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  1. Or we're just an extremely unsympathetic group of people, LOL! Sorry, I must go and weep for Lily now.
  2. I had been listening to a track from the Lincoln Center Theater production of "My Fair Lady" for the last 2 years and I never even connected the actor until now. I wouldn't have known from "Charmed" he was so versatile.
  3. That's a good point, and I think the Writers never understood the difference between writing a complex, nuanced relationship versus writing a character flip-flopping between one far extreme and the other, nor did they have the skill or put the work into attempting it. When they needed to create a conflict in a character's centric episode, they immediately went to Easy & Shortcut™ mode, and simply reset someone's personality, ignoring anything else that had happened to them in the past. The most obvious and almost satirical was with Snow alternating between "I'm Mary Margaret!" to "I don't want to be Mary Margaret anymore!", but it also happened with Henry/Hook, Emma's WALLS™, Belle's feelings towards Rumple, etc.
  4. I was watching this ABC Weekend Special animated "adaptation" of "The Magic Flute". It reminded me a little of "Once" because it started off seeming to try to adapt the story, but ended up taking random clichéd elements from other fairy tale-esque stories and forcing them into this narrative. Even the composer seemed to mostly give up on trying to use Mozart's music in the background after awhile, until the very end.
  5. It is quite galling (and telling) that the Writers immediately contradicted the rule they themselves set in the last episode of 3A. Viewers can't predict anything on this show if the rules are constantly changing. It's no wonder we were seriously losing faith in the show by this point. I find it ridiculous that a bunch of smart intelligent writers could be brainstorming the next arc and then complete ignore that crucial plot point of walls going up between magical worlds and the Land Without Magic. Okay, I get that someone probably said, "Oh what if Emma was dating a Flying Monkey in New York!" but no one asked, "So how did the Flying Monkey get there, then?" This was definitely one of the major problems with this setup. As usual, the "heroes" seemed like they were sitting around in the castle doing nothing. That's why setting the Missing Year in Oz would have been better in many ways. At least they would constantly need to be either on the offensive or defensive in a new dangerous land. A twister should have appeared in the 3B premiere, taking them away from the Enchanted Forest. There was a lot to explore with Snowing back in the Enchanted Forest... Snow going back to her father's palace for the first time since he died should have been heartwrenching, but nope. Since they weren't going to explore any of that stuff anyway, they might as well be exploring Winkie Country dodging flying monkeys trying to find a way to the Emerald City in Oz, or trying to find Glinda to help them, or helping Tip become Ozma, or finding the Scarecrow/TinMan/Lion, etc. etc. etc. The possibilities were endless. Knowing them, it was all about the shock value of finding out Snow cast the Curse, and also the equalization of Snow and Regina, and none of the actual details were worked out... now Snow too has cast the Dark Curse and was willing to sacrifice someone she loved, so how can we say she was any better than Regina? Snow already killed someone's parent in 2B. I wonder what else they could Snow do which would make her on Regina's level?
  6. That might have made Rumple's presence in this arc more meaningful. Most of his scenes in 3B were boring and pointless.
  7. I think I was afraid that we will find out the Storybrooke Charming wasn't really him, or he was only resurrected for a limited time. When I rewatch, I am always curious about the reactions, so I'm glad these old threads exist.
  8. To show how edgy and sophisticated A&E were. It's not your grandmother's Oz! This half-season perfectly pairs with the best-selling romance novel "Hot for Daddy!".
  9. I had been wary about rebooting the series, but after that video, I'm thinking that maybe it would be possible to tell the same general story again in a different way with different actors. In many ways, that song was similar to the "Once" musical episode, in that the characters were basically singing their backstories and basic motivations. That got me wondering how a full "Once" musical could be adapted. At first, I was thinking maybe Act 1 would be Season 1 and Act 2 would be a mix of the subsequent seasons, but the subsequent season plots were so random that it wouldn't work (even Season 2 wouldn't work as a coherent and satisfying Act 2). But if a musical consisted only of Season 1, the final musical number would basically be the Happily Ever After, with everyone re-united and remembering again, making for a more complete story. The other challenge would be to incorporate Hook into Season 1, and also "redeeming" Regina and Rumple in one musical instead of seven seasons of 22-23 episodes. I was thinking that if the Season 1 story was a musical, it could start the same way with Emma coming to Storybrooke. They could amalgamate Graham's role with Hook. So Hook would also be Cursed, and he would be the Sheriff that Emma slowly grows to care for. By having Hook also be the Huntsman who saves Snow White, we would more quickly be able to root for he and Emma to eventually be together. Of course, Hook wouldn't die like Graham, but maybe Emma thinks he died at the end of Act 1. That would also make Regina's redemption more believable since she doesn't murder anyone outright. Maybe she simply imprisons Hook to make Emma think he died. Or she blackmails him into pretending he dies, and he would also be struggling with his desire to seek revenge on Rumple. In this simpler musical story, Hook would give up his revenge for Emma in this Season 1 story. Regina could be redeemed without all the murderous backstories. It would be more believable that maybe being a mother to Henry actually did change her. At the end of the musical after the apple turnover incident, she could decide herself to reunite Snow and Charming, or maybe she tells Emma that a kiss would wake Henry up. Her sacrifice would be realizing that Henry would be better off with Emma. Regina wouldn't be friends per se with everyone at the end, but she would have a clear character arc and the audience could still be "happy" she learned her lesson. Then, there's Rumple. If Rumple were also to be "redeemed" in a "happy" ending, I think he would basically realize that Henry is all he has linked to Baelfire, and realize that he needed to change his ways. It would be too busy to introduce an adult Neal, so I think in a musical, Rumple could talk to Emma and deduce that Henry's father is Baelfire and Emma tells him that "Neal" died, and that makes him re-think his dastardly plans to bring magic back. Belle could help in his rehabilitation. I guess there might also be a push to include Zelena, but I think there would already be too many characters to deal with.
  10. Now I'm interested in seeing the animated "Alice in Wonderland"... I don't remember if I've ever seen it all the way through. I knew of some of the songs from a compilation VHS video called "Lullabies" without ever watching the full "Dumbo", or "Peter Pan", etc. Alice sings the song while playing with her cat. Now I'm interested in hearing the full songs from "Alice in Wonderland". I hope they put out a legacy album with deleted/truncated songs. I didn't even remember the "Very Good Advice" song but I just watched a clip. I'd like to hear the full song, without all the sobbing. This scene is very reminiscent of Snow White being scared in the forest. This Youtube "Disney"-esque song channel put out a song featuring the characters of "Once Upon A Time".
  11. You'd think she would have figured it out after her initial emotional shock. She never realized the requirements of the Curse was the thing she loved most, and that she loved Rumple? Instead of Evil vs. Wicked, it should have been Dumb vs. Stupid. Can you imagine how the "iconic" lines would have sounded? "I'm not just dumb... I'm STUPID" and "Stupid always wins!"
  12. That's a really good point. The Writers just zone in on one thing.
  13. I think Cinderella had the vague hope that her life would get better. It's kind of nice that she didn't mention a prince, though she was truly just hoping. I don't think Pinocchio and Peter Pan had "I want" songs. Peter Pan didn't really change at all. There were a bunch of animal movies like "Dumbo" and "Bambi" without those songs either. In the 90s revival, Aladdin's "I Want" song was just a short reprise of "One Jump Ahead" after the suitor to the princess said he'll always be a street rat. Quasimodo in "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" had the common song of wanting to go "Out There". Hercules had "Go the Distance", though I thought the original song "Shooting Star" was more introspective and about finding a place where he would be accepted. Mulan and Pocahontas both had a song that was questioning their role of just marrying a pre-arranged suitor. So the themes of "I want" seem to be: - wanting to find someone to love (in the oldest movies) - wanting freedom to escape from their current contraints and obligations and other people's plans for them (in more recent movies) I totally forgot about Alice's song, since she doesn't really sing again and that movie didn't attempt to give her character any kind of epiphany. Tiana's song was about babysitting Lucy and turning a drug van into a food truck, LOL. Her song "Almost There" was about her dream restaurant, though she was actually actively working/closer to her goal, and more modern than most of the other songs due to the setting.
  14. Yes, the way they used the Maui hook was plain weird. I found the original movie rather forgettable. How would she had been adapted in "Once"? Hmm, let see: Moana appears as a fierce warrior, with WALLS™ trying to find a way to save her kingdom, which disappeared under the sea. She walks around accusing people of stealing the stone "heart" of her island. She steals the Maui hook from Hook by knocking him out with a boat oar. In flashbacks, we see that her kingdom included a medieval castle and was set in a coniferous forest. Meanwhile, a long time ago, Te Fiti became evil because she was trying to save her baby but dabbled into dark magic, gave away her heart and became a lava demon. Te Fiti was also Mother Gothel's stepsister. Hook killed Moana's father, Regina tricked Moana's mother, Belle almost ate Moana's pet pig, and Rumple made a deal with Moana's grandparents. The End and we shall never mention this arc ever again.
  15. I wouldn't have minded the Green with Envy idea if there was any rhyme or reason behind it. Why her and nobody else? She clearly could easily glamour it away whenever she wanted. I too would have preferred envy of Glinda or the other witches in Oz. Of course, with these Writers, the alternative would have been Not having much to go on for the Wicked Witch from the original story or the MGM movie meant all the more that the various morsels needed to be included and incorporated organically so it was Ozian. The connections to Regina and Rumple made her more an Enchanted Forest type character. Plus all the points people have mentioned before about how you would think people in Oz would be more used to magic since they were ruled by Witches, so her whole childhood story needed to make more sense. I think they overloaded us on Zelena in 3B, compared to the villains of the previous arcs. Peter Pan wasn't in every episode, and neither was Cora. I was so sick of hearing the word "wicked" by this point that I was turning green of the vomit variety whenever I saw her onscreen.
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