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  1. Agree, and that's why I said what I did above, because I do think the front-line and the mom stuff can either help one mature through that, or make it double down, and I'm hoping for her it's doing the former. Also, Camila has always been one of my least favorite Challengers, and I still remember her (at least I'm 99% sure it was her) yelling at Amanda with Amanda (yes, obnoxiously angrily) fighting back, but Camila yelled something about "freckle faced" and criticizing appearance is really below the belt, and also of the two, Camila has always been a worse human being to me, so...there's t
  2. In the thread on episode 1, I said it sounded like the first 6 notes of the cat's theme from Peter and the Wolf (in which the cat is a villain and the duck a patsy, and as those were my favorite animals plus I was already a budding feminist from birth and wasn't too fond of boy-hero-can-do-no-wrong tales, I wasn't too fond of it, so I don't appreciate Shan sticking it in my head every week). I did like Shan until this ep--I don't mind ruthless, but I thought she was unnecessarily mean and un-pastor-like. I did like JD, because having a young adult son who's had his doofy moments, I hav
  3. Ed waited for a little while at least, and voiced that he was going to do so. I laughed when CT called him and Nelso the shiny muscle cars or however he phrased it. I'm willing to believe people change, and I think it is possible that working on the COVID front lines and being a mom has helped Amanda mature. She certainly has been more sensible this time.
  4. Yes, I loved that smile! And the mirror convo. It was interesting that he was listed as a number with, I think CT/Devin/Etc., despite being a rookie. Well, look at that stuck up, fake Amber, losing graciously and congratulating the winners. How hateful. (eyeroll to Berna and Esther).
  5. I just thought about it and checked--AstroTurf is a brand name. I hope they request compensation for every time the word is used! Heh.
  6. I had the same experience. The two things I miss a lot about TWoP are the really funny recaps and the rule to not start a post with "um.." because it was condescending. I mean, I know some might think that is micromanaging, but I found it made the dialogue much more pleasant and refreshing, even when people disagreed. I would have loved to see the reaction to the breadfruit. I do wish the treks up the hill would change. There was so much up and down that hill (same hill?) in the Winners at War season...it's starting to get tedious. The butterfly quote never had anything about
  7. EEK! Thanks for filling me in. That's nasty. I usually skim down Wikipedia entries to see if they have a "controversy" section and maybe someone should make one for him.
  8. I think it was the third one, where they are all kissing each other (after the one where Deref kisses Ky a lot), and Ky comes up behind Derex and kisses the side of his head and someone (Tiff?) says "Claire's thinking hmmm" or something like that...or it was slightly before when someone tried to kiss Derex....anyway, along those lines. ETA: I didn't know who Todrick was but he seems innocuous enough from his Wikipedia entry, but perhaps I'm missing something.
  9. Now I can't wait till Tony's or Cory's kids are on the Challenge and saying "this is to pay for the nursing home for my father!" I forgot to look when Cory retrieved his bag (or maybe they didn't show it) but I did think of him because of his fear of going down deep based on his childhood traumatic experience. I do feel for him on that one! Having the heats in 4s made it rather difficult to get coverage of everyone, so each round I'd be "wait, they were in this one too?"
  10. And East Coast big city dwellers--Christie is from Philly. Which, hearing all the above, I'm actually feeling Deref was a better rep for my city, and someone I like better, despite his shortcomings!
  11. My dad overlapped with Sondheim at George School in PA, where Sondheim wrote and had performed a musical titled "By George!" Ha ha, I get it, George. Not the same George who was in the park of a Sunday. I'm always distracted when nominees in short dresses stand up and have to hoick their skirt down; even more distracted by Azah's (otherwise lovely) dress looking like it needed to be pulled up, as others have noted! Also, I am not long and lean, so my armpit-to-shouldertop length is proportionally much shorter than Azah's, so to me it looks even more like it is down way too far!
  12. I am sure Amber can be somewhat overdramatic and annoying, especially on the subject of her last Challenge. And Fessy. But Berna, it is definitely not a wise move to go into a deliberation and start spouting that it wasn't just you, everyone was saying "it" about Amber. You don't rile up someone who has definitely been the target of betrayal and meanness and all that, even if they inflate it and go on and on about it! You're just adding fuel to the fire! Not to mention it's just rude. Sure, tell her you just don't like her. Let others tell her how they feel or don't feel. Don' be all
  13. Thanks for the analysis! It makes sense. On the other hand, Deref can't really promise meet and greets with his dad...well, not standard ones, anyway!
  14. X's reaction to Deref's "last son of Frazier" (weird, I would have said youngest son, but we know he doesn't choose words well live) was pretty amazing. He could not get over it! Interesting that Deref said he didn't reveal in the house because he didn't want to have what happened to Frankie Grande happen to him, where I don't really recall any houseguest-to-Frankie interactions that were based on his family relationships. Of course, I've tried to block out memories of Frankie. But still! I wonder if Azah wore false eyelashes more in the house than she does in real life, and by the
  15. However one feels about Ricard and/or him being the one to speak up about his discomfort with "guys" and/or whether that was producer prompted, I want to say this: Policies about inclusivity are not "majority rules." So yes, if one person speaks up, even though others had previously said they were okay, their okay-ness and their numbers do not trump his discomfort. (They even showed Evvie nodding sympathetically as he spoke, as if she was fine and understanding re his argument, even though she'd previously said she was okay). It would be like standing in front of a volunteer group, s
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