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  1. I watched the Netflix one which sent me down a rabbit hole. I found a podcast it was based on Gladiator and listened to that as well. I wasn’t completely aware of what all happened with him as this occurred during my true crime sabbatical (I was having babies and couldn’t deal with it). It’s my opinion that homeboy was definitely unhinged but probably would have been CTE or not. Im a pro football fan (don’t follow college) so I got a kick upon finding out he, Tebow and Cam Newton were all on the Florida Gators at the same time. I’m a Panther fan.
  2. Same. The rest of my family is pulling for KC because of the 50 year drought thing. I want to pull for the Niners because of Garoppolo always being in Tom Brady’s shadow and I despise Tom Brady but part of me feels like pulling for them is almost the same as pulling for the Patriots so I don’t know. I’m conflicted.
  3. And I called it. Olsen’s out. Not officially retired but “parted ways”. Ugh. So sad about my team right now.
  4. I don’t care about the ponytail. I still rock one when my hair is long enough. Usually I keep it too short for a pony. I can’t get down with any one singing or knocking off any version of “My Favorite Things” except for Julie. I change the station every time that song comes on the radio. side note: if it was up to me I’d only listen to true crime podcasts but they aren’t always appropriate in the car with my kids. My oldest is into music and we listen to top 40 together. It’s the only reason I’m here tonight. Eta: that and Lizzo.
  5. Ha! Had the same convo with my husband. I told him he was probably thinking of Cedric the Entertainer.
  6. I don’t think I’m her demographic either. 35 with three kids. But I love my flute and old school rap which is what she reminds me of. Plus her voice is killer! I generally like people to be covered up. Fat, skinny, in between. But I appreciate her body positive image that she preaches. Everyone should feel comfortable in their own skin. And again..... FLUTE!!!!!
  7. Damn I just love me some Lizzo. So glad she broke the flute out for this performance. I’ve been playing flute for over 20 years so I love what she’s doing for flutists right now! I’d love to get my hands on some of her music for my flute choir!
  8. Well damn! I didn’t have a dog in the fight but was hoping for a Titans win. I guess I’ll pull for the 49ers only because I feel like Garappolo has been sitting in Tom Brady’s shadow for so long he deserves a win. Leading up to the Packers game my neighbors kept adding new Packers lawn ornaments to their yard every day. We don’t speak but I imagine if I opened the door right now I could hear them crying. I was pulling for San Francisco but damn- I didn’t want the Packers to go out like that. Brutal!
  9. Thank you! Could not remember where I knew him from! Yea- certainly don't care for his character here. I haven't been watching this just because I have so many things to watch. I've been recording them and watched 7 episodes over the weekend. There aren't many sitcoms I watch but this one is still watchable for me.
  10. I’ve been playing flute for close to 25 years so yea... Lizzo is my jam! Love that because of her playing the flute is becoming more popular 🙂
  11. Man.... just read the news that my favorite player for the Panthers since Smitty is retiring. Luke Kuechly. Ugh! He was a beast and only 28 but suffered quite a few concussions so I get it. But damn! I suspect Greg Olsen is next. With all new coaching staff there’s not likely to be any recognizable names on the team next season.
  12. I really don’t give a shit either way what they do. I feel them though. We had to “quit” my in-laws this year. My husband and his mom were in business together and she is a toxic person. She didn’t use to be that way. I’ve known her since I was 14 (35 now). But she has been awful to me the past 2 years and my husband. This past Christmas Eve she told him to, and I quote, “get the fuck out of my life”. We have three kids (10,7,3) so you know.... we split up the company and are going off on our own. More power to them if they don’t like the trajectory their life is taking. I don’t blame them one bit.
  13. I try to make it to one pro football game per year with my dad. We both pull for the Panthers since that’s our home team. My dad is a long time Redskins fan since childhood so ideally I try and get tickets for Panthers vs Skins. That didn’t work out this year so we went to the Titans game where the Panthers won. Since my most hated teams are out (Pats and Saints) I’m really pulling for the Titans to make it all the way! Tennessee is like 20 minutes from me so they are almost a “home” team. I couldn’t believe they pulled out the win last night! We were under sever weather warnings all night and the local weather station was complete bullshit. Like, couldn’t even watch the game. They did do a split screen for part of the game but the announcers were muted so all you could hear was the weather report. They had their asses handed to them on Facebook for what it’s worth. I totally thought the Texans had the win this afternoon. Can’t believe the turn of events in that game! ETA: I’m looking forward to the Redskins next season with Rivera as coach. I don’t follow college ball so have no clue who Rhule is but I feel like the Skins got the better deal there. Now, what are the Panthers going to do about QB? I swear if it’s Brady- I quit!
  14. I just got back from taking my three kids (2 boys ages 10 & 7 and my daughter who is 3. She seemed bored about midway through and there were some frightening parts for her. The boys actually seemed to really enjoy it. My 10 year old was OBSESSED with Frozen when he was about 3 or 4 but somehow I managed to never watch the first one until yesterday in preparation for going today to see the sequel. The first one definitely had better music but I did enjoy the opening number of this one. I also loved the look of the giants! I was glad to get some back story on the parents. Having just watched the original I wondered if I missed an explanation as to what happened to them because it seemed like they just disappeared off the face of the earth. My son later explained that there was a small explanation in the first movie but not much of one. I loved Elsa’s horse and the cinematography was absolutely gorgeous. Santa was already planning on bringing my 3 year old some Frozen swag for Christmas (she loves the original and asks Alexa to play the soundtrack frequently so she can dance) so I wanted to make sure we made it to see this one before Christmas. I will say that the last movie we saw in theaters was How to Train Your Dragon 3 and she was much more captivated by that one.
  15. My kids go to a Peanut free school. But on weekends they live off of PB&J sandwiches. Still-I have no desire to purchase the pump.
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