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  1. jhlipton

    S04.E05: Face Speckled

    Yep. it's fine for her to drag everyone else's past through the mud, but she's not in it. I kind of like that there's no real conflating of standards, or skin tone, for that matter of beauty and personality. Nova is gorgeous, and dark, but problematic to say the least. Charlie is, to me anyway, the next most beautiful, and is largely sympathetic. Vi is about as dark as Nova, and is one of the most sympathetic characters on the show.
  2. jhlipton

    S01.E07: Separation Anxiety

    One more thing it would have been nice to see, and another argument for the one hour format.
  3. jhlipton

    Hawaii 5-0 In the Media

    I stand sit corrected. I'm wondering if his wife prefers to be out of the spotlight, and that's why he's being so coy about it.
  4. jhlipton

    Hawaii 5-0 In the Media

    from https://en.mediamass.net/people/jorge-garcia/married.html
  5. jhlipton

    S01.E06: Pop Art Blowup

    A back-scrubbing brush would have been too much like a hair brush, I think. A scale, especially one where you slide the weights, would have been fun. I think Patrick could have used something like Janusz's "canes" (for the decanter and glass) or the Venetian style of patterns, or even bubbles in glass, to give the towel some texture.
  6. jhlipton

    S05.E10: Night and the Zombie City

    "What are those guy doing here while I'm trying to sleep? Hey, stay back! Why are you putting your hands on me???? Stop pushing!!!! Nooooooooo!" [THUD]
  7. jhlipton

    S02.E17: Strictly 4 My ...

    OffScreen Productions, Ltd. LOL
  8. jhlipton

    S01.E10: Best in Blow

    I thought Janusz's installation was far too busy and preferred Deborah's use of the space (including the floor). While Janusz was definitely the most technically advanced of the ten, his pieces never really "sang" to me. While Deborah's personality was a bit grating, I liked almost all her pieces.
  9. jhlipton

    S01.E09: Body Parts

    Sometimes, yes; sometimes, no. I've seen a contestant leave an ingredient out on Chopped and still prevail over one who used the full basket.
  10. jhlipton


    That was a hard one to judge. Yeti did a lot more (visible) damage, but Free Shipping was in control for most of the fight. Can we have a tie???
  11. jhlipton

    S03.E04: Chapter Four: The Sauna Test

    I've seen really good people raised by crappy parents and vice-versa. Not a convincing argument for me.
  12. jhlipton

    S05.E10: Night and the Zombie City

    Well, that sucks! (I had forgotten that plot-point.)
  13. jhlipton

    S01.E05: Thirsty Work

    Alex's glass leaked. That made his piece completely non-functional. He should have been gone.
  14. jhlipton

    S01.E03: Lighten Up

    I think that they should have judged the pieces in a dark room first, to how they looked in use, then turned on the lights for a better look. I gout he impression that the side peices on Momo's lamp looked different once the lights were off.
  15. jhlipton

    S05.E10: Night and the Zombie City

    What I can't figure out is why neither if them have figured out the obvious answer: turn her into a zombie. Not only would she not die, but it has the benefit of screwing over Blaine, who I hope dies slowly and painfully in the finale (and it still won't be enough),