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  1. Aa I mentioned, I wasn’t a Katey fan due to the awful Peg character. Louise seemed much more likeable to me in this season 2 episode.
  2. I can see Dan not being comfortable with ‘dating’. It’s been 50 years since he’s dated anyone but Rosie. Hanging out is different- less pressure. Less explaining to his offspring. I didn’t like this pairing last season- but I liked the scenes together tonight. An entirely different personality than Rosie. I didn’t like Married with Children - especially Peg, and never watches SOA, so I had to let Katey grow on me. Loved the instant ‘ you’ll come home with us rent free and we will help with the baby’. It was nice to see the original Becky tonight - the one that takes responsibility seriously - not that I haven’t enjoyed Becky the last couple seasons.
  3. Even with the system, it would be non-stop chaos. Michelle was overwhelmed by herself with 7. Pre-teen and young teen sister-moms would be overwhelmed with the 3 or 4 buddies they had.
  4. So she’s whining about not having more free time to read, while reading a book that she doesn’t need to know about for 18-20 years? Got it. Why doesn’t she either read a child development book, a cookbook, or perhaps a novel? why don’t they get her a kindle and a kindle unlimited membership?
  5. As in he thinks she was a bad parent? Yes. As in he and his wife were there for Malcolm when mom wasn’t? Yes. As in they had a thing? No. Makes me wonder if the detective felt she was involved, but couldn’t find enough to charge her. So he stayed close to the family to try to keep the kids safe.
  6. I can’t buy the concerned Mommy act. She allowed her small son to visit his father, the serial killer, alone for years. Yet she didn’t allow her daughter to see him even once. Now she wants to ‘fix’ it. Too little too late. question- where is she getting her money? Her husband has been in a prison psych hospital for 20 years. She doesn’t seem to work. question- the man is a serial killer, but is in a psych hospital rather than in prison. Have we seen an explanation explaining exactly why he’s in one place vs the other?
  7. She was demoted because she ignored a fellow team leaders’ orders and went inside a survailled house to ‘rescue’ two ‘innocent’ women from a possible bomb. The fellow team leader was being an *ss, but she still disobeyed his orders. Now, it is still possible that a man could have gotten away with that.
  8. A would have been totally appropriate response that the Conners/Healeys ignored entirely. Mark is 11 now, maybe? Guess Darlene will be collecting child number two from their boyfriends’ bedroom in a couple years like she did Harris last season. The Connie’s have issues. And that’s on purpose. They are the kind of parents that the school hates to see on their property because their child is always right, even when they aren’t. I say this as a super fan of the show.
  9. When Cortez was at work and not in an undercover role, she dressed in a professional manner- slacks, nice top,suitable coverage, and a jacket. Undercover or on a date, she dressed appropriately for the occasion. This lieutenant, as you say, older than Cortez, seemed highly intelligent, professional, capable, all business, almost as if she could walk on water. But then is shown with the men she COMMANDS, in the command center in a low cut top. Others may see it as appropriate attire for that scene- I don’t.
  10. Dorothy was newly separated when she moved in with Blanche. There’s a flashback that shows when she moved in. Sophia was already in Shady Pines. I don’t think we were ever told exactly when Stan and Dorothy moved to Miami, but they did together.
  11. Don’t worry... they made up for it with the large amount of cleavage the otherwise professional lieutenant was showing in the command center. Seriously disappointed in the unrealistic way she was dressed. We didn’t get that from what’s her name - was the only reason that she didn’t have any cleavage to show?
  12. My on demand viewing got interrupted and I didn’t get back to it before it deleted itself. Benny and the Group( I so want to type Jets) were telling Bull their opinions of his proposed defense. What did I miss?... because I’m not watching it all over again. Ignore the empty quote box below... can’t figure out how to delete it.
  13. Probably accurate, and it was a poor decision on their part that they are now stuck with. They could have addressed David’s absence with everything from ‘ you just missed David, he went to the store’ every episode to ‘David always dreamed of joining the Peace corps so I told him to sign up for a two year stint and then I lost my job’.
  14. It’s all true. The Connors(then and now) made bad choices and they also had bad things happen to them that they didn’t cause:.factories closing, spouses dying etc. People who have little reserves( energy, health, money, education, support, etc) can’t get thru either the bad choices or the bad events as well as people who have more reserves. That’s the Conners. Becky is an example of what losing your spouse can do to a young adult. I’ve seen it happen in my extended family more than once. None of the survivors really ever recovered to this day. Even the ones who spouses died over 20 years ago. Darlene just makes bad choices.
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