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  1. I just caught a rerun of a recent documentary about the Rebecca Schaefer ( actress in My Sister Sam) murder. That crazed stalker thought they had a relationship because she answered fan mail with personal letters. In the internet age, it’s a really bad idea for reality stars to accept gifts and meet with fans.
  2. And he knows this how? He wasn’t there. There’s film of Dan touching various contestants. He got ejected for touching a producer. At least 3 of those cast members have already apologized regarding the Kellie incident.
  3. I’m going to presume that it happened after the immunity challenge shown this week. If not, they would have to show scenes with him in it next week. again- it should have been addressed before the tribal council. I wonder if Elaine was the ‘other contestant’ and she mentioned it during her exit speech and that’s what got the call rolling?
  4. Why didn’t that decision get made before Tribal Council rather than after? If the incident happened before Tribal, then it should have been reported before Tribal. I wonder if it happened after Tribal?
  5. And pass them and forth to each other. As if one somehow does it better that the other film crew.
  6. How many cases have gone to trial since we found out Chunks’ daughter was pregnant? How many months have passed? Have we reached the cut-off date yet? If not- does time move differently on campus?
  7. mythoughtis


    Besides the fact that a simple missing adult gone less than 24 hours is not an FBI case.... who in their right mind would ignore a request from their boyfriend to call the police immediately? A boyfriend she said always came home when he says he would or early?
  8. I think she should be taking medication even when off the island, but doesn’t. There were multiple comments she made in this episode that indicates she has problems in her daily life - caused by her own behavior.
  9. I’m sorry Elaine had to play her idol- but I can see why she felt she had to. Really, folks, you voted out Karishma this week? You can do that anytime. Noura staying is going to haunt somebody.
  10. Everything has been said in relation to Paul. I have nothing to add. I agree it was unrealistic of Cara and Susan to expect Paul to skate on his crimes. Furthermore, it’s supposed to be okay that he stole his clients money for Susan in addition to insider trading? Now as to Trish and Arthur, I think they have the most stilted conversations for an engaged couple I’ve ever heard. It’s as if they are just acquaintances, or possibly in an arranged engagement.
  11. Dear writers, producers, and who ever else is responsible for this final season - you suck at your day job. What the heck made you think drawing from the RW for this storyline would make for a satisfying final season. look, I admit I found Kat annoying. However she, Jay, Matt, Daisy and Ali all had sparks that helped the show. The people that are left are earnest or just plain dull. The subject matter is earnest and dull. ETA: Stevie, Dmiteo was shopped off to Alaska. A few dates with a woman doesn’t mean he lied about ‘ being alone ‘ the 3 years he was up there. He doesn’t owe you an explanation of his life up there. Furthermore, we are supposed to believe you never checked out his social media in 3 years?
  12. Oh- I didn’t read the details, just the comment I quoted. They were very lucky to only get a warning for speeding that much.
  13. I bet it was more than 60. It sounds to me like there might be an Increase in fine at 21 mph over the speed limit and the police officer cut them a break and made it 20 mph over.
  14. Not only did Noura look thru the bag.... she actually picked it up and took it out of the camp. I think that’s even lower than searching it wherever it’s been placed. I’m not a fan of cast members touching each others stuff. That includes last season where the woman was spreading the others clothes on the beach. Seems like an invasion of the little privacy they get.
  15. There’s the Putmans and the federal gun charges. There’s all the assorted other reality families, the people from Alaska, the gold miners, etc etc.
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