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  1. LOL, that analogy really makes just about as much sense as Regina and Rumple's plan to find The Author. And can you imagine an entire movie built around that premise? It would be ridiculous and no one would be able to take the story seriously.
  2. I feel that Cyrus could very well have become an arrogant and angry Genie and started to lose his moral compass and not care who lived or died, like the person Hook eventually became. The fact that he didn't - despite being a slave to master after master - showed that he was a bit different in his reaction. It was clear he recognized from the start that it was his fault and began with the self-punishment right away. Good point about the magic water! I didn't even think about that connection. I think we talked about it after the first Jafar episode, but the actress was acting like she was really relishing the evil. Before killing that guy, Jafar was super friendly with him. A kid wanting revenge against his father after he tried to drown him doesn't immediately scream "evil" to me. To me, there's just too huge a difference between targeting one person who sort of deserved it, and just killing random people unnecessarily left right and centre. LOL, that's a good point. And Han Solo is admired as a cool guy.
  3. Episode 10 - "Dirty Little Secrets" It's been a crazy week and I finally got around to watching this one. I liked it, though I am easily grossed out and the water guardian looked like something out of a horror film. I was also not a fan of their desecrating Lizard's body by removing her eyes. But the actress who played the Jabberwocky was very effective at oozing evil and creepiness. She wasn't really a love-to-hate type villain... she was a very effective hate villain. I didn't think of Hook with Cyrus, though it's true they both were both seeking redemption for their past transgressions. Though Hook had years to atone for, whereas Cyrus made one huge mistake which was entirely his fault. I normally don't like it when they take a character who seemed purely good, and make them into a despicable scoundrel in the past, but they must have done a good job because I didn't mind this at all. Cyrus should feel badly for his brothers suffering for more than a hundred years and it was entirely his fault his mother was hurt in the fire. I feel if the series had continued, we might have gotten more insight into Cyrus becoming a better person aka genie. I would also have enjoyed a flashback for each of his brothers. I sort of find it interesting that Cyrus was so ashamed of Alice finding out the truth about him, though the viewers also did as well. Ana was right that the 4 of them were not a match for Jafar, though I don't understand why she thinks an army would be effective against such a master magician. I still feel Jafar is way over-powered. I had forgotten but episode really showed how to genuinely redeem a villain. Anastasia genuinely apologized to Rabbit. She refused to leave Wonderland and stayed to fight. She actually wondered why the Tweedle still cared for her instead of taking that for granted. And at the end, she would rather have the Tweedle warn Alice and Cyrus than save herself. We got all of that in one episode with Ana, and almost none of that from Regina in 7 years. Ana was tortured, but we didn't have to see Alice suffer the same tortures (aka Snow having to feel Regina being tortured in 2B). I also really liked that the characters were allowed to be smart, like having a riddle for the 2 doors for Alice. I still don't buy that Amara became such an evil sorceress who murdered innocents, but the twist in this episode that Amara was Cyrus' mother was really a cool twist. I think the problem was how they tried to say Jafar was such a normal nice guy at the beginning so Amara was the one who twisted him into the murderer, but I don't think they needed to go that far. Or maybe they just wanted us to not care that Amara would have to die. I can see Amara pushing the edges of morality to get her sons back, but I think it could have been less extreme.
  4. I was also thinking that maybe Blue could have been the one who spread the idea that villains don't get their happy endings, and created the mythical idea of an Author who rewarded the heroes and punished the villains to motivate good behavior. Instead of finding The Author, maybe Rumple and the Queens of Darkness could have been looking to mess with the threads of The Fates. Perhaps Rumple's weaver guardians told him of a legend of The Fates who wove happy endings for heroes and unhappy ends for villains. Then, the mysterious hooded Weaver could turn around, and it's Blue too, LOL. It really would have been a natural story to tell. It seems like they were solving time problems with the "realm of story" explanation. For example, Dorothy went to Oz at the same time as Zelena, so Dorothy came from a Fictional 1930s world. Would it have been so bad to have wormholes in time? So Dorothy could have travelled through time and space from the real 1930s? If they didn't want to have 101 Snow Whites, maybe the Grimm Brothers travelled forward in time, and witnessed the Snow and Regina that we saw, but they changed it up in their telling. Or they saw different bits and pieces, which caused them to infer a different"version" of events. Or they were told incorrect information... a dwarf saying he heard Regina gave Snow a poisoned comb?
  5. I think initially, I expected a much more simple explanation of the storybook. It would have made sense if Blue had created the book as a way of ensuring the Curse would be broken. Maybe it was initially a self-recording book (like the one in the Oz book), but Blue altered it so that the stories of Snow's best friends and allies would be included. Maybe she also got insider information about what Regina did from a spy within the castle. It was inferred that Blue had to make "preparations" for the Curse I think? But they never referred to that again because let's hire a great actress and let her do nothing! It would have been hilarious if at the end of 4B, Blue had revealed to Regina and Rumple, "I wrote the book, you dumbasses. There's no such thing as The Author". The concept of having someone who is called "The Author" was too convoluted and raised too many problems with the logistics of how he/she can be everywhere at once, and whose stories got told and whose didn't. The whole idea of "The Author" having powers was even worse - it messes with free will, so makes the plot less interesting to me, if someone can just force others to do whatever with their magic pen. I would have liked an exploration of other people from "our" world who had accidentally stumbled upon the Enchanted Forest and other "realms", and had come back telling the stories that THEY saw, perhaps with embellishments or biases. They didn't have to be "The Author". That was how they could have included people like Disney, or the Grimm brothers, Perrault, and even Shakespeare or Jules Verne, etc. if they wanted to be creative with it. They could have had authors like Lewis Carroll or Frank Baum encounter people who did venture into other worlds, so got their information second-hand. Henry didn't need a power. If he really had to have one, maybe he of the Truest Believer could believe something into existence if he thought/felt really hard. It wouldn't be any dumber than Henry waking up in the morning and somehow writing and illustrating an entire tale that happened somewhere else.
  6. I think it was inferred, when she said she was raped. I don't think it was said outright?
  7. Maybe Regina could find Whook on one of the Islands, as she passes them en route to Narnia. Mother Gothel could have sent him there, and we could get a flashback showing how he got de-aged. Is there a literary character similar to Mother Gothel who could have imprisoned Alice? They could still have done Princess and the Frog in Narnia. Rumple could be looking for Aslan so he could become mortal. Aslan turns out to be the Cowardly Lion, who is actually Simba. And The White Witch hated Aslan because she was attacked by Scar as a child. Kidding on these last points (sort of).
  8. I think a happy ending is better, if the Pevensies turned to stone, and there's a possibility of saving them. Finding out that Lucy is Henry and Susan's daughter would have been a nice twist, if we initially think she might be Lucy herself. In that case Lucy would have gone into the wardrobe first, so that explains why she believes. Then maybe Adult Henry and Susan in Hyperion Heights fall in love all over again after they stumble into a wardrobe. Regina and Whook could still have gone to help Adult Henry in Narnia... maybe Whook would have sailed the Dawn Treader. If we had to keep the same actors as Season 7, it might make it a bit more difficult.
  9. That was a good scene, and that really is a stark contrast to Emma learning to accept/love herself versus Regina supposedly realizing she needs to love The Evil Queen part of her, instead of the logical lightbulb moment that SHE was The Evil Queen and need to take responsibility for all the evil she did as The Evil Queen. I just wish the path leading to that scene was better than it was. This show is sometimes good at the climax but not great at the journey leading there. Even though Elsa was a guest star/shiny toy, her role here really was pivotal in Emma's development.
  10. That would have been so disappointing! Narnia was such a rich world with memorable locales and characters, with so many books to source from. But that would have been straight up A&E's alley, given how they squandered the use of Oz, Greek mythology, heck most of the Disney movies, much less Grimm or Perrault fairy tales or folk stories from around the world. Ha! That would definitely have been another case of "To be answered on Twitter..." Or the Narnia kids would be running around the Enchanted Forest and Belle chose to protect an inanimate object over them, or Regina tries to adopt them after trying to murder them, and that's another case where Adam on Twitter would explain they're from a Very Special Fictional WWII Realm™, and that's how they could have been in the EF in the oft-visited Bandit Snow years. They could have done a Christmas episode where in the present-day, Regina feels excluded from the Charming Christmas festivities, while in the past, we see Regina as The White Queen kidnapping Father Christmas and using Edmund as a reindeer, while her father tries to convince her to let the captives go. I wonder how "wise" Aslan would be on "Once".
  11. I finally finished the book, and it's interesting to compare with this play. Because the book was mostly from the point of view of the Doctor, I found him to be a sympathetic character. He was the one telling the cautionary tale, he regretted what he did, was wracked by remorse, and he was overall a good guy who made a huge mistake (I got the sense he was a head-in-the-clouds academic) and did not make good decisions thereafter. The Creature was also more malicious with acts not included in this play like framing an innocent woman for murder and killing the doctor's best friend. I assumed the book was going to be all about who was the bigger monster - the doctor or the Creature, but I think the book was more about how neither of them were monsters, but was more a criticism of society and human "progress". Still, I was reading internet comments on the book, and the majority of people do like the Creature more. The play was written from the POV of the Creature, taken from a few chapters in the middle of the book, when the Creature described all that happened to him before he killed the doctor's little brother. While I do sympathesize with the Creature for how cruel humans were to him and I understand why he turned out the way he did, his horrific deeds made it impossible for me to root for him or feel sorry for him. It's interesting how society has simplified the story to a crazy mad scientist and a creepy dumb monster who can't talk. For some reason, "Once" imposed onto the story sibling rivalry and paternal disapproval. I was watching part of the "Sound of Music" and I started to wonder about what it would be like if A&E had added a "Fictional World War II European World". Would you find Maria and the Von Trapp children there (I know they were based on real people but this fictional version of them). Along with the kids from Narnia? And then Narnia world. Would Regina be friends with Jadis, the White Witch. They could commiserate about manipulating children and turning living organisms to stone.
  12. It was almost like they got to the end of the 5B arc and realized they forgot to work out the details with Hades. Beyond his epic love story with Zelena and that bike ride of twoo luv, of course.
  13. That is such a good idea. They probably didn't know they would be doing Hades and Greek myth until they were planning for 5B, but they could have worked Zelena's past with Hades with her "death" at the end of 3B for sure.
  14. That would have been a really good time to set that flashback. But I guess they needed to have Hades re-create Storybrooke in the Underworld, so they picked the Zelena-was-jealous-of-Regina-for-being-chosen-by-Rump-to-cast-the-Curse phase.
  15. That is so true. By that point, we were supposed to just think she was sassy. It was almost like it was cool to denigrate your "friends".
  16. Yes, if that's going to be the case, just do some stories-of-the-week that are at least fun to watch. Their overarching stories were tediously boring without exception.
  17. As usual, there were a handful of good scenes, with a lot of mediocre scenes I couldn't care less about, especially anything related to the baby. The most interesting scene was Lois' father visiting the psychiatric hospital again and Jan seeing his brother again. Grzegorz having shell shock was moving, and it would be nice to see Douglas helping him. I can see Tom barging in and telling Jan that his older brother was trying to cut in line at Dunkirk, though. There was a well-done scene with Harry and his mother too, but I was just so bored with this whole trite done-a-million-times soapy story. Harry still never explained why he married Kasia. Lois would still be hurt, but you'd think she wouldn't be as rude and unfeeling about the whole situation. Lois agreeing to marry the pilot because he didn't die is just stupid. It was nice we finally get to have some time in Poland. I'm not big on any of the relationships since I wasn't really looking for ships on a historical drama, but the reunion with Harry and Kasia was well done. Webster being Helen Hunt's son was an interesting reveal. Webster crying in the scene with Albert would have really stood out, and I hope that didn't put an even bigger target on Albert's back. It's a bit ridiculous that Helen Hunt's handler would be interested in having sex with her. I know he has round glasses and is supposed to look unattractive, but he's 20 years younger than her. This show is very mediocre, but I do hope for more seasons. We should be able to see how the bombings and air raids will mean that England is no longer safe.
  18. This show definitely works so much better believing that this is what happened to Will AFTER Season 4. I could almost imagined it aired as a Season 8 after the disaster of Jacinda and Friends. The other way around would actually somewhat ruin this show, to think that even after all this, Will and probably Ana had both reverted. Cyrus reminded me of Hook right from the start... those V necks on every outfit he has are seriously very reaching. Maybe it's my cynical lense from the parent show, but I felt like they were portraying Alice as irrational and had to be talked down by Cyrus, like two females just can't work together. It didn't help that Ana made a few Regina-esque quips in the tent like how Alice and Cyrus are even more "insufferable" in person and claiming that Alice only thinks about herself. I did like that the regular people were allowed to be angry at Anastasia and she actually admitted straight-out that she was a horrible queen. Imagine if someone else had acknowledged that. It would have been nicer if they had shown the regular people weren't cruel enough to tie up Cyrus and Alice to leave them to die as well. I must admit I was sad to see the glowing necklace go to the wolves, literally, but it's a nice concept that it was their past. I like how they still gave Alice and Cyrus stuff to work with once they've reunited, unlike how they didn't know what to do with Snowing after the Curse broke. Alice being afraid that the battles never end and hoping to just have her happy ending and rest is an interesting response, which of course makes the revelation that the other genie's are Cyrus's brothers more difficult to take. I too thought it was clever how the fireworks in Will's subplot dove-tailed so nicely with giving Cyrus proposal a nice backdrop. I really hated the Jabberwocky due to her cruelty but she was a very effective villain. She was creepy and extremely menacing. What they did to Lizard was really cruel. Her last "wish" could have been just a passing comment, like the whole "I wish I was never the Savior" from Season 6.
  19. That could explain why the Genie rules were different in Season 6, if Disenchanted Genies operated differently. The Season 6 storyline also diverged from the animated movie because Jafar was still around to taunt Aladdin about being Savior after they freed the Genie, so Jafar couldn't have been trapped in the lamp the same way.
  20. The showrunners seem to be doubling down and I don't think they see the problems with this season. From their interview from fall finale: Well, they were boring as individuals. And their interview from season finale: More Abby for next year. Same old same old.
  21. Could the Jafar from OUATIW have come from the Disenchanted Forest with Jacinda and Friends? Now that we know it's so easy to go back and forth between realms that have the exact same characters.
  22. The Palace in Agrabah looked different in Wonderland vs. Season 6, so maybe there are different cities. I wonder why Jafar would be working as an advisor to another Sultan? How did Aladdin's Genie fit in with his plans? What about the Savior mythology? It really makes you want to watch "Street Rats" again, doesn't it?!
  23. I hope someone will eventually post a list of all the scenes PBS cut. In this day and age, I'm surprised someone is wasting their time to do this, not to mention they're damaging the intentions of the filmmaker. I heard they muted some swearing in the last one, and that is fine, but cutting scenes short or cutting them entirely is more egregious. Can't they just go a little over-time? It's not like PBS has to stick to a specific schedule. I'm not sure what story this show is trying to tell, and that's why it's coming off as an unfocused mess. The home front stuff is more about relationship angst. What's the point of Lois working in a factory if we never see it? Dunkirk happened and we saw some battle scenes, and now it's over, but we don't get to see how returning soldiers are dealing back in England (if they had cut out the Dunkirk episode, I don't think we would have been able to tell based on how Harry was acting). You'd think Lois's dad would have questioned Harry to ask specifics about what he saw on the beach to glean some clue about what could have happened to his son. Meanwhile, there are some stand-alone plots in Germany and Poland, which are disconnected from the rest of the show. And now, they've added German-occupied Paris. The connections are as shallow as there's a character who's a relative of some other characters. They can tick off the espionage checkbox next.
  24. I was also thinking about how in this show, the Genie was at their core a person and we cared about how they felt being a Genie. Compare that to Aladdin becoming the Genie in Season 6. He was a plot device, nothing more. Where does the Jasmine/Aladdin flashbacks from Season 6 fit into Jafar's flashbacks on this spinoff?
  25. The German mother was one of my favorite characters in one of the few fully interesting storylines, so it was sad to see her and Hilda killed off. Tom was being difficult towards people who were risking their lives to save him. He couldn't be more irritating. Lois was still annoying as well. I felt zero chemistry with the pilot. I guess this was the episode we found out the American doctor had a brother pilot. So Eddie is the boyfriend of Lois' friend. These "connections" are so pointless it's almost like a pointless gimmick at this point. It was nice to see shell-shocked Geoff again, though. I guess now I understand why Grzegorz didn't make it on the DVD cover. There's no room in the narrative for him anymore. The American doctor being so cavalier about the saxophone player staying in Paris was frustrating. He could be making it worse by making an appeal at the holding facility. I guess it's "lucky" he found the only sympathetic probably gay German officer in the vicinity. So Harry gets to be a spy now? He's generally a nice guy, but when has he ever done anything intelligent?
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