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  1. The person that is being disrespectful is not Chris.
  2. So if Chris is agreeable, Alyssa mocks him. he calls her on her actions, she gets mad. Does she not understand what she signed up for? It’s not 2 minutes of trying, it is 8 weeks.
  3. My guess is they are both at fault. Her for telling him what to do - If he doesn’t speak Spanish, of course he will speak English. Him for not just saying ‘oh, ok’ and letting it go.
  4. I have not seen the previews themselves but I saw an article that mentioned something Janelle said about choice. To me it appeared Janelle might have been making a comment that Christine chose to leave when she recognized she was never going to have ‘a functional marriage’. It’s quite possible that Janelle thinks that’s a perfectly good understandable choice to make. It’s so hard to tell because Janelle doesn’t usually explain herself fully. I’m anxious to see her full interview on it.
  5. mythoughtis


    I think the second pair of agents have been stepped up because Missy has a child while this show has been on. So maternity leave has played a part. then covid… probably they wanted each actor to be in less scenes to minimize risk
  6. I liked Maggie and I hate that they did this to the character. As to maternity, Maggie said that a test had been done when he first showed back up in her life. loved Alex in that final scene
  7. Going to the hospital during visiting hours is a lot different than going into someone’s home a few minutes after they have given birth. It’s not sterile environment as it is for one. Did Robyn really need/want all 3 wives and 16 kids in her bedroom a few minutes after birth? Did Sol need to be breathed on by all of them a few minutes after birth? The hospital does a better job of regulating the number of visitors and making sure mom gets time to rest. Spreading out and Limiting visitors in the first couple days is a good thing.
  8. The only thing I noticed is that Christine commented that she had been back from MyKelti’s for a few weeks when she decided to box up his stuff. So my presumption would be mid-late February. I got my first vaccine the last of February/ but I qualified then because I have a medical condition. As far as I know, these 4 ( except for Janelle) here would have had to wait until later in the spring.
  9. The wives, Kody, and Christine are now getting to the years where normally adults should be making enough money to invest in their retirement. This crew hasn’t done that. They have few homes owned between them and Robyn’s is heavily mortgaged. I don’t think their adult offspring wants to pony up money to give these adults a luxury retirement . Although Janelle and Christine could possibly rotate through their own children’s homes as they age. There’s a real awakening coming when this show ends and another when they finally try to retire.
  10. Christine made a point of saying that the shower was outside, social distancing and following the rules. It’s probable that there was a recommended limit in number of guests. Since it was in Utah, they probably limited the invitations to Mykelti’s friends and Tony’s family. Robin and her girls wouldn’t have come under kody’s rules. Same for Meri. Maddie is too far away. No idea about Janelle, Savannah and Michelle / but maybe they saw MyKelti that Christmas and gave her gifts then, or sent them with Christine
  11. I was sick of every character on the entire show by the end of the first season and. didn’t go back for season 2.
  12. I’ve watched the scene again where Christine is talking about boxing up Kodys stuff because people thought she was fake crying and I wanted to see for myself. What I see is someone that could cry any minute but is trying to talk and breathe her way through it, and not cry. Because that’s what I do when I don’t want people to see me cry, and I’m trying to get an explanation out. I make those same half laugh sounds.
  13. I know that the informal recordings from day to day are done via webcam or cell phone by the wives. It appears to me that the more formal talking heads are filmed much later( they all are wearing the same outfit regardless of the episode). My thoughts are those are actually a question and answer session between a producer( or assistant) and the wives or Kody. Either in person, or via an internet call of some sort. I agree that no one is sitting off to the side and glaring at Christine or Janelle while they answer. l think those must have been done late fall 2021 because Christine appears
  14. I don’t think it would really matter what age. The mere fact of him falling for someone else would be devastating to her. She knows she’s the only one of the current 4 that Kody is intimate with. A new wife would mean that would no longer be true
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