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  1. Alexa was great at being a schemer with flashes of vulnerability (which I suspect is how young Erica was). They had Krystal appear initially in a hotel room with a random hook-up and you could tell from her phone conversation with Babe she was not a great mother who would use her daughter to get money. That might have made more compelling and made Babe more relatable. By the time Krystal showed up in Pine Valley a few weeks later, something must have changed behind the scenes, because she was the best mother ever. Fetal pig -- wonder what Lucci really thought of that story. I remember
  2. I had completely forgotten about Liza and Ryan - and barely remember anything about it. Another thing the show messed up was a potentially great couple of Liza and Adam. Liza went from being Adam's equal "I am you" and became just another victim wife. I am not sure why they even had the third marriage because she immediately started blaming threatening to leave him for things he had done -- and they did not even bother to come up with anything new. The things she was harping on him about were things that had come out during the second marriage. Not that anyone should stay in a marriage an
  3. Yes - Frons was a big part of things. Is that around the time Pine Valley developed a big city skyline? While the show always had a favorite character they would have periods of overuse, that went from 3 to 4 times a week, to every day for about 5 straight weeks. They also stopped having as many storylines - so everyday was the same people instead of about six or seven storylines rotating a different combo of three a day so it mixed things up a bit. I think they also panicked with the post-OJ ratings drop, saw Days rise with the Marlena possession story and tried a few outlandish stori
  4. I am glad they already told them it is the final season. My fear was that if it was brought on to Netflix it would end on another cliffhanger and get cancelled again. Netflix is just as bad as the networks on cancelling shows on a cliffhanger. Twenty episodes is about right. I was thinking it needed to short seasons (I think six seasons totally really would have been stretching it). This way they can do two ten episode half seasons. I am watching season 1 now. Interesting to see how the style of the show has changed. There was a more family drama and the supernatural was much
  5. The writing was not great for Mulan, but not sure the actress helped. She did not really bring a lot of layers or subtext to her performance and just seemed antagonistic in season 2. She was more likable when she appeared in later seasons, although it was not because the writing for her improved...
  6. I don't think so. I do not think Frankie had even come to terms with her sexuality - hence the awkward hook-up with JR. That would have been a good follow-up story to flesh-up and follow Bianca's coming out. Bianca was in the closet but was clear on her sexuality. It would have been interesting to see Frankie come to terms with being gay (like Kevin did earlier). She and Bianca had good chemistry and would have made sense for Bianca's first pairing. AMC dud a good job with the coming outs (Michael, Kevin, Bianca), but not so much in showing them in a real relationship. Sad news a
  7. While I thought it was nice they were getting a lot of fan support, I figured once Netflix dropped out early, it was just wishful thinking and it would be best for everyone just to move on. While I still think it is a long-shot, I do again think there is a bit of a chance for another season. I think changing their mind on a second season of the new SUV and not renewing Good Girls might factor in its favor as well. If they do somehow save it, I kind of hope it is for a final season so we know we will get an ending and not another cancellation after a cliff-hanger season finale.
  8. I was bitter about the cancellation of Invasion and Now and Again for years -- both of which ended on cliff hangers and an intriguing set-up for the second season. I think Once and Again was well received by the critics and had decent ratings, so was surprised when that one was cancelled. Invasion, I think was considered a bubble show, so was disappointed, but not as surprised. [I guess Manifest is still a the top of the Netflix watch list into its second week. It is too bad they did not work something out - probably is a better fit for a streaming service.]
  9. It sounds like there were at least some preliminary negotiations between Netflix and Warner Brothers. Be interesting to hear what both sides wanted and what the big differences were. I am not surprised, but I did think there was a chance due to how long it trended number 1 and 2 on Netflix and Netflix tweeting about it after it was cancelled, so it is disappointing news to hear. While not necessarily a great show, I thought it was fun, and thought season 3 was better than season 2. That said, Netflix has been really bad about cancelling their own shows after one season, I could forese
  10. It had been trending strongly there, it will be interesting to see if the viewing drops like a stone now that word of cancellation has gotten out.
  11. I am a little surprised, but not shocked. NBC had already cancelled a number of shows that I thought it had a decent chance and had been in the top 3 on Netflix since its released there, and I hadn't heard of NBC picking up a bunch of pilots (although maybe that is coming). I am trying to think what else is on NBC, and it seems like it is mainly procedurals (Chicago shows - Law & Order) or game/reality shows. I think even This is Us is ending next year. Sunday Night football is probably a big chunk of their annual revenue. This is one of the few shows I watch on network TV. I am gues
  12. I thought when they decided to move in with Beverly they were going to hire some sort of medical professional to help with her care.
  13. I started watching right after these story lines (summer job had it on during lunch). Was the Ross and Natalie affair before she married Palmer or did they have a fling after she became Mrs. Palmer Courtland? When I started watching, Palmer was suspicious and kept setting up traps for them to be alone together, so he could catch them, but Natalie always tried to convince Ross she loved Palmer. The breakdown of Ellen and Ross's marriage was well done. Noone was a great actress, it is too bad they got rid of her and Mark (I loved the filler scenes of Mark, Mona and Erica while they disc
  14. I am kind of curious if they will address or come up with a reason why the callings led Michela to find Angelina and bring her back to NY. If the callings and this is set in motion by some higher power -- it certainly is not a benevolent one.
  15. I was under the impression there was no time jump on planet earth - but wherever Cal was he either was there 5 years and returned to the present day or he was aged five years instantly. No time jump except for Cal.
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