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  1. Derick is planning on getting interviewed by an Instagram snarker. He could have probably gotten paid a few hundred dollars from a gossip site.
  2. Jinger is pushing a more expensive knockoff of the Revlon brush dryer. There is a similar knockoff on Amazon for $39, I think this brand just adds their logo and uses influencers to sell it at a supposed discounted price.
  3. Yup, this same woman also took those pictures.
  4. Someone definitely tipped off the paps. The woman who took the pictures posted this last year on her Instagram. She has worked for TLC before. According to her IG, she has taken most of Jinger's papped pics.
  5. Jeez, would it kill her to tie her hair up? It kept getting in the way while she was sanding.
  6. Jinger got papped in short shorts.
  7. That's a lot of MLM products. Surprised she's not using plexus.
  8. These people are idiots. They're on vacation in Philadelphia acting like nothing is going on. They are getting a lot of shit in the comments.
  9. But I thought Jesus would protect her. Idiot.
  10. So, will we expect to see RFP and Jingle out helping and caring for the sick homeless people on skid row. Doubt it. 🙄😑
  11. I think they gave it to her, so she'll probably sell it or just keep it. Her discount code is invalid so no commission.
  12. Jinger lost another sponsorship. This time with Ruggable. https://www.cheatsheet.com/entertainment/counting-on-jinger-duggar-just-lost-another-paid-influencer-gig-over-family-controversial-views.html/
  13. Bin's little sister is already dress shopping a week after getting engaged.
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