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  1. Cold Brew and Bone Marrow eps will air 6/22 on Food Network
  2. Title is “Family Game Fight” with an F.
  3. I think the pilot someone saw in Briga's IMDb was "To Whom May It Concern" , given that it's listed at the top... but according to The Futon Critic, that one was shot back in 2019. So I'm declaring this still a mystery.
  4. Ugh. I also just watched the last two-hour episode. Game 3, with the contestant who got nothing right, yet somehow still won the game by drawing "Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer" in Bid-a-Note? A travesty. One contestant in an earlier game also seemed never to have heard any popular music before in their life, and then there was at least one more instance of calling a contestant wrong for giving too many words. It was like the show was playing their "greatest hits of fail"! Thoroughly disappointed in this revival and don't care to see it renewed, but at least the band was pretty good.
  5. I got Phantom, but did so through flawed thinking; my brain saw “lead role” and conflated it with “title role”, which was true here but not always , of course.
  6. This episode is free on Food Network Go (cable/et al. login required).
  7. Given the locale of the final scene, I was pretty surprised that the final sitcom SW chose to recreate was "Dexter" 😁
  8. Billie Eilish is such an engaging interview subject. I'm impressed.
  9. Not so much "stopped" as "ran out". Episodes we're seeing now are built from outtakes from previous years. Whenever live audiences return, I imagine guests will be, too.
  10. Watched the first two. About the same feel as last season’s episodes - that is, slower-paced than the old series but still with some funny lines. AB’s cold brew setup is kind of ridiculous, even for him. The marrow ep was fairly intriguing throughout. Will get to the third one this weekend.
  11. Supermarket Sweep, Card Sharks and The Chase ( and, we assume, The Hustler) as well. Plus, $100,000 Pyramid has shot an entire new season that hasn't been scheduled yet.
  12. How are they still finding previously unused material after all this time? Amazing.
  13. It taped in November 2020 in Sydney, Australia. All the contestants were American ex-pats living there.
  14. Echoing my enjoyment of having one of Monica/Marcus in the other room during the skills tests and free to talk. I do miss having a third critic, but that's life right now.
  15. I know someone on the staff. This episode was a holdover from season 4 and was a year older than the rest of them that have aired this season. There was no particular reason this one got held back, other than ABC decided they wanted to air the "Code Blue" Season 5 episode way early instead and this is the one that was bumped. There are actually three left unaired from Season 5 right now, when you account for Code Blue.
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