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  1. Here’s the thing. In raising your daughters I would think “being on a reality show where any confrontation can get you booted and cost you $750k” is not part of what you would need to teach them. I have no doubt that if Brent had approached Hannah in the outside world, she would have shut his ass down quick. However, this is Big Brother. A show where Dick is still considered one of the greats. A show where Mike degraded and humiliated Erika all season long pretending to like her and still won over her. Women do not generally have the luxury to just tell off men and say ‘get the fuck away from
  2. I'm not too concerned about Brent being blindsided. It's a game. A game he's been a dick for pretty much the entire time. And he actually pushed for the nominations to remain the same, which, if you're on the block you HAVE to take a shot at getting the veto used on you. He's delusional that he has Alyssa in his back pocket, and the votes, and he's set this week, and his "Plan" to remain on the block worked, and did I mention he's a dick? I think he'll be a dick when he leaves, give some dickish interviews about how the evil women are picking on the Italian, and then fade into obscurity.
  3. I’ve been out of pocket this weekend, but super happy it looks like Brent is going home. Would be super happy to see Whitney follow him out next week. After that, I get all hurt when anyone says they are targeting anyone else (other than Alyssa/Christian). I like so many people. Britini annoys the fuck out of me, but I don’t have any beef with her personally. Same with Azah. Same with many of them. While This week will probably be boring, I’ll be OK with that. I’ll just switch over to Olympics. But I will be looking forward to Wednesday discussions of what everyone is prepared to do with t
  4. Oh, now I'm second guessing myself. I know there was a named alliance with Maggie and the Cappy Cult in Season six. I thought they named it The Friendship, but I might be mixing up stupid names. I know their alliance was NOT named the Cappy Cult.
  5. Brent to Whitney right now talking about Derek F: 'He said his stategy was to cook and clean his way to the end'. Whit 'I feel if he said that, he was joking?' Brent: Yeah, but that just means he doesn't have a real strategy and those kind of people need to go, and we'll just get rid of them all'. Also Brent "We have the numbers regardless". I'm sorry @Callaphera, it might be boring, but I need him GONE! Poor Whitney, both having to listen to this and being the pawn this week. And I don't LIKE Whitney!
  6. Season 5 - Four horsemen (Puke - and two got to the final two). Season 6 - the Friendship - the creepiest name EVER (also got to the final 2). Season....after 10 I don't care - the Brigade - don't get me started. Naming alliances does work, maybe that's the reason.
  7. I just....why is it any time these people make any kind of alliance, their focus seems to be on what to name it? Is it a "Thing" that they HAVE to choose a name? Ky/Xavier/DerekF making the 98th alliance in the house, and trying to come up with a good name for the three of them. I would just say "Hey, I trust you, I want to work with you, we're done". There MUST be some prodding from the DR to come up with some lame ass name.
  8. Brent/Whitney is the plan with Brent going home. My love of Xavier has been restored. And Brent can't play wildcard. Xavier's team's plan is to get DereX to play Wildcard and throw it so it can't benefit Brent in any way. Xavier is still wanting to meet with teams/individuals, but this seems to be a very solid plan.
  9. I'm really feeling hopeful about this Xavier/Ky meeting right now. Xavier picking Ky's brain about how to deal with doing the HOH thing, but also asked him about a girl's alliance and if that was a problem, and they both kind of agreed that even if it's 8-5, no way do all of the 8 really make a strong alliance (which....very true) and won't win 5 hoh's in a row anyway (also true). It makes me hopeful that Xavier would be cool just cutting Brent. I know his team (at least from what I read and saw on the show tonight) would be down for that. And it's a very clean HOH, knocking down anot
  10. Oh, man, if Britini gets nominated AGAIN? She will lose it. And I am here for that. After tonight? Completely over her.
  11. Hah! Watching it knowing what happened, Derex and Hannah totally threw that last question - they were celebrating like they’d won when they were told they answered wrong. But I don’t think they really thought it would be Xavier.
  12. Xavier? Of all the possibilities of who I thought would win HOH, he'd be last. Unfortunately, I think he's pretty solid with Brent. I think a woman is going out this week. Not that I necessarily have a problem with that, but I cannot STAND Brent, and was hoping he'd be feeling a bit what Frenchie felt last week.
  13. Simply for that rap sequence I just sat through (I'm running behind) I wanted her OUT!
  14. I'm fascinated with Xavier. He seems to see this whole thing as a business. You make the alliances you need to make, you just be cool with everyone, and that's how you play the game. But damn it, he wants to go to sleep when he wants, and work out, and chill, and hates all this drama stuff that people insist on doing. Just vote people out, and that's that. The fact that he's also horny as fuck and is his worst enemy because of that adds an extra layer. He was my favorite week one, but now I just don't really know. I can't get a handle on him.
  15. From what I'm reading and hearing, Brent definitely is moving up to Public Enemy #1 position. Maybe telling multiple women that "the house" definitely needs to get a woman out next week to "even things up" is not the best way to play this game.
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