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  1. Leah has the nerve to call Heather a “psycho” as she’s screaming in her face, throwing flowers on the ground, and throwing a temper tantrum with the “I’m not going if SHE is going” schtick? Bitch, you need to check yourself. Oh and TAKE A XANAX and CALM DOWN. Leah is making this season almost unwatchable for me. I may have to check out after next week.
  2. That totally makes sense. But these people—well Jackie and Delores not so much Jennifer—are acting like their parents are all happily married and just happen to live apart. In my opinion, not many happily married older people (like 60+) would want to live separately. But, then again, you know what they say about opinions.. She’s mentioned her dad a number of times and he appeared with her on the show either last season or the one prior. How do you think the uber rich stay rich? Truly wealthy people (not upper middle class, I mean rich-rich) are some of the most frugal people
  3. I don’t think either are jealous at all. Marge is content working and has a happy marriage: Joe adores her. Bill and Jenn have a transactional relationship. I do not believe Marge wants to be a “kept woman” in any sense of the word. She’s an Intelligent, hardworking, independent woman. Jenn was just as much a “fan” of the show as Jackie, if not moreso, before they were cast. Jen’s admitted this! And she even tried out for past seasons. She’s the one who came on licking Tre’s ass, not Jackie. Jackie wasn’t trying to be Teresa’s bestie from the get-to. Jen was though. If Jack
  4. Jennifer is chock full of injections and fillers. She hasn’t gone full face lift yet, but she is 10 years younger than Marge so there’s plenty of time. Anyway I get the feeling Marge is pretty happy with the results of her plastic surgery so I don’t think there’s any jealously in that area. Yes Jenn very rationally and calmly defended herself when she was unhappy with Jackie’s article about her (where she claims Jackie was snarking on her parenting). Oh wait... no she didn’t. She got drunk and got into a screaming match with Jackie. Not to mention her many drunken tirades where she’s bro
  5. I dislike Teresa for so many other reasons beyond her and her Mr Potato Head ex bilking hardworking people out of money. Which is, in and of itself, despicable: She’s vapid, nasty, disloyal, and takes zero culpability in ANY situation. Ever. And she’s just so slow-witted and inarticulate, it’s almost painful to watch her try to formulate or express a thought. Mean + dumb may make for good realty tv, but it’s just the ultimate toxic personality combination. How do they “obsess” about Teresa? If anyone was obsessing, it was Teresa obsessing about Jackie on that trip they took [I
  6. I assumed it was because they (she and her husband) are both close to Mare and her ex and wanted to get their opinion/advice on how to best approach the situation.
  7. Yes! With the kid (the one he is supposedly sending to Fat Camp) leaning over the railing and taunting him with a pair of Loubatains if he “makes it to shore.” Or, eaten by sharks. Barrie and his boy toy were already expecting a baby together when this was filmed. So I don’t think the proposal was going to be too outrageous or shocking to his ex. Still Barrie is a asshat of the highest order.
  8. I thought primary Barrie and husband were divorced.
  9. Brandi ain’t no 36! She’s 42. Yeah she apparently said on her podcast that she had no clue she was pregnant the first trimester because her doctor basically told her she was headed into menopause and that her chances of conceiving naturally at this point were slim to none. I can’t stand the woman but I do believe it was a surprise. As for having an inclination at 3 months, yes, I think most people would but there are rare exceptions. Remember that show “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant?” I used to assume those women on the show had to be either super dumb and clueless ... or
  10. I’m loving this so far—and really loved seeing everyone again, especially Heather and Norm! I was surprised to find myself getting emotional when Julie and Eric did. Part of it is definitely nostalgia remembering where I was when this first aired—in high school, looking at colleges and getting ready to “take on the world.” Also remembering watching with my mom—who has since passed—and how much she loved this show. She even wanted me to try out for subsequent seasons! Really interesting watching back some of the conversations back then and seeing how they are just as—if not more—relev
  11. I do think a shorter style can look great.For example, I love Whitney’s sleek bob on Salt Lake. Dorinda’s shorter ‘do looked great when she styled it right. At the same time, as long as people care for their extensions well and style them to blend in with their real hair—UNLIKE Jackie—I have no problem with women wearing them if it makes them feel better or more confident. I do concur that the suuuper long ones (like Tre wears) can look ridiculous on most people— but all people, not just on women 40+. But overall I’m just not into policing what women “should” and “should n
  12. Well his family owns Sam Moon. So he can probably set his own hours to be with the girls when she’s working. There’s perks to being rich AF and part of a family-run business. And I’m sure he’s not home all the time. They just are showing the clips of when he is. Their conversations are part of moving Tiffany’s storyline forward.
  13. Yes her extensions are so, so bad.You’ve gotta blend them in Jackie! But nope, nobody has stopped wearing them. It’s just that there are so many good, high quality ones out there that you often don’t realize when people are! For example I’m pretty sure almost all the other Jersey wives wear them—Theresa and Delores for sure do. Though theirs are most likely bonded or hand tied, whereas Jackie’s looked like clip ins.
  14. I think Ashling looks great. If this is thick and matronly, sign me up! https://www.instagram.com/p/CE1KLdbh5T_/?igshid=1enw27xwadyf4
  15. Lisa haters need to back off! She gave us not just one—but TWO—iconic quotes! ”I love that!” ”Can I touch?” I kid, I kid! Although, I don’t have the same disdain I have for her as I do for Mary and Jen Shah, I understand why she may not be a fan favorite. ( I do love her hair though.)
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