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  1. Right about the time super became the other word to stick in front of things. Super fun. Super interesting, super exciting.
  2. Amy has short arms as an aspect of her dwarfism. Selfies are always going to he close-ups.
  3. No, he’s a man that has his head on straight. Children come first. If you marry a parent, you get a package deal and you’d better understand what that SHOULD mean and agree with the concept. I love the idea that a man would follow his ex-wife so that he can be in the same town as his child. If Emily loves him, then she understands that he lives where his child lives. If a job is more important to her than the relationship between the man she loves and his child... then She doesn’t love him. I’d say the same if Emily were the man and Andrew was the woman.
  4. I hadn’t seen anything on this case before, so I was good with watching it. However, it was decidedly sparse on details about the actual killer and the victim herself. Absolutely no info on the reasons why he wanted her dead, how he managed to manipulate a charge nurse ( who ought to be good at seeing thru manipulation). Was this his first crime ever? What about the victim made people think he was telling the truth about her behavior and why did it take so long for the authorities to refute it? Didn’t they talk to her co-workers in the first place?
  5. Well, I guess if they have 1 guest over, then Jeremy and Auj must make all their bathroom visits together? Otherwise one of them will be left alone in a room with the guest of the opposite sex. So anyone of their friends who visit must must bring a partner so that two of them will be in the room with Auj or Jeremy? I guess it’s ok if Auj is in a room with TWO members of the opposite sex? Look, I’ve been perfectly capable my entire life of dealing with being in a Room with a male without either of us attacking each other. I’m perfectly capable of dealing with the cable guy without requiring my husband to also take a day off of work.
  6. Not only that, but no one even manned the camera monitor area until the sheriff got there. Once they arrived, there seemed to be no staff in sight from the correctional center itself anywhere. The undersheriff denied his wife a child for his entire career because he wanted to make sheriff? She only just now decided that was reason enough to leave? so Teresa went to be with the daughter - but no mention of her own foster children?
  7. Ellie is a NCIS agent... why does she want to get involved with Odette?
  8. You can tell the original show runner did this one. It was excellent. All the teams’ personalities on display! Reid having a normal ‘date’. With someone that actually fits with him.
  9. Yes, along with being told now not to cover them up. Really? I sleep with a ton of blankets and this infant can’t even have a thin receiving blanket?
  10. This weeks’ criminal was so evil. That 16 year old will probably never walk out of that prison. Multiple armed robberies, rape, murder all in one day. Not to make light of any of it- it was truly horrible, but I have a question. Do you think he was lying about visiting his girlfriend at her work? The detective asked him where she worked, and he said ‘ I don’t know’. Didn’t make any sense to me.
  11. Chris thinking that Street should have told her. Does she not understand chain of command? Does she not understand undercover work? Maybe she needs to get a different job other than SWAT. Yes, I know, it’s the writers.
  12. Or at least gag her. She was ‘less than helpful’.
  13. Why would anyone use the song ‘Go Ask Alice’ in a commercial? Are we supposed to think that Celebrity cruises supplies drugs to their patrons?
  14. I think the scenes with his daughter are to humanize him. To make us remember that FBI agents are people just like us.
  15. A Toyota Tundra is just a pick-up truck. Here in central Illinois, a rig is a semi. I hate it when people overinflate the importance of their vehicle.
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