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  1. Her Reddit stans aren’t any better. They’ll downvote anyone to oblivion who dares to offer any critiques against her. It’s rather gross.
  2. Oh wow I wasn’t even thinking about her including Brynn as one of his kids—I was thinking there was a kid out of wedlock out there or something!! Damn if she really did mean that Brynn was his “fifth child” that’s super insensitive to his (actual) family 😥
  3. Wait— I thought Dennis only had 4 kids??
  4. Kelly Dodd did the “I told you so”’thing on Instagram 😕
  5. Her blog post broke my heart. I never liked that guy, and now I hate him. If they didn’t have kids—or even if the kids were perhaps older—I could see her leaving him over this. But given how young they are, I don’t know. On the other hand, if he’s still traveling as much as he was when they were on the show—he’s probably not around much anyway. So maybe his absence wouldn’t even be felt. However, my gut instinct is that they’ll likely go the way of the Taekman’s after Josh’s AM account was discovered. Despite any initial protests, Jim agreed to have those kids. He could have said NO at any point, like Emily’s creepy husband from this past season. Refused to do it. But he agreed, relented, whatever. To say that she and the kids “chased” him away is putting the culpability of this “affair” on her instead of where it should be—on him.
  6. Good. Jim Bellino is a piece of shit. https://people.com/tv/shannon-beador-awarded-138k-alexis-bellino-jim-rhoc/
  7. Duke2801

    S02.E02: Jewels and Bad Juju

    I think Jeff is attractive. Way moreso than douche-y Reece. But, that very subjective opinion aside, I think the “Viking”’reference is being used because - in addition to being tall and muscular- he was signed to the Minnesota Vikings in 2012 (although never actually played).
  8. Duke2801

    S02.E02: Jewels and Bad Juju

    It is most definitely not for a storyline. It’s for real.
  9. Duke2801

    S02.E02: Jewels and Bad Juju

    Traded a Viking for a crawfish, indeed. Reece appears to be a doufus. If Reagan is the “hottest” girl you’ve ever been with, well, let’s just say that those prior girls must have had.. good personalities. Because Reagan? Is really not that cute. Exceedingly average actually. And her annoying, vapid personality makes her even less attractive. Tamica, otoh, is insanely beautiful, imo. But ooof, she’s irritating AF.
  10. Duke2801

    What We Do In The Shadows

    I don’t think it’s either, necessarily. It’s a joke that’s been used in many sitcoms. Like Michael purposely not remembering his son’s girlfriend’s name on Arrested Development (“her?”).
  11. Nope, not a LVP fan. Or a “Stan” or an apologist. I think she has many flaws. But I am somebody who enjoys interesting people and, more importantly, interesting storylines on my tv shows. And I’m seeing neither of those in these episodes since LVP split off. But vive la difference!
  12. On a selfish level, I’m disappointed that she didn’t come for the reunion and that she’s leaving the show. But I completely don’t blame her either. There’s also a small part of me that hopes she and Kyle will make amends off-camera. Time will tell I suppose. If these last few episodes without LVP are any indication of how next year will be, I would not be expecting a breath of fresh air. Maybe fresh manure or hot garbage. However if they got rid of Rinna, Teddi and possibly Erika and replaced them with more interesting people, perhaps this franchise still has a fighting chance. But with this current cast? Hell no. Snoozeville.
  13. We watched the first 2 episodes of season 3. It’s... not bad. They seem to have ditched Lyor and the son is nowhere to be seen. I’m enjoying Anthony Edwards on my tv again! So far, Seth and Emily just seem to be friends. It’s still not must-see tv for me, but I’m pretty sure I’ll watch the whole season.
  14. Duke2801

    S05.E03: Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too

    Whew I was starting to think I was the only one who didn’t care for this one. It just didn’t work for me. Too silly and ... twee/corny. Oh well, I guess they can’t all be winners.
  15. Duke2801

    The Hot Zone

    Wow. Yes, I can think of many. I didn’t like her hair (wig?) in this show, but I think JM is beautiful. And, while he didn’t have much to do here, I think Noah Emmerich is a compelling actor. He was incredible in The Americans.