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  1. The entire DCC and Football organization is toxic.
  2. Maybe she has a medical condition that affects her hair?
  3. I hope not. I'm already pissed off at this organization (The DCC) as it is. Infact I decided today that I'm pretty much done with the DCC and this show for a while. Good riddance.
  4. i think she's prettier than kelli actually
  5. If it sounds spliced then it probably was.
  6. Don't remember what she did but I do remember Kelli calling her out and the camera catching her "oh shit" look.
  7. I wonder if they've started sending strong signals to the ladies to retire BEFORE they're a 5th year anymore unless they're a phenomenal dancer?
  8. Does anyone know where I can find footage of Amy's mess up from last year (was it last year?) where she was called out on camera on the show?
  9. Brief OT: I actually dumped Comcast over MTT (they wanted too much $$$$$ for the "package" that Comcast is in).**Carry On** 🙂
  10. *cough*Meghan Flaherty*cough*
  11. Bridget will be point before she retires. Can someone with more patience than me go through and list the Vets by seniority please?
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