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  1. All I can say is thank heaven she didn't spell whose as who's. I guess she copied it right out of the Bible.
  2. I don't get it. Why should she have to explain why she's not baking her skin with dangerous UV rays?
  3. And my grandson, just a little younger, proudly said "motherfucker" last Christmas.
  4. "Shoo shoo" is what my grandboy calls a number 2. Sorry, but I just couldn't keep that to myself.
  5. WRT the hilarious ice cream....Clearly y'all have not sat through as many godawful church talent shows and "comedy nights" as I have. Church folks will laugh at ANYTHING.
  6. Wait, how does he say Jesus? I've heard him preach and have never noticed.
  7. If the pile of diapers sprouts limbs and becomes sentient, hopefully the monitor will allow them to hear its vocalizations in time to rush inside and rescue the baby.
  8. It's all about volume, not the type of audio device. When I was a stupid teen, I'd crank the car stereo to the point where I couldn't hear a car horn or siren. Now I am constantly listening to podcasts while driving, but I turn my device to a reasonable volume and loosen my earbuds a bit to ensure I'm not fully blocking out outside noises. Not a safety issue at all.
  9. Dusting is my most hated household chore, so Jill's "decorating" is particularly triggering for me. I wonder what was the last time she dusted? Maybe Nurie's fifth birthday?
  10. That American flag has a real "fresh out of the package" look.
  11. Now all I can think about is the Long-Haired Businessmen.
  12. Ehh, a lot of pet allergies don't cause a sudden, violent reaction. I'm allergic, and I always pet my son and DIL's cat a little with no problems, but it'd be a bad idea for me to live under the same roof with her.
  13. Ooh, interesting! I enjoyed reading your inside knowledge.
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