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  1. Why are making him seem like an accomplished academic. He got a certificate at Duggar Academy and only did one semester at Clown school. The job was forced on him by daddy.
  2. I read the thread on reddit. The waitress also said Jeremy ordered for both of them and Felicitywas very fussy. Jinger was on her phone the whole time while RFP droned on.
  3. It's going to be like that episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia where the gang goes on the Christian cruise 🤣.
  4. The Reverend Facy Pants did not post anything on Instagram. He posted on his stories but those pictures disappear after 24 hrs. Very strange that a guy going into ministry avoids posting anything about ministry. Both him and Jinger posted old pictures with the location in LA, nothing from Atlanta.
  5. Can't they go one day without a staged photo. I think she forgot RFP posted this on her birthday.
  6. Correction: they are heading to Atlanta for a conference.
  7. I looked it up and this particular company, Ivy City Co, is based in Utah and it appeared on a list of Best LDS shops. The sell modest 'mommy and me' outfits. Jinger advertised for them last year and Alyssa and her kids have appeared on their Instagram account.
  8. 🙄 Coming back from Philly, I guess. Did she really take a selfie of herself looking pensive off into the distance while listening to Kanye? 😂
  9. Anna and the girls got free clothes. This is the same company that sends Alyssa clothes. Kids are cute the Smuggers look terrible.
  10. I looked through her Instagram. She did a video with Fancy Pants in October.
  11. Is he serious? He's the guy posting staged pictures and trying to make a career as an influencer and he's calling out people for being fake on social media. Also, he's only friends with these guys because they're rich and letting him live in their house for free.
  12. It's on her Instagram stories. She made the young girls wear ski skirts. It seems so stupid and dangerous, she can't open her legs to keep her balance.
  13. Jinger looks like she's on her way to her office job. She looked the most natural with Felicity when she got papped. The power suits and church dresses age her.
  14. Elizabeth Patton. She and her sister are supposed bffs of Hannie. She's 18, her sister Lydia is 23, and Hannie is 14. I guess mentally they are all the same age. Unmarried fundie girls are only allowed to hang out with other unmarrieds.
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