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  1. Jill dear,you look incredibly stupid in the picture. Also, why the hell are you so excited?
  2. Did Meghan just pronounce posthumously as post thomasly?!!!! most overused word of the year? Icon (also iconic)!!! Lay it to rest, Meghan.
  3. I guess we now have an answer to the question “Who screws up macaroni and cheese?”.
  4. Isn’t it interesting how every fundie girl seems to have a fresh manicure on the day she is proposed to? Also, it may be interesting to see how many of the “elite fundies” choose not to attend the upcoming wedding. I’ll bet a lot of them want to stay as far away from the Rodrigues Circus as possible.
  5. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had tried to get Sam to eat it. Or Izzy.
  6. Why potty train Ember right before totally upending her life with a new baby in the house? It’s a known fact that many children will revert to diapers during this time out of jealousy over the new sibling.
  7. It looks like they’re behind ing the story lines that will wrap up the season. Mitch,Cam and Lily move to the Midwest, Luke starts a successful business, possibly with family members working FOR him, and we have yet to see what will be happening g with Alex. Dylan will graduate from nursing school and I can see him and Haley moving to Mitch and Cam’s house as renters. ... Let’s see how close I get.
  8. Re Junior: Guess the shit doesn’t fall far from the ass. 🙄
  9. Did they stain or treat the new deck? It makes a BIG difference in the life of the deck.
  10. How many times did we hear “As a mom..” in this episode? Yeah girls, we know you’re mothers, but what else are you? Being a mom shouldn’t be the ONLY thing you are. I’ve never heard any if the saying, “As a wife” or “As a daughter” etc.
  11. Jill always looks like a three year old kissing. As for the lawn, perhaps they are unaware that lawns need to be watered!
  12. That could all be Ben’s influence. I think we have so few pictures of Jessa lately since she is probably still working off the baby weight and doesn’t want to be photographed not looking “hot”.
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