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  1. I would be on board with this except that the weird Mom called Ronald when he was in the same room as the state trooper, IIRC. People keep referring to the state trooper as a sheriff. As of the end of this episode, the girls has only been missing right at 24 hours. Although that still meant Mom had been in the same clothes when Ronald left and when he came back the next morning. I must admit the trans prostitute was a surprise to me. I was focused on Jenny in the cafe in the pilot, not her. In fact I was so not focused on her that I didn’t even realize the woman in the cafe and the woman that got kidnapped were one and the same until the waitress mentioned her to Jenny.
  2. Please do not turn this show into a musical. I did not need to see Chuck and Benny set to the music from Clint Eastwoods early Westerns.
  3. Hondo should have told Leroy that he needed to face the parole board on his own. Either he earned it or he didn’t. shouldn’t be expecting a SWAT officer to vouch for him. Hondo is helping to raise his son and possibly help raise his grandchild soon. That’s enough payback as it is. Chris being weepy was out of character for her. She thinks other people should give up their ambitions for their career for her? Why is the actor playing Luca gone again? Is he still off on the Fast and Furious set?
  4. Thank you. Guess I haven’t been paying attention Something to do with Dan being hungry and would eat anything. He made the comment that there used to be another child
  5. My DVR cut to an ultrasound picture at the end of the Jackie coffee date scene. What was that ultrasound about?
  6. The sad part about Nell’s attire is that she didn’t dress like that in her first season or two. The social distancing was very apparent. Linda Hunt is older so alone, the actors playing Kensi and Deeks being family, could be close, Sam and Callan sometimes close. Felt bad for the guys on the plane though. Close quarters
  7. I think Jill has a way to go but she is getting there. She’s working from the inside out: herself, then her family, then her friends.... and the others. She’s not going to flip a switch and be on the progressive side of stuff... maybe never. But in 5-10 more years she may very well be pretty darn understanding of people who aren’t like her. Particularly types of people that she may not even know she’s met. She’s unlearning 22+ years of indoctrination. You don’t do that quickly. look - she’s wearing a swimsuit that doesn’t cover her from neck to knees. She wears pants in front of her family ( Jinger doesn’t). Let her think for herself a while longer before people expect her to think like they do. She’s barely separated herself from the Duggar mind control. Acceptance goes both ways.
  8. The people off to the right at a long counter are not wearing masks either. Maybe the picture is old?
  9. I used the pill until my spouse decided to have a vasectomy. I am not sure what we would have done once I hit 35. I don’t smoke, but my sister did and she was told not to take the pill after she turned 35. Hormones are medication. It affects things. I can see where it might cause birth defects / other medications do. Just like post menopausal women are getting told two different stories about taking estrogen.
  10. The Bible is a very old book and has to be looked at in conjunction with the mores and norms of the day. Many of the items in it were to keep people healthy, as opposed to being actual sins. Women were property back then. They weren’t allowed to make a living and virgins carried a higher dowry price than non virgins. Now women can support themselves. I’m glad Jill got paid for her tv work. I’m glad she is developing her own opinions. I believe that Dericks law school is opening his mind. Good for them, and you never know in a few years, some siblings may follow their lead. Anyone want to bet Jinger got some back pay too?
  11. In addition, males have to first get permission from the females’ father to ‘get to know’ their daughter and then again to court their daughter. The get to know phase is a fairly recent addition to their belief system because of the number of failed courtships. In case anyone has forgotten, J.B. had actual written applications that the males had to complete prior to getting permission. Even JD had to be formally introduced to Abbie by their parents before he could talk to her, after he had seen her across rooms on previous occasions. Although they may have agreed to court without express permission. Zac Bates is the first male in this system I have heard of to meet a girl at a restaurant, strike up conversations without chaperones and decide that he wanted to go out with her. Of course that was after a failed courtship.
  12. Of course not. In order to elope you have to somehow manage to be alone with your intended spouse long enough to get to the JP. No way was she going to talk any of her chaperones into letting that happen, or standing up as her witness. They’d have been on the phone reporting to ‘Daddy’ in a heartbeat.
  13. Other than Jessa, who threatened to elope, none of them.
  14. I’m sorry. I know it’s a Southern tradition to refer to your father as Daddy. It’s a entirely different thing for a person to refer to their daughters’ significant others’ father as the guys daddy. If Mama Spivey has known the family for years, then she would be referring to the man as Jim Bob. Justin is obviously just a child in her mind. She definitely makes him sound like one with this tweet. If he is old enough to court her daughter, then he’s an adult male, and in their patriarchal world, she should be referring to him in a more respectful manner. On the other hand, the Duggar’s treated Derick as a child too. I still remember that horrid Happy Happy song where Derick jumped in with the offspring and serenaded Ma and Pa Duggar.
  15. They picked an actor with a close appearance to Jamie. That was well done. However, wasn’t it just amazing that Sean gets a DNA match and the Mama just waltzes in 5 minutes later for the big reveal. I was a helicopter mom and even I know you don’t go to your adult sons’ boss and demand to dictate work assignments. Especially when you’ve kept his grandson a secret from him for 24 years. A grandson that would have meant everything to him after his son died. Maybe he will just be a recurring character at dinner next year. Kind of like Linda and Jack mainly were. Like Nicky should have been.
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