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  1. Camera One

    S06.E18: Where Bluebirds Fly

    This episode could be used as an example of their cookie-cutter writing.
  2. It's short for macaroni because the Writers bend over backwards for her.
  3. Camera One

    S06.E17: Awake

    This has got to be one of the most predictable devices they use on this show. These strong females are often so abrasive. As said above, how the heck would Tiger Lily have inside information on The Black Fairy from Neverland? Was she the specialist on Saviors in the Fairy Community? This was a major thing that bothered me on first watch. We're supposed to be so happy when The Evil Queen got her happy ending in Page 23, yet she withheld information about the failsafe. Not to mention Regina and Zelena suddenly knowing all (as usual) once it's too late to do anything about it. I guess this episode's retcon would get a place in the future article "Top Twenty Retcons That Hurt "Once Upon a Time" (and Top Twenty Retcons That Helped)".
  4. I think Season 3 tilted towards Emma and Hook in such an obvious way that they intended them to stay together without network interference. Albeit, they clearly enjoyed and found it easier to write for Hook than Emma, so it's possible they kept the relationship to ensure Hook had a reason to be there. I think overall, that was just how A&E wrote, and Captain Swan wasn't necessarily a target. Look at Rumbelle, a coupling they clearly thought was true love. Rumbelle got a "romantic" engagement and wedding but we found out Rumple gave her a fake dagger and he murdered Zelena behind her back. Rumbelle had a "romantic" honeymoon complete with a Beauty and the Beast dance, and then we saw Rumple discovering the Hat Box. The Writers' concept of writing for a couple they loved was creating obstacles and creating angst so that the two characters realized how much they love one another. I find it hard to believe the network cared about keeping Rumbelle together since it was actually damaging to "Beauty and the Beast". I doubt beyond Season 4, ABC cared too much about this show overall since it was basically maintaining its small base core audience. Of course, it's hard to trust anything they say but, Of course, this was before the couple became "happy" aka boring. I think after 3B when Hook and Emma both shared the same feeling, it just became their usual inability to write good, human stories for established couples which resulted in the bad writing for CS. If they had wanted to break them up, they could have easily done what they did with Regina and Robin Hood.
  5. Camera One

    S06.E14: Page 23

    I agree the snow was truly beautiful. I think that was the only thing I liked about this episode, LOL. Wow, they were seriously *that* clueless? So what did we learn about Page 23 from this episode? Was that a storybook from the future, since it predicted "Regina" walking in and talking to Robin Hood? Was Robin and some version of The Evil Queen destined to be soulmates? If so, why and how? Page 23 was one of the key mysteries of the show and it was so rewarding to see it play out.
  6. Nothing can escape being eclipsed by Regina for sure. Overall though, in these arcs, most of the angst between Emma and Hook is very contingent on A&E's confidence that the endgame is Emma and Hook happily reuniting and making up (before the next obstacle shows up). Even though Regina is ultimately the goal of every arc and there are entire episodes showcasing Swan Queen, Emma more consistently has screentime with Hook where they work as a team against whatever's creating angst. He's her main focus as Dark Swan, he's her goal in the Underworld, he's the one helping her with the shakes in 6A, etc. When I look back on this show and what it prioritizes, Regina, Regina and Regina get top 3 but next to me would be Captain Swan and their angst.
  7. Camera One

    Murdoch Mysteries

    Episode 7 - Brother's Keeper - This was an intense episode. The actor who played Watts was really good. I know Murdoch was doing his job and it was not the father's place or Watt's place to exact justice. But it was one of the rare episodes that I wish Murdoch had left well enough alone. His dogged persistence to learn what happened resulted in him cruelly giving Watts those photos of his tortured brother.
  8. And it only gets worse in Season 7... Like how did Unenchanted Blind Witch get to the Oz with Zelena in it? Why wasn't there a Unenchanted Oz when there was an Unenchanted Wonderland? How did Wish Hook so easily go back and forth from the Unenchanted Forest? Could he have accidentally gone to the Enchanted Forest? Did Unenchanted Forest Mother Gothel meet Enchanted Forest Mother Gothel when she was recruiting for her Coven?
  9. Camera One

    S06.E14: Page 23

    I hope everyone gets to relive this ode to self-love this week. Remember, you deserve it!
  10. Camera One

    Murdoch Mysteries

    Episode 4 - I liked seeing some continuing characters at the hospital. It brings something new to this season. Nurse Sullivan is really growing on me. The crime of the week was alright. It's always interesting to see how they try to bring current issues into the series and incorporate it in a semi-historically plausible way. I think a hospital plotline fits more than a politics plotline for Julia, so I hope they stick with this. Episode 5 - I'm not usually a fan of the spy episodes, but I liked this one more. It was fun to see Murdoch playing the French diplomat. I wish the Julia jealousy parts had been cut, though. I prefer her confidence and it was neat she got to help stop the culprit at the end. The George subplot was somewhat cute but needed a bit more substance. Episode 6 - I guess this was the Halloween episode? That was just hilarious. Higgins acting all responsible was funny. I was impressed by how Watts' entire demeanor changed, more dramatically than anyone else given his usual characters' strangeness. The insect motions and language must have been amusing to act out. I too thought it would end with George waking up and realizing it was all a dream and he would start his new novel. I thought he would pour alcohol into the potted plant and everyone would be back to normal again.
  11. Camera One

    S06.E13: Ill-Boding Patterns

    That would have been a good solution. Though I wonder if A&E were so tone-deaf they thought fans would find the proposal romantic but sooo traagic and we would all be moved to tears.
  12. Camera One

    S06.E13: Ill-Boding Patterns

    Rumple saves Gideon from tainting his heart by doing the deed for him. Rumple has to pay the "price" of doing something bad (heh), not dear Gideon. It's relevant to the flashback, because Rumple's son also "made" him become dark, and his first impulse was to protect Evil Bae by making him forget his vengeance. This is Father of the Century material here, you know. I think they were just bored by writing happy relationships. They did build the entire Season 3 two-hour finale around Captain Swan and almost every storyline Emma got after Season 4 revolved around her love interest. I don't know about how much they liked writing for Emma but they clearly did love writing for Hook and they believed giving a character angst was a great reward. Those 3 paths are well laid-out. You'd think Writers would go through all the possibilities when discussing plot points. But then again, these writers never think about NORMAL human reactions and go for quick, cheap soap opera-ish obstacles.
  13. I like this scenario too. And this time, Snow and Charming could come to Wish Boston to tell Emma her true destiny. Maybe they thought this would be too similar to the 3B premiere. They could make this work by having Emma have her real memories in Wish Boston. So she wakes up and realizes that in this Wish realm where she's not the Savior, it has been several years since Young Henry showed up. Emma desperately tries to get back into Storybrooke but she can't. Frustrated, Emma then goes and finds Henry in the foster system. This would actually give Jared something interesting to play. Emma would be heartbroken to see Henry go through a system that she went through. Emma and a grateful Henry (who has a bit of rekindled Hope™) then together go into Storybrooke and help people to remember. Maybe Emma could get the scroll from Ingrid and we could get a cameo.
  14. Unnatural and awkward describes it well. Not to mention the dialogue is so clunky and generic that it's pretty random who says what (Snow and Charming have pretty interchangeable dialogue, but it often extends to everyone else too). It's basically one character re-states the problem, one character explains how dire it is, one character asks what they should do about it, one character repeats how dire it is, one character gives an idea, one character criticizes it, one character tells everyone else to calm down, and then someone has some aha moment and/or the door opens and someone interjects with news and everyone runs off to stand around awkwardly somewhere else.
  15. Another alternate timeline they could have done is Emma "wishes" that she was never the Savior, and she is sent back to Season 1, except this time, her kiss with Henry doesn't break the Curse, and she has to find another way. So Emma uses what she has learned over the last few seasons and enacts a portal, bringing everyone back to the Enchanted Forest hoping they would remember, but they don't initially. But then Emma finds a way to make one person remember (eg. Blue), and then they slowly return everyone's memories back (eg. her parents) and they fight Alt Regina. Fine fine, with the help of Real Regina when she joins Emma. Real Regina finds Alt Robin Hood and brings him over.