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  1. Whoah, Heather really lost her temper at Luann's party. She was attacking Mindy (heh) for the very same thing she was doing-butting in, when it wasn't her fight. Mind your own business, Heather. You look deranged.
  2. Rosemary, you teach people how to treat you. Thy take advantage of you because you let them.
  3. Ugh, go buy something worthwhile for your (24!) kids instead of a tattoo. He is such a brat, asking for his wives' blessing then when a couple of them have reservations, he brings up their earrings and hair dye.
  4. I didn't really connect with the prison storyline, and I was disappointed along with them when their tickets to "My Fair Lady" didn't materialize. Shelagh's hope for a baby continues to break my heart. There is still no spark between Alex and Jenny. Why don't Trixie and Cynthia have boyfriends? This episode didn't seem to go anywhere, and there are only a few episodes left!
  5. You guys, I hope my feeling about Shelagh is wrong....if they have trouble conceiving, or if she loses a baby, I will be so sad. I was hoping they would just adopt baby Carol. I like the character of Jenny, but she needs more depth. She needs to experience some hardship, some heartbreak, overcome some obstacles, something. And her boyfriend is so bland and they have no chemistry. I want some romance! Maybe Cynthia or Trixie will get some action. Love Trixie's haircut, and shenwas looking fab in that green sheath.
  6. Brady's a nut for freaking out about his daughter's non-date, but if these women were truly sister wives then Rosemary wouldn't be jealous when he waits for her to get home from said non-date. She would be glad that he is such an involved father. Speaking of which, 24 children, one wife desperately trying for another, and they want to adopt? I am speechless. How about you focus your love, attention, time, money on the children you already have?
  7. Joyce's husband was very calm but assertive during the reunion. That guy oozes manners, class, and intelligence. I like Joyce a lot so far, but she gets flustered and loses her cool under pressure.
  8. Jessa's behaviour in this episode made me really uncomfortable. She had a smile pasted on her face the whole time (much like her mother's fake permasmile) but she was so awkward and antisocial. People kept talking to her and she would just smile and it would take her a long time to answer, like she was having a hard time formulating a response. It's got to be hard to be "courting" on national television, but this girl has been on television since she was a small child. She has had so much practice. I think she's terrified. Of what, I don't know. Disappointing her parents? That Ben won't marry
  9. I thought maybe he just didn't like radishes.
  10. Gosh, it's a lovely show, isn't it? So nice to spend time with these characters again. I was a little worried about little Freddy in his pram when Chummy ran to the aid of the woman in labour-it would have been nice to hear her ask one of the crowd to keep an eye on him. The scene with Shelagh embroidering crosses on a baby dress just got to me, emotionally. If this were a different kind of show, I would worry for her. But I'm sure the baby will come, and will be healthy. Right?
  11. The other factor Kim isn't considering is that the graduation party was filmed for the show. So Lisa, after working at a charity event in MIssouri for two days, traveling by plane across the country, and arriving in Beverly Hills, would then have to get dressed, do her hair and makeup, and appear "on"-charming, funny, make for good t.v. if she decided to go the party. Instead she went to Sur to relax. She needed downtime, not more work. This whole argument is just absurd. Kim needs to get over herself. LIsa may or may not be a good friend, but in this scenario she wasn't to blame.
  12. Man, that stinks. The producers probably fed Brandi the "Sochi's calling" line, too.
  13. I used to think Avery was such a calm, sweet little girl to be raised by Ramona, but as she gets older I am seeing more of Ramona in her. When she was getting ready for the prom and getting exasperated at Ramona's emotional reaction, she sounded so strident and harsh. Just like Ramona when she's angry. It was still a very sweet scene and so classic-every teenage girl has been through that stage, when you find your Mom's love for you embarassing. I like to see normal parent-child interactions on these shows, it's such a change from the constant catfighting.
  14. Yeah, "nothing" was a pretty vile thing to say. In the midst of all that drama, I did like Carol's little black dress she wore to Aviva's party. She has good taste.
  15. Her husband seems horrid, but it's hard to feel bad for her because, after all, she married him. I noticed that when she was pushing him away at the end of the race, he said, "but you told me to go ahead!" So she's one of those types, who wants him to stay, but says, "no, it's okay, go ahead," then gets mad at him anyway. I think they are both jerks.
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