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  1. I'm catching up with Seasons 5 and 6 on Netflix. I love this show!
  2. I didn't care for Brenda either, though she probably never had a chance with those parents, but I loved her in Muriel's Wedding too. One of my favorite films! I also liked Patricia Clarkson, who played Ruth's sister. I don't remember whether The Green Mile or Pieces of April were before or after the series ran, but she is awesome in both films.
  3. I still have scrunchies ? I don't remember too much about the clothes. Miranda's russet dress when she was sitting with Steve at Scout made her coloring look lovely. Carrie wore a lovely greenish (seafoam) dress when she was in Paris with Aleks. Samantha looked great in primary colors, like a royal blue jacket and skirt. And Charlotte was lovely in her black bridesmaid dress. But I loved all of Charlotte's outfits.
  4. I just wonder how Miranda ever made partner in a Manhattan law firm AND had a social life. That is almost like science fiction. But she was always the funniest of the four. I yelped with joy when I later saw "Little Darlings" on VHS and recognized her! I grew up in a neighborhood full of Steves (Queens, not Brooklyn), so he was my favorite guy on the series. He was exactly what Miranda needed.
  5. Those posts were an interpretation of Harry's behavior, as was yours. No need to take it personally.
  6. I think you're right. Shortly before the wedding Charlotte tells the girls that she and Trey hasn't slept together yet and they gave her the "don't do that" look. So yeah, I remember before the wedding Charlotte was upset that Trey "couldn't get it up." Sorry! ?
  7. Oh my God! That's the line that gets me too! It sounded so natural. But I laugh when she says the most outrageous things with such panache: "No smoking in bars? Next thing, there'll be no fucking in bars!"
  8. Yes, that was horrible; suddenly the great guy was a prick. Was there a writers' strike or something during that season.
  9. I thought they waited for the wedding night because idiot Charlotte thought it would be more romantic.
  10. I've been bingewatching SATC for the last few days. I think Sam is my favorite character. My husband loves her. Which makes sense, I guess.
  11. No, I think she had had enough of SJP, and decided enough already. I'm #TeamKim too.
  12. Argh. I never detested Carrie more than when she keep braying "YOU HAVE TO FORGIVE ME!" at Aidan, so she could get back into his "nook." He should have pushed her out the window.
  13. Did you know that the story of "Sybil" was debunked? As far as I can remember, the therapist fed the stories to Sybil (I forget the patient's real name). The therapist became rich and famous and the patient ended up going into hiding. There was a book about it. But the Sally Field/Joanne Woodward miniseries was great!
  14. Yeah, I don't like that dad at all, but he is probably in the habit of thinking everything turns to ****. Most of the families on that show seem to have unhealthy dynamics. That could just be editing, but they don't come off as likable people.
  15. I think he would be in a lot of pain all over, with all the stress on his connective tissue/fascia. But yeah, God knows how his testicles have adapted to his weight.
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