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  1. I guess one way to twist it is that it’s an actual job - these women are paid for rehearsal time. It’s not an essential position, of course, but it IS work. So as long as they are wearing masks, probably legal. Tho I would assume (?) social distance policies are also outlined. I work for a large retail/distributor and our Distribution Center has been opened for several weeks under certain guidelines. That said, it’s not like masks and distance are being strictly enforced. Social pressure is keeping things somewhat in line but we’ll see how far that goes.
  2. Good for her! I lived in Seattle for three years (between stints in Dallas) and UDub is awesome. Gorgeous football stadiums for the Huskies and the Seahawks too, of course! It’s a wholly different culture than Dallas, but she’ll do great. I’ll never forget shopping for groceries when I first moved back to Texas and I’m like WTF why are people looking at me?! Oh yes, eye contact and smiles with strangers. We do that here.
  3. https://www.instagram.com/p/CCDiV64AoFx8PPv66Bu6SZnjEBssxpAU2TGsPI0/?igshid=l9zv0c4lpcu7 Amy T is one of the few DCC I follow on Insta, and this super fun pic popped up today! Maybe because I tagged myself in the same place a couple years ago...so jealous! She says in the comments that she currently lives in Europe, and on her profile I spy a German flag. Curious what she’s doing! Aside from traveling across an area that took Covid seriously and has cases low enough to allow travel again. Sigh.
  4. I really think Malena was wanted on the team, too. They gave her SO MANY chances. Where I think they possibly did her dirty was not being more clear how at risk she was, and strongly discouraging her from quitting her job at SMU. I know it’s not their job and the dancers make their own choices, but still. They’ve given better clarity about their chances and making big life choices to stay on the team in the past. IE...iirc they were fairly blunt about Shelby when she was talking about quitting her job and living off her savings. And with Courtney, they were dismayed bc she had such a great career job, but offered job assistance quickly for her. Danielle as well, tho Danielle’s job search was more in line with what I would think the DCC could easily help with (teaching dance.) Tho of course now that I say this, the DCC has a hand in nursing fields too, as we saw with Jackie Bob and Colin. That network runs deep if TPTB are motivated.
  5. If I have to pick a typo it’ll be Dallas Cowboy over Dallas Cowboy’s all day long and twice on Tuesday. Booooo apostrophe errors. Tho I still shudder when I hear anyone get it wrong - that episode has stuck with me.
  6. Unless her family relocated, Shady Gators (the bar in her pics) isn’t really near her hometown. It’s at Lake of the Ozarks, which made national news for its no mask, Covid soup pool parties memorial day weekend. I can see why she’s there to make some quick cash, though. It’s a big old party scene all summer and she’s an attractive lady who should take in plenty of cash from tips and such. That said, plenty of people have a second home at LotO or Tablerock Lake, wouldn’t surprise me if her family did. If I was an entertainer laying low for a bit until business picks back up, a lake house in a party town wouldn’t be a bad place to camp out. I mean, other than Covid.
  7. I don't disagree with you on the fakeness - but cleaning up your social media before you apply for a job is just good rules for living. If there are scouts out there for DCC and they tell me "hey Kali, your dancing is gorgeous and you'd be a good fit, but the drunk on a boat pics and Rose All Day memes you keep sharing are giving a negative impression"...best follow that advice. Locking down social media/blogs/reddit/etc. before a job hunt just seems like the only logical thing to do.
  8. I'm going to speculate on the Heather situation - I don't know what their contract states, but they have direct experience dealing with private information leaking when it shouldn't, and I imagine they're tailored and specific in their contract about it. Owning up to the risk is what saved Heather, IMO, and she was strong enough of a team member, dancer and ambassador that they chose to keep her on the squad but out of the limelight, so to speak. The risk today of leaked photos/videos/private anything is as strong as it's ever been, and social media is even more prevalent than it was several years ago when the big celebrity hacking scandal happened. Paige also broke the rules about fraternization, but she was extremely discreet. For all I know, TPTB might have known it was happening, told them to stay quiet about it but if it leaked, they would have to release her. I think it depends on the maturity of the cheerleader, the infraction and how the cheerleader handles it. Jenna casually dating Dak (or whatever their situation was) is one thing in private, but Holly hooking up with Zeke, going to clubs in Uptown where there are four million cell phone cameras and paparazzi? So completely idiotic I can't even wrap my head around it. Zeke was getting A LOT of negative attention for his antics back then. I wonder if that's editing magic - Kelli might have said "OMG Jenna, there are cameras everywhere, you know Holly is out there flaunting this rule breaking and drinking as a minor, and do you just let your friend jump in front of a car???" (Or whatever it was she had said.) And of course editing would just tell us the snip. Who knows, really, but these are real people in real situations with cameras and editing. So I guess the editor knows best 🙂
  9. Not that Kelli and Judy are particularly consistent, but there's something to be said for someone who would plop their tails into that chair and be like you know what? I totally screwed up. I own it, I'm sorry, and I know it will take a while for you to trust me again but I really hope for another chance. Here are the XYZ things I plan to change/fix/start to do so. Not that Jenna and Heather got a ton of grace, but if you compare their situations with Holly or Chelsea, who tried to be all wide eyed innocence and lied straight to their faces and then backpedaled, I can appreciate a different level of tolerance. Holly was such an excellent dancer you know it ate them up to not have her on the team. Chelsea was never particularly strong so an easier choice. Holly was young but savvy, so I don't think she tripped over her own stupidity and youthful bad choices in the same way maybe Kaitlyn did, or even Jenna to a point. Jenna has always come across to me as someone who was more of a follower and naive/sheltered AF vs. some of the savvier gals she befriended. Everyone comes to the squad with a different life experience, so you're going to have 18 year olds with street smarts and ambition and 23 year olds that coasted through life and haven't had life slap them in the face yet. The Heather situation just plain old sucked for Heather, but I understand why she came clean and I understand why she was stripped of some leadership too. I think many others in her situation would have been quietly booted from the team, especially if TPTB found out first.
  10. Legacies are bold - you see it with Cassie and Meredith Oden too. Can't remember where I saw that footnote but it's in there somewhere!
  11. Beautiful work on the Wikipedia page for sure! Only thing potentially missing are the All Star groups from each year.
  12. Lauren also stopped working during TC and started back once the schedule stabilized. That said, depending on the nursing position, they can have VERY flexible hours. Colin and Jackie (in a support role) worked for a DCC friendly private practice, a dermatologist IIRC. I have friends that work two days a week as RNs and some that seem to work 24/7. So many specialties and ways to use that degree! I know so many have been laid off or furloughed as so many health services deemed not critical this year tho, very tough for everyone. The demands of training camp are pretty intense, so it doesn’t surprise me that few career peeps can make it work. And less older cheerleaders than we tend to see on other squads too. You have to deal with a huge time commitment, a lot of BS plus cameras all in your face to be a DCC, and that’s not going to appeal to everyone.
  13. You’re exactly right! I prob just bungled my wording. Both quit excellent careers in hard to get into fields because they couldn’t manage both their positions and training camp. Huge risk, but Courtney At least made the squad. We’ve seen other career gals manage both, but Malena and Courtney’s jobs really stood out to me and I was surprised that they quit them. They both said they moved to Dallas to be a DCC, but still.
  14. Cries in former TCC Chiefs Pro Bowl rep Ashley Paige. At least Patriots Pro Bowl rep Alexandria made the team before she dropped out, but I feel like they bitched about her dance style a lot during camp.
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