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  1. Well? given the number of passengers on the original flight, my guess is that the entire group will now die on the death date. There’s no way ALL of them will pass their ‘last trial’. The statistics aren’t im their favor nor will they all be able to show up for said trial at the same time and place anyway. We already know the chess master is a thief.
  2. mythoughtis


    I think this is the first show I have seen where they end the show by actually allowing a surgeon to implant a stolen or purchased kidney. All the rest of these storylines waste the kidney on moral principles. Jubal needed to take a day off work. That’s what they make sick, personal, vacation and FMLA days for. Isobel specifically asked him if he was good to work and he said yes. Ridiculous. Not sure why Jubel needed to be at the scene. They aren’t a small town with a 10 person field office. What’s next - should we call in the the head of the entire FBI to show up at every hosta
  3. Me neither. I assume that was because most of them ( other than the heavily tattooed one) were from Las Vegas and didn’t really do the family attended interventions the show is famous for. I think they are used to talking to an addict one on one in a hospital or jail setting. I also don’t think they cared one way or another about the answer the addict was going to give. I miss Candy and Jeff.
  4. Maybe he’s talking about one of Anna’s brothers?
  5. At least Law and Orders’ ‘ripped from the headlines m’ would veer off on tangents so that the comparisons ended shortly after the episode began. They would take an event and say ‘well what if This happened’.... You didn’t feel like you were being talked at or lectured to about a social topic, but you got the point they were trying to make.
  6. I’m not so sure Josh cares about seeing his children. Did he personally ask for that in the hearing or did his lawyer? Is it possibly just a standard item addressed when a suspect in these types of cases has children?
  7. I didn’t read pages and pages just the first 20 or so that came up for me. That was enough for me to get the general flow of the ‘conservative’ base. There are usually two groups of commenter types on Fox News articles. The ones that are hiding under conservative and family values slogans and everyone else. I’m only discussing the comments from the subset that hides behind ‘values’ to spew their own brand of nonsense. Most of the ones I read also couldn’t understand how Josh bypassed the monitoring software without Anna knowing. Look, my opinion of those comments may differ from
  8. Read a Fox News article about the hearing. Nothing we didn’t already know. I was actually reading to see what the comments contained. How many of you guessed that they think it’s Anna’s fault because she should have somehow been able to monitor Josh better ? How many of you guessed that they are more worried about other people that they think should be prosecuted for other alleged crimes that have nothing to do with this case so Josh should be let go.
  9. I’m glad my DVR did not cut off so that I saw the relapse after treatment screen. I had no sympathy for Mike. He’s had consequences as an adult even though he didn’t have consequences as a child. He didn’t learn the hard way and is now old enough to ‘know better’. If you don’t learn anything after losing your first two children, and now your third... you aren’t going to. He likes his addiction. I also had no sympathy for any of the rest of his family and his fiancée. She also didn’t learn from Mike’s history and got pregnant anyway. She’s also old enough to know bett
  10. Is Derick posting these cryptic comments as tweets or just replies to comments on his earlier tweet? I don’t really think it’s an issue either way, but even less so if it’s replies to comments. I don’t think telling us that a few more of Jill’s siblings or sister/brother in laws want to leave out of 18 is giving away some big secret. Nor do I think they are shunned by all 18. So I think there are private texts or phone calls between Jill and a couple of siblings. Private so that JB doesn’t hear about it and react badly. Since JB will be tied up managing Josh, Anna, and their brood,
  11. Question for the court experts here: Are the release conditions ( if he gets released) the judge handed down standard for CP/abuse charges? The thirds party residing with him? I understand the not being around children condition. I’m trying to read between the lines as to whether this means there’s a lot of images or very disturbing images behind these two standardly worded charges, or if they expect him to run from the area if he gets released.... or if it’s just standard for these charges.
  12. I think the family likes Anna just fine. However when Anna first became a Duggar, the older girls could not spend a lot of time with her. Firstly, they were too busy being buddies, teachers, cooks, tile layers etc. Secondly, this crowd seems to prefer to keep the married people separated from the unmarried females. Would hate for certain things to be discussed you know. and now, the older girls and Anna are all busy taking care of their own families to hang out. Regarding Anna and divorce/remarriage. Legally she could of course. Practically, not all that many men wanting to
  13. True.... but none of the Duggar family had to post bland self serving comments yesterday and today on their social media either.... but yet they did. Just like they Post birthday wishes.
  14. I know someone that has vertebrae issues and had a cyst removed. She had to go back for surgery a few years later because the vertebrae above that area was slipping into the space left from the cyst removal. So now she has pins and screws there, and arthritis of the spine in addition to other issues. She does have a lot of pain and is on disability from work, but was denied social security disability. She doesn’t take illegal drugs for it. She does go to a pain clinic and get prescription drugs. Even with those she can’t do a lot ( a lot is defined as running an errand and a docto
  15. He is married to Josh’s sister. his children are Josh’s nephews. His in laws are Josh’s siblings. Even though they aren’t on the show any more, they do still care about people whose last names are Duggar, Voulo, Forsyth, Seewald. They do still want the best for them. On top of that, who is it that’s going to get stuck with helping out Anna and the kids and then all the other zillion offspring later on when JB and Michelle get older? Their older sister buddies that’s who. who among us doesn’t have opinions on their own in-laws?
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