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    S06.E08: I'll Be Your Mirror

    I think my breaking point for these latter season episodes is 15 minutes. Though I already wanted to quit when Henry started rattling off 80's movies to show Violet's his "fun side"... the dialogue is just so cringy. Plus I laughed out loud when Jasmine told Aladdin he can't help Belle/Zelena because he has to help find Agrabah. The first thing I noticed in this episode is Prince Charming is way too tall for that bed. If he is sleeping on his back, his head is practically touching the front grate. So multiple days pass by at the start of the episode, but The Evil Queen has done nothing. Why didn't she get rid of Emma and Regina earlier? We're supposed to believe the most pessimistic half of The Evil Queen would associate with Rumple, who has betrayed her multiple times? Oh riight, it's because she's hot for him. I forgot that in this episode, Rumple said again that "Villains don't get happy endings" and "Love is weakness"... can't use these catchphrases enough on this show. So the Emma/Regina adventure episodes in Season 4 were "Breaking Glass" and "Lily". In 5B, it was the finale. Were there any others? The Evil Queen is pathetic. Hook figures out her plan and she just knocks him out? Why not kill him? Trap him somewhere? Send him to the ends of the Earth? Are you telling me The Evil Queen wouldn't have taken Violet's heart and controlled it so Henry would be happy. But oh no, only a TRULY horrible person like Emma would do something that evil! Emma starts to tell The Dragon what happened to Snowing and he already knows? How? He's just watching the show from the mirrors? I fear this punishment is even worse than previously thought!
  2. Camera One

    OUAT vs. Other Fairy Tales: Compare & Contrast

    I heard the "Mulan" movie will be more different from the animated movie, but the teaser trailer made it seem very much the same. It would be nice if it's a little more historically accurate. I've always wondered if they wore white makeup like they did in Japan during that historical era. I did read some criticism of the trailer that the dwellings portrayed were in the wrong part of China and 1000 years before they were actually built. I must say I'm glad there doesn't seem to be Mushu the dragon. He took me out of the time and place, and I found the tone of the animated movie was very abrupt between the serious and the ridiculously silly. I hope the producers consulted with A&E for their amazing writing for the Mulan character.
  3. Camera One

    S06.E07: Heartless

    I think they mainly missed writing for The Evil Queen. They thought it was like candy.. you always want more. The weird thing is they probably didn't see it as repetition. They don't seem to know the difference between clever call-backs and doing a virtual carbon copy. I suppose the "difference" was this time, either Snow or Charming is asleep at any one time? They already did how Snow and Charming met, and they thought it was a bright idea to just do it again. Though I suppose I actually enjoyed the flashback more than the present-day plot. I don't get why they believe the audience would find it fun to watch the heroes go on a quest and then fail when they find out it was useless. The whole quest for the sapling of true love was for naught. I vaguely remember at some point this season, the Evil Queen told Regina that Robin made her weak? Or maybe I just imagined it.
  4. Camera One

    S06.E06: Dark Waters

    I got tricked into entering Nemo's Nautilus and got stuck in the Land of No Internet Access for two weeks but now I will blend in like I was here all along, LOL. When discussing the arcs for the various characters in Season 6, this would have been a natural one, IF the show was as character driven as A&E claims over and over. Henry doesn't need to go all "dirty pirate" on Hook for conflict to occur.
  5. Camera One

    S06.E07: Heartless

    As the song says, that's what friends are for. That was a huge part of what made Season 6 not work. This is the seventh episode, and the Evil Queen/Regina split concept is very undefined. In this episode, it's like she's just the Evil Queen from the Enchanted Forest, but when she talks to Henry, she's supposed to be his Mommy too. The flaws in the show became super magnified so it was only natural that Snow's hope/pessimism switch happened within one speech.
  6. What confuses me is how the series could still remain decent for three more seasons after that before finally collapsing on itself.
  7. When it's put like that, the patterns really stand out. A&E probably believe this was a strength of the series because they considered these walking contradictions to be character depth and complexities. Yes, that was another huge problem, and as you said, it was pretty much annual or semi-annual. It's just such a lazy way to brainstorm for a show. It seemed like when the Writers discussed a centric, they jumped into the particulars taking for granted the basic outline that was set for that particular character (eg. Rumple faced a tough moral dilemma in the past and picks the "wrong" choice). They couldn't care less when they had to retcon like hell to make it work (eg. Oooh... Baelfire was a bloodthirsty brat all along and it was Rumple who gave him amnesia and made him good again but at Rumple's expense. Father of the year!). Jane said that in "Bleeding Through", they weren't interested in Leopold. Well, fair enough, but you still need to think about supporting character motivations/personalities and write a story that is consistent with previously written material (but why do so when A&E can declare that if you watch "The Stable Boy" REALLY carefully, you can tell Leopold knew Cora... give me a break).
  8. That would be an insult to the cartoon Snow too. If they made Snow hopeful that would be one thing, but as you said, she was defeatist and needed to be cheered up whenever things got bad. They kept flip-flopping her between "I'm Mary Margaret here!" and "I don't want to be MM anymore!" to the point you'd think SHE had split herself in two. I think out of all the characters, Snow was the most destroyed character. Second place was Henry, since he didn't have as far to fall. He was a smart, pretty well-defined kid in Season 1 who saw Regina for who she really was. He was the first casualty on the Writers' block by having him declare false equivalencies between what Regina did and what the "heroes" (Emma lying about his father and Snow defeating Cora) were doing. I would say third place was Belle, except I didn't find her that great even in "Skin Deep". She was hollow as a character from the start since a big part of Belle was her relationship with her father and they ignored that completely on this show right from the beginning (because this show values family relationship... right). I was afraid they would ruin Emma in 5A, but they actually didn't. She didn't do anything that was remotely evil in my books. Her ruination came in Season 6. It's not that she became unlikeable. She just became completely flat and devoid of any spark or personality. I'm not sure if they put enough energy into Charming to really destroy him, except as a casualty of the Snow character assassination. For their favorite character, the Writers ruined Regina as early as 2B, by having her kowtow to her mother and acting like she erased all her evil deeds by agreeing to sacrifice herself for Henry. Not to mention making Regina into a mass murderer, which was totally unnecessary. And every time they had the "heroes" make excuses for Regina or bend over backwards to accommodate her while Regina responded like an ingrate (oops, I mean sassy strong woman), they actually undermined Regina as a character. Meanwhile, Rumple was ruined beyond hope in 4A, less so with what he did to the heroes, but moreso because they had Belle constantly making excuses for his horrible behavior and then writing the story as if Rumple was actually good inside and deserved Belle's love. That disgusting unearned "romance" just made Rumple less and less bearable, especially when he told Belle he wouldn't change but continue to pursue her resulting in the gag-worthy "Up Someone's Back End" episode. I think the only character who wasn't ruined by the end was Hook, though not for lack of trying, what with revealing he killed his father and left his stepbrother an orphan, and then deciding he killed David's father. At least they had the character consistently accept responsibility for his actions and try to atone for his crimes. The mark of a bad show is by the end, you find you don't care about any of the characters anymore because they had lost all their core characteristics or had become unlikeable.
  9. Camera One

    OUAT vs. Other Fairy Tales: Compare & Contrast

    I finally braved a theater full of kids and watched "Aladdin". Very specific spoilers abound below. Like the other live-action remakes, this movie doesn't come close to the original. But it wasn't as bad as I had read in reviews. A lot of the Youtube clips and songs seen out of context felt really weak, but they did work better within the context of the movie. In general, when a remake tries to copy scene-by-scene the original, it generally doesn't succeed and I found many instances of that in this movie. The first part of the movie was clunky, especially when characters said exact lines from the original movie. An example was when someone in the travelling royal entourage called Aladdin a street-rat at the beginning using the same line as the original. It fell flat, whereas in the original movie, you really felt for Aladdin. Even the musical sequence of "One Jump Ahead" felt weaker because it was like a bland replay of the original with a weird rockier version of the song. Overall, I think this movie was a little better than "Beauty and the Beast" (mainly because they changed and shifted things around a bit more) but in the same general ballpark. The characters were likeable enough that a live-action of the direct-to-video sequels might work considering they started off a lot more flawed. But heck, now that Disney is doing so many live-actions, I wish they'd consider a mash-up movie. What about a movie with the main characters from Aladdin, Cinderella, Mary Poppins, Christopher Robin and Beauty and the Beast? Now, THAT is how it could actually get interesting for once.
  10. Camera One

    S06.E01: The Savior

    The whole prophesy thing has been done before on other shows, and it rarely turns out well, but I think it was done particularly badly on this show. On some shows, the characters might go out and learn more about the prophesy and there might be steps to avert it. But you already could predict that the Oracle would only give Emma bad news. I don't remember exactly but wasn't her information pretty much the same thing that Hyde says?
  11. Camera One

    S06.E02: A Bitter Draught

    So Regina walks into the diner and tells the Untold Stories people that they ran away because they were afraid "whatever was in this book is going to play out." I thought the Author wrote what he or she observed. So why would there be un-played out stories in that book? And what was the Count of Monte Cristo's story in there anyway? It's clearly different than the actual novel's ending, where the Count is just fine. Didn't that storybook just tell the story of what happened before they went to the Land of Untold Stories? Knowing what's going to happen just made the story weaker. Though Regina's inspirational speech to a bunch of strangers wearing random costumes from a Halloween shop was just as bad. "Whatever's going to come next - we're going to face it... together!" I forgot the line with Emma telling Belle that she would not "wish Granny's mattresses on anyone" immediately after they gave rooms to the Untold Stories people. Are these Writers as insensitive and selfish as they make the characters seem?
  12. They were writing the show as if they were the target audience so that was appropriate.
  13. Camera One

    S06.E01: The Savior

    They borrowed them from The Others on "Lost".
  14. Most ironic tweet from Adam in June 2019 Adam Horowitz @AdamHorowitzLA Never underestimate the audience. They are smarter than you think. 8:51 PM · Jun 12, 2019 · Twitter for iPhone
  15. Camera One

    OUAT Series Rewatch!

    This would be fun. I would like our time in Land of Rewatch to last longer too. With "Lost", there were so many compilation clips that it was possible to do a rewatch with all the flashbacks of a particular character seen in order from childhood onwards.