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  1. Well, Awkwafina is the star on the rise. The show doesn't get made if it's not built around her.
  2. love the show, too, but due to my wife’s work travel we end up watching it in a 2.5 hour block every Sunday. Hard to keep anybody straight after all that.
  3. I love that I wandered by just as the conversation turned to "Six". My wife and I will be seeing that in London in August, as she's an absolute dork over the history of the royals. 🙂 It'll be our third time in London and first time seeing a play over there - I'm not sure why it never occurred to us before. (Well, our first visit was a rushed near-disaster, but the last time we were there we had all kinds of time. Oh well, we'll fix it this time!)
  4. This may not be due to the size as much as a factory setting called "motion smoothing" (or, on my Samsung, "Auto Motion Plus"). If you like it, great, but there may be a way in the menus to cancel it if you don't.
  5. EDIT: I had posted that new episodes were moving to MotorTrend, but this is a mistake. No USA airing details for Season 28 just yet.
  6. Well, this would explain how nobody has ever won twice.
  7. Just in case you were wondering, it’s apparently over (again).
  8. Last two new episodes of The Return air Sunday night at 11 & 11:30 pm, so it would seem that that will be it for Return. Reloaded has been renewed for a second season on Cooking Channel.
  9. Oh, so that’s how she changed out of it?
  10. They've also shown Wink Martindale and Vanna White in the audience in recent episodes, so they must still be auditioning 🙂
  11. The Court TV page on Wikipedia has an affiliate list. I know it replaced This TV in a number of markets (like mine) but not everywhere.
  12. Thoughts on the new cast? I like Paddy, don't much care for Freddie, but overall the show feels much livelier than the LeBlanc years (he was good enough, but the show felt a little too smooth and mellow under his watch). I just hope they can eventually start giving us more than five episodes a year!
  13. the506 says that other than NYC, there will only be four cities where a local preseason football broadcast will affect CBS: Cincinnati, Norfolk, Savannah GA and Quad Cities IA.
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