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  1. profdanglais

    S05.E19: Sisters

    Once again, the scenario you come up with is far better than anything the show produced. Can we just go back in time and have you write the whole thing?
  2. profdanglais

    S05.E20: Firebird

    I can't help feeling that would have been a better story.
  3. profdanglais

    S05.E20: Firebird

    Agreed. I do still side-eye the True Love Tackle as pretty half-assed when everyone else gets a TLK, but that elevator scene is one of my all time favourite CS moments.
  4. profdanglais

    S05.E18: Ruby Slippers

    Swan Queen is by far the least believable of those three. But it's important to bring it up. I believe that one main reason Ruby Slippers seemed to come out of nowhere is that there was so much fan demand for an LGBTQ relationship but they had already committed to Captain Swan and didn't seem to want to develop Mulan's sexuality any further, so it's like they said "Okay, which side character can we make gay, or at least bi, to placate the fan base but not ruin any existing ships?" and Ruby was the answer. So OF COURSE there were no clues she was bi before, because the writers didn't know until they decided to pull it from their asses one day. TS/TW
  5. profdanglais

    OUAT Series Rewatch!

    These are dark times.
  6. profdanglais

    S05.E15: The Brothers Jones

    At least someone was doing their job properly. It's too bad all his efforts were torpedoed later on.
  7. profdanglais

    S05.E15: The Brothers Jones

    He also reads Ancient Greek well enough to translate the words on the heart-balancing thingy in the underworld easily enough that he barely had to think about it. This is something that bothers me ENORMOUSLY and I'm pretty sure I whinged about it in the original episode commentary. Hook's education is not something that could have been shoehorned in between years of indenture then piracy unless he was quite young when he joined the navy and spent several years studying hard at the naval academy. People have tried to fanwank it but nope. Can't be done. Just one of the many reasons why I have come to hate this episode so much. Interestingly I was just chatting with a friend about how well OUAT's Hook fits Barrie's original description of the character: Handsome, blue eyed, gentlemanly, educated, dangerous. I do not for one second believe that A&E intended this, mostly because in these later seasons they did their very best to destroy it. They got SO LUCKY with so much of their casting and then shot themselves in the foot over and over again.
  8. profdanglais

    S05.E08: Birth

    That would have been great. If Emma using Merlin's power to save Hook killed Merlin, that could arguably send Emma Full Dark, and leave Hook with the power to counter her and end perhaps with the darkness and light being blended and shared between the two of them. But then we wouldn't have had the millionth retread of Hook vs Rumple or the Underworld (both of which I could frankly have lived without).
  9. profdanglais

    S05.E01: Dark Swan

    Agreeing with everything @Shanna Marie said in her second spoiler tag. On first watch, I thought
  10. Despite these episodes having one of my all time-favourite Captain Swan moments -- the looks on their faces when they run into each other in the tower -- it's ultimately such a mess. Others have dissected why it's a mess better than I could, so can I just rant for a minute about Deckhand Hook? Why? Literally, why is he like that? If he's not himself, if he's a meek deckhand instead of a bold captain, then why is he still dressed as Captain Hook? Why the eyeliner, why the black, why the hook? How did he lose his hand in this version of reality? He should be dressed as a deckhand would dress, he should either have his hand or a less dangerous prosthetic. And who keeps goat's milk in a flask? It would go off in hours and he'd have a flask full of cheese. It just makes no sense. I know that this is just one of many things that make no sense in this storyline, but to me Deckhand Hook is everything that's wrong with it in a microcosm. It just. makes. no. sense.
  11. profdanglais

    Salty asks from Tumblr

    This was my answer on Tumblr to the Which storyline do you wish never happened:
  12. profdanglais

    S04.E11: Shattered Sight

    And yet that still didn't put them off.
  13. It's the magnification that's objectionable. Yes CS had issues, and especially with the whole Dark Ones/Underworld thing, but instead of having them work through it like a loving and committed couple, they brought teh melodramzz and it was just insulting, to the characters and their relationship. I'm not having it.
  14. Honestly, I just pretend S6 never happened. That was not my Captain Swan and I refuse to acknowledge it.
  15. profdanglais

    S04.E05: Breaking Glass

    Except most Swan Queen fans don't give a damn about Emma and just want Regina to have the shiny toy they think she wants, or has "chemistry" with. *SHUDDER* So if you shipped SQ you'd probably just think that Emma was finally giving Regina the appreciation she deserves, or some such abusive and offensive nonsense.