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  1. The comments on this made me laugh out loud - active alum like Sarah, current DCC and Melissa Rycroft all had something to say 🤣
  2. Blonde Jenna who had been cut, moved on the the Spurs dance team and then tried out again was at the event wearing an alumni shirt. It’s possible Brennan just doesn’t have one yet or chose to wear something cuter. So I think they’re all considered an alum if they earned their pinky rings. I also think @LaurenBrook would chuckle at being called an insider. I think she’s like me (and several others!) that are acquainted with a few DCC or DCC alum and sometimes have info to share! Or did…I’ve aged out of the new squads 😂
  3. I like Kat the same way I like K Dunn - I think they would just be SO MUCH fun to hang out with on a short girl's trip or maybe once every couple of months. But more than that I think their extra-ness would be too much for me, tho I would be delighted and have the very best time while with them. Followed by two days of quiet and naps.
  4. I'm with you on this! I think Kelli is so, so pretty. Kelli hits the glam slot for me, and Judy hits as sporty cute (Maggie, for example.) I do think in current day, Judy is killing it as far as her sense of style has evolved, but Kelli is still lovely. Just needs to size up and tailor down to accommodate her figure. I have the same fit issues, so not a drag on Kelli! They're both gorgeous and have great figures for their age. Kelli is just one IMO that might have always yo-yo'd a bit, which is why she has a more critical eye towards it, whereas Judy's build seems more consistent. And
  5. One thing I really liked seeing at Kitty’s event was “cut” DCC like Jenna and Brennan wearing alumni jerseys and participating. I think that’s something that’s been pondered on here and it was nice to see. Former DCC Katy has some great pics and video : https://www.instagram.com/p/CQGe0MOsHGj/?utm_medium=copy_link
  6. I’m just assuming so since she’s retired and in the uniform. Looking great either way!
  7. I totally forgot Alexis was an all star - great seeing her and Khalyn both! The group looks great.
  8. Showmanship is tricky IMO. I think there’s a big element that just an innate part of personality, tho it can be coached. I do think Melissa and others have coached people with potential, and they’ve had at least temporary success. Melissa was much more engaging on DWTS than she was as a DCC, so maybe someone helped her with that along the way and she’s passing along to others. Kashara, Nicole, Sasha A, Jenna, etc. just have that extra bit of sparkle when they dance that just comes naturally. I’m sure they work hard at it, but some things just can’t be trained. I think about how
  9. I know I fly pretty solo with my unpopular opinion about Tara, but I was surprised she made it. IMO she was one of the cheerleaders Kelly picks every year for storyline and then is gone year two. Kelli always hates when girls have short legs for their frame like Tara does, and Tara is on the sporty cute side of things when Kelli usually goes for the glamour girl. Tara also had a weaker calendar shoot. That said, Tara’s locker room love said so much about her character and friends on the squad, and it sucks she was booted. IIRC, she had some personal stuff going on and it wa
  10. She wiped her Instagram of all of the Raiderette stuff she had on there, which surprised me. She seemed so proud of all she had accomplished there. She’s my saddest one and done I think. Gorgeous, mature and talented, big loss for the squad IMO.
  11. Same girl same. And after watching the Britney Spears documentary...even sending your kiddo off with a well meaning adult doesn't mean they won't get taken advantage of! I don't even have kids but it would be so challenging to do something like this.
  12. Same - she was like Erin for me. So pretty, extremely talented, not strong in the DCC style. Too fluid. When they refer to floppy bacon or noodley, I've watched this show so long that I know what exactly what they mean. Hoping she pulled an Erin and busted her tail doing hip hop and power pom and can make the team.
  13. I’m glad she let us know she was mature, brave and not at all selfish in her decision to take a break. I think she probably doesn’t realize how awkwardly worded that is and doesn’t realize it sounds like she’s patting herself on the back for being such a big girl. At least I hope so! I think she’s a perfectly fine DCC in most respects but boy was that 😬😬😬😬😬 for me.
  14. This right here. The Hunt family that owns the Chiefs is based out of Dallas. Their daughter is the new Miss Kansas, likely eligible because she’s attending KU (I think she still is, anyway.) I imagine VK follows both Tavia and Gracie Hunt. Sydney is very close to the Hunt family too. It’s a small, small world.
  15. KDodd, you seem like a lovely human being, but God is real busy right now with a pandemic, plagues and fighting over the holy lands. Or possibly in the tub. Hard to say. Please stop vaguebooking via verses.
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