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  1. As a Panther fan and Cam Newton fan (though I have to admit his time was up and he probably just needs to retire. The Teddy Bridgewater signing makes me scratch my head) I’m glad he got signed to another team. His social media was all but throwing pity parties practically begging any team to sign him (that is if you can manage to read through his asinine symbols he uses is replace of actual letters). However as a life long Patriot hater this still won’t make me root for them.
  2. I am beyond excited today! Our puppy was born! We lost our Jack Russell 2 years ago at the age of 15. A month prior we lost our kitty also aged 15. The following months I also lost my grandpa and my husbands grandma passed away. Shortly after we got a new kitty who ended up passing away a month or so later due to some rare disease. My sons hamster also died so we put the breaks on getting any animals for a while. We’ve now been successful for over a year with owning a kitty cat and I still cry everyday over our dog that we had to put to sleep. Never thought I’d be able to love a dog again. Ive been following a reputable Jack Russell breeder online since we lost our first one and I think I’m ready to do it! I believe ours will be the one with the single black spot on his back. He was born today and we get to meet him in 8 weeks! We are so excited and I hope this is what finally helps heal my broken heart!
  3. One thing I’ve increasingly noticed is that regardless of what side of the issues you fall on (mask/no mask, reopen/stay closed, etc), it seems it’s given everyone the right to be assholes to each other. If you don’t want to mask up whatever you do you. My giving you the side eye or acting like an ass isn’t going to change your mind and whatever your reason for doing what you chose is up to you. I personally am tired of seeing people and or businesses being called out for not meeting so and so’s individual standards. Just don’t go there.
  4. Man- I was only half paying attention tonight but my kid is doing a virtual school project on someone famous from history and we just finished up all his research today. His famous person was Wayne Gretzky so I got that one right. I stopped paying attention after that for a bit because I was busy looking up mid century modern fabrics to use for a duvet cover when final Jeopardy popped up. When I announced my second pregnancy in 2011 I used the phrase “enceinte” because I am a huge Lucy fan! Good night for me!
  5. My first stop at Aldi today was a bust. There was a huge line of people waiting to get in the store and it was freezing cold and raining today. I'm not going to wait in any line to get inside a store especially in that kind of weather. So I went to the chain store here which automatically adds $100.00 to my bill. I couldn't find one of the biggest carts they offer. They usually have tiny carts, regular carts and over sized carts but I could not find one of the over sized carts so ended up not being able to get all I went for simply because my cart was so dang full. They were limiting meat to 2 packs per customer and thankfully I was able to find some ground beef for my burgers on Sunday. I could not however find Paper Towels. Our State moved into Phase 1 today so hopefully that means there wont be lines to get inside the grocery store any more.
  6. To make a long story short, at the beginning of the year we parted ways with our business partner to go out on our own. We moved business operations into our home which meant we had to cease a lot of the services we were receiving at our office location in town. Part of that was cancelling our cable subscription with Spectrum but we wanted to keep internet and phone services at the office location for the other business owner. Spectrum told my husband that it would be cheaper to keep the cable than to cancel it. If we cancelled the cable but kept phone and internet the bill would go up by about $25. Makes no sense unless you look at it like they need to keep the cable customer numbers high because of all the competition with streaming. Which also makes one think they wouldn't want to piss off their cable customers and send them running elsewhere. So, the current owner of the business at our old office is paying for cable, internet, and phone but has no TV. I'm actually really happy with Dish right now and might not switch providers when my contract is up. I've thought about cutting the cord completely and visited my Aunt and Uncle back in October who were using YouTube Tv and was quite impressed with what it offered. An antenna doesn't work where we live and I would miss getting to watch my local channels (news, Jeopardy, Sports) which is the main reason I keep cable. But with YouTube TV they were able to watch football games and current programming.
  7. Unfortunately for us we don't have any other option but Spectrum for internet but I routinely switch my cable provider every two years in order to get the best deals. They'll do anything to get you in the door but nothing to keep you. I'm currently with Dish for cable but in December my contract is up and I'll be back to shopping around for the best deal.
  8. I was going to smoke a brisket for Mother's Day here but have been unable to find one. So, I sent my mom to Sam's to look for one. She's still working and out and about daily so it was not a big deal to ask her. She said Sam's was completely out of meat. Only had seafood in stock. She talked to the butcher there and they told her the meat supply has gone way down and the only way to get any now is to be first in line and right after the truck arrives. I'm hoping my local grocer has at least ground beef when I am able to go shopping on Friday. If so I'll be grilling burgers with my parents and brother for Mother's Day. We've been getting together all along but technically we move into Phase One on Friday which allows gatherings of 10 people. We will be 9. Thankfully, my husband's work has started to pick back up and people are starting to ease into letting him into their homes to do work. He's got a job next week that is 9 hours away. Normally he wouldn't do work that far away but it is to help out a friend and it's at the beach. I was thinking it'd be nice to take the kids down and be at the ocean while he works but nope. Visitors are restricted until that Saturday which doesn't work. He's just going to stay at his friends house I guess since evidently he can't even get a hotel room.
  9. I've played flute for 25 ish years. I quit playing regularly when I was pregnant with my first kid 10 years ago and then out of the blue decided to pick it back up about 4 years ago (and an additional 2 kids later). I found it was very easy to get back into but then I was also classically trained for most of my life by a very good flute teacher. For me it was like riding a bike. You never forget how but some of your technique goes out the window. In that time I've joined a flute choir and also play bass and alto flute. My parents have also moved closer to me and I grew up playing with my dad who is a church organist. We had a ton of gigs on the books between my dad and my flute choir that have now been cancelled and I haven't touched my flutes in weeks. I don't have the motivation for one and with my kids all needing my time and not at school when I would normally practice it's just gone by the wayside. I hope to find the motivation again soon but am comforted in knowing that more people like you are dusting off the old chops and getting back into it 🙂
  10. We had a mini spring break trip planned for Gatlinburg at the beginning of the month but had to cancel it of course. We go once a year but usually just for the day since it’s an hour away from us. This time we were going to splurge and rent a cabin. Anyhow, one year my 6 year old was really into Titanic so we went to the Titanic museum and followed that up with Wonderworks where the Bates family went. I also had a 1 1/2 year old in a stroller at the time and we almost didn’t make it through the door because she freaked the hell out at that dizzy bridge thing they showed them all walking through at the beginning with all the lights. We managed to make it through it’s actually a pretty cool place 🙂
  11. I get that but if you are wearing a mask and I am not and literally don’t open my mouth at all I’m not transmitting anything to you. I don’t speak to people in the store, I keep my distance. I’m not breathing on you. I’m not transmitting anything to you other than what my and many others hands touch.
  12. But if you automatically judge people not wearing a mask how do you know they don’t have a medical reason not to?
  13. But it’s not that black and white. In my watermelon story I mentioned the lady with gloves and a mask touching every watermelon there was with her gloved hands. The grocery store in and of itself is not a sterile environment. Did she use that mask at another store the same day and not wash it? Those germs are still there. Her gloved hands are still touching all the produce. The store isn’t sterilizing every surface after every customer. The germs are still there. If you are wearing a mask and I breathe on you then you are protected right? If you trust in the mask so much to protect you then coming in contact with someone not masked shouldn’t be that big of an issue. I also mean the general you. Not singling you out necessarily but the person most at risk from me not wearing a mask is me. Shouldn’t that be my problem to deal with?
  14. Thanks for the links. I actually really considered homeschooling my kids until we got into this Charter School. I really like the way they teach and have no problem with the way they educate in a normal environment-small groups of 6-7 kids based upon their level of learning. It's the not teaching new material thus keeping the kids from accelerating beyond where they were at when schools closed that gets me. How long can this continue before we have 14 year olds stuck with only a 4th grade education?
  15. Yea, but 99.9% of those people are already wearing masks.
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