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  1. What a coincidence. My three have the same birth years. From what I've seen, parents now swaddle tiny babies and put bigger ones in sleep sacks. There are safer ways than blankets to keep babies toasty at night.
  2. Ivy is too fat to function. She's a little sphere. I love it!
  3. It's a largely irrational peeve, I admit, but that "I just want to keep them little" business has always made me want to puke. Yes, 6-month-olds are adorable, but preschoolers are amazing, too...as are 7-year-olds, 11-year-olds, and even teenagers. Change is what children do, and watching them develop is a great joy. (And as an added bonus, they sometimes grow up to have babies of their own. I'm cuddling one at this very moment. 🥰)
  4. My husband orders for me on a semi-regular basis, and he's the most anti-patriarchal person out there. There are scenarios in which that's not a dick move.
  5. Gracie is NOT having it. I love when babies look so disapproving. I'm helping my youngest daughter with her first baby (9 days old!) and she keeps exclaiming, "He's so judgy!"
  6. I don't exactly know what's going on with the pattern of that dress, but I know an eye trap when I see one.
  7. So they're calling the baby Gracie. How original. IMO that nickname is getting really played out. I feel like it's been ages since I met a child named Grace who actually goes by Grace. Abbie really looked amazing right after the birth.
  8. Over the years I have gone to a fair number of New Year's Eve church services where I joined with other Christian believers to take communion and pray. Unfortunately, it never occurred to me to gather photographic proof of my conspicuous religiosity. I guess you'll just have to take my word for it that I am WAY more godly than you heathens. @Barb23 , in my experience, Evangelical churches don't have built-in kneelers, possibly because kneeling isn't an established part of their worship service. When someone feels led to kneel, it's often done at the "altar," which is just the (sometimes raised) front part of the sanctuary.
  9. I noticed that too. One of my sisters has a dowager's hump. It's the bane of her existence. David really does seem to have gained weight, and that posture of his just makes it worse. He looks like a big ol' lump. I think I'll call him Lumpy from here on out.
  10. It's truly glorious how not sweet Felicity is keeping in these recent pics. J & RFP heavily curate their image, yet there are all these frown or "whatever" shots. I want to believe it's an indication that she's not a child who wants to perform for her public 24/7. I also want to believe that this is a wee bit frustrating for her poser parents. You do you, Lissy! Live your life!
  11. I am not in any way a medical professional, but I'm pretty sure you're considered immuocompromised if you have MS. That makes me think perhaps yes, you get approval for an early shingles vaccine. I'd definitely ask your physician and/or do some research. Im 55 and was so pleased to be able two get my two shingles injections recently. It's a nasty disease that preys on the vulnerable. My husband's brother had an awful case while he was dying of cancer.
  12. I'm getting ready to be even more in-your-face with any anti-vaxers unlucky enough to cross my path in 2020. I'm going to find a pic of my late cousin who had polio as a child and have it on my phone, ready to pull up. Her body was so misshapen, in an earlier era someone would have tried to put her in a sideshow. She lived a pretty amazing live--she had a husband, a son, and a successful home business--but she suffered daily pain, and she died too young. Shame on anyone who might play a part in the return of that horrible disease.
  13. That makes sense to me now, @Zella. Boy, I'm up way past my bedtime! 😂
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