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  1. IIRC Erica told on herself by posting it on social media where members of DCC staff followed her. Snapchat, maybe? Bonehead move. I feel like fraternization only gets enforced if it’s visible and/or problematic. Low key relationship with a low visibility player like Jeff Heath? Meh. Being drunk in public as a minor with a player constantly on media radar because of his drunken antics? Not gonna fly. Jenna, Holly and Erica got away with a lot of a nonsense because of their dance talent and the limit was hit. There’s a reason early on, maybe six, where Kelly says she’s going to be tough and not very tolerant and it makes me chuckle upon rewatch. Like girl...hot messes are headed your way.
  2. She’s SO PRETTY. Plus she’s very popular on social media. She’s not the best dancer, but enough to muddle through eight games. And they didn’t even know if they’d be performing at games at first. I think for a season that was probably going to be heavy on video appearances and light on dancing, they were going to focus heavily on the more photogenic DCC. Also TPTB are real inconsistent. Lol.
  3. Four year vet, Nike ambassador, humble attitude, obviously devastated about her weight gain. Hannah didn’t seem to be taking it as seriously and comes across kind of smirky in her office visits. They seem to respond best to tears or a can do fix it attitude like Tasha had. IIRC, Hannah had slipped pretty quickly into weight warnings her rookie year and then wasn’t making progress during camp. I was shocked at the time but now it just all looks weirdly edited and awkward.
  4. I’ve done iTunes season pass the past few years, and it’s usually uploaded by midnight. And then you keep the season when it’s done if you want mindless background noise and don’t want to listen to the commercials on Pluto! Can’t recommend for the early seasons and the meet in Vegas song tho.
  5. Probably a mix of both. Being Pro Bowl sure didn’t help Ashley Paige, who I thought was lovely. I had hoped she would find her way out of her stiff style. And Alexandria was also Pro Bowl, but bailed before regular season Have there been any other PBC? Face value Sydney seems to be a good pic tho - very pretty, great experience, mature look, great figure, etc. I know her dating situation is squishy, but I wonder if a serious girlfriend or wife would be permitted to try out if interested and they disclosed it.
  6. Unless I’m mixing my drinks (totally possible, even with referencing the wiki!) 1. Mandy V retires last minute before auditions amongst rumors she was on weight warning. 2. Allie, Little Heather and Raylee cut during auditions 3. Jenna warned for her lack of leadership amongst other issues etc. and then the drama continues with the whole point thing 4. Holly P warned and resigned/was fired 5. Erica bails during camp and it got totally buried/edited from the show 6. Alexandria bails before the season starts 7. Milan bails mid season 7. Kalyssa bails after the football is complete Did I miss anything? Is this the season Jinelle missed a week of camp because she had to have surgery while at home renewing her visa? Might have been the year before since it’s three years. I mean, the crazy didn’t stop that year.
  7. I was surprised they kept both her and Allie - that was a year I thought they could easily drop down to 32. I like Kelsey L and glad she made the cut, but Yuko was a puzzling keep for me as was Jessika. I always mix up their rookie year with the next one that also had easy cuts that they kept anyway thanks to the drama of the seam. I know it happens every year but at least sometimes they make sense for ambassador or beauty reasons. Heather must have been one that they thought could mature in her look and dance style but didn’t get there. “She didn’t do anything to lose her job.” “But did she do anything to KEEP it.” (I don’t always agree with this sentiment, but I can see it being used for a bland candidate who made a very visible mistake during auditions. She was cut before the total train wreck of a 2017 squad, tho, so I’m sure TPTB wish they had kept her.)
  8. That rookie class had some weak links looks and figure wise that I was surprised made the final cut. I wasn’t surprised at any of the vet cuts that year. Little Heather is cute but I don’t think they were a fan of her look. Teeny tiny, a little mousey and I don’t think the kick line mistake during auditions was her first.
  9. I don’t think the sky dive was a sneak attack tho - they announced the jumps with the Golden Knights at rehearsal. No way they wouldn’t have been allowed to opt out of something like that. I wouldn’t have been interested in any of that nonsense and freaked out like Sarah I, but still. And I liked the Minchews. Both of them! 80% of the squad in any given year has a manufactured, glam, pageant feel IMO. When that’s so many people’s reality, at what point does it stop being fake? I don’t blame them for thinking they’d be able to do both...it’s a weekend away to turn over a crown and they likely assumed they could make it work with the weekday practices. I think the iron fist of DCC schedule comes as a shock to many of the TCC who are so used to having school bend over backwards for their dance or athletic obligations. And then reality hit and they chose to finish out their obligation. It showed courage for little Minchew to come back too, even tho it didn’t work out for her.
  10. I definitely think MRS is only famous because of The Bachelor, but she made all the right moves to parlay public sympathy into DWTS, which elevated her profile even more. But then they try to bury all of The Bachelor nonsense and make it seem like she went straight to DWTS because she was a DCC. And I think it probably works just fine. People have very short memories, and if you tell them something is true enough times, they'll believe it. MRS is either a marketing genius or she had some great people on her team. I am very curious about the distribution of revenue streams of the DCC, because I think they're having to play to ALL types of people to keep this thing going. The calendars vs. the average appearance attendee vs the MTT watcher. You're juggling a product intended for men (tho likely heavily bought by women for men) with a family friendly appearance schedule. They're lovely ambassadors for the Cowboys, and family friendly at parades, grocery store grand openings, camps, etc. And then you've got the average Making the Team viewer. I don't have an active account on Statista, but I would imagine it hits heavy in a 25-55 female demo. And of course the DCC only exist because of the football team, but truly, the Cowboys only have eight home games. EIGHT. Unless you're on show group and/or a lot of other non game performances, you aren't dancing that often. That's why weaker dancers often get a pass IMO, especially if they're exceptionally beautiful, talented or sparkling in personality. (Kat is a good example here, maybe even Kristen...I've got nothing for Meredith.) So the DCC have to have massively broad appeal all put together in a pretty package. So it makes representation super important, IMO, but you've got to have a mix of looks (sexy, cute, girl next door, barbie, etc.) and a personality to boot. I doubt they ever struggle to attract talent. Many great dancers won't want the drama, but there will always be enough that qualify.
  11. Social media savvy being the key here, IMO. Rachel W is good with this, tho of course is several years older. She plays to a specific fan base and is positioning herself well for a media friendly future. There are ways to do it well, and that’s just not where Marissa is going. She can quickly fix it and spin things into goofy and endearing vs. what she’s doing now.
  12. Lol. I don’t follow KD on TikTok but she will repost on Instagram sometimes. She’s insanely over the top, but she’s also built a brand around her “extraness.” The Big Brother peeps are almost as intense as Bachelor Nation, so she’s got the influencer gig on lock. I’ve got a soft spot for that one - I think she has a really good heart and a loyal friend (that baby shower she hosted for Sydney was so cute!). She’s also the type of person I could hang out with a few times a year and that’s plenty. Lol. But that’s also 40-something me talking, and I can see 20-something me enjoying the hell out of uptown Dallas and vacations with her. She also isn’t a DCC, which she acknowledged during her TikTok/Instagram WAP dance party in Tulum. Sigh for vacations in a pandemic, bless her heart. Marisa is a rookie DCC, and I don’t get why she isn’t being told to grow up and act like one. I think even VK would have gotten a stern lecture from Kelli AND her mom.
  13. I don’t think anyone cares that she uses TikTok, it’s the content of her TikTok. Plenty of DCC and TCC use it for dance videos, etc. It’s a great platform. The nonsense with her boyfriend doesn’t hit any kind of basic social media standard for a public figure. AT ALL. It’s crass, immature and embarrassing. She needs to take that mess down. Yesterday. I’m honestly shocked Kelli let it slide this long. We’ve come a long way from the dressing down poor Brandi K got for her MySpace!
  14. There are so many levels of cringiness to this: She's immature and childish She's not nearly cute enough to pull off point 1 SHARED SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNT. Yikes.
  15. LMAO. Like they paid full price at the Kroger down the street but went ahead and gave it a keystone markup anyway. I don't remember them even selling branded foods in there, but I never would have paid that kind of money for a yogurt so I guess that's why! My favorite thing was a protein box with chunks of grilled chicken, boiled egg, apple slices, carrots and maybe some cheese? Nothing you can't put together yourself as an adult lunchable as a meal prep, but not always as easy for healthy eating on the fly. I used to stop in and grab something on days I didn't pack a lunch too. There was a Starbucks in that same strip center, and a Krispy Kreme in the parking lot (if I remember correctly) so I guess a $2 yogurt and a $6 snack pack not so bad. Oh goodness...thanks for these 2014/2015 memories!
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