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  1. I homeschooled my son and he has a job in a restaurant and is finishing up his second year of college. No problems getting into either of them. Of course I gave him a better education than our county would have.
  2. I am also allergic to Benadryl. It's embarrassing lol.
  3. My daughter had her lower jaw moved forward and her palate widened with orthodontic appliances and was supposed to have braces put on twice as part of it. Fortunately somehow she didn't need the second set put on. I believe she would have needed the same surgery as Derick if she hadn't had the Herbst appliance and palate expander when she was young. So it can be a normal thing to have braces put on twice.
  4. My son is in community college in Maryland with just his homeschool credentials. No GED or SAT was needed. Of course I homeschooled him for high school because I didn't feel his school was rigorous enough, and I have a degree. He did take placement testing and got into honors classes. He's doing great in his second year and can transfer to four year university with just the credentials he has. I realize this doesn't apply to the Duggars, but Jinger may not need a GED for college.
  5. The show starts back up on November 7, 2017. Can't wait!
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