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  1. Quoting myself here to say that I was one happy Panther fan today! Finally. I always buy my dad a ticket to a Panthers game each year and we go together. We skipped last year because, Covid and I had every intention of skipping this year as well because of, Darnold. When they signed Cam I knew I had to be there for his first home game back. We have a group of 8 going next weekend. This will also be the first time my oldest kid gets to go to a game (12). Mountainair family is pretty hyped and hoping it doesn’t implode!
  2. As a Panthers and a Cam fan I am thrilled with this news! I was fine moving on from him but the Panthers did nothing good to replace him. They should have drafted a QB instead of relying on two broken QB’s (Bridgewater and Darnold). Cam has worked with a lot of this O line before. Now is his chance to go out a Panther and hopefully redeem himself from the disaster that was SB 50. I’m rooting for him!
  3. We made cheesesteaks and onion rings on Friday. We have a Blackstone flat top griddle that I really love using! Tonight will be ham and broccoli Stromboli. My youngest of three just started Kindergarten a few weeks ago so I’ve taken on a part time job which starts tomorrow at the preschool my kids all attended. My life is about to be turned upside down in regards to family dinners. I don’t like crockpot food (all mush IMO) so I spent this past week making a bunch of freezer to skillet type meals or freezer to oven meals. I did throw in one crockpot meal that I know my famil
  4. On a whim I picked up two Hannah Swenson mysteries at the library the other week. IMO the books really suck. The author paints Hannah as someone who lacks any qualities that make you root for her. In the books she is constantly sleeping and her sister Michelle literally does everything for her. She pours her coffees, makes all her meals, bakes most of the cookies or pies. I don’t get how she is the same person as the Hannah in the movies. I like the movies much better and find the books a chore to get through. I will say that last weekend I made the Peanut Butter Chocolate Cheesecake recipe I
  5. Doesn’t surprise me! Back in May a close friend of mines daughter went to Atlanta for a bachelorette party. We are all Bravo viewers and she told me her daughter was at a club there and Brielle showed up. Drinking and partying up a storm. When Brielle went to leave her credit card was declined and she caused a massive scene. Not sure what the outcome was but my friends daughter took pictures that I saw so I have no reason to discount her story.
  6. I’m an eastern NC bbq girl. Grew up there and now live in Asheville. Eastern is chopped vinegar based and Western is pulled pork tomato based.
  7. I totally get that sentiment but at the same time..... I have three kids and feel awful when I neglect one kids needs over another’s. Imagine having 19. For Ma and Pa Duggar it was only about the number for them not the well-being. If they had a manageable number of children they might not even be dealing with this right now. No one will ever convince me they had that many kids because they love children. They had them to prove some weird point to “god”. Kids well-being be damned. Now they are all paying the price.
  8. Thought this episodes was better than the last episode with the Cocoa Mark (or whatever his name was) storyline. I really love the kid with the two moms and his retelling of the movie experience.. “remember when we were both reaching for popcorn and our hands touched...” Our entire family was laughing the entire sleepover. Love that Koob is coming out of his shell now and the Duck girl gets to actually join the team. I liked the moms challenge but was hoping to see the kids on the ice only because we have to wake up at an ungodly 7am tomorrow to start hockey games that will run from 9-1 (
  9. I guess I’ll go first 🙂 Watched this with my three kids tonight. I turned it on for them expecting to watch something else on my own tv but ended up getting sucked in. So for that I have to give it two thumbs up. We don’t watch pretty much anything as a family anymore because my kids would rather be on YouTube or playing video games. I grew up watching the Mighty Ducks movies and loved them. Our kids started watching them about 4 years ago and loved them as well. All but my daughter who just turned 5 play in-line hockey locally. Our closest ice rink is an hour and a half
  10. Just have to say I loved Sophie the Giraffe making an appearance! All three of my kids had one and whenever someone I know is having a baby I gift them one as well. I actually had a Sophie randomly make an appearance at my front steps a few weeks ago joking with my husband that it was a sign to have another baby (my youngest and last baby is almost 5) but I think some baby must have dropped it on their stroller walk. I left it out on display in case they came back for it. Those things are seriously like gold!
  11. My husbands grandpa is a recovered alcoholic (40 plus years sober- he’s 93). When his wife died a few years ago we went to her funeral and were completely blindsided by it being held at his local AA chapter. We had to bow out at hour three because we had a five hour drive home. Listening to everyone’s stories was sobering but creepy as shit since we were supposed to be there for a funeral 🤷‍♀️ I think she’s as much an alcoholic as I am (maybe more since I don’t day drink). I think She’s looking for anything to excuse her shit ass parenting skills. Covid has made everyone take a second lo
  12. As a former banker, it looked like a purple strap of 20’s. 2 grand.
  13. Ehh. I didn’t like Christmas Chronicles 2 as much as I loved the first one but I hate the trope of creating an “evil villain” when it’s not necessary. I also liked Santa’s musical number better in the first one. You can just tell me the story of people losing their Christmas Spirit over and over again without creating an “evil villain”. I’m easy like that. I think The Santa Claus handled part two of their franchise pretty well but after that when they had to bring in the Tooth Fairy, Jack Frost, Father Time, etc. it was too much. We family watched Disney’s Noelle for the first time last n
  14. I’ve had no problem finding flour or yeast. Although I only started needing them until this month. December I go crazy cooking. Oddly enough one thing I can’t find that drives me crazy is that shower spray that you spray and leave when you are done showering. 🤷‍♀️ I can cook savory food pretty good so it’s always been a personal challenge of mine to be able to work with dough. I find I lack the patience. I love a good sourdough bread so I started my first ever “starter” a few days ago. It’s smelly but not bubbly yet 🤷‍♀️. I’m on day four. I made several loves of Challah over Thanksgiving
  15. My cable company is having a fight with CBS or somebody so I’ve had to pay extra for the CBS app just to watch this and happily I can now stop. Except of course if the Panthers game happens to be on CBS but usually it’s on Fox so I should be good. The alliance thing is bullshit and I wasn’t upset at Deangello’s attitude at the mat. Yes he should have not said what he did but I’d probably be pretty salty too. I followed his career in football and he’s really a good guy. I hope the boyfriends lose miserably as I think they did the least amount of work in the alliance to get to the final three. I
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