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  1. Azah…..how pathetic. I have no idea what she was thinking.
  2. Sure, it’s a step down from DCC, but unless she is going to go the theater route (highly unlikely given her dance background) or move to LA, Vegas, New York, or Orlando, pretty much any dance job is going to be a step down. I don’t think anything even suggests that she’s trying to parlay this into a professional dance career, such that it matters whether it’s a stepping stone or not. This seems like a pretty low key dance team - certainly not the full time job that the DCCs are. So, it seems like she just enjoys dancing on a team. As for DCCs, i honestly don’t think Jenna, Sydney, Lacey,
  3. Yeah, I think that is really what saved her. If you knew who James Comey was, you clearly knew who Melania Trump was. I’m also not quite as shocked as some others that she didn’t know Martha Washington right off the bat. I think how history classes are taught and what they focus on can vary widely across the board.
  4. Based on IG, Jenna made the final team. good for her! I’m curious however. I thought the Mavs disbanded the dance team. Is this the group that replaced it, and if so, do they perform at halftime, during the game, etc?
  5. I disagree. Goodbye messages have always been part of the game. A player choosing to reveal critical information in a goodbye message is very different than Julie, a non-player, revealing information. One is a game move, while the other is not. I agree that that the goodbye message that we see are edited, but I assumed that players saw full goodbye messages after the show.
  6. Julie telling them about the Committee was pre-jury. Telling jury members about alliances would defeat the purpose of the jury being sequestered. She didn’t tell people about the Cookout pre-jury, which I think was in part to avoid controversy and in part because the Cookout (unlike the Committee) didn’t win all of those HOHs. For example, Derek X got out Christian, so it makes sense that she focused on that in Christian’s exit interview. As for the Committee, they ran the house until all the non-Committee other than Enzo, who was basically a de facto Committee member (he had a final 3 wi
  7. Agreed. I will say that while I think that a lot of the scenes are scripted, I’m not as convinced as some others that the conflict between Fredrik and Ryan is completely fake. I think they used to hate each other, then got a long (a lot of that was because Fredrik likes Emilia, IMO) and now are back to their usual state, which is that they’re competitors and don’t really like each other all that much. I also think Fredrik is genuinely insecure about not being in NYC anymore. Yes, he has always done business elsewhere, but NY was his base, and the move combined with covid (which kept him out of
  8. I didn't think Tyler's comments about Steve were that bad in this week's episode, but his comments earlier in the season about Steve and the male models were completely inappropriate. They need to stop staging so many of Fredrik's scenes. They just look ridiculous. I don't believe for one second that he jumped out of his very expensive car, left the car running and door open, and hopped into a fountain.... ridiculous. I remember reading an article about him a while ago where the reporter sat in on one of his meetings and mentioned how much more low key and professional in a real setting.
  9. No chance of advancing? Did I miss BB getting rid of HOH comps and veto comps (and all of the other little side comps where people can buy safety). Looking at Derek, he got rid of his biggest shield in the game and didn’t play for safety. No one made him do either of those things. I’ve just never heard of people not being part of a big alliance as having no shot at advancing. It’s not even like the Cookout have a lock on competitions.
  10. I’m referring to the reaction to them, which is IMO about the power that they hold in the house. The Cookout wants a black winner, and it’s a show where someone gets eliminated each week. Of course, to get to a black winner, they have to vote the white houseguests (and all others, including 4 of their own) out. If they didn’t have the power (numbers) to control the house, I don’t think there would be anywhere near as much controversy as there is. I don’t remember anyone caring about Dayvonne and Bayleigh being aligned even though they were also quite clear that they wanted one or the other to
  11. Yep. I also think it’s the “large” part of the Cookout that is driving a lot of the controversy. If say, the Cookout was just Tiffany Xavier, and Derek F, and they were the only black houseguests in the house, I question if there would be this reaction. I strongly doubt it even though the concept of the Cookout would be exactly the same. It seems more like the fact that they have the numbers to wield power like big (and primarily white) alliances have in the past, are sticking together, and are getting rid of people’s favorites that is at the real root of the issue. It’s the “power” part
  12. I’m not quite sure I’m following. I’m also not sure how Frenchie and Christian’s actions as HOH in a season with 50% POC and in a season where the teams were split into 4 groups, in such a way where all of the POC or white players could not be clustered in one or two groups, is in any way indicative of the previous 20 years of the show, when those things were not the case. Regardless, we don’t have to agree. I don’t think every white houseguest or HOH has targeted minorities and never said that. I referred to unmistakeable patterns on the show. If you think the majority of black housegues
  13. That is the worst idea ever! Players trying harder to be liked by “America” than playing the game is not going to fix anything.
  14. I cant agree with the premise that most of the black houseguests were similar and/or dramatic - Howard was nothing like Marvin who was nothing like Lawon who was nothing like David who was nothing like Dayvonne who was nothing like Amanda, and so on and so on. However, even if they were all similar in terms of dramatics, there have been plenty of white houseguests who were dramatic and/or annoying but made it into big alliances and/or went far in the game. I guess I can understand the urge to try and find any factor other than race to explain why the black houseguests are rarely ever fully inc
  15. They weren’t as big, but did the Brigade keep their alliance secret while making it to the end? I don’t remember much about that season honestly, but I remember Brittany being shocked and distraught when she was told that she would be evicted at the end. Otherwise, I can’t remember any. I can’t remember any others. Usually someone flips and breaks up the big alliance or a big vote reveals it, like the big alliance was revealed back in S4 with the ex twist.
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