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  1. OK now I'm really confused. Someone said that any mention of DCC had been removed from Kitty's website. I saw something mentioned about DCC @ this link
  2. Somebody please tell me where I can get a hot chocolate Godiva cake!?
  3. What is that bird and where did you get that? LOL too cute!
  4. OK lets clarify. Charlotte looks 45-55 and my friend who is 53 looks like she's in her late 40s. New subject pls. 🙂
  5. No actually I was talking about Charlotte. My friend is 53 and looks around 45ish
  6. Haha hadn't we better move this to the "Owner's group" forum lol? BTW I can't believe Charlotte's 53 according to Wiki ....She's the same age as one of my best friends and doesn't look a day over 35
  7. Is it me or does that hairstyle make Charlotte look younger? I actually like it.
  8. That's EXACTLY what I saw on one of the groups (can't remember which one). Not sure if linking to the FB post is appropriate here? @scorpio1031 I just sent you a PM
  9. Here's my Kitty Carter question. I'm sure some of us here are members of one or more of the Facebook groups I found for the DCC. I saw on one of them (maybe both?) that Kitty C might've had a falling out with the DCC and that's why she wasn't included in this year's auditions and might not be seen on MTT at all this season (sorry if that's a spoiler). Anybody know? @scorpio1031 Read above where I quoted you 🙂
  10. I don't see a link or anything? 🤔 Ohhhh I see what you mean. I need to ask my Kitty question here lol. I need a nap
  11. DCCFanInKy

    The world of DCC

    I have a question. I've hunted around the forum/topics and can't figure out where it would be best to discuss Kitty Carter (technical coach)? ETA- Question answered
  12. DCCFanInKy

    Past Seasons

    I think so??? 🤔
  13. Does anyone know what happened to the posts listing the new squad? I can't find them anywhere.
  14. Do you think it'll be a new rookie or a vet?