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  1. That article is dated Feb 2020 - 18 months ago.
  2. Speaking of Joe being an asshole: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/07/23/dining/mario-batali-sexual-harassment-case-settlement.html Sure Batali was the perp, but don’t tell me Joe didn’t know .
  3. An interesting direction for Tom Colicchio: https://thetakeout.com/tom-colicchio-opens-new-fast-casual-chain-in-hospitals-1847259671
  4. I'll be interested to see if Gabe's upcoming restaurant actually happens. His after tax winnings won't be enough to fund a new place by himself; he has outside investors they may just cut bait given the negative PR.
  5. If the TPTB didn't have a morals clause in prior seasons, you can bet your ass there will be serious discussion of having one going forward. Like, "if you are fired/terminated from your restaurant for harassment between the time the show is taped and aired etc you forfeit any winnings and will not be eligible to appear in future seasons as a guest judge or a contestant". As well as a more thorough vetting process. I bet Padma and Tom are furious with the producers as they are the face of the franchise . Will be interesting to see what happens going forward. If there is justice in this
  6. Antonio is fucking useless. He’s being kept strictly for entertainment value.
  7. Not looking good for a renewal. https://deadline.com/2021/06/clarice-canceled-season-2-paramount-plus-mgm-cbs-stalemate-negotiaions-1234773361/ The per episode budget is mind boggling.
  8. Last season, they beat viewers over the head with “this is season TEN!” This season, it’s “Legends, bitches !” What's next season gonna be? The Dirty Dozen?
  9. Please pack your mole and finally go.
  10. When Gordon found the meat thermometer it felt like Gunny finding the jelly donut in FULL METAL JACKET, LOL.
  11. Padma might be nicer this season considering the COVID induced challenges the chefs were facing back home.
  12. Am I the only one surprised they were using actual meats/fish to flavor the tofu? I thought the point of using it was to avoid “real” proteins.
  13. I had an electric stove when I bought my house; converted to gas by running a line out to a 60lb propane tank under my deck and it was fairly inexpensive IIRC .
  14. It’s hard to know how much schtick was the actor vs the TC producers/writers. Never having seen a single episode, it fell flat for me.
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