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  1. I agree that he’ll probably agree to let them stay. I hope I’m wrong though!
  2. What’s wrong with catch and release? Yes thank you!! That was driving me nuts! It’s like she almost wanted him to get it so they could continue to quarantine together. Ugh she’s insufferable.
  3. That’s funny I thought the same thing about Whitney...and her half-brother! They seemed very flirty or something in that wrestling scene a few weeks back. In any case I think her dad said in one of the earlier episodes that he was 63...or 65. And they just celebrated her husband’s 52nd birthday. So, about a decade apart.
  4. As MrsWitter mentioned, this was filmed July. LATE July to be specific. Covid info was very well known by then. I think some of them were just willfully ignorant about it.
  5. Whitney’s dad making a list of all the financial expenses that she “owed” him is seriously gross. How incredibly manipulative. I’m glad she didn’t give into his demands this time (at least not on camera). Brooks and his flat affect/vocal fry can take a hike. That kid (and I do mean kid —despite the fact that he’s 21 freaking years old) needs a serious reality check. Although to be fair, Meredith totally enables his selfish and entitled behavior. Telling her husband that “he needs to apologize to Brooks” for missing his fashion show—when SHE was the one who basically told him that he should stay away because she needed space—was annoying. The whole family’s dynamic is bizarre. Heather continues to be great. Between her singing Grease 2 lyrics on the snowmobile to her unwillingness to gossip about Meredith and Seth’s marriage, my affection for her grows weekly. Also loved her TH about people feeling sorry for her being a single rider/single in general: “I feel sorry for YOU.” She’s a Cool Rider indeed. I don’t recall a snowmobile accident on OC. I do remember the ATV accident in Glamis though. That was scary. *Victoria Gunvalson has entered the chat* That could be true! I actually read the opposite about Mary—that she initially had a “friend of” role then promoted her to full time at some point. In any case, I don’t care for her and didn’t miss seeing her.
  6. I suppose Occam’s Razor would dictate that Shannon got her oh-so badly coveted COVID+ diagnosis from her daughters. But let’s not rewrite history and pretend Shannon was living in some kind of bubble from March-July. She was still filming in-person with others, going out to dinner with John and—as others have pointed out—willing to let John back in the house after he’d left (and been exposed to others). I mean, no she wasn’t going to Sturgis like Whitney from SLC, but she was still engaging in some behaviors that the CDC advises against. Ugh I was a Shannon apologist for a long time, but now I’m just fully over her. I don’t care for Elizabeth for several reasons, but I won’t hate on her for walking around on camera in a bikini in a more-than-size-2 figure. She said on the show last week (or week before) that she’d lost 30 pounds over the last year and was probably feeling good about herself. No shame in that... ...unlike her weird lies about Jimmy, her obsession with money, and her conspiracy-esque ramblings about COVID and Big Pharma. For those, I have no issue shaming her left, right, up and down! Hope you are on the mend! Yeah, I’m kinda puzzled about John too. He does seem relatively normal and down to earth. Why the hell he hitched his wagon to Shannon’s neediness and histrionics is puzzling. I wonder if one (or more) of is his kids wanted to achieve some level of D-list fame and encouraged the relationship? In any case, good luck to him... LMAO! Thank you I was VERY confused by his house. Does he perhaps live in a ...CASITA? I do think she probably didn’t eat to compensate for alcohol calories. She is also a runner and one of those nervous/fidgety people so that burns extra calories as well. A lot is genetics though. Braunwyn’s sister posted a montage of pics of Dr Deb” and her husband and her mom actually has the same type of figure—very lean. Or—lord help us—chips and salsa!!! Idk Gina was looking pretty good on that Lake Arrowhead trip. I think the happy relationship weight gain she alluded to in the first episode had started to dissipate by that point. Or maybe she got better at hiding it? She’s got great legs though!
  7. She can get it again, plus they can still be spreaders. After all of her sniveling, whining and blaming her daughters for infecting her, this Cabo trip is a terrible move on her part.
  8. Wow I actually think Rachel is quite pretty. She was even on an episode of America’s Next Top Model... in 2005. https://www.instagram.com/p/CGp-Bgzgigs/?igshid=1jkdjekm2ntkq yep it was the movie
  9. Perfect analogy. How this guy landed not just one wife—but two!?!—is beyond me
  10. Ok I’m not a fan of Kelly’s and she’s absolutely said and done a multitude of things over the years that range from questionable to terrible. But damn it, she made me laugh in that conversation with Braunwyn at the party. Braunwyn: “Do you want to come to AA with me?” Kelly: “No, I’m not sitting through that.” I mean, most people would probably lie and say “sure” or “maybe” LOL If she wasn’t so crude and awful in other ways, I’d almost have to admire her bluntness. I completely acknowledge that she can be a bit annoying and extra, but what has she done that make her a pig and a scumbag? I don’t think she said “sad” on camera or Bravo probably would be showing the clip (or who knows maybe they’re saving it up for some big “gotcha” moment at the reunion). In any case, of course it doesn’t mean that Shannon didn’t say it when the cameras were OFF. I like Shannon but I absolutely believe the word “sad” IS in her vocabulary!
  11. This was definitely the strongest episode of the series, imo, followed perhaps by the New Orleans episode. It was creepy and eerie, yet quite poignant as well.
  12. I can’t believe they lost a crew member so soon—that might be a Below Deck record. When he mentioned “nursing home” and “thought it was the flu” I was thinking she possibly had COVID, but not sure if the timeline (early Feb) fits. These charters guests are terribly obnoxious.
  13. Ok the “slither walk” impression alone had me chuckling. But when they were all doing it Congo-line style at the end? I lost it! 😂
  14. “The sea was angry that day...” But yes I assumed she was probably aware of who he is—and his “reputation”—and was just having some fun with him/yanking his chain. I thought it was funny.
  15. Well Tom is the one who cheated. So I guess he’s the “slut”?
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