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  1. She is and has been like a mentor for her. Kitty has connects in the dance world and she has sent dancers from here to L.A. for many years.
  2. Sad my boys lost! What a season and last game.....The only good thing about them ending season is that Kashara is finally going to be gone. Yes Ma'am hoping for a Chiefs win though
  3. The Sports Entertainment business is fickle...there are so many peps she probably connected with and she probably has now connections in L.A.. Kitty Carter also still loves her and helped her get to L.A. Ive seen people do worse, then get fired and next week they are working in like Florida or Arizona..Its just about who you know sometimes.
  4. Uh she probably still has connects in the NFL...its not like you just bounce after a job like that and dont bring numbers/contacts
  5. Awww and I cant say the same. Kashara its been good girl dont let the winks blind you on the way out
  6. Oh I know Lauren, I always forget about her though
  7. Who is Lauren, not even joking Taken From Scorpio We know officially that Lacey and Kash are retiring. My guess for some others: Amy - She is friends with Sarah she might stay we love them clingers Khalyn - Sad but true Tasha - 9 years on pro cheer teams, mom and modeling. Yuko - Same as Tasha like Bytor said Kelli wasn't on my list, but now that she is engaged, who knows. Judy Trammel - Hopes and Prays
  8. Ok cool, I like Jenna. I dont want her in that same boat at all.
  9. Oh they couldnt hear it was prerecorded...also I dont think the fam are fans..they only like players, but the mom's Boyfriend is a fan
  10. I mean I loved Tara last season and this season I didnt see a reason for her to be cut...but abahahahahhaah VK crying face is still ingrained in my head I liked her two, but poor baby and her mascara reminds me of that movie Mulan
  11. AHHAHHHHHHH...... sorry this legit scared me, reminded me of a scary movie poster.... not the DCCs girls they all look great besides the harsh flash but the Kardashian overlord. Last playoffs they showed a clip of all the celebs that supported the Cowboys and they came up the whole stadium booed..it was so mean but I was dying laughing. Also, like is this not the biggest hypocrisy ever. DCC are supposed to represent "high class" yet, lets take a pic with the biggest Hollywood Harlots' Creator ....K bahahahha. #HandsThemAPepsi
  12. Tea girl you are right I love Jenna!!! bahah you got me there, I mean my biggest thing this past year is that Tara was robbed.