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  1. I seriously want to harm Announcer Guy. His bits are stupid, unfunny and unnecessary! The director should pull him off now. ...Get the hook!
  2. You just know that Matt is going to give Caryn a massive rock.
  3. How nice for Jinger to be able to go to a theme park and not hear “Look at those weirdly dresses people.”! Dressed.
  4. Um... the Universal visit is most likely for the show...
  5. Renee is not in her senior year of high school - she doesn't attend high school. The daughter without makeup looks beautiful. Maybe the older harlots girls should scrape off a few layers of their makeup - it could come in handy while husband hunting!
  6. There is a whole lot of bad hair in those pictures!
  7. If Ms. Camp Owner is missing her ear, how do her glasses stay up?
  8. You know what? She looks NORMAL in those shorts!
  9. I think Zoey should dress as Wednesday Addams for Halloween. It suits her! Actually, it would be cute to see the whole family dress as them-Will could be Pugsley and Jen and Bill could be Mortitia and Gomez!
  10. At this point I don’t think Derrick has had enough schoolin’ to weigh in on this subject.
  11. Note that Jill called her “Christian Lawyer”. God forbid she gets one of those “Jewish Lawyers”. The kids go to a “Pediatrician Doctor”?!!! And Jill, you stated that “we” are tall and willowly”. If you are including your husband as part of “we”, then you are seriously deluded. David is obese and your children are skeletal. The Rodrigues children look EXACTLY like the Turpin children.
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