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  1. All in all, I really enjoyed this show. I watched it with my niece and she seemed to like it as well. The whole experiment thing is interesting but I don't like the reasoning behind it. I've always been a sucker for the stranded-on-an-island trope, though. I liked all the girls and how diverse they were in backgrounds and personality. It made for an interesting watch. I adored Dot, though I suppose that's because I unfortunately identified with her the most. I like Leah precisely because she is rather unhinged. It makes for a great story. As for the Twilight of Adam, I'm in. I really did
  2. Good Lord, that is a huge baby! The Duggar babies are easily twice the size of the Tuesday family!! But he is a cutie and I love the name Gideon. I figured they would announce today as well and I knew as soon as I saw how many posts I was missing that he was born. I think he looks like the perfect mix of his parents. I am also very glad he is a boy but I'm worried for him that he will be forced into labor too early. All of the kids seem to be and that's truly sad. So now we're onto guessing who has the next pregnancy announcement and so forth. Sorry, Gideon, your time in the spotlight is
  3. Sorry, can I interrupt the festivities? I've been trying to find this for years now and a reddit post has me on the hunt again. I thought in the 16KAC special, they visited somewhere that had a lady with a fiddle that taught the kids to sing "Mississippi Hot Dog" or whatever. Does anyone else remember this? Or is this from some other family or show or whatever?
  4. Well, I guess we're on Baby Forsyth countdown. I would be miserable, too, if I was that pregnant.
  5. Oh, that's terrible! I can't remember hearing about it but I don't come on here as much.
  6. Wasn't Clark Wilson the guy who helped build the TTH? The Bates Family instagram posted about his death. How sad for his family.
  7. I always think it's a security risk as well. If someone wanted to rob you blind and you post that kind of video, they'd have all the information they'd need.
  8. The only person I'm rooting for right now is Gracie. She can join Judith and be a dynamic duo. I wonder if Aaron is going to raise her? I still think she's Negan's kid. Maybe that'll really bring the hammer down.
  9. I would really like to see Rick walk out there with baby Gracie and have it be like that one scene from "Children of Men". Doubt it would happen, though. I'm guessing her mother has died - If my baby was there, I'd be in the room with her, especially since I guess Dad was the one Rick killed. I wonder if the Saviors would retaliate heavily for the taking of Gracie, though it would be a tough spot to be in because you can't exactly leave a baby alone in a building full of possibly reanimated dead guys. I really, really need to know what happened to that baby and I am 98% sure that we won'
  10. Coming at you several months late, but it was in Downton Abbey. I really liked this episode! I love Shelagh and Gloria chatting as they sat there all day. It must be terribly boring to be on bed rest, especially pre-internet. Gloria's dream of meeting Shelagh on the street with both of them pushing prams had me crying buckets myself. I love this show. As for Marnie and Dot, I thought both were very sympathetic. I couldn't help but wonder, though, if Dot and her husband took back money after Marnie took back the baby. What a terrible position to be in. I agree that keeping her baby m
  11. I'm getting serious vibes from "The Strangers" or whatever that home invasion movie was called. Every time the clowns show up, I get that feeling. The scariest thing to me is having someone in my house and I don't know about it. Seriously creeped out by that. I also think the Not-Changs remind me of Count Olaf's troupe in "A Series of Unfortunate Events". They have kooky personalities and have this weird way they speak where it's like each of them is half of one brain (not intelligence-wise, more like finishing each others' sentences and whatnot). I had to laugh when the Ozy asked i
  12. My baby niece has eczema on her scalp and we put lotion on it. I don't remember the clip, but maybe Josie has sensitive skin there? I have eczema on my scalp as well and I put lotion in it from time to time, but only when it's really bad. I was somehow blessed with dry but oily skin. Makes no sense. That picture made me realize Josie is really growing up. She has always looked like an eternal baby to me, but she looks like she's actually a kid now, if that makes sense.
  13. I've had a brief couple of months where I forgot the Duggars existed but now I'm all out of things to talk about in "The Handmaid's Tale" forums and so I ventured here. This family is so boring. Poor Joy and her boring husband-to-be. This is your life now. Hopefully talking to people as they file in the family camp will bring some spice to your life. Otherwise, we all know your future. Just look at your sisters. Poor girl. She has no idea there's another world waiting for her.
  14. I thought it was an impulse thing, but once she was in the car, she realized there was really nowhere to go. At that point, maybe she was trying to drive home the point to June to join Mayday or even inspire the other handmaids. Emily realized there was really nothing left for her to give for the cause, so she did something radical that would make the handmaids stop and remember that they could drive and do what they pleased a few short years ago. I think it would've been effective on me and I think it was on June as well. Did anyone else see the little girls in red during the restaurant
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