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  1. I hope that providing the routines to the girls in advance becomes the norm going forward. It was much more pleasant to watch without half of the girls looking lost the first night. Logistically, it’s also smart, as it should cut down on the length of training camp considerably - and that’s what the DCCs should want, covid or no covid. No point in girls uprooting their lives and moving to Dallas for months only to get cut, when it’s clearly unnecessary. I didn’t dislike anyone, but I thought Dani, Claire, Elli, Marissa, Jada, and Darian all looked strong dancing.
  2. Lol.... the funniest on this list is Haleigh. Like WTF! She has a problem with Haleigh of all people...
  3. Agreed. I get that she’s hurt, but I could also see her anger more if she and Cody were legitimate, good friends out of the house. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Correct me if I’m wrong, but from what I read, their families are close, but Cody and Nicole seemed to be distant friends, who are on good terms and played together before - no more, no less. I do think it’s possible that Nicole could’ve taken Cody, but even if she did, I don’t think they were in the exact same situation. Nicole is a former winner. Cody is not, and he got dinged before for taking a stronger, competitor to the end over a weaker one. Strategically, it makes sense that it would have weighed on him more than her potential decision to take him. Ultimately, she knew that Cody had a final 2 with Enzo and had been close with him all season. She needed to win the final HOH...she should’ve realized that.
  4. Just read Enzo’s exit interview...he comes off a bit delusional. He thinks that Nicole did nothing in the game, that he would’ve beaten her. And he says that he would’ve voted for her anyway had Cody cut him because he was going to be “petty” this time.... his words. I like Enzo well enough, but outside of understanding that he’s awful at comps, he doesn’t have a great grasp on reality. I couldn’t help but laugh at his comment about getting to the end with 20 year olds.....says the person who got out Kaysar (hardly a super athletic young buck) and didn’t align with any of the older players in the house, other than Memphis. Please!
  5. Agreed. Although I don’t think the lack adversity was specific to him. It was more of a result of the power never changing sides. Half of the game was literally just non-Committee members getting picked off. The adversity that Tyler and Dani faced was basically self-inflicted, whereas Nicole, Memphis, and Enzo also had pretty easy rides through most of the game. Cody just had multiple people (Dani, Enzo, Nicole, Memphis) who seemed as invested in getting him to the end as he was about himself. It was odd. With random players next year, hopefully we won’t see all of the best comp winners get into an alliance. That killed the season. I can’t think of any other season (I skipped 21, so maybe that one) where the power never shifted. This season, the non-Committee members (I basically consider Enzo to be the Committee) couldn’t win an HOH, and even when they got small wins, like David winning the Disruptor power and Day winning veto, they didn’t control the votes. Just frustrating all around.
  6. Yeah, I feel like those went beyond skinny jeans and were flat out jeggings 😂. I would even wear that cardigan....
  7. Yes...I think Cody deserved the win for just dealing with him and Nicole for so long. They are both exhausting. It was an awful season but a surprisingly satisfying finale. I loved seeing Enzo go down 9-0. He didn’t deserve any votes. I’m lukewarm on Cody -can take or leave him - but he definitely deserved the win, IMO, and seeing him cut Nicole.....yes! That was the only suspenseful moment of the whole season. Loved that Day got AFP!
  8. I’m very surprised at the praise that the first 5 out layered on Enzo... there’s definitely something to be said for being likeable, and he has a good social game. However, I don’t get how you can trash Nicole for doing nothing, while lauding Enzo. Nicole’s 2 comp wins were far more important and consequential than Enzo’s wins (IMO). Enzo got out Kaysar, who had no allies and sucks at comps. Nicole got out Memphis (a strong player), broke up the Memphis/Christmas duo, and ensured her ticket to Final 3 by keeping Cody. I actually like Enzo far more than Nicole, but I think she is a superior player. I get that some of it was that Janelle was involved and clearly hates Nicole, so no one wanted to really argue with her, but I thought the Enzo praise was odd. Maybe I’m just missing something.
  9. Has Cody given any indication as to who he would take? I know that he thinks he would beat both, but beyond a friendship with Nicole, what is his logic for taking her over Enzo? He has a final 2 with both of them, so either way, he would be breaking his word to one of them.
  10. Agreed. If it’s Cody v Nicole in the end, I could see the winner being the person who did not win the final HOH. Basically, if Nicole wins the final HOH and takes Cody, I feel like she would lose. The final cut happens so quickly before the final vote, but still, I think the jury would see that as a dumb move on her part, and I could see Cody winning easily. However, if Cody cuts Enzo and keeps Nicole...I don’t know. I feel like there are some people in the jury who are looking for a reason to vote against Cody and taking a former winner to the end could be enough to sway enough ppl to Nicole. I think Cody or Nicole both easily win over Enzo.
  11. Yeah, I wonder about this as well.... if the jury’s annoyance with Dani will get implicitly transferred to Cody? If it does, and Cody loses in F2, keeping Nicole over Dani in the triple may end up being a fatal error for him. He clearly trusts Nicole more than Dani, but I think Dani would’ve sacrificed her whole game for Cody if she was still there. She would give Enzo a run for his money in that regard.
  12. I mean....if I didn’t know who these people were and that they were in relationships, I would think Cody was Dani’s man with the way she was ridin for him. Sheesh! Add in her jealousy of Nicole, which is clearly also Cody-related, and it’s not a good look for her at all.
  13. I actually thought Christmas had a decent shot at it when I first saw the competition, and I’m surprised that she did so poorly. I definitely thought Nicole would have issues given her smaller size. However, I completely agree with there being too many physical competitions this year....in general, I feel like BB has been trending that way for awhile, and I don’t care for it.
  14. This. I have nothing else to add regarding the episode.
  15. In order to be the only one who could say that he never went on the block, I could’ve easily seen Cody (had he won) saying that Enzo should go up on the block because Nicole had already been up 2x. Cody has never seemed nearly as interested in harming his own game for Enzo, although he expects it in return. Even his whole “Christmas can’t win HOH and make final 3” was about himself and his own game, not Enzo’s. Now, I have no issue with Cody doing everything he can to best position himself, but I don’t want hear him whining about other players doing the same. That was the same issue I had with Christmas. She fully admits that she would’ve (rightfully) gone after Cody this week. But then she’s upset that he targeted her during the HOH....huh?!? All of these people are ridiculous!
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