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  1. Isn't Canada just Colder America? LOL
  2. jhlipton

    Race & Ethnicity on TV

    "set during the ... second half of the late 1800s" Good grief. Why not just say "set during the 1880s and 1890s"? That's a lot more clear!
  3. jhlipton

    Into The Badlands

    "Lydia, you are so great! You can balance love and leadership (unlike me, who got a child through divine intervention, apparently), so you should lead the Badlands (because we can only have one leader, and who needs democracy!) when this is done. Oops, spoke too soon!" These people are all so dumb. If they know Cressida is a witch, don't put her in with potential "spell stuff" -- they should have put her in the brig to start, with her hands, fingers and mouth bound. Also, the time to set the trench on fire was while they were crossing it (with the arrows to keep them pinned), or else before they crossed it, not after! They've totally given up on "who beats whom", haven't they? Folks without the Gift can do the same stuff that those with it can (such as Moon's acrobatics). It's all about what looks "cool" and logic be damned. At this point, I'm just letting the show run out. I have zero interest in the Widow's miracle child, Sonny's son, or really anyone else. Truth be told, I'd be just as glad if Marcus killed the lot of them.
  4. jhlipton

    S31.E02: Knock the Newbie Out of Us

    If there's going to bunching (and there nearly always will be, for logistic reasons -- they have to keep the teams pretty much together), I'd rather have it at the start of the leg than anywhere along the leg.
  5. jhlipton

    S05.E20: Good in the 'Hood

    Nicole Sullivan (who came to fame on MadTV) plays their neighbor Janine (is that who you were thinking of, @Empress1?) but, again, they are not friends unless they need something from her. I haven't been to Leimert Park, but it sounds fun. I'll have to try it some time.
  6. jhlipton

    S05.E20: Good in the 'Hood

    And Dre tears up $400 worth of tickets "just to prove a point" -- the point being that he's an idiot.
  7. jhlipton

    S05.E16: Never Doubt I Love

    When FBI lady said she was going to come to the wedding to speak with all the Lyons, I would have said "Please do" then shove a harassment suit in her face and get her kicked off the case. +1000
  8. jhlipton

    S05.E14: Without All Remedy

    @Dee and @AsiagoSauce, sorry for the confusion. But I have indeed moved on --> to the next episode.
  9. jhlipton

    Good Girls

    According to TV anyway, women in labor say all sorts of mean and antagonistic things. I think if it would have been better for Annie to leave, the doula would have sent her packing instead of encouraging her. Since the guy Beth was going to go to prom with is almost certainly Dean (unless she liked one guy who was the son of a car salesman and later married a different guy who was a car salesman -- maybe she has a "type"!), it looks like they grew up where they now live.
  10. jhlipton

    S04.E12: The Eggplant, The Witch & The Wardrobe

    Especially since they lampshaded the test last episode (when it made sense for it to be failed). Ava said she has "issues" with Gary. LOL
  11. jhlipton

    S05.E14: Without All Remedy

    I was replying to @Dee, who addressed my comment. I'm perfectly willing to move on. As I said above, "YMMV".
  12. jhlipton

    Hawaii 5-0 In the Media

    If you had said "different", I wouldn't have commented. But you said "who honestly no longer looks as beautiful as she was ... in the ‘80s & early/mid ‘90s" That's what caused my "Well, duh!" I think she looks just fine for just shy of 70!
  13. jhlipton

    S05.E11: They Did What?

    Part dandy and part snake! Ahem: Put this together with the Riddler-Penguin frenemies story and it's an absolute hit.
  14. jhlipton

    S05.E14: Without All Remedy

    If that person is a trained professional, duh, yeah. If that person's treatment had already been helping, duh, yeah. "But she's his momma" can just miss me. YMMV
  15. jhlipton

    S06.E13: The Bimbo

    Thanks, @LvHmBirth and @Lugal.