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  1. How many fireworks did they buy?!!
  2. I think she was using “Chris and I” to rhyme with “Fourth of July”. ... maybe I’m giving her too much credit..
  3. Why is Sonja YELLING everything this season? Has her hearing been compromised?
  4. I see Derrick is rocking the “Fumb and Dumber” haircut... DUMB! Does Jill ever take out that nose ring?
  5. Well, little kids are mostly gross anyway. They’re just being kids in a tiny inflatable pool - like kids all over the world. I actually thought it was pretty smart to have them eat the very messy watermelon In the pool so they wouldn’t get grossly sticky. it’s a tiny pool/it can be dumped out, cleaned and refilled in a wink.
  6. I know Whoopi is upset that Carl Reiner passed away. However he was 98 years old - how long did she expect him to live? He was a great comedian, writer, actor, director etc.
  7. Arrrgh! No show for us in Sacramento- they are showing the East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer legal proceedings. (He’s pleading guilty to many, many, MANY counts.
  8. Wasn’t Jill the family snitch? I seem to recall talking heads with her siblings and they all said Jill was the biggest tattletale!
  9. My phone enjoys auto INcorrecting things. of course that was supposed to read “No show”. ... stupid phone..,
  10. I show for us left coasters. Just the “Virus Squad” giving an overly long update.
  11. I wonder if she even sits with her legs together.
  12. If a realtor showed me the W Va house I would have taken one step inside and then turned a walked right out. That place needs staging badly. The 1980’s Grandma Chic style is a huge deterrent. Even though I can generally visualize a space when touring homes, all of that outdated design is a LOT to overcome. Add to that the “curb appeal” (there is none) and you have a huge albatross to unload.
  13. I have watched the other movies and am finding this version to show more of Betty’s side of the story. The early years with her supporting Dan through medical school only to be told by Dr. Dan that he now wants to go to law school and he would need her support through that, was really a punch in the gut to Betty. And then, he would never let her refer to their “hungry years” once “he” had made it. She thought of them as a team while he didn’t think of her at all. ...and it only got worse.
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