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  1. Calling quail seafood is not immaturity, it's ignorance. There was nothing debunked except maybe the "guaranteed spot" rumour (and it was plain to see why Kelli finally reneged on it, if it was, in fact, ever made). Some claims were hinted at (i.e., the problems with Jinelle) while others (i.e., claiming a thyroid condition) were never addressed on the show, but there was no "proof" "insiders" were wrong either.
  2. No one said she was in the whole video, but this is most definitely front and center: ETA: She also has a talking head shot in at least one other promo (posted in the 2018 thread). In other words, she doesn't need to complain about not being in the intro, she's in the promos (which probably get shown more).
  3. The promo video Kelli put on her twitter has VK front and center: https://mobile.twitter.com/Kelli_Finglass/status/1136761684243206145
  4. More than likely, unless she did royally mess up at auditions, there will be nothing about Jalyn & show group. She will be just one among the many & not mentioned at all.
  5. Given the caption, I think that was intentional.
  6. Or, more to the point, it doesn't matter if Judy pays attention or not, Kelli's going to do what Kelli wants.
  7. Did she ever train at Kitty's studio? You'd think that would have been a given -- perfect training for a future DCC -- or was Kitty seen as too mean for a younger Victoria (world of difference having her represent your company vs. pushing her onto the DCC).
  8. From what I understand, she has always concentrated on lyrical. Here is one description: https://www.omahaschoolofmusicanddance.com/lyrical-dance-meaning-lessons/ I don't know if she was only a soloist or if she danced on teams as well (given her spacing issues, my guess is no). She has a couple pics (not many) on instagram of herself doing solos at comps, but I don't think I've ever seen her with a team (but, again, that doesn't mean she wasn't).
  9. Because simply being a DCC is not enough. She has to come in, take control, and be the top dog. Everyone must bow down to her and acknowledge her greatness or suffer the consequences because she is so important and this is her destiny. She is DCC royalty, after all. ****eyeroll****
  10. Given her tight-lipped silence last year, I don't think Judy is on the VK train. I think she'll toe the company line & not say/do anything anti-VK, but that's all.
  11. So, they took 17 last year, 18 this year; usually only 12 perform (Shelly said some stages will take 16). Will VK actually ever perform as a show group member?
  12. Anything is possible, but given her dancing last year and little (if any) improvement in the few videos we saw posted over the last year, it's highly unlikely that she's suddenly top 12. The other problem is Kelli et al's blantant favouritism last year has forever tainted whatever Victoria will do as a DCC. She could become the best DCC in history, but it will always be with that footnote of favouritism, deserved or not.
  13. Kitty posted some pics on instagram of some of them practicing for Michelle Key's wedding:
  14. Her back is way too arched (lending to her head being back/chin all the way up). In this pose (might just be the extreme arched pose, though) she also looks like she may still be trying to suck it in to high heaven. I realize she's probably super self-conscious after last year's weight gain, but always over sucking it in is the not the way to go either -- it just looks awkward and uncomfortable -- and like you have something to hide (which it did not look like she did the rest of the dance).
  15. I think it's there for filming only. If I remember correctly, they started using it in the office scenes because of the size of Kelli's office. People started making jokes about it and it has since become another "character" on the show.