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  1. So glad they are BOTH getting therapy. It was sorely needed.
  2. Those are ugly haircuts. Way to make your boys look like dweebs, Jill.
  3. None of those kids posing with the magic vitamins appear to actually be eating them. ...I was just wondering- when a vaccination is finally developed and available (for the Corona 19 virus) how will the anti vaxers respond?
  4. I have finally decided the reason that so many fundie brides become pregnant on their honeymoon is that the virgin grooms finally get to release all of the sperm that’s been building up for years. It’s like a flood...
  5. I’m pretty sure Ditzy Bitzy thinks in circles...
  6. Oh, dear dog!! Elizabeth’s voice is giving me a headache! Not to mention, she’s an u informed idiot.
  7. Happy trails to youuuuu...
  8. People who don’t have basements use their garage for storage. (I actually use mine for my car, but only one of my neighbors also parks her car in her garage. Everyone else has various and assorted “valuables” stored in theirs).
  9. Well that was a long blathering message. Yawn... And Audrey dear, it’s you guys, not guyses.
  10. Probably to stop breastfeeding the baby.
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