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  1. And by tonight I obvs meant Thursday. Sorry!
  2. 50th Anniversary special tonight at 9/8 central. Two hours!
  3. Am I over analyzing everything now, or was Steve Martin kind of rude to/dismissive of Selena Gomez on a couple occasions last night?
  4. Rough hour overall. I wonder if the producers decided to rip off the band-aid by putting the two worst-played eps of the season together. At least I hope they were!
  5. Not "boxer shorts", but fairly similar in length to the shorts that boxers wear while...boxing. (He's worn them every week; I assumed it has something to do with his accident recovery?)
  6. So I watched and commented on those two eps back in February; did anybody else watch them Tuesday night?
  7. I just went back to thefutoncritic and they've already made updates to what I saw 48 minutes ago. Tonight is now Delivery: Exotic Meats (which was 6/23; that date is now Episode TBA). This is a nice development!
  8. Also immediately recognize Storm Large's name from "Rock Star" (although I thought she was on the INXS season at first, apparently confusing her with Jordis). Research shows she's been busy in recent years touring with Pink Martini, which seems to be a similar outfit to Postmodern Jukebox, but doing older music instead. I thought she sounded great, and pretty original for this show.
  9. New episodes have always been happening; the question is when does it go back into the studio. Tonight is a "Guy Cooks the Games" ep and 6/23 and 6/30 are both Delivery games. Food Network usually releases episode details for a month near the end of the current month, so we should know next week if July is back to normal.
  10. Cold Brew and Bone Marrow eps will air 6/22 on Food Network
  11. Title is “Family Game Fight” with an F.
  12. I think the pilot someone saw in Briga's IMDb was "To Whom May It Concern" , given that it's listed at the top... but according to The Futon Critic, that one was shot back in 2019. So I'm declaring this still a mystery.
  13. Ugh. I also just watched the last two-hour episode. Game 3, with the contestant who got nothing right, yet somehow still won the game by drawing "Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer" in Bid-a-Note? A travesty. One contestant in an earlier game also seemed never to have heard any popular music before in their life, and then there was at least one more instance of calling a contestant wrong for giving too many words. It was like the show was playing their "greatest hits of fail"! Thoroughly disappointed in this revival and don't care to see it renewed, but at least the band was pretty good.
  14. I got Phantom, but did so through flawed thinking; my brain saw “lead role” and conflated it with “title role”, which was true here but not always , of course.
  15. This episode is free on Food Network Go (cable/et al. login required).
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