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  1. Um, did you see or listen to any of those other guests? I would be more interested in my dog than them too. Those people sucked. That is a rumour that people on Reddit literally made up though. I don’t think there’s much merit behind it. He is a cutie - plus he’s 6’3! I like a tall man. That said, there’s really nobody on the show to fall all over him besides Bugsy. And she’s definitely flirting! As for the others— Jess connected with Rob right away, Hannah and Malia both have serious boyfriends, and Lara was only there for like 48 hours 🤣
  2. It’s not a “rebound from John” when Greg is gay. I think Carole and Adam are close with Greg too. I often see them all tagged in pictures together on Instagram.
  3. Well she’s gone and (allegedly) procreated with him so I don’t think she’ll be walking away from him anytime soon. In all honesty though, these two knuckleheads probably deserve each other. They’ve both made some incredibly poor decisions in their adult lives.
  4. Good assessment! I’ll probably never give this show up entirely but you’ve nailed some of the reasons why I’m finding this season less enjoyable. I haven’t been a Bethenny fan since seasons 1-3, and I’ve had my share of criticism for her over the years, but I do admit that she at least helped reign the ladies in a bit. Now, it’s just Girls (ok not girls... Broads?) Gone Wild every episode. IKR?? I used to covet her wardrobe in the earlier seasons. She always looked so chic. Now, ehhhh it’s hit or miss. I still covet her figure though! So true. I think that’s why Dorinda backed off of Leah pretty fast after that initial tattoo fracas. Tinsley, on the other hand—a genuinely nice, non-confrontational person raised with certain manners and decorum—was such an easy target for her. If she wears a ring and calls him “husband” how do you know that Leah’s sister isn’t actually married to her child’s father? Leah said she spends tons of time with Kiki’s father. How is that living “separate lives”?
  5. I thought Brittany might be based on her reunion “lewk.” Or could just be the good old quarantine 15! Ah yes, we all saw how well that worked out for Bethenny. But yes, I could totally have seen her wanting (or, thinking she deserved) a spin off of that nature.
  6. The People magazine of 2020 is just like any other gossip rag out there. This “unnamed source” could be spouting an out-and-out lie; hell it very well may be Dorinda trying to “get back” at Tinsley for... well, lord only knows. Being younger? Existing? From what we’ve seen of her this season, I’d say that her unhealthy obsession with tearing down Tinsley (and Scott) knows no bounds! In any case, not sure if you read the link I posted. Whether or not anyone thinks it’s a reputable source of information— it has a direct quote from Tinsley herself. Something that the People article is lacking. And even if he DID say “the show or me” and she chose him... who the hell could blame her?? These women are so rude, dismissive and just outright bitchy to her, it was probably an easy choice. She’s got *nothing* to prove to them (or the viewers).
  7. Until Tinsley or Scott (or maybe Dale lol) come out and explicitly say they she quit the show because of an ultimatum, it’s all just rumors, gossip and speculation. As of now, Tinsley has denied anything about an ultimatum: https://www.realitytea.com/2019/12/13/tinsley-mortimer-denies-rumors-scott-kluth-made-her-quit-real-housewives-of-new-york/ She was pretending to “sage” the booth. Right?! I do agree she looked a bit off (puffier? Maybe weight gain or alcohol bloat?) throughout the seasons where the Tom debacle was consuming her. But damn she looks better than ever this season. I liked her shorter hair in the earlier seasons but hair now looks good a bit longer!
  8. This info “coming out” about Stassi and Kristen going after Faith was ALWAYS known. It wasn’t secret. I guess most people just weren’t all that bothered by it back in 2018?
  9. Sure and it’s fair game for others to disagree. Plus I never said she *wasn’t* fair game. I simply asked a question about a rather bold claim that was made.
  10. And I’ll bet that was after you’d walked uphill to school in a blizzard —both ways! 😉 I don’t see the lady as a Karen but I do hate that song!! It’s so obnoxious (and infuriatingly easy to get stuck in my head) That’s good since it’s normally the other way around.
  11. Did you know her family personally? If not I think it’s nearly impossible to surmise that her mother and brother “didn’t like her.” Lisa is far from perfect (just like the rest of us) and has done some shady things on the shows over the years. But her husband and children seem to adore her so I’m not sure why she needs to make any changes as far as her familial relationships go. As for her advocacy work, I feel similar to how I feel about Bethenny’s charity work. As in—I don’t give a rip if it’s being done partially or entirely out of ego, as long as it’s being done, period. Love her or hate her, there’s no denying that Lisa has done a lot of work for animals.
  12. It’s true that Madison sometimes came off as immature during the season, and she did not present herself well at the reunion. I wonder if she may be suffering from some arrested development as a result of her sisters tragic and untimely death? In any case, I do wish she could have aired her grievances with Jenna (and Adam) in a more articulate and less reactive way, but alas. Still, I GET her frustration and anger, I really do. I had a manager who bullied and gaslit me and I still get angry when I think about him—and that was 10 years ago! Furthermore that should not detract from the fact that Jenna was an absolute nightmare of a superior—rude, condescending, arrogant. Her constant obsessing over Adam, obnoxious public displays of affection, and her freak outs when people DARED to confront her about it prove she’s just as immature as Madison, if not moreso. And at least Madison seems to be, at her core, a kind person. Jenna is one of those people who insist (INSIST!) that they’re “such a nice person” when in reality, they’re a huge asshole. Those tears at the end has nothing to do with regretting how she treated her staff, and everything to do with 1) the negative reaction she’s been getting on social media and 2) the demise of her and Adams “relationship” (barf).
  13. Yes Katie looks great. I read that she lost 20 lbs and it really shows. Good for her!
  14. Ok I haven’t been a huge fan of Charlie up until now, but “yeah it’s past your bedtime” was gold. Because fuck Jason Cauchi.
  15. Brittany is looking very... full. Pregnancy announcement forthcoming?
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