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  1. I could hug this post. Exactly... it seemed so out of left field.
  2. I really like Toto's Cover of 'While my Guitar Gently Weeps' by George Harrison. But my favorite one is the one that was done at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
  3. Well that style was kind of in back then, during the 1950's - 60's.
  4. And now after seeing the words, I have that Menards jingle stuck in my head too! 🤣
  5. So sad to hear 😢. Loved his music. RIP sir.
  6. Of course, CBS is full of 'bull'. Not surprised that they didn't drop it.
  7. Really? Well color me surprised. I hated that movie. Thought it was horrible. That said, I disagree with you on the rest of it. I'm fine with fan service, as long as it's handled well.
  8. Exactly. No doubt on it. It seemed very edited. And the mom was majorly censored.
  9. Shay's gotten a bit better, that said... he could disappear into the background and I'd be fine as well.
  10. Same here. I grew up watching the show and didn't know that she played him. Wow... grew up with her as a lot of characters. 😢 RIP Russi, and thanks for the memories. She also reprised the role of Huey, Dewey and Louie in the Ducktales video game, along with playing Webby.
  11. And now that song is stuck in my head too! Thanks!
  12. That was me too. I cried hard when he passed away. It was a tough loss. He was a good person.
  13. That's me too! I expect to hear the former and when I don't... I go 'what is this crap?' XD. Holy crap... I would have never guessed it was him! I did too and I still do for what it's worth.
  14. Yep. But the puppets didn't really creep me out. I remember an episode where King Friday lost his head and Mr. Rogers continued until they were able to put Friday's head back on. Not sure which episode it was though sadly. Loved the factory tours. I remember one in particular... where he went to a spoon making factory. For some reason, I was up early and so was my mom... so we stayed up and watched the episode.
  15. I could hug this post. I couldn't see why so many people wanted them together either.
  16. Oh heck yes. It wouldn't be an adventure without Q. 😂
  17. Thanks for the heads up. Liked the first part on it, since it was a full episode. The second part wasn't even billed as a preview... and I think that was a part of the problem right there. I don't either. Exactly. If it's not that good, then take it off the air. Agreed. Along with the bland workers at the store. Zoned out for a lot of it to be honest (meaning the Northern edition). The Kleinfeld one and the Southern one keep me engaged.
  18. I do too. I still love the main show. Sorry if what I said made you sad... as it was aimed at the Northern edition and NOT Randy. Randy, I could watch all day... the Northern edition of the show... no.
  19. What was up with the other new episode? Randy was talking about a his new set of dresses he was working on, then they dealt with another bride... and the mother was a piece of work... then out of nowhere it went to the Northern edition of Say Yes to the Dress (which I found to be rather bland). Was hit with so much whiplash that it wasn't funny XD.
  20. So hyped about this. Glad Hugh is going to be in it as well! Loved him.
  21. Is it bad that I kind of zoned out on the first ep (meaning the ep I watched, the Northern edition)? All of these new people... and yet... I wasn't all that interested. It was ok, but just that.
  22. Yea I'm glad for the shippers of those two. Betting they did that so that Carol can be with Daryl (which I don't mind, since I ship them). Sick of Alpha too.
  23. If it was that, I'd be noping even more. I'm no fan of Netflix or Amazon. I'd have to wait that much more for it to come out on dvd.
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