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  1. And nothing wrong with that, @Kamal 💜 We all like what we like. I think it’s cute too, tho the armpit thing I can’t unsee now that it’s been pointed out!
  2. Dickies could probably make a cute white cut off short, and they’re a Fort Worth based company…could be a good tie in. But I like the wrangler idea too! I like the uniform, but those shorts need some improvement for the type of figure currently on the team vs what was a little curvier back in the day.
  3. Justice for Lexie! Gina is great too, but I think Lexie would have been a solid choice. She’s lots of fun to watch and so pretty too.
  4. Another option is to take BC straight through the season, and skip a period entirely. That’s what I would have done. A little breakthrough spotting is a million times easier to deal with. Many of these women are a low enough body weight that they might skip fairly often anyway. Common enough for a lot of female athletes.
  5. Can I choose neither Melissa or Maddie? Lol. Melissa is good on camera, and has a polish that is still very relatable. She doesn’t add as much value as I would like, but I get that she has a fan base and is probably the most immediately recognizable former DCC. Maddie is a great guest to support, and to an earlier point, got the boot her first year and came back much improved. But as good as I think she is one on one and in the locker room, she struggles on camera and lacks polish. I don’t know who I would pick tho, other than Jacie who I think is pretty much the best ever
  6. I don’t even get Kashara 2.0 out of Maddie, because Kashara is great on camera and always looks like she’s having a blast. And she just wants you to have fun with her too. I like Maddie as a DCC, and she seems like a great teammate and leader. But the accolades given didn’t make sense. Amy too. Good cheerleaders, good locker room, solid team leaders, but not the second coming of DCC Jesus.
  7. When she first popped up here, there were some very strong opinions about her look. Tide seems to have turned on that, thankfully, and her dance skills are awesome. I assume she was ranked that low because TPTB wanted to see how her cameos turned out. She seems to be fantastic in every style, like a pixie version of Gina. I can’t think of another DCC to compare her to because she isn’t a girl next door dressed up like Maddie or Christina, or a unique glam like Amanda. She’s doing her own thing. I still get Christine Baranski vibes too.
  8. I wish she had just been the “bad guy” and frankly I think it’s fair. Expand on what she first said - if I had seen this pre camp, I wouldn’t have brought you in. I need dancers who make smart, mature choices. Take a year to grow up some, clean up your social media, make smart choices and come back to us next year. Bad guy in this situation would have been cutting just bc risqué song choice, especially if Ava had consistently posted dance videos to trending songs. I might have left a song like WAP out of my social dance portfolio, or gone with an edited version, personally. And th
  9. And that’s weird too because he isn’t hiring for the same type of dance job as Kelli. She needs dancers that make good judgements because the bigger part of their job is the ambassador side. Someone who isn’t mature enough to know flipping off the camera isn’t a good choice is an ambassador risk. Full stop. No one gives a rats ass what a one off performer does. I didn’t mind her asking for his point of view, tho, because while her daughter could tell her she’s being ridiculous and old fashioned, Travis is a peer-ish of sorts. Younger, more respected, etc. so I can see where she’d ta
  10. When we were first introduced to them, so to speak, they both seemed immature and he seemed like a little shit. He’s still a shit, and if a restraining order is true, an abusive dick on top of it all. Quite an achievement at his age…is he even 20 yet? I don’t think their early engagement is necessarily an indicator of abusive control, tho, I think THAT was a knee jerk reaction to his cancer. At least I think it was cancer? The content of the conversation doesn’t really bug me, seemed like justified bitching that you’d do with a partner. And I’ve heard people joke that “they’ll put
  11. I just want to add that Michelle the staffer seems warm and lovely, and I like how she escorts to the office. I think the TCC probably appreciate her friendliness and affection. I also love that Cailey doesn’t have lash extensions. She’s so pretty and approachable too. I sincerely hope she feels better, because I think she would be an amazing DCC. She looks like an adult (some of these TCC look so YOUNG) and she’s just so mature and lovely. I’m so sad for her that she is injured. She’s just delightful and would be a perfect DCC.
  12. Do you know off the top of your head when she cheered, @Holly85? I'm friendly with a couple former Seagals from when I lived in Seattle (co-workers) and neither of them follow her. I assume different years, but now I'm curious. (I looked at both her podcast account and her personal account because I'm procrastinating on a work project. LOL.) None of the past pro cheerleaders I'm friends/acquaintances with follow the podcast page either...but honestly I think a lot just did their time, enjoyed it, and don't think about it much anymore.
  13. Honestly, based on the limited info we have from the show and interviews with Kelli, I would imagine the DCC break even on expenses excluding the reality show. Between staff salaries, the DCC’s hourly and flat rate combo, building expenses, etc if they’re bringing in $1M per KF then I imagine they’re also spending it. Jerry Jones calls them their finest ambassadors, and I believe that. The DCC are likely considered marketing at this point. It’s hard to measure ROI on goodwill, but the show and appearances help overshadow some football shenanigans. I would be very curious to
  14. I would think that would be way, way higher. The organization itself is worth several billion dollars, so $9M is a rounding error. I remember something about $1M in revenue, but that also seems low once you roll in calendar sales and CMT money. So maybe $1M in local appearance fees?
  15. The DCC do travel as a group, on commercial airlines from what we’ve seen - what allegedly happened to the WFT ladies is that their passports were being held, and then they were asked to do shady stuff for friends of the team that were there. Topless pics were also passed around on official team email, and not in a “let’s pick the January girl” way. If one still had all of their paperwork, and their passports weren’t being held by someone that wasn’t themselves, they could catch a cab to the airport and go home. At their own expense, I’m sure, but I can’t imagine this situation happe
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