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  1. Absolutely correct. Although I don’t know how much support that JB will actually provide. Anna’s going to be the 21st century equivalent of the poor female relative of the 18th century that got just enough to survive from the male brother, cousin etc. If the wives of this group of people had any sense, they would tell their daughters to do what the rest of us tell our daughters: get an education, have a career back up, don’t havemore children than you can provide for should your husband die, get disabled, leave or go to jail.
  2. I just don’t see Jose in the same light as some of you do. I think he likes women. He’s nerdy and I think he’s got OCD, anxiety, and is a control freak. Those things probably help in his job as a NASA mission specialist. They don’t help in the relationship world. He wants to control every aspect of his life, and therefore, Rachel’s, in order to feel comfortable in his own skin. He’s not doing it to be a knuckle dragger, but he’s still doing it all the same. Gil- I hate to tell you this Gil, but many of us go out to breakfast once a week. We also eat lunch and dinner out weekly. Gr
  3. Michaela can’t even boil water? And she had no clue about how much seasoning is too much? What is the eat standing up thing?
  4. Nope I am right there with you. I don’t need animals during yoga Jose- quit worrying about Rachel’s toothpaste. you’ve got your own.
  5. Michaela is totally clueless about how bad her behavior is. Zach tries to explain to her that her bad behavior during disagreements is not acceptable and she doesn’t see the problem. It’s somehow Zachs’ fault that she is a hurricane if she doesn’t get her way.
  6. I liked the man meets his inner self story. Didn’t care for Isabelle at all. I’m supposed to believe that Isabelle will have a nice life in the past? Ruby supposedly couldn’t live the life she wanted with Meredith 50 years ago, but Isabelle will live happily ever after with Rachel back when a female wasn’t allowed to write books, own property, etc?
  7. I understand what you are saying. However that is not what she herself has stated. She has been asked on camera by the producers and on unfiltered more than once if there would be ANY situation where she would reduce her spending habits. That’s not telling her she should. That’s asking her if she can see a situation where she thinks she should. She said No. She has been asked if she would consider paying part of Gils travel expenses to travel with her. She said no. That being deliberately obtuse to the realities of being married or having children. Your opinion is different than
  8. Yes, Zach is married. To someone he’s known less than two weeks. Several days of which they were apart. Married to someone he doesn’t know much about and has no history with. He found her attractive, yes, but he doesn’t know her well enough to love her. In order to want to stay and deal with the problems Michaela has, you have to love her and want to be with her. I knew about my spouses depression issues before I married him. I developed a relationship with him before I married him. I chose to be married to him knowing the situation. That doesn’t mean it’s been wonderful 24/7/365 for
  9. Me too. However Savin did specifically mention that the IVF treatments had not been easy for them. So I think this non doctor visit was like a last ditch effort. Plus, remember why she married Savin. She wanted an arranged marriage to someone with a similar ethnic and cultural background.
  10. == I don’t know if Myrla can cook but her $360 a month on groceries (and she said it fluctuates) doesn’t sound crazy high to me.== Especially if she is buying cleaning supplies, personal products, etc too. I usually pick those items up when I’m buying food. My guess is that Gil eats out regularly on non work days, which reduces the grocery list too.
  11. Who originally baptized Jinger? Was it JB? I seem to recall his dipping several I’d the kids in the River Jordan on their Israel trip? maybe they decided jB wasn’t official enough? most Protestant churches think one baptism is enough, with a confirmation later if baptized as an infant. Joining a new church is usually an affirmation of sorts
  12. I don’t care for the 75 year old voice coming out of a 20-something throat. That makes no sense. She can spout 75 year old wisdom with the appropriate sound for a 20 something voice box. I do understand that she does have the wisdom of a 75 year old, to impart to the clients. I guess that’s what her role is: to give advice. As to expanding her role- she’s really no more/less important to the script now than Tattoo was.
  13. Gil and Myrlas’ party. The subject of her not adjusting her lifestyle came up. The film crew asked her if she would adjust her lifestyle. She said no. That’s just not a realistic answer. She has no understanding of finances in a marriage. Unless the person with the higher income is wealthy enough to support the spouse, and any kids that arrive, etc. at the higher income persons lifestyle level…. There will be changes to their lifestyle. You don’t let your lower income spouse sit home while you go eat at a fancy restaurant because they can’t pay their share. You don’t take fancy v
  14. The savings in question was first his version of a retirement plan, and second ….. money for his Mom to live on in Columbia.
  15. Michaela’s friend doesn’t really know her at all. Level- headed?
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