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  1. They need to lay off the fake bake, they are soooo orange.
  2. Jana is still in LA. Possibly Jinger's new live in nanny. Laura is not with them, she posted pictures back in her home town.
  3. Hmmm, I think the only ones getting their own check are Jinger and RFP. This really isn't TLCs fault he should have got his own contract and not trusted Boob. Last I checked Sam's birth episode was missing from the TLCgo app. It is the same with the Bates show. Someone asked Alyssa why she never wore pants on the show and she said that it's her dad's show and they had to respect his rules.
  4. Ummm, he posted this on his stories over a week ago. I guess he just wanted to show off the suit again.
  5. She talked about it last season. It had the pee stick, the only photo she took pregnant, and letters that she and Josiah wrote to Asa.
  6. What a loser, she created her own ad for the show with her own picture. She wishes she was Joanna Gaines so bad. I'm guessing they're going to show her horribly decorating something.
  7. The kid the Duggars adopted. I believe he's the son of Michelle's niece.
  8. I wondered if maybe she posted that on that particular day (Oct 10) because it was the day she miscarried. Still it was kind of messed of to do it the day after Amy gave birth. Also, the post wasn't about Joy and her baby, it is about herself as always. The pink clothes are probably gifts from her baby shower. Joy has moved on with her life. She grieved and is focusing her love and attention on her son.
  9. Looks like they left Jana behind in LA. I bet her chaperone Laura is there too, there is an empty stool next to Jana.
  10. No way they did that so quick. She probably told them to do it so she could have a stupid #momproblems post.
  11. I think it's Jeremiah (sinner twin), there was talk about him courting a girl before. He's 20 years old now, perfect time to marry the boy off.
  12. They got papped in LA. Funny how Jerome has no problem ditching class when his parents and friends are in town.
  13. Can't let Amy have her moment. Why can't she just focus on her new blessing?
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