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  1. No. They did not switch places after the accident. That possibility was never mentioned. Jade got out of the car at the accident scene briefly from the drivers side and then got back in on that Same side. That’s when Taylor saw her. She then drove the car to their friends where the housekeeper let her in the gate and then saw her get out of the drivers side. The whole point of calling the housekeeper was to prove who she saw behind the wheel. I am really getting annoyed with the premise that trials can start the same week as the event. How does Benny manage to build a case in Just a couple days? Maybe this crew would find out information before the trial if it actually started after Benny had built his case.
  2. One of the things I liked best about photos of Abbie is that she was still seen wearing jeans or capris after she married John. I never see photos like that any more. It’s all skirts and dresses. as to her eyebrows. I’m one of those natural folks. I don’t want a tweezer anywhere near them.
  3. Amy taught pre-school and Tori taught kindergarten. He may have a speech issue, he may have a hearing issue or he may be super shy. Maybe little people start talking later? Our younger son would speak at home around us at 2 but not at the day care center. He failed a speech evaluation done while there during the day. I asked them to repeat it at our house with me there and he passed with flying colors. He started talking at day care later on.
  4. If 16 year olds can apply because they are looking to cast a season down the road after they turn 18 - fine. but do not send a Minor to play this game. Not unless it’s going to be like the Boy Scouts Summer camps with tents, cots, sleeping bags, food, shower and bathrooms. And everyone being near in age. They are children. Do not put them in with Adults. Skupin and Brian come to mind anyone? Even without people like them, minors look to adults as authority figures. That puts them at a disadvantage in the game. And could seriously ?!’$ the rest of their life.
  5. I think people who steal things ought to at least be given disadvantages for the rest of the game. No chance to win individual immunity, no chance to use a hidden immunity idol. Etc. stealing in real life is illegal. Stealing the immunity idols is already prohibited. The rest of the stealing should be too. as should looking in other people’s bags.
  6. They don’t give any time to most of the other contestants either. Every year the 2 hour finale bleeds later and later into the reunion hour. They should figure out by now how to edit the show to stop that. Put a extra week In. Last week we got 15 minutes of nothing. This week we get a 2hour 59 minute finale. When Gumbel hosted the reunion every single contestant would get asked at least 1 question. Jeff ignores most of them. He just overachieved last night and ignored all of them.
  7. So they just flat out stated that the murder trial started less than a week after the death. According to the cops testimony: The poker debt guy was fished out of the river two days prior to the cops testimony and the guy was estimated to have been in the river for 72 hours and therefore couldn’t have been the murderer. What murder trials do you know that occurred even in the same 90 days as the death? There’s always research and preparation and scheduling. then there’s the fact that Benny spent two days in the hospital with a burst appendix and was released to return to work the same day?
  8. In that town, the house was probably bought for $15,000 or less back then My parents bought a small ranch for that in 1972 in central Illinois. They sold it about 15 years ago for 79,000.
  9. The scariest thing about this episode is that there are people like this stalker in real life. You never know what minor mistake you made to set them off.
  10. I like the home scenes. It shows that a family man can still run a FBI fugitive team. He lives with his in-laws, his brother in law is on his team ... and he’s not intimidated by any of it.
  11. Dan also had a city job as a supervisor in the auto maintenance area, if I remember correctly. I think he quit that job to open the bike shop? Just another one in a series of very poor choices. Darlene and Becky should both be paying rent. They ( as written) absolutely know what Dans’ finances are. One of them would have dealt with all the paperwork after Roseanne’s death, including the bills. Jackie definitely knows what Dans’ financial situation was/is because she was close to Roseanne.
  12. For the life of me, I don’t understand why they didn’t vote Ben out. He ruined Kim’s game, treated Jeremy like crap when he didn’t need to, and is just generally annoying. As another poster said, he’s not even in the majority.
  13. Bev will loan Dan the money for the mortgage. Then she will hold it over his head.
  14. Wouldn’t he have learned some of this in Vegas? They had houses built there too.
  15. I thought it was a good episode. It allowed the team members to explore their own insecurities. I say it was a good episode even though I have never cared for or about Buck. Its’ not the actor, it’s the character.
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