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  1. I think the board on boards policy was to stop the “you must be VK’s buddy because you post about her a lot” or “how dare you not like VK” type of posts. I miss TWOP! I will say that I could not care less about VK’s nipples. She’s a woman with breasts. It happens sometimes. Many women have had occasions where we realized -after the fact - that the choice of undergarments wasn’t the best. You live and you learn. It’s not like this is occurring and obvious issue with her. Bridget’s girls have been perilously close to popping out on multiple occasions, which I feel is a bigger issue than this. However, I blame the DCCs. They need to built some better support into these outfits or help the girls find suitable bras.
  2. I don’t think a girl that gets brought in a third year should automatically make it. Now, I do think that they shouldn’t bring a girl in if they think that she’s hopeless, and I don’t think a third year TC girl should be cut for style reasons or the “she’s good, but not great” type of bs. But, if she can’t get the choreography, that’s different, IMO. If you don’t have it, you don’t have it. I’m no fan of K&J and think they have handled MANY situations poorly, but a little self-awareness goes a long way as well. After 2 years, a girl should have a good idea if she can learn the choreo, and if she thinks that one more try will make a big difference, but ends up being wrong - welp, it is what it is.
  3. I haven’t watched that episode in a while, but honestly. i just don’t think they liked her very much. It just seemed like they were looking for a reason to cut her, and she gave them one.
  4. I always saw that as a bit of a trick question. Ultimately, I think the a answer is probably that both make each other, but if I was forced to pick one, I would say that the girl makes the uniform as opposed to the other way around. Saying that the uniform makes the girl just sounds incredibly shallow - reminds me of the empty suit stereotype. The uniform may be iconic, but it’s just fabric. Idk. I still don’t know, years later, what they wanted from that answer.
  5. Yep. The solos were different too. They seemed much more theatrical then. Now, it seems like it’s all about the tricks.
  6. While I don’t think this necessarily applies to Kat (I have no idea the circumstances regarding her license and I imagine that she just put it off), I do think it’s important to point out that the ease or convenience of government services are not uniform. Whereas it may be a quick 15 minute trip to the DMV for some people to get a new license or register their vehicle or vote (especially voting, in which the discrepancy is often intentional, but that’s a whole different conversation), it may be a half a day trip for others - and no, it’s not always because those people are just to lazy to do their work ahead of time. Whether its due the amount of people the office services, the demographics of the area, or the management, etc, experiences for routine government services can be wildly different.
  7. Yeah, and people frequently do not register vehicles/get new licenses within the required timeframe when they move to new states. For example, in Georgia, many people just keep driving with their former state's tag and license for a long while because it is very expensive to register a car as a new resident - if there are 3 cars in the household, you could easily be looking at $5k to $6k if they're fairly new or expensive cars. If there is a discrepancy that is obvious to the DMV, they will assess a late fee, but I've never heard of them denying someone a license - they want the money! But IMO, of all the things to be concerned about, Kat keeping her NC insurance/registration while in Texas for a while is at the bottom of the list. I am surprised that she posted that picture however. Even if she meant it in a lighthearted way, it's not a good look. Very easy to misconstrue.
  8. It was a bad interview and weight from what was shown. Kelli said she would look dynamic 10 pounds lighter and mentioned that she fluctuated over the year. Then, there was the interview where she said that she doesn’t think we’ll off the top of her head or something like that. I definitely think that she would’ve made it if Ashton had returned, but since she retired, Alyssa lost the “sister bonus.”
  9. I think the story was that she had a legal issue. It's too bad however because she looked strong in some of the clips of her dancing in the background. Watching season 7, and while there were definitely some weak cheerleaders (hello Emily and Teri), I think that was such a diverse and talented group. Some really great dancers and performers Jacie, Olivia, Carissa, Jennifer, Kinzie, Jenna, Kali and other really memorable or likeable DCCs -Danielle, Alex H, Ashley. I also thought Season 3 was a great class, as well as Season 8 and 9, but with 8 and 9, I thought there were just 3 or 4 standouts (Melissa, Erica, Lacey and Amy, Megan C, Holly, etc), more so than it being great top to bottom.
  10. Chiming in on Whitney. I thought she was a great dancer. I also thought she was a good point, but I always thought her look was so basic. I never understood why she was basically allowed to slide by and be the “it girl” after the lil Wayne costume drama, especially given that it actually did cause negative press for the DCCs, unlike some of the other things that we’ve seen girls get punished or cut for. Squeaky voice aside, I always thought Brittany was up there with Whitney in terms of performance, and since they came in at the same time and both were blonde, not sure why Whitney was the “it girl” over her.
  11. I think a lot of the advice vs “victim shaming” stuff just comes down to timing. If you’re about to walk in the mall with your friend and see that her MacBook Pro is clearly visible on the backseat and you say, “hey you should probably hide your MacBook or take it in with you,” no one is going to say “VICTIM BLAMING.” In fact, your friend and most rational adults would probably be happy that you pointed that out. Now, if you come back to the car, and the window is shattered and the MacBook is gone, and you say “you should’ve hid that or taken it with you,” your friend may be annoyed and you may get accused of victim blaming due to the timing. I think that’s where the disconnect is. Since the admonition about nude pics is coming in response to the news about Heather, I think it can easily be seen as victim blaming (and she’s definitely a victim), even though I think some posters just mean it to be a general precaution.
  12. Another Brennan fan here. I actually agree that she’s a bit of a boring dancer and doesn’t make great facials, but she’s clean and doesn’t make errors. She’s no powerhouse, but I don’t think anyone, including her, is trying to pretend like she is. She just seems like a mature, no drama, team player, who seems to be a very nice person. The teams needs people like that. Everyone can’t be a star.
  13. Yep, that’s what bothered me the most. I believe that Taylor had bragged about not practicing, and Taylor definitely didn’t know the dances. That’s a legit criticism from Cassie, but the rocking back and forth and hands on her cheeks just made her look childish. Just speak up and say what you have to say.
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