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  1. The “Chanels” store that—as Caroline pointed out—could also be found in NYC, just an hour or so away from their homes! Sadly this still ranks low on the “list of idiotic things Tre has done and said over the years.”
  2. GOODBYE VICTORIA! 👋🏻 👋🏻 👋🏻 Yes Andy, you are correct—she was an asshole from beginning to end.
  3. You are joking right? About the waitress salary? I’m pretty sure you’re joking. Dayna is probably the most likeable of all the new cast members, and I’m still not sure I even like her that much yet. Not wearing a bra (aka “breast prison”) to work is pretty tacky, but not wearing underwear and letting your choocha hang out of your very short dress—while serving food—is downright nasty. No Carb Charlie seems to be especially vapid—not to mention a damn liar. I’m sure your parents NEVER made you spaghetti or Mac and cheese as a kid. Give me a break. And don’t even get me started on her hellacious vocal fry. Nails on a chalkboard. I’m generally pro- Sandoval—and not a huge Stassi fan—but yeah, he was in the wrong here. He overreacted and lashed out unnecessarily. What was surprising to me was seeing Schwartz stand up to him, with confidence and authority nonetheless.
  4. I just read (on Reddit) that the older daughter is engaged and has lost 50 pounds. I can’t confirm the veracity of this, but (assuming it’s true) I’m happy for her to be getting healthier physically and mentally by moving away from her mother, the succubus. However, it also leaves the burden of her caretaking upon the younger daughter. Or, heck, maybe the daughter’s fiancé will just move right on into their sad little house. What’s another recliner to add to their collection!?
  5. She said they held off trying right away because she didn’t want to be too hugely pregnant to fly to Stassi’s wedding in Europe. I did read that somebody in the cast is currently pregnant though, so it could be her or Katie.
  6. Echoing what many others have said—that was a lovely and fitting tribute for Queen Lagertha. I certainly teared up during Torvi, her granddaughter and Bjorn’s goodbyes, as well as her descent into the ocean and ultimate reunion with Ragnar. Part of me was hoping that Travis Fimmel would make an appearance, but the way they filmed it was lovely nonetheless. Agreed. Especially because Torvi has got to be in her 40s now right?! When she said that she’d lost “two sons” I was reminded that she’d already had a young adult son die—many years ago! Yes I was confused if the Angel of Death lady was real (and dressed “in costume”) like many of the others. Or if she was part of Viking’s mystical realism, like the Seer character. Either way, she was effectively creepy.
  7. I imagine Stassi and Beau sit around telling each other how great Stassi is. Personally, I think Sandoval and Ariana are among the least odious of this rancid soup of VPR chucklefucks. Totally. How many times last season did she try to convince us that she Adam the Penguin lover were “BOST FRONDS!!” Girl is delusion personified.
  8. She’s married with her own child now. I’m glad to see he’s doing well. I was recently rewatching some older Jersey episodes and wondering how he was doing nowadays.
  9. Plus, they showed the father and son shopping for caskets and the mortician said something about “buying two.” It was pretty clear by then that the mother had died. Pretty sure it’s too, not pee.
  10. It’s cool. The injuries, incompetence and vandalism were all producer-driven! (Kate not accepting Ashton’s apology was real though, ofc) Oh wow. So she’s trying to shame other people for judging her as a way to deflect from her own hideous behavior. Classic. And thanks for the advice, Jamie, but I prefer to spend these early moments of 2020 reflecting on your dubious fashion choices. To paraphrase Regina George: that is the ugliest f@cking sweater I’ve ever seen.
  11. LOL producers are behind everything! The show is all one big deep fake! Producers probably told Ashton to punch that window too, eh? And wrote that line asking about how hard he has to work to get his d*ck sucked.
  12. And the tan, dark haired girl (not the “chef”) is on Southern Charm. She works at Gwynn’s with Katherine. She’s the star of the show and Captain Lee loves her. Of course she came back. Kate’s never been my favorite. But I’m too sickened by this season’s misogynistic douche-bru man-boys to be bothered by her or her lips. Correct—the primary requested both pizza and matzo ball soup.
  13. “Eurotrash-by-way-of-David Gahan” omg I’m deceased!! 🤣 I was not a fan of Braunwyn throughout the season because she did display such thirsty, try-hard behavior. But I’ll be honest—she redeemed herself at the reunion (to me). She seemed to be able to get her points across without screeching and hysterics, yet still stood her ground. I can’t speculate about her IQ but I’ll surmise she has a higher EQ than most of the other ladies on those 2 couches. That combined with how much she gets under Vicki’s skin—yeah I’d be ok with her coming back for anther season (but WITHOUT her terrible, narcissist mother!) (ACK—ok this was supposed to be posted in the Reunion part 3 thread. I’m not sure how to move it??)
  14. Well I guess I can agree with you on at least one thing then. I, on the other hand, can still muster up sympathy for the Guidice children, no matter how privileged their lives or idiotic their parents. Especially Audriana. But all the girls have been through a lot in their young lives—first their grandfather dies (at their own house no less!), then mom goes to jail, then dad, then their grandma dies—now their dad is being deported. It’s a lot. And speaking of grandparents. Geeze Nono has been dealing with health problems for a very long time. I recently rewatched the infamous “Christianing” episode (Joe and Melissa’s first appearance) and they were talking about his dad’s chest pains back then. It’s still frankly shocking to me that he outlived his wife. I hope that was Jackie’s dad’s one and only appearance on the show. How bizarre that her parents are married but living apart. Meanwhile Frank and Dolores are divorced but cohabitating—same with Danielle and Marty. What a world!
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