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  1. I started watching right after these story lines (summer job had it on during lunch). Was the Ross and Natalie affair before she married Palmer or did they have a fling after she became Mrs. Palmer Courtland? When I started watching, Palmer was suspicious and kept setting up traps for them to be alone together, so he could catch them, but Natalie always tried to convince Ross she loved Palmer. The breakdown of Ellen and Ross's marriage was well done. Noone was a great actress, it is too bad they got rid of her and Mark (I loved the filler scenes of Mark, Mona and Erica while they disc
  2. I am kind of curious if they will address or come up with a reason why the callings led Michela to find Angelina and bring her back to NY. If the callings and this is set in motion by some higher power -- it certainly is not a benevolent one.
  3. I was under the impression there was no time jump on planet earth - but wherever Cal was he either was there 5 years and returned to the present day or he was aged five years instantly. No time jump except for Cal.
  4. Looking at the interview just posted on the media page -- Cal's blind loyalty to Angelina bugged me, but she would have figured a way to break into that house and get that baby. He might have given her some encouragement, but she was already on that crazy train I liked Eagan as an occasional foil to irritate and mock Ben, but he does not really work as a big bad. Adrian, I think could be interesting, but also think he works better in smaller doses. I wonder if there was a reason why the actor playing TJ could not be part of season 3. There were no ne
  5. He and someone else took a plane up into a storm that was similar to the one that 828 originally disappeared and disappeared themselves some time in the first season. I enjoyed the episode, but did laugh when he showed up briefly with a comical expression and the entire plane disappeared with a Bewitched like special effect. The doctor's reaction was amusing as well. with this show -- she could end up being revived or even come back from the dead, but I have a feeling she is really, truly dead. I have kind of gotten vibes off and on the entire series that Grace might not make
  6. I finally watched the full episode. The "mama" sure seemed like it was scripted, especially with Angelina's reaction to it. I do like Michaela and Jared's boss. It seems odd that Olive has been completely missing from 2 episodes, but who knows what weird scheduling quirks they had with trying to work around COVID. I know the acting does not generally get praised her, but I think the actress playing Michela has improved since season 1. I thought Eagan was genuinely creepy in his scene with Michaela. The only thing that really bugged me about the episode is how he
  7. Was the "mama" clearly dubbed? Otherwise, it could have simply been the baby having an unscripted moment.
  8. All I ask is that Cal discovers he really misjudged Angelina and really messed things up and that he is not really a Moses like figure. I got home late so only caught the last 15 to 20 minutes, but the little I saw of her it seemed like they were playing it that she really was a bit of an apple not that far off of her parents religious fanatics' tree. I don't think that is anti-religious, just an example of characters misusing religion or simply seeing what they want to see and using religion as an excuse for their behavior. We will see if I have a different analysis when I catch
  9. OK - my tolerance with Cal ended with this episode. I will say that if this storyline ends with Cal realizing he was wrong and he is not a source of infallible wisdom, it might be worth it. Also of note, Zeke realized his powers are limited and can be dangerously misinterpreted. Ben has been heading to this point for a while. I am probably in the minority where I like Ben, but am glad he is facing some consequences of his obsessive behavior. Be interesting to see if he steps back and modifies his behavior or goes more off the deep end (am assuming he won't be in prison through the
  10. I am giving it a 50-50 chance. I am guessing it has always been in the mid-season premiere category, so I don't think it being included in the initial press release a necessary death sentence. Sounds like they are playing musical chairs with a handful of series and are deciding who does not get a seat next season.
  11. Arguably, her sudden obsession with a jailed meth addict thinking he was her true love was a sign of mental instability, but I suspect we were not supposed to view it that way.
  12. Especially if a month has passed. Angelina does not exactly ease into things if her instant love is any example. She probably has been less than subtle in her trying to be trying to be like Olive (and clearly not by this episode and the hair). It is too bad they did not show more of the transition, but I thought Olive's annoyance at the beginning of the episode that no one caught was pure teenager. While we don't know more of whether she broke up with TJ and she is perhaps treating him shabbily, it does have shades of typical significant other leaves for college (or in this case Egy
  13. The show has kind of embraced the crazy and borderline nonsensical this season, and in a strange way it works. I am still not sure if the callings and the driving force is good, so it will be interesting to if they go down this route or it ends up being something different. They have also covered ancient Egyptian religious beliefs, so it might end up being a broader picture and even if religious might be something more all-encompassing and not a specific religion like Christianity. Aren't sources of the flood story actually predating Noah and included in a number of cultures
  14. I actually liked the episode and felt bad for Pete and and to some degree Kory. I thought the actor playing Pete did a good job showing that he had been bossed around by his sociopathic, emotionally and physically abusive brother and was struggling to break free of his control and do that right thing. That said, I thought the Angelina factor just distracted from his story. It was not believable that that they were all of a sudden had this great love and would have lived happily ever after. I really do not need to see her grieve for something that was not real. Although in some ways they w
  15. Yes - it kind of felt like it was shoe-horned in and more for setting up something in the future instead of adding to the story. Plus, from what I saw at the end, I am not sure the actress will make an interesting villain. Even on her show Revenge, she probably the least compelling of the villains and gray characters on the show. I think they could have scrapped it and maybe spent the time developing Karly a bit more. I know we were supposed to think of her as some complex character who had good intentions who went down a dark path, but they largely showed someone who came across as
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