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  1. Last time I had a Texas DL you could check in online and they would text you when you were within a certain time to the front of the line. But that was in Dallas proper, so if she lives in Collin county that is a verified shit show. The Plano DMV was a hot mess. I’ve seen that filter before, so it’s a 🤷‍♀️ from me. But I think those Snapchat filters are dorky anyway. #nofilter
  2. I figured @ByTor was making a play off the nickname KaSexy, which was KaStupid 😂
  3. See, and I remember liking that outfit, but don’t remember how short it was. I know A LOT of sports marketing (heck, any marketing) and medical/pharm sales people that wear some seriously sexy, form fitting suits to work. And I saw some super short skirts (with tights) at my own workplace, so I think my threshold for that is probably pretty high. Apparently I draw the line at bare midriff 😂 And super agree on fit! Dressing a very slim figure can be just as tricky as my tall, plus sized one for sure. Getting dressed any given day as a woman isn’t easy. As Kelli says during uniform fittings, it’s amazing how so many women that are essentially the same size can be so very different. ETA: I suspect one of the reasons Brenda (?) was so tough on Kat is because she’s a vet and also one of the older team members with a professional work history. I think if a 20 year old had worn the same outfit she might have been chided but chalked it up to a lack of experience/immaturity. Really, Kat should have known better. And I think she did, because she mentioned in her talking head that If she had questioned it she should have made a safer choice.
  4. IIRC, Jenna was outdanced and had gained weight from her rookie year. She came back and reauditioned after going to the Spurs dancers, and I remember being disappointed that she didn’t get a come back spot. Side note - watching the infamous interview with Kat and her cut out dress. I find myself wondering what the heck appropriate occasion would even be for that dress. It had much larger cutouts than I remembered, so wouldn’t be appropriate for work even in a more fashion forward workplace. (And I’ve worked in several retail buying offices and attended multiple fashion weeks. That wouldn’t even fly with us.) The top of the dress is very wear to work, so wouldn’t be great for brunch, and it’s not quite dressy enough for a cocktail party. I loved the color and the cut of it (without the cutouts) but this was a dress I would have left on the rack.
  5. That’s a delightfully diverse class! Nice spectrum of ethnicities and ages. No gingers tho, guess we can’t win them all 😂
  6. There are quite a few Japanese nationals working in the MLB, so wouldn’t surprise me if he’s a green card holder. I wonder how they connected? They seem super happy, and beautiful wedding pics.
  7. If you click through the link, it shows that Shelly, Jacie, Lacey and Sarah are all instructing too. Looks like Kashara was added to the roster and just might have a prettier title due to hours, etc. Tho maybe the others are lead instructors too. Shelly has a different title altogether IIRC. Head instructor, maybe?
  8. Did Trish Trevino ever dance in Jerryworld on the big screen, though? If she did, it was likely her last year. I think the big screen killed off a lot of the cheerleaders that were great dancers with great bodies and not as facially pleasing. It is much easier to snag a solid photograph of someone like that than always hit the perfect angle in HD. I just watched the auditions episode from the first season they have access to the screen and it makes me chuckle.
  9. I hate that Heather got hacked. It super, super sucks. She showed a lot of maturity of owning up to it up front and making TPTB aware of a potentially risky situation. This show/squad also has a well documented intolerance for any kind of naked pics and sexy pics (outside of calendar, of course.) They also have a very well documented history of cheerleader nudes being stolen and out on the market, that somewhat fortunately for them made bigger news because of international celebrities involved. Less focus on the DCC. However, those cheerleaders also lost post squad opportunities because of it. No doubt all TCC/Vets get a very stern lecture about being a public figure and not taking unnecessary risks. So while I’m annoyed that Heather didn’t get the glory most of us she think she earned, I’m not going to be all surprised Pikachu about her having a quiet last year and being swept aside. Amy and Maddie are super squeaky clean and they’re rewarding that behavior.
  10. But she planned to SING and she had to quickly learn a dance...the struggle was so real. Meanwhile, Daryn is there with her great attitude and casually mentioning her entire family and life being uprooted because of Hurricane Katrina. Errrrrrbody has problems, but they certainly aren’t created equally! I like Natalie Woods and of course being sick is a bummer, but it does make me chuckle.
  11. Pluto currently showing Season 1! I thought it might be Season 2, but confirmed via Wiki. Maybe one day we’ll get the special. First appearance of Megan Flaherty and Kali Fuller, and rookie year for Andrea Rogers, Brooke Sorenson, Carrie Stilwell, Deryn Derbigny, Dulce Rosales, Jennifer Nix, Julie Jacobs, Kandi Harris, Kristin Hager, Leah Mullinax, Melissa Rycroft, Tobie Percival, and Yoshiko Danjo.
  12. Kat did a full year on the squad, tho, so maybe she just kept the good memories and tossed out the rest. I know we were all pretty split about the dress fiasco, so she probably just mentally moved on too. I never loved her for the squad personally, but she seems like a sweet gal and very happy.
  13. We were treated to a delightfully warm and sunny day in KC, so I went for a hike with the boyfriend and his kiddos, took down all of my outdoor Christmas goodies, swept the garage and did a ton of Whole 30 meal prep. May this weather and motivation carry me through for at least a couple weeks 😂😂
  14. I follow a subreddit called r/AmItheAsshole where people describe a situation and ask if they’re the asshole. You can leave a judgement with explanation of YTA (you’re the asshole), NTA (not the asshole), INFO to get more information, NAH (no assholes here) and last but not least...ESH. Everyone sucks here. Every time the Cassie/Taylor/Ally situation comes up, I’m like yup, ESH. No winners here, they all suck. Any of those three could have described the situation from their POV and I’d be like yup, ESH.
  15. Rent the Runway is perfect for stuff like this...a coworker going through a zillion weddings last summer got me into it. It’s been great as I’ve been losing weight and not wanting to buy anything major. These gals do a lot of trading but willing to bet they use this too. There’s an unlimited plan that is probably great for summer wedding season and winter holiday parties too.
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