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  1. Jenna didn't get into trouble for Holly's behaviour, but because she was there partying with an underage Holly in an over-21 bar and fratting with football players. If she had not been in a leadership role, being with an underage teammate in a bar would not have been a good look, but having a leadership role made it 10 times worse. It was Jenna's choice to go with Holly and Jenna's choice to get involved with a football player -- that's what she got into trouble over -- not what Holly did, but the fact that she was there doing it with her (which is why Jinelle, as Holly's group leader, didn't get into trouble over Holly's behaviour -- she wasn't there "condoning" it so to speak).
  2. Unless someone is just going to mysteriously disappear. I don't know about tonight, but it's been said that K&J usually aren't even there on non-filming nights -- just staff & group leaders leading practice.
  3. That's why I edited my post to add the question: Did she really write this or did someone just slap her name on it?
  4. It's by Kristi Scales, but that paragraph is sloppily written. It does sound like she's saying none made it back, but the article was published June 3, 2019 -- beginning of camp, not the end -- so unless she has a crystal ball or some REAL "insider" info -- knowing who the final 36 are before even K&J know -- it's just a very badly written paragraph. Oy! I didn't even read on to the part about Olivia/Victoria. Did Kristi really write this or did someone just slap her name on it?
  5. That's what I thought of, too. Went to find a picture for the young'uns. 😁
  6. First you'd have to explain what point means and then you'd probably get 99 (if not 100) shrugs. Only the uber fans really care or even know what or who point is. Ask 100 guys entering the stadium and I bet not one of them could tell you who point was last year (or any year) -- even giving them a line up of pictures to pick from.
  7. Does this mean Shelly no longer works for the DCC? 😲
  8. Ooooooh, I got it! I got it! Amy & Maddie were announced as sharing point this year. Gina wanted it, thought she deserved it and earned it and threw a major hissy fit when it was announced as Amy & Maddy. Gina cut for not being good teammate and ambassador (because you can't be either if you're al "me, me, me," which is how Kelli would view anyone letting it be known they wanted or thought they deserved point). 😜 ETA: Or, Amy and/or Maddie threw hissy fits at being named co-points and were summarily cut. 😛
  9. Just have to brag on a friend. https://unitedworldwrestling.org/article/conder-wins-second-pan-am-games-first-day-womens-freestyle
  10. They were already being paid for practices when Erica was there. Appearances are a flat fee based on tenure and I highly doubt they would get compensated for travel time unless it was a special case -- it's not the norm for anyone to be compensated for travel time. Why would they do it for cheerleaders, especially part-time cheerleaders? Travel expenses, yes; travel time, not so much. Heck, as an hourly employee, my travel expenses were paid, but not my travel time or even my time at the conferences (even though I was technically working & had to be there). Geez, maybe I missed out & needed my own lawsuit. 😆 The only thing that might have come out of Erica's lawsuit is (slightly) higher pay. I think Erica's lawsuit is viewed as having a lot more power than it did.
  11. hannahbanana

    Past Seasons

    That would be great except for the ones that it is so painfully obvious they are out of their depths. Of course, we still get some of that anyway -- ahem, Malena, Briana . . .
  12. Could be, but with the consistency she does both, it's way more lack of technique than nerves. And, if you can't control your turns and stay in your own space (especially), you don't belong on the team.
  13. *Technically, nothing is Victoria's fault. Falls out of a turn? The world tilted. Dances into someone else's space? Their fault -- they should have been watching and yielded the space to her. Gains weight? Those mean calories!
  14. I don't think we've gotten confirmation that Amy is one of the points. The only things I remember seeing about point(s) so far this year, is that there will be two and Gina is NOT one of them.
  15. There isn't speculation about Amy about being cut. The talk about her is that she messed up at the Queen concert. There was some talk as to whether or not that would affect her being chosen point (or as we now know, one of this year's points).