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  1. Villain omniscience was a major problem on this show. I suppose it's a problem on many shows, but your example with Zelena outlined so many times it happened within a single arc.
  2. The real Eddie was in a gifted program and took college courses in the summer. To me, the Eddie on this show is practically a different person.
  3. They used that prophesy as a crutch to explain how Rumple knew what to do. So he just knew that Baelfire would still be alive somehow as long as the Curse was cast at a particular time, it seemed. How specific was the prophesy anyway? Was that how he knew it was one of Cora's daughters who would cast the Curse for him? Could Rumple have included into the Curse that they be transported to a time when Baelfire would be alive? Though if that were the case, you'd think he would have cast the Curse earlier so he could have been reunited with Baelfire as an older boy instead of as a grown man.
  4. Henry had some nice conversations with Emma in Season 1, so I think A&E could have used one of them for Henry's explanation. Maybe A&E thought that was too boring exposition.
  5. That is an interesting question. I think it did have to do with her name. The show didn't spell it out, but I think it could make sense with your scenario, or the following one: The storybook did say Snow and Charming's name was Emma and that she would be the Savior. I don't think Henry would have immediately connected himself with the Savior. Maybe completely separately, Henry was desperate to escape Storybrooke (because the book made him believe the idea of the Curse and was freaked out by everyone else aging except himself), so he stole MM's credit card to find out his birthmother's name. I think he connected the dots when he found out that his birth mother was named Emma, and thus concluded that she was the Savior from the storybook.
  6. I vaguely remember that Louis did offer, but Emery said no.
  7. Thanks. I knew I missed it somewhere but it would have been torture to rewind and listen to their conversations again. He is such scum.
  8. Wow, what has happened to the people who used to watch this show? That pretty much summed up what I thought of this episode. I'm liking Jordan and it was nice payoff to see him finally finding out that Maggie was a witch. But the other two subplots were just tedious and I ended up doing other stuff while it was playing in the background. Mel's dad is just so boring. I hardly even understood the plot because I was zoned out. Are the people chasing him just regular humans? How did he think he would survive on his own without magic? Where did he get that black powder from? I'm done with Abigail and her "surprise" manipulations. The whole Macy/Harry/New Guy/Abigail quadrangle is irritating. I thought Macy/Harry had potential, but they both came off as unlikeable, and it's not a good idea to make 2 of the 4 main cast members unlikeable.
  9. Simryn and her parents are good actors, but I can't say that the writing for them was funny. None of the new characters were distinctive enough and the set-up didn't provide an intriguing scenario to make viewers want to see more. I haven't watched many backdoor pilots before, but I don't think this was an effective one, though I would love a new sitcom about a South Asian family. I don't find it believable that Eddie would suddenly do so well on his SAT's without any effort. On paper, it's an interesting plot point for a character like Evan to be frustrated that he needs to put effort while others don't, but he gave off a prodigy vibe to me previously so I can't say that was too believable either. This episode continued the course of making Emery into an airhead.
  10. Sitcoms tend to exaggerate character traits as time goes by, mainly to keep the laughs going. By trying to outdo the first season antics, the character can become utterly destroyed. What was funny at the beginning can get tiresome especially when it begins to cross a certain line. This applies to characteristics other than intelligence (or lackthereof). Jessica was funny in Season 1 because of her mean comments, so they doubled down on that, and they never realized when it changed from "Jessica is so funny and snarky" to "Jessica is so despicable and it's not funny".
  11. It's basically miscommunication. The family thinks they're helping Olive by letting her study for her SAT's and they don't want to bother her. She wants to help and offers to, but she isn't persistent or straight forward enough for her family to know she really wants to be involved. If she's scared that they'd all die and leave her alone, then why would the cult make her feel better about that? The message that everything will be alright and A-Ok? Except Olive knows from her family that the truth about the "miracle" of 825 is is not as kumbayah as the cult leader claims it to be. So to be, it is unnecessary drama and the cult stuff feels forced.
  12. I found this episode underwhelming and not as engaging. It felt like an episode of "The OC" or some show about rich people and their scandals. It didn't feel like much of a mystery. Owen was the one who found the survivor, not Nancy. I'm surprised Mr. Hudson didn't have the survivor murdered after finding out. How convenient that Nancy was looking for the counsellor files on Lucy and the ghost pointed out exactly where they were hidden. Why not just destroy the documents? Nick is such a nice guy. It was pretty nice of him to stay with the ship survivor to ensure the ghosts didn't come. Not to mention buy the restaurant. George really put her all into the restaurant. Diana welcoming Bess into the family felt a bit fast. The dinner party should have been fun but I feel we hardly know Diana, Owen, or Mr. and Mrs. Hudson so it was hard to be invested.
  13. The makers of that video don't seem to understand what the term "plot hole" actually means. The "plot holes" were a random list of random quibbles and wishes. It seemed like a video version of those wonderful Screenrant articles ("Ten Reasons Why We Should Dredge Up An Old Show For Cheap Views (And Ten Reasons Why We Shouldn't"). The show was indeed full of holes, but the video came up with really bad points and examples. What happened to Ruby? Just because she was off-screen doesn't make it a plot hole. Underused characters aren't plot holes either. They asked how no one in Cursed Storybrooke noticed that Henry was getting older. Uh, clearly their memories reset every morning and they believed things were always the way they were that morning, so however old Henry looked that day would be accepted by everyone. It's not that hard to explain within the parameters we were given in Season 1. And clearly whoever made the video forgot to watch the episode about the Cora dome. "Plot Hole #1: Season 7 in its entirety"... wow, deep. There's a reason we needed 22 weeks to fully analyze its flaws, LOL.
  14. Or the series ends with Harry and all the characters cheering as Voldemort is crowned President of the Wizarding community.
  15. I'm more surprised there wasn't a BFF August appearance in the finale. I don't think anyone would want that beautifully emotional Rumple/Belle reunion ruined with Neal. Rumple doesn't even see him as his son, remember? Adult Henry praised Regina to high heaven so Wish Henry saw the light. Seriously speaking, you'd think A&E forgot that Wish Henry had a different past than the other Henry by the end of the episode. They were writing it as if Regina broke Wish Henry out of a Curse and he became *her* teenage Henry.
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