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  1. I was intrigued to find out more about Nicky's aunt, so I was a tad disappointed that she was dead. Hopefully that was just a fake tombstone. Nicky's mom gave her an entire box of letters, so I thought we would spend at least an episode exploring that. But nope, only the final letter and the red panda figurine. But now we have a whole box of tapes. Will that information be exhausted in 15 minutes next episode? Probably, considering the aunt gave absolutely no useful information in her departing message. If she came to those super vague generalizations like "Don't carry your b
  2. That's too bad. Maybe they should have filmed an alternate closing sequence so it wouldn't have been an even more unsatisfying series finale as it already was. I wonder if he will eventually reveal his plans for Season 4, 5 and 6. He already gave some hints about his plans for next season, but it didn't really show if he actually had a long-term endgame.
  3. I just assumed she was simply highly suspicious of Claire. She wasn't curious; she just wanted Claire gone. I definitely didn't want to spend another episode with Mamacita and the Father, but the whole finding Jaime and that reunion felt rushed, just as much as the first half of the episode felt like it was moving at the pace of soil creep.
  4. The geography of the island confused me. So did she walk all the way from one side of Hispaniola to the other? Did Willoughby hike all the way to the goats? And then Mamacita followed him to the beach? The beach looked like a long way off, but I guess it was a more straight-forward route since Claire didn't go astray at all, unlike her previous wanderings? Yes! I'm surprised she didn't walk along the coast to look for a freshwater stream. On the plus side, this episode made me look up some tips on How to Survive a Shipwreck. Surprise, it does not include wandering
  5. Apparently, Netflix and WB are having "conversations" about Manifest.
  6. I can't believe you all aren't fully enjoying "Outrigger"... uh, I mean "Outlander". Claire: *Gasp* But I took an OATH to save lives, no matter how despicable, and whether or not it will likely lead to the demise of people I love! I was totally rooting for Claire to infect him. Heck, infect the Captain too. (Insert evil smile)
  7. I like the LA Times tweet... "NBC Cancels Netflix's No. 1 Show". Article here. Here's another article with the numbers.
  8. That's what I'm curious about too. He said he had all 6 seasons planned out. Of course, that doesn't mean it's a good plan, but still, I'm interested in what he actually had in mind.
  9. I don't know if I would watch the show on Netflix if I knew ahead of time it was cancelled abruptly with no closure. I'm really disappointed but ultimately, the writing was on the tail fin. I guess those two episode a week airings were indeed a burn-off. It's always sort of a realization when it shouldn't be that everything in network TV (streaming services are no different with their cancellations) is a business decision and viewers don't matter. As fellow travelers who foolishly embarked on this journey, I guess we're now on a lifeboat left stranded in the sea of muddled plot
  10. I know the showrunner claims everything was planned from the start, but I wonder if a condition of renewal is trimming the cast. Not having to work around a child actor could also have savings. I think one of the reasons why Grace's death feels permanent is that type of supporting character is often used as cannon fodder to give a show cred with "stakes". Plus she and Cal were shuffled off to a side storyline in the woods for half a season, so they were clearly not sure what to do with her. I'm surprised they didn't do a double shocker and have Zeke shot during the Vance's son hostage situ
  11. We saw Claire's life from the outside, and yes, a lot of that misery was self-inflicted, but that's what she lived and felt. At this moment, she felt betrayed and she finally truly realized what she gave up to come back to a romanticized version of Jamie and the 1700s that was only in her imagination (well, actually it did exist until the last flashback we saw). I don't blame her for becoming emotional, and I would have been behind her if she had chosen to leave for the Stones ASAP. In some ways, Claire came to the realization that she did not need Jamie as much as she thought she did, whic
  12. I think that's where the Angelina character just didn't work. It was whiplash. Even in this episode, the joining of the "Ben Stone is the harbinger of the apocalypse" coalition was sudden and undeveloped. Kidnapping the baby was one thing, but bringing a knife and killing Grace with it? If she was that crazy, why not off Olive too? I don't think she needs to worry about that on this show. "You recognize me from Manifest?" "Manifest of what?" The actress was pretty charismatic in the first half of the season, so I don't think she would be typecast. From Jeff Rake Intervi
  13. That was a convoluted mess, and two hours of it was difficult to take. This series has always been out-there, but it has pretty much lost all grounding at this point. I think once I stopped buying into the scenario, it was hard to believe in anything that was happening. "Lost" was a wild ride, but somehow, I could believe in that "world" they created, at least until the final season. "Manifest"'s worldbuilding is literally throwing sapphires at the wall. It really felt like the plot was an extended Mad Libs... Michaela is wandering around a plane with ______ seeping in. ________ open
  14. "Manifest" is coming to Netflix, no doubt garnering a whole new audience and providing a chance for people to experience all the "great" storylines for a second, third, or fourth time, by which point someone would be crazier than someone with the Callings. https://www.whats-on-netflix.com/news/nbcs-manifest-coming-to-netflix-us-on-june-10th-2021/
  15. She's acting like this is someone at another hospital in Boston asking her to visit for a consult in the 1960s. It's not just disease that's the danger, lady.
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