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  1. I don't think this is a gorgeous pic of VK -- the eyes are too racoony & the teeth -- I see a vampire thing going on. And let's not even get started on the hair. The line across her cheek (which I assume is a piece of hair) bugs me too. Yes, I realize this is an "action" shot and not everything is going to be perfect, but I've seen much better "action" shots of her. This is not one I would have chosen to post.
  2. hannahbanana

    S14.E13: Game Day

    I know quite a few 40-year-olds and nearly-40-year-olds (38/39) who look quite a bit younger than that pic of Victoria -- they go for the more natural makeup (no makeup look) so I'm sure that helps a lot. They really do just need to do a re-do with her -- makeup & hair -- and NOT at Tangerine salon, perhaps not even in the Dallas area . . .
  3. Looks like Sam may have had a custom made one as well . . .
  4. I know Sam did modeling for the old kid's costume because someone posted one on social media. Did Kelli not have team pictures done or was it just pre-social media & they're not floating around? The only reason we really see Lennon's is because Cassie puts them on instagram (don't recall if it's ever been shown on MTT). We know Judy did Cassie when she was little, but are those pics floating around or do we just know they were taken? ETA: Not sure if this was a costume modeling pic or an excerpt from a team photo?
  5. I think it's more "Judy's granddaughter" than "Princess Cassie." If/when Kelli gets a granddaughter, she'll be right there, too. . . . And FTLOG let the USO Tour die . . . talk about a dead horse . . . 😆😅😂
  6. I loved the tone of her response: "I WAS THE 9O's!" 😂😂😂
  7. And Kelli hasn't moved much beyond the banana clip . . . just switched to claw (or butterfly) clips . . . 😂
  8. And isn't point more than just a position in the triangle? Isn't point the de facto leader/captain of the team? So it would make sense that they would say Amy is point (as in the leader of the team) even though Maddie shares the position on the field.
  9. Not only if she was concussed, but if they gave her any type of pain meds, they can mess with your thinking/speaking as well. I remember one time my dentist wanted me to try Tramadol to relax my jaw muscles (I'm a champion grinder) -- when he prescribed them he told me they can mess you up and told me how he said something totally inappropriate and off the wall to his supervisor when he had to take them in dental school -- told his supervisor "wow, I love you, man" or something when he critiqued some of his work -- the Tramadol didn't relax my jaw muscles, but I did end up calling the lady cashier in the grocery store "sir" 😂.
  10. But was Maddie a recipient of that excellent training? The original post/assumption was that, as the daughter of a studio owner (if her mom ever owned a studio), she was extra-privileged because she would have access to a studio & dance instruction 24/7 and therefore should be much better than she is. That is only true if 1) it was a studio with excellent training/teachers 2) her mom is a good dance teacher who was willing and able to correct her daughter (didn't have blinders on when it came to her own daughter) and 3) her other teachers were good teachers and willing and able to correct the owner's/another teacher's daughter. Sometimes being a dance teacher's daughter isn't so much a privilege as a hindrance.
  11. True, but she (and Hannah) still stand out because they are the only two between the men -- all the other DCC are together -- so she might as well be front and center (maybe her timing was off in pushing herself into the front/center and she couldn't get there fast enough so she ended up by herself between the two men 😜 -- and for those who will take umbrage -- it's a joke because someone else mentioned her POSSIBLY doing that earlier).
  12. Did Maddie's mom actually own/direct a studio when Maddie was growing up? Currently, she teaches dance at a studio and is director of the high school dance team. I'm not sure if she was ever an owner/director or not. And, let's be honest, we're talking small-town Utah here -- even if she did own it at one time, it only means that Maddie probably spent a lot of time there, not that she received quality dance instruction (not saying she didn't -- just saying your mom owning and/or running a dance studio in small-town America does not automatically equal quality instruction).
  13. I believe Shelly has said that they use old boots (from previous years) during training camp -- they have a closet full, so how many they need (45 vs. 40) shouldn't be an issue. ETA: They wouldn't even need to come up with 40 (or 45 earlier) "new" pairs of boots since all of the returning vets/rookies would already have a pair. They would only need to find boots for the new TCCs. I would think that it might be that they initially want to concentrate on learning the routines.
  14. And it was not Dayton who said, "I'm afraid to go home and tell my mom"** when she was cut. It was Victoria. **paraphrasing -- don't remember the exact wording.
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