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  1. I totally remembered the Leah/Michael Che text “scandal” so I went into this episode fully prepared to dislike her. But I actually.... well, it’s too soon to say I like her. But I ... don’t dislike her? What can I say, maybe I’m a raunchier than I thought, but I straight up laughed at her assessment of William in the sack. “No that’s my problem thigh.” I mean we’ve all been there, amirite? Just me and my previous penchant for douchebags? Ok! I also kinda dug that she was the only one to have any sort of WTF reaction to Dorinda’s idiotic screaming at the party. Everybody else just laughed uncomfortably while Dorinda railed against Tinsley for no good reason. Anyway time will tell! I actually thought Lu looked really good—I’m loving the longer hair on her. Sonja and Ramona, otoh, were looking a bit worse for wear. As for Dorinda’s new haircut, I’m firmly in the “hated it” category. Leah was actually “recommended” for the show by Bethenny before she quit. So she wasn’t originally brought in as a Bethenny replacement; she was going to be on the show with or without Bethenny (although it’s possible she might have been a “friend of” had all of the original cast returned).
  2. She an Insta story a while back and showed it was all hers. I guess it’s possible she added some of extra extensions in for filming but her hair is real-life “mermaid hair” like Joyce Girard (so?) from RHoNH. Yes she’s very “solid” and it’s true that her fashion sense also makes her look bigger than she is. I think this photo shows how a well-fitted dress makes her look so much thinner:
  3. Katie is awful, but “credit” where it’s due; that’s actually all her own hair. No extensions. It’s super thick and healthy but she needs some layers and inches cut off, imo. And (this isn’t related to anything you said, Emmeline—just a general comment) she’s not fat, either. She is very tall with broad shoulders, but I guarantee if we saw her in real life (not on tv and not constantly standing next to much shorter, size 0-2 peeps) she’d look positively slender. Is she though? Kind, that is. Remember how terrible she was to Ariana in season 4? And what a bitch she was to Dayna this season? I think she’s probably *less* mean than Stassi, Katie and Lala. But overall, still not a great person.
  4. Sandy said production wouldn’t “let” them (or strongly discouraged them) get furniture while filming because they want continuity throughout the season—like, the season started with them being the “no furniture” house, and they want them to maintain that throughout the season. Agree about Raquel. I’ve seen her apologizing to people on social media that she can’t give money to the people who ask her for it. I really think she has a good heart. She deserves far better than James. Raquel confirmed on her Insta that Lala did actually apologize, but Bravo edited that out: Florence Henderson was considered “big”?
  5. Jenna resembling a former supermodel? I think definitely not. The best thing I can say is that she vaguely resembles a bootleg Kim Raver (24).
  6. Virgil. Yea I was wondering what happened to him also.
  7. Just in case anybody was wondering what John (Joe’s straight “husband” with the meth mouth) looks like with teeth, here you go: https://www.tmz.com/2020/03/26/tiger-king-star-john-finlay-got-new-teeth-has-some-issues-with-netflix/ I saw some funny exchanges between Dax Shepard and Edward Norton on Twitter “fighting” over who’d be better suited to play Joe in a biopic. I could honestly see either of them! I think Kate McKinnon could play Carole—or at least a younger version of her. I assume the people in charge of the documentary? Oh wow I’m the opposite—I wanted more! Like, so many awful, yet compelling characters here.
  8. Jenna is truly awful, but I think I still hate Adam the most. Condescending, narcissistic, gaslighter... he’s got it all! I agree that there is something that seems very “off” about Georgia’s flirtation with Paget. Whether she’s being egged on by producer—or simply thought flirting with him would be a way to ensure her storyline—it comes off as very disengenuous. And Ciara’s non-reaction to it also adds to the weirdness of it all. Parker’s reaction to the bed making comment seemed a bit extreme. On the other hand, I can see Adam, Jenna, Ciara—possibly Paget—were probably getting on his case about things from day one. Sometimes all those microaggressions build up, and then you finally explode. The swearing comment at dinner was still weird, though. I mean, they’ve known each other like a week.. maybe 2 at this point. I wouldn’t exactly classify that as a long courtship! That said, I totally see Adam being a classic fuckboy and giving her mixed signals.
  9. Jennifer continues to interrupt, be obnoxious and generally behave like an asshole. Must be Wednesday! Seriously though, it would be exhausting to have to be around her IRL. She probably sucks all the air out of the room. I swear I’m not a prude. But did we really need to devote 20 minutes to discussing everyone’s sex lives? I think not. The more I look at Teresa’s dress and hair jewelry, the more I hate them.
  10. She was so pretty! I saw a pic of her (taken at a Posh fashion show, no less) from like 5 or so years ago and even then she looked so much more natural and pretty. No clue why she felt the need to blow her lips up like she did??
  11. Jennifer is the one saying shady shit every 5 seconds, interrupting people and generally just behaving like a (monkey’s) ass(hole)...but Jackie, Mel and Marge are the mean girls? Yeah, not coming to that same conclusion at all. Anything shady they might have said was generally in response to Jen’s rude comments. Although I didn’t care for Teresa’s dress or weird hair accessory, I thought all the ladies looked good. Jackie and Jennifer looked the best, imo.
  12. I can’t recall if she used the label, but she’s spoken openly about having relationships with women in past seasons. So the implications that she’s suddenly “emerged” as bi to justify being hurt by the pastor’s comments is not only insulting—it’s just plain false.
  13. Yikes after seeing how he’s treated her this season, I cannot believe she’d get back with him. Have some dignity and self respect, girl.
  14. Adam Pally was the guest who was on WWHL with Sandoval. He’s an actor. It was Danny Pellegrino, behind the bar, who is the podcaster (also a national treasure).
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