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  1. NatsumesYuujin

    Ex Isle

    I'm also watching this guilty pleasure of a hot mess show. I got my cousins watching and they are great snarkers. These relationships are a mess. My fave was how all the men were looking after seeing the videos of the other guys like "dang I thought I was bad". Lol. I want to play a drinking game anytime John "cries", says he took ownership, or behaves as if he's being victimized. He is hilarious in a sad way and reminds me of a relative's husband (not the stealing but the above behaviors). Fav line: what do u guys share? My ATM card, my car. Lol. I'll be watching this every week.
  2. NatsumesYuujin

    S02.E01: Vow Or Never

    Yeah, I can see that. It just seemed weird. I like your explanation better. It's still sad that she would refer to her future wife as the boss in the relationship because of finances. She said she didn't bring much to the table financially (and she seemed kind of sad/uncomfortable? about that), but at least Sam said she brings other things to the relationship. She seems concerned (as I would) that people not view her as a gold digger. I think the lack of letting go of past relationships may become a bigger issue...especially at your wedding!
  3. NatsumesYuujin

    S02.E01: Vow Or Never

    I have never commented on a show before but: Yeah, I was thrown by the whole: "I'm kind of just the minority in the relationship and she is kind of the boss lady," when they were talking about the prenup. Really!?!? That is such a wacked out way to describe their financial power relations. Because "minorities" are "obviously" poor and not "bosses." Such a weird way to frame herself and her relationship. Sorry, her casual comment just rubbed me the wrong way. I shall be side-eyeing Laura and Sam. Yeah, I think finances will continue/may become a problem for them.