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  1. Y'all, she didn't just wash his feet. She rubbed them. YMMV, but for me foot rubs seem pretty intimate. Certainly the only person I trade them with is my spouse. But you know...different strokes. (Sorry. I'll see myself out.)
  2. Because he looooooooves him? Sorry if I sound flippant. I understand there are all kinds of gay and straight people, and you can't pigeonholle an individual based on one behavior. But I'll say this: Jerm sure seems to appreciate the male form and visage. (Also it's great to be gay ... unless you're hurting an unsuspecting hetero spouse or, you know, aligning yourself with a hateful anti-gay church and seminary.)
  3. Now I've seen everything. I am a huge fan of breastfeeding, and I have truly moving memories of nursing my kids. But when I read about that stupid ring--not kidding--the memory that immediately sprang to mind was the time I found a bottle of expressed breast milk that had rolled under the sofa, curdled, and gone moldy.
  4. They went to a "lovey" candlelight Christmas service? Yikes. I hope Jill didn't break out the lotion in front of God and everybody.
  5. Personally, I find The Babylon Bee almost criminally unfunny.
  6. She's cute as a button, but I gotta say it: in that pic I think Grace looks like Dana Carvey pulling a face! And I'd say that even if she were one of my grandkids.
  7. Excuse me if I'm confused. Are you actually suggesting that I'm Jill? If so, that's wildly off-base but kind of hilarious. I'm duly embarrassed at being called out for going the environmentally unfriendly route at holidays, but I do think the context is important. I was pushing back against posters who were calling JRod tacky for not serving food in special serving dishes, preferably holiday themed. I got a little pissy, and while trying to make the point that we all make our choices about prioritizing convenience or aesthetics, I admitted to using single-use dishes at big holiday meals. For whatever it's worth, I'm aware this isn't a great look, and your post did give me food for thought. But let me reiterate, I'm not Jill!
  8. I don't know much about filters, but I often suspect that Anna's and Jessa's kids have that Uncanny Valley look in pics because of excessive filtering. But I'm thrown off by the new pic including poor Josie, who notoriously doesn't photograph as well. She looks good in the Christmas tree pic, but she doesn't look like an android. Maybe Mac and Spurge really do have naturally beautiful complexions.
  9. What's the alternative--a different Amazon box? Haha, at my house 95% of the boxes came from Amazon, and I grab whatever's handy and the right size. So...box it came in. LOL
  10. In fairness, she said, "We had a great Christmas; hope you did [had a good Christmas] as well [too]." I doubt she correctly deployed a semicolon, though! I'm too lazy to go back and check her exact wording, so I'm just going to write it using good punctuation. Thank you. I think everyone should dress their table as they see fit. It's unfair to suggest that an absence of festive tableware means one doesn't care for one's offspring. It was my adult children who suggested a few years back that we incorporate disposable plates/baking pans and stop transferring food to separate serving dishes at holidays. Their reasoning? Our time together is precious. Some families may love cleaning up together for hours, and that's okay for them, but we prefer watching movies and playing games!
  11. Portia Meanwhile Jill, while no fashion plate, always manages to look reasonably well put-together with pieces that fit and are in good repair. Burns my butt. BTW we took Christmas cookies to our new neighbors today and found out they have a teenager named Janessa. First I've encountered besides the Rodlet.
  12. Haha! But as a mother of three, I'm sad to report it's not quite that easy.
  13. Isn't Jessa concerned about her boy child wishing to have long fingernails...LIKE A WOMAN???!!!??? Next he'll be asking to have his nails painted, like my 4-year-old grandboy did recently! Somehow I doubt Jessa's response would be as chill as my daughters's was. (She painted them, NBD.)
  14. Is that feature really so uncommon? My daughter's front door opens into a great room, and the door to the backyard is at the back of the room. It's a very nice house.
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