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  1. For someone who was supposedly so severely bullied/traumatized via social media & DMs after her first try out, this is a very questionable thing to do. All the bullies suddenly disappeared after she made the team? If it was really that bad, I would have turned off commenting & DMs, or at least stopped reading them -- and certainly wouldn't be inviting strangers to DM me.
  2. Yes, her technique is probably adequate for the majority of DCC routines and without her shenanigans the first year she tried out, she probably could have made DCC on her own just fine last year. The real problem is TPTB trying to convince us that she's all that and a slice of chocolate cheesecake to the world of dance and DCC. To TPTB: Please just let her be a DCC without pushing her out there and trying to convince us she's the bestest of the bestest already. You're not doing her any favours.
  3. They might have been told they can say yes or no to a location (or in KaShara's mind they can say yes or no, since it seems reasonable to be able to say I don't want to dance pn concrete or whatever); but given Kelli's control issues, may not feel like they can say no without facing repercussions.
  4. She didn't get it her first year because she didn't complete the year because she was cut due to weight gain. Had to wait until her second year to get the ring.
  5. Hopefully, some (most!) of it is the way the light is hitting her. The girl on her right (our left) has a dark arm (but not face) too.
  6. Why is VK taking up 2 spots in the pic? Her booty is sticking out so far, it has its own spot in the pic 😄😅😂
  7. I agree with you -- although I also wonder how much is Tangerine Salon's doing and how much is Kelli insisting on having a say in the makeovers. I think Kat came in with that hairstyle (wig?) didn't she? But they did give her that awful two-tone color mess. Isn't it ironic that they told Maddie to go back to her natural curls, but straighten WoC hair? I've seen pics of Cianna with her hair straight, but I think she came with it curly & they kept it that way.
  8. I'm not so sure about that. There are quite a few posts on here about girls looking "thick" or "puffy" in uniform when they've maybe gained a 1/2 pound or it's just normal monthly fluctuations (or, more importantly, they happen to be exhaling during a pic 😲). Of course, if the "standard" wasn't set so low by the TPTB & normal weight was more the norm, those comments probably wouldn't be so prevalent here.
  9. Thanks for the laugh. One of the best defenses of Vic yet -- she stayed the whole year -- woohoo, what a rock star! What's next? "She's the best -- she didn't blow out her knee like that slacker Gina."
  10. Actually, Maddie is criticized quite a bit on here for her poor technique & horrible kicks, not to mention her terrible hip hop & the fact that her solo this year was a repeat of last year's solo. Her hair, weight, & looks (too young looking/no glam) also get criticized quite a bit. The majority on here are not happy that she was in the triangle last year or co-point this year & post about it quite a bit. Many believe she only got triangle & co-point, not because she's a great dancer/star DCC, but because she's a goody two-shoes who toes the company line & doesn't make waves (Kelli et al making a point after the Holly/Jenna/Erica snafus). The difference is is that there isn't a group of staunch pro-Maddie posters taking exception & posting rebuttals to every post that is critical of Maddie insisting that it isn't so because she's the best of the best/can do no wrong. So, instead of page after page of back and forth over every criticism, there's a few posts back and forth & then people move on to something else.
  11. I don't think this is a gorgeous pic of VK -- the eyes are too racoony & the teeth -- I see a vampire thing going on. And let's not even get started on the hair. The line across her cheek (which I assume is a piece of hair) bugs me too. Yes, I realize this is an "action" shot and not everything is going to be perfect, but I've seen much better "action" shots of her. This is not one I would have chosen to post.
  12. hannahbanana

    S14.E13: Game Day

    I know quite a few 40-year-olds and nearly-40-year-olds (38/39) who look quite a bit younger than that pic of Victoria -- they go for the more natural makeup (no makeup look) so I'm sure that helps a lot. They really do just need to do a re-do with her -- makeup & hair -- and NOT at Tangerine salon, perhaps not even in the Dallas area . . .
  13. Looks like Sam may have had a custom made one as well . . .
  14. I know Sam did modeling for the old kid's costume because someone posted one on social media. Did Kelli not have team pictures done or was it just pre-social media & they're not floating around? The only reason we really see Lennon's is because Cassie puts them on instagram (don't recall if it's ever been shown on MTT). We know Judy did Cassie when she was little, but are those pics floating around or do we just know they were taken? ETA: Not sure if this was a costume modeling pic or an excerpt from a team photo?
  15. I think it's more "Judy's granddaughter" than "Princess Cassie." If/when Kelli gets a granddaughter, she'll be right there, too. . . . And FTLOG let the USO Tour die . . . talk about a dead horse . . . 😆😅😂
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