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  1. KFC

    Watch What Happens Live

    I literally came here to see if anyone else noticed that with Waka last night, too. It was so irresponsible of Andy, IMO, to just let his dog loose onto the set when Waka has a history of aggression and biting and there was another dog already on set. You could definitely tell LVP was concerned too, with her constantly squirming around to make sure Waka couldn't get to Giggy. So uncool and just plain dangerous of him.
  2. KFC

    House Hunters Renovation

    Just saw the episode in Brookline, Massachusetts. This couple renovated a $1.28m colonial house with a gorgeous wood fireplace. The husband wanted to keep the fireplace as is, but the wife and the designer thought the wood was "too dark" and wanted to paint the fireplace white... which he was not a fan of. And then the wife and her mother proceeded to paint the fireplace TURQUOISE. This might have been one of the most horrifying things I've seen on this show.
  3. KFC

    The Naughty Hamptons: Summer House In The Media

    I think I'm more surprised that the show is getting a third season than I am that they are renewing it with a house cleaning of most of the cast.
  4. KFC

    Siesta Key

    I don't mind that this show is scripted. Some of the cast try pretty hard to make it seem authentic. But, boy, would it get a lot more entertaining if they ditched Alex. I realize the whole point of the show is that Alex's daddy is trying to buy him reality show fame, but MTV should just cut Alex and cast a more charismatic aspiring reality show star.
  5. There were also some reports that a Chicago installment never went forward because they were having difficulty securing filming locations, which was supposedly an issue during that 100 Days of Summer show. A lot of Chicago establishments had no interest in allowing Bravos cameras to film drunken HW antics so plans for a Real Housewives of Chicago were scrapped.
  6. KFC

    Season 10: First Looks

    If the rumors are true that Bravo doesn't reimburse the ladies for their wardrobe, maybe the cast was relieved that they didn't have to buy a new wardrobe just for the opening credits?
  7. KFC

    Season 10: First Looks

    Dorinda was dressed as Lady Gaga.
  8. That's hilarious that Jennifer Lawrence is so on top of HW gossip that she's already anticipating the Cartagena trip. Now we just have to pray the trip doesn't get neutered down in the editing room.
  9. Well I think it looks great. I'm ready for the next season. There's a lot of ground to cover.
  10. KFC

    Figure Skating

    It probably also felt like the same program over and over because a lot of the skaters used the same music. While there's always been a lot of overused musical warhorses, it's become even more of an issue under IJS. Multiple skaters kept using "Hallelujah," "Swan Lake"/"Black Swan," "Moulin Rouge," and "Turandot." In the SD, there was even a warmup group that had THREE different teams all using "Despacito."
  11. KFC

    Figure Skating

    So much this. I hate that scratch spins are such a rarity these days. They used to be such an exclamation point to a perfect free skate. With no cap on the amount of points on the table, everything just becomes a point/level grab instead of a showcase for what a skater excels at. It's almost like there need to be rules in place that force the skaters not to turn every element into an attempt at getting higher levels. I'd love it if there were more requirements for L1/L2 spins and moves-in-the-field for GOE only. I want more spread eagles, more length-of-the-rink spirals, more spins with one position but held for a long duration. But of course no one's doing those moves because it takes valuable time away from grabbing your skate blade for a L4 element.
  12. KFC

    S02.E01: Passing the Torch

    I think Kyle is perfect for this type of show because he always manages to keep the Peter Pan antics from being aggro and excessively drunk-sweaty the way, say, Carl is. His overgrown fratboy personality is the stuff of VPR, but his messiness is never quite as dark as them. I probably wouldn't find it cute in real life, but I do find it entertaining without the heaviness that usually goes hand in hand with "alcohol-induced Bravo antics."
  13. KFC

    Tennis Thread

    I was rolling my eyes so hard at Sandgren's defense. And I've always disliked John Isner, but it's so ridiculous seeing him jump to Sandgren's defense on social media without him actually seeing some of the truly vile stuff Sandgreen has tweeted/retweeted. How exactly does Sandgren defend posting a picture of Serena Williams with the caption "disgusting"? Hopefully Chung can continue his run and make the SFs.
  14. KFC

    Figure Skating

    Well, just because you disliked Kwan and/or found her overmarked does not mean she didn't have a stellar international reputation and results.
  15. KFC

    Watch What Happens Live

    So I finally saw the Leslie Grossman/Shannon Beador episode, and it was odd that Andy seemed almost annoyed at Leslie's fangirling over the HWs. I thought her enthusiasm was really adorable. He usually eats that shit up. I guess since Leslie's not an A-Lister or someone Andy wants to sleep with, the HW fangirling isn't as amusing to him.