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  1. Portia

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    Naptime. The clock's ticking, Jill. Better hurry up and ... umm ... take a selfie and upload it to Twitter and append a buttload of stupid hashtags and emojis. How very efficient of you.
  2. Portia

    S02.E08: Episode 8

    Ooh, I'd forgotten what Wayne Williams said when asked if he knew why he was being stopped. Chilling. Hey, did anyone besides me spot the Williams Easter Egg a couple of episodes back? The agents and cops were suddenly beset by a mob of reporters. One man with a camera around his neck briefly turned so his face was clearly visible, and I paused the show and yelled, "That's him! That's Wayne Williams!" Once again the show creators have taken great pains to find an actor who resembles the real criminal to an eerie degree.
  3. Portia

    S02.E07: Episode 7

    YES. I was afraid he was going to be taken for a Klan member.
  4. Portia

    S02.E07: Episode 7

    By all means, please do share, because I was bewildered by the ending, too!
  5. Portia

    JD and Abbie: Captured Before the Rapture

    The prom in my hick hometown was not the height of elegance, but Abbie's outfit looks like regular church clothes to me. And while JD's jeans and polo aren't to my taste, they don't look like ratty work clothes to me. I've seen men in similar outfits at church. At my daughter's sex reveal party she asked everyone to wear pink if we were predicting a girl, blue if predicting a boy. I wore a top I didn't like very much because I didn't have any other pink winter clothes. Wonder if the "gender reveal" festivities informed JD & A's outfit choices?
  6. Portia

    S02.E03: Episode 3

    Holy snap, was anybody besides me freaking out that the murder victim in the vacant house was a toddler...and that Tench's little boy could be a suspect? There have been suggestions since season one that his kid is "off." And in a recent episode he was transfixed in church by the statue of Jesus suffering on the cross. Bill also found the door ajar, and the boy wet himself unexpectedly...so many weird little things. I'm not saying he actually did it, but I predict Tench will have to grapple with this suspicion. BTW my spouse and I can't remember for sure...did the Tenches adopt their son?
  7. I'm just gonna go ahead and say it. Hasn't her sex predator husband demonstrated interest in activity that doesn't result in pregnancy?
  8. The Christian film industry is booming, if my the cinema in my smallish Southern city is any indication. As often as not, one of our twelve screens is occupied by something that looks decidedly inspirational. (My husband and I inevitably run into church friends in the lobby, and the convo usually goes like this: THEM: "Oh, did you see Overcomer?" US: "Nah, we saw Once Upon a Time...in Hollywood. We're more, um, Tarantino people.") If Anna wants to seem cool by recommending "mainstream" movies--almost as if she's, you know, culturally literate--she's got a lot of mediocre Christian films to choose from.
  9. Portia

    S02.E02: Episode 2

    Yes, and of course he was also dead wrong about this killer not having a relationship with a woman. The writers are really underscoring that our protagonists are continually learning...and having their expectations subverted.
  10. Portia

    The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    i agree that the fan was likely wanting to know the Vuolos' denomination but used the wrong terminology. Jin and Jer probably thought they were being awfully clever sidestepping that question, and interpreting the question literally afforded them a perfect opportunity to "share the gospel." As for the weight of their outfits, I can't bring myself to nitpick at that level. I wear long pants/leggings and sweaters (indoors) in the oppressive Alabama summer heat because I'm cold-natured and there's AC everywhere. My husband's like a human space heater. It'd be stupid to match our outfits by "season." I expect the Vuolos didn't give it a second thought.
  11. Portia

    The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    To me, there's nothing lovely about his features. They strike me as somewhat feminine but not remotely pretty.
  12. Yes, definitely! I was pleasantly surprised by her color choices for newborn Ivy. I had expected a pinksplosion for the first girl after two boys.
  13. I'm starting to see a bit of a resurgence of gender-neutral clothing for young children, and I for one am happy that Jessa seems at least marginally less obsessive than the typical Gothardite about silly rules about boy colors and girl colors.
  14. Portia

    The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    Ew, I do not like Cade's looks at all. He somehow manages to look simultaneously like your boring Aunt Bev and the most punchable guy in the frat house.