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  1. Not really. No other squad has had to wait so long to announce they're on the team. It's ridiculous to cheer a half to whole season before being able to publicly post you're on the team.
  2. Wait, you're TRYING TO BE MEAN or NOT to be mean? 😂😂😂
  3. So many she can't list any -- or because she has no words to describe them? 😁
  4. Since vets aren't guaranteed a spot and still have to audition and make the team -- yes, you could have a show without rookies & still call it making the team.
  5. Yep, gonna call them out for it 24/7 -- especially after Cassie's claims that they have a "covid coach" and are doing all they can to follow protocols/keep the girls safe. SMH 😩
  6. She does look like she's sucking it in a little -- but nothing like she was last year. Like last year, she really doesn't look she needs to. But . . . Did she borrow those tights from Kat? Cuz they are way too dark, honey . . .
  7. Maddie straightened her hair before DCC -- Kelli took her back to her natural curls.
  8. Is it totally awful of me that I thought of Victoria when I read this? 😂 (And, yes, I'm sure she knows (at least a little) about football.)
  9. I do think she tends to be on the too thin side these days (her abs do look toned & really good in this pic though), but she filters her instagram pics so much it's hard to tell how thin she really is and what is filter.
  10. I was hoping it was from last year -- didn't pay that much attention to who was in it. Shouldn't this part have been done virtually this year anyway (before training camp) -- although I vaguely remember a post about Hannah getting ready to do her solo during training camp???
  11. Is this this year's solos? Cuz there isn't even pretend social distancing/covid precautions going on here . . .
  12. He was approved. See 2nd pic (board was giving me fits about size being too big to post together).
  13. And his 2nd foster to adopt post (wouldn't let me post them together).
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