wes again.
  14. strippedhalo

    S14 E20: Moriah

    Oh! Also! This has been bugging me since they started in on soulless!Jack - he keeps saying he feels nothing, which is demonstrably untrue, because he keeps getting mad. Rage is an emotion, full stop.
  15. strippedhalo

    S14 E20: Moriah

    Well, that was... something. But there was no Pellegrino! Let's try to keep it that way next season, please. (There is zero hope of this happening.) I did like it when Sam announced that Chuck was the bad guy and Dean said, "No, no, no" while backing up to stand with Sam. That was a nice little callback (possibly unintentional) to Sam saying "No, no" and backing up to stand with Dean in the first season when Dean figured out that John was possessed. Not everything in the graveyard now is a zombie, right? The souls flew up out of the ground, and a lot of their bodies would have been burned, so some of them are corporeal ghosts, maybe? Iron might work on those?