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  1. lambertman

    Veronica Mars Spoilers & Speculation: New Season(s)

    They launched it early.
  2. lambertman

    Sneaky Pete

    Ricky Jay/Vignetti.
  3. lambertman

    The $100,000 Pyramid

    The good news about having one celebrity being regrettably deficient in the game is that both contestants get a shot at the Winner's Circle while playing with the other celeb 🙂
  4. lambertman

    Rowan & Martin's Laugh In

    The whole series is on Amazon Prime now, btw. Good chance to catch up on Arte's brilliance.
  5. lambertman

    What is...In the Media?

    Netflix has added a package of every season premiere from the first 32 seasons; however - and awesomely - the “season 1 premiere” is actually a pilot, with a few differences in look and feel even from what aired when the show started ... including dollar values starting at $50.
  6. lambertman

    S31:E11/12 This One is For One Million Dollars

    Me not being aware of Old Fort Wayne in Detroit, I imagined my wife and I making it on the show, getting to the final 3, completing the drum task first, and victoriously climbing into a cab and driving to Northeast Indiana's largest city, counting our million dollars all the way...
  7. lambertman

    2019 Womens World Cup France

    Norway-Australia was just a thrilling match yesterday. Hoping for more of the same now as France-Brazil gets underway. (Especially if it tired out the winner ahead of Friday’s match with the US. 🙂 ) as an Arsenal fan *, I’m also rooting for Vivienne Miedema and the Dutch, and to a lesser extent, England. * Arsenal men make me hate life more often than not, but Arsenal women make up for it.
  8. lambertman

    S10.E05: We're Back & Divorced

    If you go back to the original post, Doug says he made the Paige part up as a joke.
  9. lambertman

    S14.E01: Auditions 1

    To be fair, "I feel personally attacked" is a popular social media joke. The person only deleted that tweet and put up another one that says she was joking.
  10. lambertman

    Good Eats Reloaded

    He's previously said 3rd quarter, which I take to mean late September.
  11. lambertman

    S10.E20: Can't Elope

    It was perhaps a little more Al Bundy than Jay Pritchett, but yeah, fantastic. :)
  12. lambertman

    The Kitchen

    Nope, they showed it yesterday (and right now) , as well as putting it up on the website.
  13. I guess Donny was a little bit poultry, a little bit rock'n'roll.
  14. lambertman

    Lori Greiner: Queen of QVC

    This certainly isn't a trait limited to Lori, and it's probably one encouraged by Production.
  15. lambertman

    Doctor Who in the Media

    Just to fill in the gaps, Doctor Who lost to Peaky Blinders and Bradley Walsh lost to Ant & Dec. Looks like the NTAs are more or less the UK's People's Choice Awards (TV categories), whereas the TV portion of the BAFTAs are the UK's Emmy equivalent?