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  1. My take is that even when she's got the germ of a funny anecdote, Jessa doesn't have the writing ability to pull it off. Case in point: "Henry's face appeared concerned as he hesitatingly asked." The grammar is fine, but the syntax is wordy and just plain weird. We English teachers (and there are several of us here) have seen it many times: she's the student writer trying much too hard to sound smart. Her writing would improve if she'd just simplify, calm down with the adverbs, and brainstorm a few new verbs. And please tell me they already own at least one fire extinguisher!
  2. When I see the phrase "snipping tool" on any Duggar forum, it catches my eye!
  3. Oh absolutely, I have that sort of response too. But it's been my observation that "the grace of god" doesn't get applied equally. Decades ago, I lost my 3-year-old at the zoo. It was absolutely terrifying, but zoo security staff were able to locate her and reunite us quite quickly. A few days later, my local news reported a similarly-aged child had disappeared from her yard in a rural area. After a few hours, rescue workers located the child unharmed, and the news reported a tearful reunion between child and mother. The next day, it was reported that the mother had been charged with chil
  4. I think people are surprised/outraged that the police chose to enforce the law against an affluent white woman.
  5. I wish I were kidding, but I know people--the sort Jill and Derick probably know--who would be alarmed by Sammy's "gender inappropriate" behavior. (Good grief, my spouse's homophobic nephew nervously suggested more manly professions when his 4-year-old son announced he wanted to be an artist.) So I really love Jill for posting this pic. .
  6. I really wish she'd just show up sporting a buzzcut, like a female coworker of mine once did because she felt like something new. I feel like Jill would rock that look.
  7. Cosigned! A little eyebrow pencil can add so much definition to one's face. They come on a variety of colors, so you can choose something that isn't too dark and that blends with your hair. For years I used a medium blonde, and now I use a medium gray brow pencil. I hate to admit this, but with nearly every photo I see of Jinger these days, my kneejerk reaction--just for a split second-- is that I'd like to slap that smirk off her face.
  8. Oh dear, oh dear, somehow I envisioned a little role-play scenario where Jill is the demanding "inspector" who must be won over by Shrek, a "hunky" "builder" clad only in leggings, tool belt, and a vacant, gap-toothed smile. It all starts when he gives her a sexy wink...... Sorry, I know I didn't have to share that with you, but Satan built a fortress in my heart.
  9. Derick's an a-hole, but I like to think he's helped steer Jill toward the type of Christianity that can differentiate between Levitical laws and the teachings of Jesus.
  10. Lord, I'd forgotten how small the dump truck was that poor baby Phillip was stuffed into. That was more than an Instagram fail; it was abusive, plain and simple. And they posted it.
  11. Just thought of a possible name for M7: Mara. I believe it's Hebrew for "bitter."
  12. Yes, I could see the book in the photo. Its almost certainly garbage, and I maintain that Pistol Pete is not a "book character." He's a mascot that someone wrote a book about to make a quick buck. I just think that violates the spirit of event.
  13. Excuse me, it was book character day and they sent their child as Pistol Fucking Pete? Do these people ever read actual children's literature? Read your child a book. Also, for God's sake, give Pistol Pete a rest for two fucking seconds.
  14. Hey, thanks for trying, @Jeeves! Since I'm a local, I was afraid my FB friends would somehow see I'd liked this random Independent Baptist Church.
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