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  1. Too bad Jinger doesn’t know the difference between China and Japan.
  2. Maybe Lawson has realized that his singing “career” is not gonna happen.
  3. Olivia looks like Loretta Lynn in the 1970’s. If Jill thinks she is such a wonderful, wanted child she should take care of her!!
  4. Maybe Amy is their proofreader. And Audrey dear, this is not a dental examination. Close your damn mouth!
  5. It seemed to me that Whoopi is sooooo over dealing with Megsly. She had changed the vibe of the show (and not in a good way) in just the two days she’s been back. She’s been extremely rude and self involved (as always). I would much rather have Anna on the panel instead. At least she has a sense of humor! Time to ride iff into the sunset Meghy. Your time is over.
  6. What really amazed me is that most of the people we see on the show have been obese since childhood. When your kid is over 200 pounds in elementary school, there is a problem. Why aren’t these problems addressed early?
  7. A state job means he is working for one of the state agencies where they live. For example, I live in Sacramento where there are plenty of “state workers” doing jobs from clerical work to taking care of state property, (parks, the Capitol grounds, etc., and from working for elected officials to serving as agency counsel (lawyers). I assume Jonah is working at an entry level job, possibly clerical.
  8. Nurie’s hair looks soooo much better! I hope her sisters get a clue and style their hair like her! As for traveling during this pandemic season...🙄
  9. Those are the same haircuts the Duggar boys used to get. Jill should be a pro at that by now,
  10. And... once again The View is interrupted by Governor Nuisance... Sigh.... Right after Whoopi used the term, “rendered his resignation”. Rendered?! I’d like to see that.
  11. Jill did not grow up wearing clothes that fit her properly. She wore what she could find in the shared closet. I don’t know that she is aware of how clothing is supposed to fit. Those pants are still ugly.
  12. That was a beautifully done episode. The huge list of names on the screen kept getting larger as the camera panned out. It reminded me of seeing Gone With the Wind ion a large screen as that camera panned out to an endless view of ailing and dying soldiers. It gave me chills. I also told my dying mother who had dementia that if she wanted to go we would be all right. She did. We are.
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