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  1. Yeah, I watched this episode last night. Is the blonde who was on the panel Jinelle’s fiancé? I wasn’t sure I had the right person, but if so, that makes me give that exchange a side eye. Katy talked about how she had needed Angela for so many appearances and hadn’t been able to use her, while she advocated for Jinelle and said she would still put her on show group, even though Kelli said Jinelle was not strong that year. Now, that was a few years ago, so they may not have been together then, but still...it’s interesting watching that now. Watching that season also makes me mad on behalf of Selena. I think it’s awful when they cut a girl at the very end without calling her in for a warning beforehand.
  2. Jess14

    S14.E13: Game Day

    2 thoughts from this: 1) Tess needs more power if she is going to be front and center. Outdanced by Gina and Molly(?), who are right behind her. 2) Meredith has not improved....at all.
  3. FWIW, Kat may just like the straight, long hair look. While I certainly think there’s an effort to push all women into looking like barbies, which leads to all of the weaves and wigs on the team, it shouldn’t be assumed that all of the black women want to wear their natural curls or wear braids, etc. Some do, some don’t. It’s possible Kat would still opt for the same wig she has now no matter what DCC encouraged. That may just be what she likes - doesn’t mean she’s trying to “look white.”
  4. I feel there’s a harshness to Holly’s recent pics that have been posted here (i don’t follow her IG, so not sure if that’s the norm), and she already looks quite a bit older than she is, so that’s not something that she needs, IMO. When she first moved to Cali and changed her hair and makeup, I really thought she looked great, but I’m not seeing that as much in the recent pics.
  5. I don't see how Julia was treated that badly, compared to everyone else (the training camp process is ridiculous). I like her just fine and would've been fine with her making it, but her cut does not even come to being one of the more egregious examples or unfairness or politics in the DCC world through the years. Even this season, Shaina has more reason to be mad than Julia, and Kelli was meaner to both Jalyn and Madeline, IMO. I gather that Julia is a lovely person and well-liked among people who know her, but as someone who doesn't know her, she didn't come off like she is the sharpest tool in the shed on the show, and the conspiracy theories (Lisa got her cut; the NBC anchor set her up at media day) have not panned out. Beyond the absurdity of cutting girls at the eleventh hour, which they need to stop, Julia's cut seemed fairly standard to me. Meredith is basically the only one who I definitely would've cut over her.
  6. Season 7 is the year that Jacie, Danielle, Carissa, Jenna, etc were rookies, right? The seasons all start to run together after a while, but if that's the right one, it's my favorite season as well. I think that's the one year when Kellie said that it was one of the best rookie classes, and I actually believed it. That rookie class definitely had some strugglers, but I think the best 10 or so girls from that season were really top notch.
  7. Jess14

    S14 E11: Picture Perfect

    Agreed with both posts. I understood lumping Kat and Meredith together early on, but Kat has stepped up her game, killed cameos, and seems to have been picked by most guest choreographers. Meredith has not. If anything, Lily has been as weak or weaker than Kat over the back half of the season, but Meredith is in a league of her own. I also thought Kelli seemed annoyed that Bridget passed out. She didn’t seem to be even remotely concerned about her safety or well-being. That was gross.
  8. Meredith making the team is up there with Emily in season 7 as being nonsensical, but at least Emily seemed like she could hold a conversation and get through an interview. Meredith has been pretty awful at everything, including cameo pictures, beautiful face aside.
  9. Is there anything to suggest that Julia is not still 100% drinking the DCC kool-aid? Some people just cuss a lot. I’m not sure her “F this” is all that indicative of anything. The girl was a weepy mess in the office in last week’s episode and may well be again when she gets cut next week. I’m all for the DCCs realizing that there are other, better opportunities out there and walking away, but I’m not sure we have that in this case. This just seems to be the case of a girl saying some dumb things in interviews (things that shouldn’t be said in an interview in any job, not just DCC) and got upset. I don’t really see anything more or deep there. (To be clear, I don’t care about her outfit. I think it was ugly but not inappropriate or something that should have bearing on a job. So, I’m not concerned with that.)
  10. True, but I feel like being good at interviews is less about education and more about practice. It’s possible that she hasn’t had a ton of interview experience and lots of interviews are different. I can breeze through interviews that are open discussions, but in the past, I’ve had to really prepare long and hard for interviews that have a lot of situational and behavioral questions. Yet, some people are really good at those but struggle in interviews where they have to steer the conversation. I don’t know. I still feel like Julia flubbed easy stuff (never badmouth any former job/co-worker!), but i also can see how dealing with K&J is difficult. In a different situation with a different girl who was a favorite, I could see Kelli reacting positively to someone putting down another team to prop up the DCCs. She’s not consistent, so Im sure it’s hard to know what you should or shouldn’t say.
  11. I would have more sympathy for Julia if she was getting trick questions and floundering, but she is screwing up on basic interview stuff. I don’t even like Kelli, but I thought that she was right on in picking up on the fact that Julia put down the LA dance scene when she was asked why she wanted to be a DCC. I mean, “Why did you want to be a DCC?” and “what are your goals in the future” are probably closer to the types of interview questions that they actually get, moreso than questions about politics or in depth football questions. Therefor, she needs to be able to answer those questions easily but couldn’t. This isn’t meant to bash Julia. I’ve been there and look back on interviews and wish I would’ve said things differently, but that’s life. When you’re in competitive processes, botching easy questions can get you cut.
  12. Jasmine made it for the “friend” storyline and because she was from New York IMO. I think Kelli tends to like having NY and California girls on the team. Chelsea was, at that time, a Kelli favorite, and Kim...I’m not really sure. Emily and Teri were headscratchers too IMO. I thought Emily was pretty, but Kelli acted like she was the most beautiful girl who ever showed up, which was odd. Teri was just plain IMO.
  13. I still think Gina must’ve done something to not even be in the triangle. Maybe sho got caught saying that she thought she should be point or something petty like that. Otherwise, it makes no sense whatsoever. I seriously doubt Amy expected to be point or even in the triangle, so it’s not like they were dealing with a senior vet who had a reason to expect to be point. It’s just bizarre.
  14. That's certainly true. Kelli has played favorites for years. VK is hardly the first, and it's interesting to Jenna and Whitney lumped together as getting favorable treatment when I actually don't think their situations are all that similar. I don't think Whitney really got any punishment at all, whereas Jenna certainly did her last year. With that said, I think Kelli tends to react differently when she feels personally offended. It seemed like her anger towards Jenna seemed oddly personal - not an employee screwing up, but someone not living up to her expectations after she made her a leader and favored her over the years. With Whitney, I almost think they chalked it up to her just being an idiot, so no personal offense. But that's also what sets the VK situation apart. Kelli set all of that up for her (Jinelle helping her/doctor's apput) and then she lied not just to Jinelle, but ultimately Kelli too. Anyone else would be on Kelli's shitlist for life. Kelli loves Meredith, but if Meredith got caught lying to Kelli, she would out in a heartbeat, and there would be no looking back. VK though didn't even really get dressed down. That was clearly due to their personal relationship.
  15. Pretty much my thoughts. I’m not bothered by VK being on the team this year. I think she is clearly top 36, so I think she earned her spot. However, she was held to a different standard than other rookie candidates last year (her extremely obvious weight gain was alone enough to get anyone else cut, so the lying episode with Jinelle would never even happened with anyone else bc they would’ve already been gone). It just is what it is. If Whitney and Jenna - two multi-year vets who could dance circles around VK when their issues came up - are the only examples of similar treatment, then that speaks for itself.
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