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  1. I wish I could say the network wised up and stepped in, but it kind of seemed like they thought people liked the drama. A couple of years ago, it felt like the agents (including Fredrik) were mostly getting along on both editions, and the shows were SO much better. I don’t know who thought Fredrik’s drama on both editions, back to back, was good tv. It wouldn’t shock me if his business partner stepped in. I can’t see how Fredrik staying on much longer was a good look professionally, and they certainly don’t need the exposure.
  2. I definitely don’t think LA needs any new agents. The show had a good balance without Fredrik. I think New York is a slightly different story. They probably don’t need another agent to produce the show, but I think it’s more likely that NY will add someone.
  3. Interesting. I didn’t mind him on the NY show as much as the LA show, but on both shows, he was becoming a caricature. Regardless, I do wonder if they’ll just let Ryan be the top dog or try and get in a new top broker to compete with him. I always saw NY as Fredrik/Ryan with Steve being a few rungs down and then KJ/Tyler being a few rungs down from Steve.
  4. Yes! If anything, her old uniform may be a bit loose now. She is tiny! Hannah is another one who struggled with weight on the team, but seems to be much smaller now.
  5. My thoughts exactly! If you showed me those 2 pictures side by side and didn’t specify that they were pictures of the same woman, I would swear that there were 2 different women. Don’t get me wrong, she looks good either way, but damn! For all the work that Lacey has had done, I’ve never thought that she looked like a totally different person.
  6. Yeah, that’s why I think unless the chocolate team had just been completely awful, they were coming away with the win. Val and Duff seemed (rightfully) ready for Ben to go.
  7. I was concerned for a second, but I think Val and Duff were over him, and there was no way they were going to let the other kids on his team save him.
  8. Count me in as also thinking something was off with the Debt free Atlanta couple. Given that the husband wasn’t working and none of the kids were babies, I didn’t necessarily get the sense that finances were a huge issue. I also found it very believable that they could sell their house for a big profit given how hot the market has been everywhere, including Atlanta. However, they lost me after that. It didn’t seem like they were actually downsizing. They seemed to want an extra bedroom than what they currently had. It just seemed like they were moving into a cheaper, nowhere-near-as-nice home
  9. My main takeaways: If I were a developer or wealthy person in Tampa looking to sell properties, I would not call Allure Realty. I hate to say that because I imagine that they’re much more professional in regular life, but based on the show, only Rena seemed like she was truly interested in real estate vs drama. I laughed when Sharelle chose Juwanna over Colony after Colony had thrown her friend under the bus to curry favor with her. Colony going on and on about loyalty to Sharelle was ridiculous, especially when Sharelle talked repeatedly about being about the business. Colony also
  10. We can agree to disagree on the swimsuit shows. I would’ve been embarrassed to do them, but each to her own. However, on the choreo, I remember that scene with Jennifer and Melissa talking about that particular move, but Im not sure how that relates to Judy’s comment about Vivian. I don’t remember Judy even saying that Vivian was doing the move wrong or placing the wrong emphasis on a certain part of her body - that would’ve been a 100% valid comment and correction. Instead, I think she just said that there’s something raunchy about her or the moves that she was doing. It’s been a while
  11. There was also Judy comment about something being raunchy about Vivian’s dance. That was odd to me. She was just doing the choreo. Those bikini “fashion shows” that the DCCs do on their swimsuit trips are what I would call raunchy… Agreed 100% that Vivian needs to move on if she hasn’t. I get that it’s easier to move on when some of your worst moments aren’t being played on a continuous loop on Pluto, but still…that was so long ago at this point!
  12. Exactly. He explicitly ignored instructions to put his cookie back in the oven and then served an underbaked cookie (with an attitude). I don’t care how bad Finley’s cookie turned out, he should’ve went home, and that should’ve served as a lesson to him and the other kids. And that isn’t even going into how awful his popcorn had to be. As soon as he started dumping all of that paprika and nothing else on it, I knew it would be terrible. I find it very hard to believe that Finley’s popcorn was worse.
  13. It’s clear that they’re keeping Ben around for the drama, but it’s not cute or funny. He just comes off as immature and bratty. He should’ve been eliminated in both of the 2 eliminations.
  14. I have! Most people think I’m crazy though when I say that something is too chocolatey. In fairness, I didn’t even like chocolate until I was a teenager, and I’m actually not a huge fan of icing at all unless it’s light. It’s not at all unusual for me to eat the cake and leave most of the icing on the plate. So, I don’t think my food preferences are the norm lol.
  15. I agree that Adam’s cake looked the best, but I don’t really agree on Sabrina other than the color of the middle tier. If she had been able to figure out the black fondant, I could absolutely see that cake at black tie NYE party.
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