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  1. That's all I could think about too, and I don't even like champagne. I forget where they were last season--Spain? Maybe Spain allows tooting and Croatia doesn't. :-D I think Glenn was just not that familiar with the word "bougie" nor how to pronounce it. I'm wondering whether Dani followed JL in to his cabin because if Glenn was sound asleep, she would have joined JL in his bunk. Glenn seemed rather taken aback when she came in!
  2. I'll give JL a teeny tiny (like as tiny as some of Natasha's servings) bit of leeway on the "settle down" talk because I think it was mostly or all in his talking heads and I'm sure there were leading questions. He does crack up a lot after he says things as if he thinks they're outrageous, or he's embarrassed, or he doesn't believe himself, or whatever. But he's still as messy as...Natasha's "artistic" dessert spread. I forgot how the primary brunette was talking about how she didn't shower and then got all anxious because the other two women that were awake were all "we showered!" and I
  3. Finally looked up Erica on IMDB because I know I hadn't watched her on the Bachelor etc. She was apparently on "You're Cut Off" where rich entitled 20-something women had to live without their usual luxuries. I did watch some of that. Finally I know why I sadly recognize her. ETA: If all they were getting on the beach was wraps (and some sides), why weren't those ready ahead of time and just sent with them or right afterward? The sailing was later! (I am a bit prejudiced as I'm not that fond of wraps, especially since I don't eat most meats).
  4. My biggest laugh came when Colin made that quip and the scene made a very quick cut to Gary working and then back to Colin's interview! Also laughed when the guests said that if Gary had a jewel in his navel he'd look like a troll doll (note: I am before-troll-dolls-had-jeweled-navels years old, but I knew what they meant, and they were right!). I did think Daisy did the best save she could, saying that Alli actually didn't mean it badly and that she loved Cindi, etc. etc. ETA: Was COVID a possible reason for them not hiring massage therapists from on land? I guess now that I t
  5. The interstitial Glen-alone-on-the-boat parts were the best parts: "It's a cashew party in here!" and "I dreamed someone gave me a donkey!" Colin makes a pan of eggs, Natasha is amazed that he's cooking them all in the same pan, then at the end she whips the pan out onto the counter and almost tries to take credit for cooking them. I think the difference with the "using guest cabins" thing here is that (other than Gary and Sydney, who did kind of leave a mess, but Dani was easygoing about it), the person using it is the person who is going to clean it up, and basically all the crew know
  6. I couldn't remember the actual numbers, but I thought the phrasing was a little more ambiguous, something like his dad "wasn't in his life," which could have meant if, say, dad left when he was 4 (for example), and Gary saw him until 13 but considered that an empty gesture, not his dad "being involved," the 32 could be added to the 4, not the 13. But I have deleted it, so I can't check his exact phrasing. Who knows, maybe he's 45, but I just don't think so somehow.
  7. I was confused about Gary's age when he said that he kept in touch with his dad until he was 13, but really didn't care because his dad hadn't been in his life for 20-something years--I added them together--but I think what he meant by the 20-whatever it was was that was when he left the family/Gary's mom, and the little bit of "staying in touch" didn't count as "being in his life." So I think he's in his 30s rather than in his 40s. Tried to look it up but can't find it, and that's all the Googling I care to do about Gary! Glenn's deadpan delivery to JL "So if you hand gets caught you
  8. It occurred to me that Amber won almost what she'd have received if she had won Big Brother (first prize is $500K). My problem with "Karma Chameleon" is that I like that song so much that my attention was instantly 100% on the song and I didn't really follow what was up with Fessy and Kaycee. Wait, that's not a problem after all. That cave was so pretty--as was the entire landscape. Was it a problem with my fast forwarding, or my attention--did I see Leroy and Nany get overturned in the kayak, and not see them get back on it and all that? I know we saw CT fall in, glub glub ca
  9. I forgot to look for timestamps later on, but Dani and Natasha were already fussing a lot about the smokers being away at the same time a caption said "5 minutes into smoke break." (that was the first one, pre-main course). Natasha has expressed such dislike for Daisy all the time--behind her back and to her face--that I wouldn't blame Daisy for thinking that Natasha would be relieved to have her step away from the table for a bit. If I were a guest and was promised a chocolatey extravaganza, I'd be so upset that I had to lean over a table, possibly getting my clothes dirty and my h
  10. Knees are his undoing: snow up to them, or Kaycee hurting hers. But what he really needs is a knee to the....
  11. Was it this ep that the sailing segment made a drawer open in one of the women's cabins and they all tried to squeeze through the crack and finally Dani made it? That was funny. I don't see too many of those straight-down-from-the-ceiling shots otherwise--guess it's not always that entertaining to look at people's hair parts--LOL!
  12. Don't remember that one, but she was the first person I ever heard say "put [someone] on blast." Please note that I am a full 50% older than the 40 year olds (for the non-mathletes, I'm 60). So I'm impressed I remember that much. The main reason I remember Kendall was on Campus Crawl is that Sarah Greyson was always a favorite of mine, and Rachel was so mean to her, and I always thought Kendall should have stuck up for her more but no dice. Would not have recognized her. That may have been when I stopped watching Road Rules. There are a lot of very good narrators--enjoying Aneesa, Da
  13. I hate Hall Brawl. Fessy was the most emphatic about sending himself with TJ "I want my fate in my own hands" without letting Amber have a say, and then he sits there in the volcano muttering about Amber. And then reading off his whole spiel about sending himself in but talking-headsing about Amber being emotional "this isn't about you." Yes, for Amber it is about her! I don't like Johnny because of his misogyny and other such attitudes, but at least he's relatively smart. Wes is very smart (even if not as smart as he thinks he is) and is now pretty likeable IMHO. Fessy is not smar
  14. Especially when you also act all gaslight-y to the person (Daisy) who very reasonably expected you to provide what you had come up with and described to the guests, and who is on the "front line" of serving them face to face, as if she were being unreasonable and bitchy about expecting you to do what you promised!
  15. Or, when he does pitch in to shuck the oysters, eating half of them. Hey, maybe that's what happened to the missing pita bread on a previous charter! Natasha did put out twice as much as the guests got, but Gary got to them in the meantime! Daisy has never said someone should drop deck work that they're in the middle of to help out. Gary's an ass.
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