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  1. Episode 4: "Boggled" - They really didn't make it easy to like some of the characters. Noel having a girlfriend already was disappointing. I suppose it makes a difference that he didn't plan it and he and Hannah had discussed seeing other people, but still, he was flirting with Felicity big time in the last few episodes so he would have been leading her on if she wasn't so obsessed with Ben. Speaking of which, she gave creepy vibes again going out of her way to watch the track tryouts. Ben didn't tell her about losing the race... I wonder if Felicity will take the hint that he doesn't feel
  2. I was watching this episode of "The Charmings" sitcom that aired in the 1980s. I wish more episodes were available to watch. There was a lot of humor to be mined in the concept of fairy tale characters existing in modern life. Why do the Charmings always have to keep The Evil Queen around. Sheesh, kick her out.
  3. I started watching in Season 2 way back when the show originally aired until its eventual demise, and since it's available on my streaming service, I decided to watch the show from the beginning with Season 1. I've always thought Felicity was foolish to choose a university because of a boy, and even in Season 2, I liked Noel more. But it feels more extreme when watching from the beginning. I just finished the third episode, and Felicity staring at Ben while he was sleeping at the end was a little creepy. Ben was clearly into Julie, and at this point, she should have realized the realit
  4. I was catching up with a few recent period dramas (Bridgerton and Belgravia) and was actually pleasantly surprised to be watching something historical where I didn't have to worry about people getting tortured or threatened with death every other episode. Yes, I can't believe that Marsali has actually become a favorite, considering how annoyed I was by her at the beginning. I wish she and Fergus got more to do.
  5. I assume we all have our altars to The Good Queen™ constructed by now? October 23 will also allow us to celebrate Page 23.
  6. Not having separate episode threads made it hard to read other people's thoughts in this thread without possibly encountering spoilers. I watched this series over the last 3 days. Since it felt like one complete story, I watched a few episodes at a time. Overall, I thought it was engaging. I had just finished watching "Bridgerton" so it was interesting to me that both started off in the 1810s. Though "Belgravia" was a lot less pretty and visually much more drab and unimpressive. Even compared to "Downton Abbey", it lacked the visual appeal and the grandness. The musical score
  7. I don't know anything about the books, but it really doesn't seem the writer or the showrunners are all that interested in the time travel aspect of the story beyond providing the premise or a mechanism to keep certain characters together or apart. They throw us an occasional bone like with the stone circle in the Caribbean and now in North America, and some ancient ritual passed down through the ages with the housekeeper in Scotland, but it never seems to go anywhere. It's all vague, but they have the characters so certain about what would happen when they "go through" the stones. It's not
  8. Overall, I enjoyed this season. The series was very pretty, with effective performances and was a light diversion and escape. I have been watching a lot of shows with violence lately, and it's nice to watch something that can engage without the worries of who might be brutally attacked next. I can see why it became popular. However, beyond the novelty factor and the shock value of sex scenes, the underlying story and characterizations weren't really the strongest. If I thought of the eight episodes as a long movie, I found this episode to be a tad anti-climatic and not too satisfying
  9. Despite the somewhat frustrating plot, the beauty and the polish of the production and the setting really makes this show quite engaging. I've restricted myself to only watching one episode per day, but that leaves me with only one episode left. I'm glad they got Daphne and the Duke back in London again. I liked the scenes between Daphne and her mother, and the Duke has good chemistry with Anthony. Daphne trying to help Marina was interesting, but so was Marina pointing out that as duchess, she actually didn't have much sway. Daphne and Simon were still difficult to root for.
  10. I find it strange that this is supposed to be a big romance but it's written in a way that it's difficult to want the two people together beyond physicality. The guy playing Simon is very charismatic, but I still didn't like his behavior for much of the episode. Not wanting to have kids, lying to her about it, but still constantly having sex seemed a bit hypocritical and having his cake and eating it too. If he cared about his vow to his father that much, why not say sex was painful for him or something, and then please his wife in other ways that might be more of a sacrifice to him?
  11. Although I liked the scenes with Daphne and the Duke in the first three episodes, I can't say I found this episode that satisfying. I thought the flashbacks of the Duke were well-done in Episode 2, but I found it difficult not to think ill of him for making the engagement and wedding a totally negative experience for Daphne. She clearly wanted to be with him (reciprocating the kiss) in the garden, so I don't buy the misunderstanding that he thought she felt trapped into marrying him. Even if he felt bad for her marrying him when he couldn't give her children, he could've manned u
  12. I thought Daphne and the Duke had chemistry in the first three episodes, but in this one, I kept thinking she was an idiot to moon over him. The Prince seemed like a nice guy and a way better provider and potential husband and father. And then over and over, Simon was stupidly sticking to sticking it to his dead father, to the point where I wanted him to take his self-destructive attitude and just get out of town like he promised to. Which ultimately meant the kiss was more of an eye-rolling moment than a swoon-worthy one. Mrs. Featherington and her daughters reminded me a little of C
  13. I think they've done a good job of making Daphne look refined and natural in a way that explains why she is seen as a "diamond" by the Queen. I'm assuming part of it is due to the family she comes from. I think her banter with the Duke does work, though from today's standards, it's a bit icky that he's older and has slept with who knows how many women. The opera singer subplot isn't very engaging, though I do feel a bit more for Anthony and I liked his conversation with Daphne in this one. It was nice to see a bit more of Benedict, though the scenes with him smoking with Eloise fel
  14. I'm beginning to like the characters a bit more. I don't find Daphne bland, though I do like seeing a bit of everyone else as well. I liked Mrs. Bridgerton taking control of the situation. I even felt a bit for Anthony when he realized what a mess he had created. Berbrooke was very odious with his pushiness, though I wonder if it was that easy to threaten to ruin the reputation of a young woman at that time, did it happen a lot? Simon's backstory was nicely done, and mostly made me like Lady Danbury in helping him to gain his confidence. It's a little hard to relate to Simon's fathe
  15. I just watched the first episode, and it seems like it will be an enjoyable light diversion. I'm not terribly attached to any of the characters yet, and they seem to be well acted. The only actress I'm familiar with so far is Lady Featherington who seems to be playing a similarly meddlesome mother like she did on "Rome". The sets and cinematography are visually nice to look like. The colour conscious casting and the pop music gives the show the feel of a modern fantasy/fairy tale. I'm not familiar with the books, though it was difficult to avoid reading a bit about the show/upcoming seas
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