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  1. Jobiska

    S17.E04: Survive in Style

    Everyone's covered everything substantive so I'll just comment that I liked the flash of a Phillies jersey when Renee was talking about her scouting, outdoorsy sons and daughters. Surprised the logo wasn't blurred! OT: @mightysparrow, love the user name!
  2. Jobiska

    S38.E04: I Need a Dance Partner

    Again (as per my comment last week), no predators in Fiji of a size to tackle a chicken, unless a feral dog got away from a village or something. From this site: "Mongoose, cats, pigs, and rats are efficient predators on native birds, reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates, causing greatly diminished populations or extirpation on islands. Taveuni is the largest island without mongoose at this point, and Gau is still free of feral pigs. " I don't know what island they are on and whether there are even any permanent inhabitants. (per Wikipedia, "Fiji consists of an archipelago of more than 330 islands—of which 110 are permanently inhabited.") I expect they tend to choose uninhabited ones for camp sites (and fly or boat them over to village-based rewards). Not that I approve of what Wendy's doing, even though I myself don't eat chicken. But she's not dooming them to meet nature red in tooth and claw. I said to my son that Rick was just going to walk up there, read the signs, and grab the torch without hesitation and turn left. And he did! No "F those guys," no "dear Jesus dear Jesus," just a silent thought "okay then" and here we go. (I don't mind Rick and certainly liked his pairing with David much better than Kelley's two bonds).
  3. Jobiska

    S38.E03: Betrayals Are Going to Get Exposed

    Eh, Oceanian chickens (even domestic ones raised for food) are pretty savvy. When I lived in Tonga they wandered all over the place and so did dogs, and I never saw predatory carnage. The dogs were more interested in our garbage, leading to me shooing and shooing away a bunch of puppies and hearing Tongans laugh from a nearby building "ha ha ha palangi ha ha ha kuli." [Palangi = foreigner, kuli = dog] So I guess the most damage was to my ego. There really aren't a lot of apex predators in the smaller islands of Oceania. In fact the chickens are probably more susceptible to being preyed upon (despite my lack of anecdata) by domestic dogs or cats in more built up areas. They would be fine if Wendy let them out. I feel like there were other seasons they encountered feral or strayed-domestic chickens (that they couldn't catch) but I might be wrong. I really don't think factory farming has come to Fiji in a big way, and all the Google hits I got were articles about small business and nicely green ventures. Those weird production-supplied boxer briefs. I've seen people comment on Joe's, but Chris has them too, just in a slightly less jarring color combination. One time when he was being talked about there was a shot of him squatting down at the shoreline or a tidepool, and the central part stretched in a rather optical-illusion way over his glutes and then retracted when he stood up. It was trippy. I didn't really expect trippy when I was looking at his glutes.
  4. Jobiska

    S38 Kelly Wentworth

    Most people who menstruate aren't that regular, and near-starvation can wreak havoc with even a usually regular schedule.
  5. Jobiska

    S07.E09: All Inclusive

    Singular "they" is actually quite old: https://public.oed.com/blog/a-brief-history-of-singular-they/ I'm fine with it. And I say this as a Quaker only one generation removed from a nuclear family that used "thee" and "thy" at home, in place of "you" which was originally second person plural or used as an honorific second person singular (the reason Quakers didn't use it. My grandparents are gone, but I've still heard my dad and aunt say it to each other when they are together, which alas is infrequent. I miss it!). If we're comfortable using "you" for one person, we can get comfortable using "they" for one person. There are other options, e.g. zie/zir/zim, and if someone tells me that's what zie wants me to use, then that's what I will use, but I actually find singular they much easier. But I agree that the time since filming made Alyssa's grand pronouncement that the guest judge uses "they" quite didactic and condescending sounding. But not as condescending as Michelle is on a regular basis. And celebrating that "X" as if it were a great thing--I suspect that there are many people who would not like their gender referred to as X, even if that's what it is on a state form.
  6. Jobiska

    S38.E02: One of Us Is Going to Win

    I've been in Fiji (more in Tonga though). They had torrential rain the night(?) before, enough that they were comparing hand wrinkles. She buried it very near some rocks and vegetation. If areas with rooted plants are exposed to tide at all, it would be an extremely unusually high tide. Even the texture of the sand looked to me more like higher up sand than actual right at the beach sand.
  7. Jobiska

    S38.E01: It Smells Like Success

    Looked like David was starting a stye or other sort of irritant on his upper eyelid, and I thought Kelley looked very, very tired at the very least, possibly sick or perhaps still slightly concussed?, at TC. Her eyes were narrow and a bit puffy-lidded rather than big and round and she looked quite wan. In an early TH Lauren raved about Kelley being her idol and Joe being her Survivor crush, so I think their pairing was based more on just "oh yeah I played soccer too." It's flattering to have someone idolize you, especially if they aren't fawning, and since they were alone in the soccer scene, they probably talked further game/alliance then too. I've noticed a trend on message boards over the years that "going through people's stuff" to look for idols etc. is anathema to many, more unforgivable than almost any other Survivor sin, and yet a lot of posters are ready to forgive Reem for putting stuff out to dry/moving stuff without asking. By this measure, one would think it incumbent upon an idol possessor to tell everyone "don't go through my stuff." I'm with Nashville (I think it was he) a page or so back that your stuff is your only measure of privacy, and the person touching it should ask, rather than you have to preemptively tell people not to. Now I'm actually not one of those people who thinks that looking in bags is that horrible, and I don't think Reem's actions were that horrible either, but they weren't great. Probst's bright blue shoes in the intro scene made him look like a proud preschooler to me. Maybe they light up! Edited to add: I hope there are fish that like to eat bananas, because there definitely were a lot of things floating away.
  8. Jobiska

    S33.E02: Hellraiser

    Whenever it's an answer on a Sporcle (trivia website) quiz, my son and I add "jackass" automatically. Topic: I liked how TJ casually adjusted his cap (or some such move) after he drove over the cars the first time.
  9. Jobiska

    S33.E02: Hellraiser

    That is so weird, I agree. I saw a snake moving across the sand in a sidewinder fashion. I thought sidewinders were only from the southwestern US, but I looked them up and there are two viper species in Angola/Namibia/Kalahari desert area that locomote in that manner. Considering that the "relic" is obviously African or African-inspired, I guess that's the desert environment they're tearing up with monster trucks and four wheelers. Glad screechy Ashley is gone. Now we only have one Ashley who I guess is still doomed to have his last initial on his outfits. I will say Da'Vonne is a good narrator and delivers her talking head zingers naturally. That goes a long way in my book! Johnny's favorite phrase about Wes is "piece of shit." How original.
  10. I went to the link to Lolo's twitter and noticed that she tagged the wrong Tom Green, a professor who has that handle rather than "TomGreenLive," and who mentions an ugly situation where some radio DJs fanned the flames of the comedian's supporters and they wrote threateningly to the professor....ugh!
  11. Jobiska

    Windy City Rehab

    Thanks so much, @LoveIsJoy! I really appreciate your detailed recap, as I would only catch it by chance. I like your profile picture too! We live in a Philadelphia rowhouse and several years ago someone stole the decorative iron grates off of our basement windows--while we were sleeping! I vaguely heard a noise at 3 A.M. Some metal is stolen for metal recycling which pays cash, some for resale as cool old stuff--some years later we heard of a place where a lot of them had been seized and you could go look for yours, but we'd never reported it (just didn't think to) and not sure we'd have known which were ours, if they were there. So sure, people could steal a sink. But from all I'm reading above, I suspect that in this case they didn't necessarily.
  12. Jobiska

    Windy City Rehab

    I've only watched one episode and that I mostly slept through; her angst about every little thing was too much for me from the parts I did see, though. But as I watch that channel a lot, I have seen the promos about a zillion times, and I'm curious about what happened with the one where she is driving by and sees a huge pile of bricks in the gap where a rowhouse would be, and then is seen sitting sadly with another person on the steps in front of the pile. If this episode has shown, can someone be so kind as to enlighten me as to what happened and why it was a surprise to her?
  13. Jobiska

    S06.E15: Shame Cocoon

    I can tell because Ashton has a giant square head like Howie Long or the catcher guy who is one of the Phillies sportscasters (Ben something?), like how can they even wear hats, and Tyler has a normal ol' blah head. I'm no great Laura fan, but I'm not going to blame her for "talking to other people" about Adrian, especially in talking head interviews, because I find it likely that they prod her for a response there so of course she's going to tell us.
  14. Jobiska

    S11.E07: A Lifetime of Achievement

    Ha, no, I don't remember that, because I generally don't remember specific plots from old show episodes; but, strangely, one of the bits I remember very specifically from the original opened with "Devil With a Blue Dress" with Murphy prepping in the morning, getting dressed in a blue dress, making her way to work, obviously feeling she looked great, arriving at work...and there was Corky with the same exact dress, reacting all "Isn't this a HOOT?" Funny that it got turned around on her in this one!
  15. Jobiska

    S37.E13: Finale

    Natalie Anderson, winner of Survivor San Juan del Sur, who raced on TAR with her twin Nadiya ("Twinnie!") twice. Nadiya was I believe the first boot on the Survivor season (It was a Blood v. Water season).