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  1. Wow, you guys weren't kidding. I finally watched "Rise of the Skywalker"
  2. I read this article a few weeks back, so I probably posted the link to it already. I still find it weird how this person reviewed "Once Upon a Time" by watching 3 episodes, and didn't choose to watch the pilot. https://www.deseret.com/entertainment/2020/8/24/21330675/is-once-upon-a-time-worth-watching-abc-netflix-tv-show I suppose the flashbacks on this show are out of order normally anyway, so it matters less if episodes are watched randomly? But it's still weird, since this is definitely not a show I would recommend to someone to jump in anywhere (which might be possible with a procedural).
  3. That would have been great. The ironic thing is that "Lost" did an episode like that in Season 3, and guess who wrote it? Yep, A&E. I think it stresses that they were just staff writers doing what they were told, and not especially brilliant with their own ideas. The fact that A&E had zero interest in giving more than a line or two every few episodes to supporting characters like Granny, Archie, Blue, Dwarves, etc. shows their lack of interest in fleshing out an ensemble. It looks like A&E got their foot in the door by seemingly using the "Lost" formula by giving centrics to supporting characters, but they completely lost interest after Season 1 once their show became a hit, and these supporting characters became glorified extras.
  4. I wonder what characters made it into the Disney+ promotional GIF for "Once Upon a Time"...
  5. I only got a few episodes into Season 1 with "Grimm" before it was removed from the streaming service that came with my cable package. Unfortunately, I found the show a tad boring. I had hoped to continue watching, though I was very unengaged. I'm not looking forward to seeing him get raped.
  6. This article of "suggestions" is sort of unintentionally funny: https://www.tvguide.com/news/shows-like-once-upon-a-time-what-to-watch-next-disney-plus-netflix/
  7. I'm still surprised that the "Frozen 2" backstory was actually more nonsensical and convoluted than even Once's interpretation. Now that "Frozen 2" has been out, people who are now watching Season 4 would have a different experience for the first time will believe the show changed the Frozen story. Though I think it's possible to tweak the Season 4 flashback and still make it work with the ridiculous Frozen 2 mythology. For example, have Ingrid, Elsa/Anna's mother and the other one grow up in the Enchanted Forest rather than Arendelle. And set some scenes on that magical island.
  8. I wonder if that eventually changed... Carlyle supposedly cried when he read the script for "Beauty" in Season 7 (according to Emilie de Ravin).
  9. I was reading this article about how the animated Mulan's storyline evolved in its development. I find it interesting how formulaic their initial conception was, to follow a similar formula to some of the other princesses: It's a little surprising it took them so long to realize that making Mulan unique required looking at the source material and cultural context she came from, and having her leave home because of her love for her father. I mean, it isn't even necessarily cultural... Belle too sacrificed herself for the sake of her father. It's a little funny that their original plan for Mulan had echos of Merida. Well... "Once" didn't even bother with Mulan's father, so...
  10. Interview with actor who plays Mulan's father (aka The Dragon). Unfortunately, no mention of "Once Upon a Time". https://ca.news.yahoo.com/mulan-disney-streaming-tzi-ma-actor-161247410.html
  11. You'd think they would have explored that in Season 2 or 3 or something. But nope, Archie gets to become a glorified extra instead. In the flashbacks (resistance, becoming queen, etc.), Tiana could have been Nala from "The Lion King" and nothing much would have changed. She was a little more Tiana-ish wanting to open a restaurant in the present-day. Sort of, but Nala could have done that too. I guess Dr. Facilier could have merged with Scar.
  12. I like those ideas and the incorporation of "The Black Cauldron". In this scenario, we have to keep Jacinda, Tiana, etc, so will need to work around the existing stories for them. I was thinking maybe Henry could be Taran from The Black Cauldron, wanting to be a hero. Alternatively, he could also be Christopher Robinson, who "believed" as a kid but grew up and leaves his family to have an adventure. Not sure about Roni. She would have to be someone who cares about the Henry character, and someone with magic who mentors Drizella. Maybe she could be Mary Poppins who was a nanny to Taran or Christopher Robin when they were young. Then we could have a flashback with Henry and his siblings Jane and Michael. Zelena could be Madame Mim who turned good, maybe by falling in love with Hansel's father. A kooky idea is if Roni is the Owl in Winnie the Pooh (Christopher's surrogate parent) and she's a shape shifter. The Disenchanted Forest could be Hundred Acre Wood. Weaver and Gothel are looking for The Guardian of the Magical Honey Pot™. They could adapt the Grimm Story "The Queen Bee" as well... that could involve the Princess and the Frog and Mother Gothel.
  13. I was thinking about Season 7. What if it had been a complete reboot, with no returning characters, but the story was pretty much the same as what we got? Would it have been more or less successful? It could be set in the same "universe", but with no direct connections to Storybrooke characters. This would mean the actors who played Regina, Rumple, Whook (and Zelena) would all play new characters, and Henry was also a new character, so there would be some tweaks. Instead of the Dark One dagger, "Weaver" would be getting rid of another object that forced immortality on him. I was curious if plugging in other fairy tale/Disney characters for each of them would have worked.
  14. I was reading this interview from January 2013 after the screening of "The Cricket Game": Cora's storyline lasted 7 episodes in 2B, so it seems like they planned to leave the remaining 6 episodes for something else.
  15. I was watching this video about hard worldbuilding vs. soft worldbuilding. Would A&E argue that they were aiming for soft worldbuilding? I'd say A&E is just bad worldbuilding.
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