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  1. True. The reason why the NBA bubble seems to be working so far is because it’s so strict, and players are quarantined before they enter it, not only when they’re there. If someone is out with friends 3 days before they enter the “bubble,” then it’s not a real bubble and defeats the purpose of having it. This also goes to the issue of how the DCCs are being paid though. I don’t blame Lisa for teaching a class if that’s her other job. Are they supposed to quit their other, non-DCC jobs? I assume that many of the girls with corporate jobs are working remotely anyway, but what about those who are not? I’m curious to see how this works out.
  2. Good questions. I don’t see how they can maintain the “you need to be in school or have a separate job from DCC” posture if they’re asking the cheerleaders to live in a bubble. Now, It’s smart for covid purposes if the bubble is actually maintained. The NBA seems to be having success with it so far, but basketball is the primary job for those athletes. Dancing is not, or at least not supposed to be, for the cheerleaders.
  3. Yeah, I actually understand the “thick” vs “fat” distinction. I don’t know how Kitty means it, but calling someone fat is basically always an insult. Thick is not necessarily that. Sometimes, it refers to a woman who is in great shape but may just have a different body type than the rail thin look that the DCCs like. Hell, I know when men (at least many of them) talk about a “thick woman,” that often is a compliment.
  4. Any videos of Jalyn? I’m willing to change my opinion on her dancing. I definitely did on Rachel W. I thought she was soft her rookie year, but thought she was great last year. Ashley and Alanna are two others who didn’t wow me at first, but then they started to catch my eye in some of the videos. Then, there is someone like Bridget who always had a special performance quality that drew me in.
  5. Yes. That and the “pretty girls” comments were so condescending. Ugh!
  6. Oh, definitely. Kelli’s “unprofessional” comment was complete and utter BS. She was clearly throwing Jalyn under the bus to prop up VK and make Jalyn look bad. I’m simply saying that *I* have never seen a clip of Jalyn dancing as a DCC where she caught my eye. I do miss the pre-VK days where everything did not revolve around her - both on the show and in discussions. My opinion of each girl as a dancer has nothing to do with her or even my like or dislike of any particular girl. I like Briana and Brennan a lot, but I think both are blenders. I don’t like Rachel W, but I think she’s become a great dancer in DCC style ......
  7. Jalyn should’ve never been removed from show group for VK, but I also don’t see what’s so special about her dancing. I’ve never noticed that she looks bad, but when I think about that group of rookies, I can name 5 or 6 off the top of my head that stand out to me more than her. I just assume that she’s a great dancer, because she was on show group as a rookie, but I’ve personally never seen a clip of her dancing (as DCC), where she has caught my eye.
  8. Watching Season 7 on pluto.....I can't stand that nutritionist! I'm certainly not a trained nutritionist or nutritional therapist, but I cannot imagine that ambushing a girl out of the blue (on camera) in her house and then going through her fridge is the best way to promote healthy eating.
  9. It’s late July. Are they planning on drastically cutting down on the material that tccs learn if they have training camp? Otherwise, if they haven’t started yet, it seems like they are quickly running out of time.
  10. Hannah is another one. I haven’t seen recent pictures of her, but she was tiny a few years ago. I definitely think hers may have been a case of stress eating and yoyo dieting while on the team.
  11. Yeah, I think it just depends on how hot it is in Vegas. I live in Atlanta, which is hot and humid (sometimes miserable, especially in August), but it doesn’t usually get into the 100s. So, 95 degrees in Vegas is probably better than 95 degrees in Atlanta due to the lack of humidity. BUT, last time I was in Vegas, it ranged from 100 to 108 degrees each day. The heat radiated off the sidewalks to an extent that I’ve never felt before. It drained all my energy. I’m not sure I could handle that one a regular basis, and Im someone much prefers heat to cold weather, which I absolutely loathe! New Orleans is one place that rivals Vegas, just in a different way IMO. I’ve been there SO many times (too many times to count) and have family there, but each time, the humidity seems to knock me down lol.
  12. Right. I know he’s rich, but the taxes alone would seem to be reason enough to try and unload the house. I haven’t watched all seasons of MDL:LA though I’ve watched almost all seasons on MDL:NY. How many other homes on either show have been this expensive? I’m drawing a blank though I’m sure there have been some.
  13. So, I’m super late, but I just binged the whole show on Netflix and now I’m a fan. I know a lot of things on the show are unrealistic (as is the case on any narco show - don’t get me started on Power), but Boaz was broken out of a DEA warehouse during season 1, and several DEA agents were killed in the process. Perhaps the feds couldn’t prove that Camilla’s crew was behind the ambush, but they clearly know that Boaz was sprung. Now, he’s traveling in and out of the states, without seeming to take any precautions and is running things in Miami? I don’t think there’s any way any of these people would be walking around freely in the US like they do, but that seems extra far-fetched. Im curious to see what the deal is with James. I thought it was confusing when he went with Devon at the end of season 3. It would’ve made more sense for Devon to just kill him, but obviously the writers werent going to completely close the door on James ever coming back, and I like James and wouldn’t have wanted that either. However, the “this is how we clean up the mess you made in Texas” was very vague. Is he just going to start working for the CIA, is he a prisoner, or is he an informant now, and if so, how helpful can he be? Camilla is out, as is her cartel, and he walked away from Teresa and wasn’t going to be providing info on her, so...... I just don’t quite get it lol.
  14. Yep. It’s crazy. I remember last season on MDL:NY, one seller seemed offended that the buyer was using financing to purchase the townhouse. I wanted to be like, “Welcome to the real world!” Even lots of wealthy people, don’t have millions of dollars to just pay out at a moments notice!
  15. Yes, it means no mortgage, so no appraisal or financing concerns that could derail the closing. I assume that the buyers wire the money into the seller’s account, similarly to how the bank does when they finance a purchase. Of course, I’ve never been to an all cash closing, but I would think that they’re not actually handing over straight cash. That would seem to be dangerous and a robbery waiting to happen lol.
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